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Potions and Problems

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AN:- Hi all! I love the pairing of James/Snape and feel that other should as well but that is just my opinion ;) and I apologies now for any errors I might have made in spelling and such as I'm dyslexic and have issues with spelling. Would love to hear what you think and without further a due on on with the story!! =D

Potions and Problems

Chapter one

James didn’t think he was a bad person. He couldn’t help that everything about the devious, conniving git rubbed him up the wrong way. Severus bloody Snape, even now he was skulking in the corner of the Restricted Section of Hogwart’s Library. As NEWT students approaching their exams, they’d both been given passes by their Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher to view some of the books in the Restricted Section.

Lucky him, just had to decide to visit at the same time as Snivellus. And of course he couldn’t back out once the git had seen him come in. So here he was, legs folded up on the desk as he thumbed through the book he’d found on dark curses, not taking in a word, not daring to take his eyes off the slytherin in the far corner of the room.

Severus could feel James’ eyes staring at him from across the room as he read his book and tried not to make eye contact with the Gryffindor even though he was finding it hard to do. With James sitting there it was making it hard for him to read his dark arts book which he found very frustrating since he had been wanting to get into the restricted section since he had heard about it in his first year.

“…Could you please stop staring” he murmured under his breath as he tried not to make eye contact with James and just keep reading his book, even though he must have read the same line over and over at least 30 times while he had been sitting there letting the large book slowly crush his thin legs as James had take up residency on the table.

James quirked a brow at the oddly civil request. “Oh, I could,” he said loftily, “but I won’t. I can’t trust you not to hex me when I let my guard down.” He surveyed the slytherin critically, dark, glossy hair hanging around his face in curtains where he stood, head hanging over his book. Why was he so fixated on the dark arts anyway? That unexplainable obsession the boy seemed to have was what James disliked most about him. It was unnatural for someone to be so obsessed with dark spells designed to hurt people.

Thankfully Evans had stopped hanging around with him after that incident after their OWLs two years ago, that put her out of danger of Snape’s dark, polluted interests but still there was something not right about him.

“S’pose this is your dream isn’t it Snivellus?” James sneered, snapping his own book shut and sitting up straight, feet on the ground. “Up here with all these dark books and only me to stop you. Rumour has it you used dark arts your own father.”
Severus glanced up from his book at James’ words and wondered if he should actually say anything back to him or if ignoring him would be the better option. But in the end decided to take the low road and talk back.

“Yes I do like to read these kinds of book, I like to broaden my knowledge of spells…unlike so wizards” he said looking at James before going back to reading his book with a small smile on his face as he tucked a strand of his hair behind his ear, getting it out of the way so that he could read better.

“Also if you believe rumours like that then you are a fool” he said not bothering to look up at James this time.

James leapt to his feet. He didn’t consider himself a cruel person. He never got any kind of satisfaction in hurting or tormenting anyone. But Snape, he was malicious, conniving, dark, he wanted the rest of the world to see that. And when the bastard had thoroughly rebuked any effort he’d made to apologise for his behaviour over the last few years, back when he’d saved the git from being eaten or worse by Moony (thanks to Sirius’ spectacularly stupid plan) his desire to expose his dark was only heightened.

In a rational world, maybe he was pushing Snape on purpose, maybe he wanted to see just how far he could go before the stoic, miserable looking boy showed some fire. But he was anything but rational. It was one of his faults. Another was how he delighted in seeing the Slytherin’s perfect composure crack at his words. He could make Snape lose it, make him show his true colours. That was satisfying in a dark, foreboding way he didn’t want to think on. He pushed it to the back of his mind as he stalked towards the slighter boy.

“Fool? Me? It’s Dumbledore that’s the bloody fool for letting you back in here after that! My Dad works at St Mungo’s – he saw the mess your father was in when he was brought in last summer. You were the only wizard for miles around it! What did he do to warrant you ripping his guts open on the kitchen floor, Snape? Dangled you upside down by your underpants, perhaps?”
Perhaps that was a step too far, for the slender boy’s dark eyes flashed with rage.
“Only someone like you would do that mister perfect pure blood” he sneered up at James as he placed a small tatty book mark inside the book he was reading and closed it.

“And why do you think I would be the one to attack my father? I might be the closest wizard in the area but I’m not the only one. Also have you forgotten most wizards can get around by other means like apparating or going though a flu network.” He said staring up at James as he placed his thin potions stained hands onto on the book he had been reading.

