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Season 18 In a Nutshell (w/ Pix)

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Opening Scene (Well, not of the episode, but it’s not really SVU until Carisi shows up, right? And that phone call doesn’t count):


Carisi: Look how HOT my silver hair is, eh?

Me: (Distracted). Wait? What’s going on in this scene?

Carisi: Made you look!


Me: Oh shit! Now what are they doing? We’ve got Carisi, we’ve got Rollins … good good. But damn, that curl is fucking driving me to distraction! Wait, he’s saying something important … look at his lips, not the hair, no not the hair… Focus. Rollins is listening to him. You can too. Be strong. Like her.

Carisi (in reference to the note Ana leaves behind for her son): Sounds like she didn’t know when, or if she was coming back.


Carisi: Mentions Spanakopita.

Me: YAY! Boy knows how to eat. But dude, chill. You don’t need to look so intense about it. Okay, but you can though, cause it’s like totally HOT!


Parthenon Diner Manager: Tells Rollins and Carisi that he thinks Ana had a bad boyfriend b/c he’d seen her with bruises and black eyes on occasion.

Carisi: Doesn’t say much, but quietly asks for contact information in a low voice.

Rollins: Realizes how hard this probably is for Carisi to hear and her heart goes out to him. She understands that this kind of stuff is why he wanted to work SVU in the first place - to prevent it from happening.

Carisi (Flashback to Episode 2 of Season 16 when Benson asks him about why he’s interested in SVU and he talks glumly about the women murder victims he’d seen who’d been killed by boyfriends/husbands) : It’s like they knew. They knew it was coming. They don’t even look surprised. Just finished.

Rollins: Sometimes Lovin’ Ain’t Enough

Me: Hell Yeah! You go girl! Don’t mess with kids’ lives. Don’t put them in danger. It’s not okay even if you love them. Rollins doesn’t want you to F them up if you’re not good for them. YES! This is why I love you, Amanda. Right here!


Um, yeah. They’re discussing the case or something. But all I can see here is my favorite ship all matchies. :-) And the Emmy for best acting goes to … The Law & Order: SVU Wardrobe department. No, wait that’s a mistake, sorry. We have a tie. The Emmy for BEST ACTING goes to The Law & Order: SVU Hair department AND The Law & Order: SVU Wardrobe department. No offense to our lovely cast but the wardrobe and hair people really stole the show this episode. Stay tuned for Barba & Benson’s awesome hair …


OMG did Rollins just grab his hand on the way out? What did I just see? Is it canon? Is it head canon? Oh.Hell.Yes it is at least head canon. But can I use it in Stolen Moments? That’s the litmus test… I’ve gotta ponder this.


Me: Pssst! Amanda!

Amanda: Listening intently to Chief Dodd’s instructions.

Me: Amanda! Check out Carisi’s forearms … Dude! They are right there.

Amanda: Still only listening to Chief Dodds while I’m driven to distraction.

Me (under my breath): Damn girl, how do you it? Working with such hotness every day? You’re one tough cookie.


Why are his hands and arms so nice? Oh, why God, why?



Why is Carisi losing his cool here?

IMO think it’s more than just 4 different departments breathing down his and the rest of the squad’s necks, which is plenty on its own. This guy is the brother of Luka Terzik – and is even paying his rent, supporting him. And Luka’s the man they’ve just recently discovered who is engaged to Ana and obviously abusing her. I think this is whole situation here has gotten under his collar, setting him off.

Carisi later says to Rollins: Alright, he pays his brother’s rent and his phone bills. I mean, who knows what else?

Yeah, Carisi does not like this guy, who supports his scumbag of a brother and does even worse as we’ll find out later.


Me: Carisi, Damn that gray in your hair is so HOT! You’re killing me here.


Me: Okay, you can stop it with the intensity now. You’re melting down my screen. Seriously.

Carisi: We call Barba.

Me: Damn straight! Because he’s the man. Carisi knows this.



