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At first Amy thought Rory might go mad with grief.

"But she was here," he sobbed, curling up against the crib. "How could they take her away from us?"

Amy didn't have to explain. Vastra stepped in and explained the cold hard facts, sparing Amy from the day's final horror. Rory just wept.

"When I was holding her," he whispered, "I wasn't even holding my own daughter, was I?"

"Yes you were. It still counts, it still bloody counts," Amy whispered back, but to no avail. There was a few more seconds of crying, and then a sniff, and then Rory flicked the switch in him. Amy knew that switch. It brought back the Last Centurion, and the Last Centurion had seen so many terrible things that he didn't bother crying anymore. He just gritted his teeth and got on with it.

"People are dying," he said in a weird and far-off voice, and he squeezed Amy's shoulder and then got up and walked over to Lorna, who was indeed dying. But the hand on her shoulder didn't go away. Amy looked up and it was that woman she had seen fighting earlier, the dark-haired one, the one with the sword. Amy didn't know her name.

"My name is Jenny. You don't know me, I came with Madame Vastra," the woman said. "And I'm so so sorry, miss."

"You don't have to call me 'miss'," said Amy. It was all she could think of to say. Rory was running from corner to corner, his sword clanking against his leg, searching for medical supplies.

"Sorry," said Jenny. "What should I call you?"

"Just Amy," said Amy. It sounded wrong asking to be called that, because Madame Kovarian had called her Amy too. She had made Amy's own name sound dirty and disgusting in her mouth.

"I lost a baby once too, Amy," Jenny said. She didn't lower her voice for that statement, like most people would have done. "I know how it feels. I know it's the worst thing in the world. Cruel and vicious and unjust. I'm so sorry."

Amy didn't know how to answer that, or if anyone could ever answer that. Lorna was dying, and coughing whilst she did so. Strax was dying too, the Doctor was running to them, Rory was standing still as a statue. There were bodies everywhere.

"I'll kill her," Amy said. She was glad neither Rory or the Doctor could hear her say that. "I'll kill her, slowly. She deserves it. I'll kill her."

"I understand," Jenny said. That made Amy's stomach lurch against her will, and she briefly touched Jenny's hand. Just a touch, though. She could stand no more.

"It'll be all right," Jenny whispered to her. Eventually it'll be all right. I promise."

"Thank you," Amy said, and she honestly meant it, she was grateful. But it wasn't all right. Nothing would ever be all right again.