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Pint-Sized Revelations

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“I don't understand,” Steve said, head in his hands. The battle burned outside and in front of him stood Iron Man.

Well, the man with the helmet in his hand was actually Tony Stark, and didn't that just explain everything. “How exactly can Iron Man act as your bodyguard when he is you?”

Tony shrugged, a familiar gesture unfamiliar in the suit. “I don't need a bodyguard?”

Steve couldn't repress the growl that emanated low in his throat. “You’ve had daily death threats and three attempted kidnappings, since I met you.”

“Ah, yes, attempted.”

“Is that supposed to make me feel better?”

Tony stepped closer, like he wanted to reach out and touch Steve but didn't. “Yes?”

He knew the pain of this revelation read on his face, by the way Tony flinched. “All I know now is that if I lose him or if I lose you, I really lose both of you.”

“Good thing Captain America’s my boyfriend.” Tony smiled too bright, covering his fear, seeking reassurance. “He’ll save me.”

Steve pulled Tony, heavy in the armor, onto his lap. “You're not nearly as cute as you think.”

“Well that's just a boldfaced lie.”

Steve chuckled. “You'd know.”