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Life of Amanda Rollins and Dominick Carisi

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" Let's get married " said Carisi .

"What?" Said Amanda .

"Yeah , I love you . I love Jesse. Why not ? "

Amanda just stood there in her tank top and shorts dumbfounded . It was past midnight on a Tuesday . Carisi had been staying with Amanda for a couple of months . They had woken to 6 month old Jesse crying .

" I think its time for you to go back to bed . " Amanda said as she went to grab Jesse from him .

" I'm serious . Do you not want to get married ? " Carisi said as he heated up Jesse's bottle .

" Its not that , we haven't discussed marriage ."

" I know ."

" Are you absolutely sure you want to get married ? "

" Yes , I would like nothing more than marrying you ." Carisi said as he burped Jesse.

" I'll think about it ." Amanda said as she left the nursery.

a week later...

" You still havent answered my question ." Carisi had cornered her in the break room.

" Can't this wait ?" Amanda said as she tried to go around him . She had been avoiding him for a week .

" Why have you been avoiding me ? "

" I haven't , I've just been busy ."

" Sure , so you've just been ignoring my phone calls ? "

" I still haven't made my mind up yet . Can we discuss this another time ? We have a case to solve ." She again tried to leave .

" What's going on here? " said Olivia .

" Nothing ." they said in unison

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