This is just all so casual. Like he’s walked with her like this many times before. *squee* They MUST be together! Please, NBC grant me my greatest wish. These two need to be together!!!

And thanks for the trifecta of HOTNESS here: Carisi casually touches Amanda’s back as he walks with her, sleeves rolled up exposing those luscious forearms, and grabs a coat on the way out. *sighs and dies* This seriously made the entire episode for me.


And speaking of forearms, here is the most amazing look at Carisi’s forearms yet! He’s really melting down my screen now - holy shit. It’s only icing on the cake that Amanda is right behind him. This is insanely, incredibly HOT!


Love love love Barba’s new hair for the season! And does he ever not dress sharply? The SVU wardrobe department consistently knocks it out of the park with this character. And it looks like the trend continues …


Chief Dodds: With all due respect, you doing your job cost my son his life!

Well it had to come out eventually - the tension had been building all episode. But in some ways I don’t understand why… Near the end of the finale it appeared that Benson and Chief Dodds had actually been comforting each other over Mike’s death. It’s obvious this issue has not been resolved between them in the premiere however. Sad really. But the death of a child can be complicated.

And oh my God, I MISS MIKE DODDS too! How can you not?


Barba: He didn’t mean it.

Benson: Sure he did. He’s not wrong either.

Barba: Hey… Don’t do that.

What a nice moment between these two. They know each other so well.


And speaking of hair again, the SVU Hair department did an excellent job of showcasing Chief Dodds’ distress in this episode. His hair only emphasizes that he’s a man barely holding it together. It looks like he styles it in the morning, yet runs his hands through it frantically throughout the day, which gives it that messy tufty look that we see throughout the episode. Awesome job!



Rita Calhoun! How I love this character… She has really grown on me over the years. Elizabeth Marvel does such a good job portraying her. And doesn’t she just look fabulous in this turquoise suit? Stunning. I just hope they play up the UST between her and Buchanan this season. I would absolutely love to see that developed!


Another coup for the Hair department (and the Make Up department too.) Rita’s smooth hair looks just beautiful in this episode. The best it’s ever looked IMO. And that lipstick goes so well with that turquoise suit, both of them bringing out beautiful coloring in her face.


Great scene with Calhoun and Barba. Rita makes him think about what the right thing to do really is in this situation. She’s a tough woman who has conviction in her job. Elizabeth Marvel is one of my favorite recurring guest stars on the show.



Okay this right here is distracting me. And not a good way. Saw hints of this before the episode even aired – Carisi looking all distraught, his cuff half done & half undone like that. Got me to thinking well before watching this episode what might have caused him such distress. And that made me happy because as you know I am The Queen of Tragedy. :-) Not that there was a letdown per say, but it seemed to me that there was no explanation at all for this wardrobe choice. Sure they’re all intense and ready to go arrest this guy, but I don’t think that would cause Carisi to lose sight of the fact that he probably should roll his cuff all the way up and not leave it dangling like that.

However… Being the evil Rollisi shipper that I am, I can’t help but notice that Rollins and Carisi got out of the same squad car. So, my plot bunnies want to take over to explain this one in the most shippy way possible. Just what were Rollins and Carisi doing in the backseat of that squad car, anyway? Hmmm?

Now that’s distracting! In a good way …


And we end with this scene…

Benson: The funny thing is, I’ve never been happier.

Tucker: Why are you crying?

Benson: Because I’m scared that it won’t last.

My heart just breaks for Liv here. It seems that she can’t accept happiness in her life. I do ship these two so I believe she has a good thing going here with Tucker, but like her I don’t think it’s going to last. Because they just never give Olivia a break, do they?

The coloring is just beautiful in this scene, and so is Mariska’s hair. So pretty. Once again the SVU Hair department steals the show! They and the SVU Wardrobe department are TOTALLY on fire. Love it!

Well that’s it for my SVU episode 18 X 1 in nutshell! A little long for a nutshell though, huh?

If brevity is the soul of wit, then I guess I don’t have any… LOL.

- Avenue Potter