“And if I were the one to attack my father why would you care why I did it?” he asked
“Because it was said no one had seen spells of the like before. And if you’re the kind of person who can create spells as dark as that,” James sneered, glancing to the book peeking out of the boy’s robes. With seeker-honed reflexes he snatched it up before Snape could even blink. Their Potions text from sixth year. He always saw Snape’s great conk buried in it.

He watched those dark eyes widen in horror at the sight of him holding it. James smirked and thumbed through it leisurely. “What’s so fascinating about a sixth year potion’s book that you’d keep it into your seventh year?” he mused, squinting in an attempt to read Snape’s diminutive writing in the margins of the book. Most of it meant nothing to him. But he knew the basic formula for creating spells when he saw them and the pages were littered with them in the back. Lifting his head to throw an accusation at Snape, he was caught quite off guard to find Snape’s wand pressed into his adam’s apple.

“Give that back to me right now Potter or you will be more than just half blind” the threatened snatching his potions book back from him.

“Why do you think that you have the right to go touching other peoples belongings, do you think you are just better than everyone else?” he asked poking his wand a little more into his adam’s apple as he looked at James and wondering how much he had seen and actually understood in his book as he stumbled to try and put it back away in his inner pocket out of sight and taking his eyes off James for a second. That second was all James needed to snatch Snape’s wand out of his hand and turn the tables on the young black hair slytherin.

"You're enough to make anyone fully blind," James sneered, backing the slytherin up against the wall at wand-point. Snape bared his teeth in rage and dove for him, but as they crashed together they tumbled into the tall bookcase and the aged shelf trembled, spilling dozens and dozens of books over them.

James swore loudly as he and Snape were buried under the flow but as he glanced up, he saw the entire solid oak shelf baring down upon them. On instinct he rolled forwards over Snape, the shelf smashing into him instead. He grunted in pain before the world turned black, his unconscious body and the weight of the shelf above effectively trapping (a relatively unharmed) Snape to the floor.
A vase that had stood atop the shelf had smashed around them, spilling its contents, an oddly glowing, ethereal blue liquid onto the floor around them, rapidly mixing with his blood.

Snape looks as far as he could feeling the back of his head hurt from where he had hit the floor and had James throw himself on top of him when he saw the shelf fall. He couldn’t understand why he had jumped in the way to save him though.

“Stupid Gryffindor pride probably” he murmured to himself before turning his head and seeing the strange blue liquid near them that had mixed in with there blood and Snape raised a brow to it.

“…what is it?” he asked trying to free one of his hands to touch it before hearing the shelf creak above him and James as he moved and the weight of the shelf bare down on them more as Snape let out a small gasp from the weight before trying to call out for someone to help not seeing his wand anywhere, not that he could reach it even if he did see it.

James awoke with a groan, his back and head and…everything throbbing with agony. With a wince he forced his eyes to open, lured back to consciousness by a slow, poetic hum. No they were words. Someone was murmuring in such soft, soothing rhythm it was almost like song.

“Vulnera Sanentur. Vulnera Sanentur…”

When finally his vision focussed, he found himself sprawled across the library floor, a heavy bookcase pining him to Snape’s body. Snape’s face was inches from his own and those long, potion-stained fingers were wrapped around his skull as he whispered his song-like spell. The spell…it was making the agony in his skull ebb away. When he opened his eyes fully, Snape retracted his hand and the pain was almost entirely gone.

“Y-You…you…whad’you heal me for? You…” His words were slurred as he tried to get up, before he realised how heavy the bookcase was even without books on. He winced and squirmed, Snape’s body thin and bony against him. he blinked then as it all came flooding back to him – all that he’d seen while he was out. How long had he been out? It felt like forever and yet it could have only been a few minutes…
“How did…? I saw you! Your…everything…” It was awful, like stepping into a nightmare, only it was so real he’d felt every tear that streaked down his face, every ripple of fear, every punch, slap, every bite of the belt. He glanced to the side and saw a mixture of there blood melding with a shimmering, blue liquid among the remains of a shattered vase. Is that what had caused him to see all of that? “Was that your life?”

“What are you talking about Potter?” he asked looking up at James having no idea what he was talking about at all before looking away from him not wanting to look up into his brown eyes.

