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Treasure - Bruno Mars:



That is what you are

Honey, you're my golden star

you know you can make my wish come true

If you let me treasure you

if you let treasure you




Smaug's yawn rang through giant halls of Erebor, creating a huge echo. He shifted in his place on top of the mound of gold but only a little as he didn't want to disturb the sleeping form next to him. The dragon's golden eyes wandered over to the little Hobbit that was curled up on top of the gold with Smaug's tail curled around him. A soft purr escaped Smaug's throat as he gazed down at his beloved. He lowered his head and softly rubbed his snout against the sleeping Hobbit. He was gentle with motions, trying his best not to wake Bilbo. He snorted, creating warmth over the Hobbit so that he wouldn't go cold.


The dragon lifted his head a little as his eyes gazed over at the mass of treasure that dwarves had uncovered. True that he may be the wealthiest being on Middle Earth but the treasure he'd stolen from the people of Erebor was nothing compared to the treasure that was beside him. Bilbo Baggins was his true treasure. Also, true that the Arkenstone but he'd gotten his love back in return.


Smaug curled up around Bilbo and his own tail, folded his wings over the two of them and soon was lost in a wave of sleep.


Bilbo was his beautiful treasure.