“Now would you just help me to move this stupid shelf off of us? Believe it or not I don’t like being trapped under you and being crashed” he said trying to move out from under James with no luck ending up only moving a few book away from them.
Staring into those dark, impenetrable eyes for a moment, James fumbled for his wand laying awkwardly under his hip. “Wingaridum Leviosa!” he grunted and the shelf flew backwards. As soon as he was able, Snape scrambled out from under him, seized his fallen book-bag and bolted from the Restricted Section. James had never seen him move so fast.

Swearing under his breath, he staggered to his feet, the only echo of the collision a faint headache thanks to Snape. Hastily tidying their mess with a few flicks of his wand, he winced as the sight of the now complete vase. What had been in it? The now dark stain on the wood was all that remained of its contents. Whatever it was, it’d allowed him to see (what he thought was) Snape’s revolting excuse for a childhood.
Fuck. The things he’d seen. The things he’d felt. And he, James Potter, he’d only made it worse. Shit. He had to know, he had to know if what he saw was real, if the vile, conniving Slytherin he’d known for all these years was truly not what he’d assumed him to be. Vanishing the stain in the floor, he snatched up his own bag and tore after Snape.

His Seeker speed carried him straight through the library, despite Madam Pince’s shrieking “NO RUNNING IN MY LIBRARY!”

As the doors of the Library swung shut behind him, he glanced around the corridor, panting heavily. His eyes flew to the first year that stood horrified, apparently startled by James’ sudden appearance before him. “The black-haired slytherin, where’d he go?” James demanded.

The little Hufflepuff blinked rapidly, pointing at the door just down the hall. The boys’ toilet. Without a word of thanks he shot down the hall, through the door and warded it shut behind him. It was a free lesson of theirs, everyone else was in class or still in the Library. He glared at each of the stalls and saw that all the doors stood empty, except one.

“Don’t you run from me, Snape!” he demanded, coming to a halt outside the stall.
“Why don’t you just leave me alone Potter and go hang out with your stupid gang!” he called from inside the cubical as he sat on the toilet with his knees up to his chest as if thinking that if James couldn’t see his feet he wouldn’t know that he was in there, even though he could already see James’ feet standing outside of the door.

“Why did you follow me anyway, why don’t you just go away and leave me alone. Or maybe you want to humiliate me in some way, add another place to your list of places that you have done something to me!” he called before hearing James hit the stall door and seeing it shake from the force and Snape pulled his knees up further.

‘Go away…just leave me alone you psycho’ Snape thought as he looked at the door wanting James to just give up and leave him.

James hesitated at the sound of that accusation. But he needed to know. He needed to look in Snape’s eyes, eyes he’d always thought held nothing but malice and wickedness. But in those memories… He swallowed, trying to dislodge the foul taste that had settled there. He had seen nothing but fear and pain in those eyes. He needed to know what was real, to know if all these years he’d been mistaken, or if Snape was every bit as foul as he’d always thought.

“Alohomora!” he muttered, shoving aside the twinge of guilt he felt at the same time as he shoved the door open. Snape leapt up as he entered but James caught him, fist snared in his school shirt and held him in place as he stared down into his eyes.

“What bloody spell did you cast on me while I was out cold, Snape?” he sneered into his face. “I saw memories – allegedly your memories. What was the purpose? Did you want me to feel sorry for you?!”

“I don’t know what you are talking about Potter I already told you” he said looking at James as he tried to pull away from him and escape from his hold only to have him tighten his grip on his school shirt more as he forced him against the wall of the cubical and he heard a small rip come from his shirt.

“And why the hell would I want to waste my magic on someone like you and put “memories” in your head? I don’t want you anywhere near me” he said looking into James’ eyes with malice just wanting to walk away from the Gryffindor and go back to Slytherin house and be able to read quietly and come up with new spells and potions. Try again to try and get away from James and watching one of the buttons from his shirt snap off from the strain to get free of his hold.

“That’s exactly what I don’t understand,” James sneered. “But I saw them and I need to know, Snape. What I saw, that ogre beating the shit out of that woman – that kid, was that kid you?” he demanded. Snape struggled, taking a swing at him that James dodged just in time. He slammed the boy against the cubicle wall hard, the ferocity of the action stilling him. He needed to know!

“Legilimens!” he cried and then he was hurtling through a carousel of Snape’s memories. A dark, twisted house of mirrors, each looking glass reflecting another horrid, torturous memory. He wasn’t a skill Legilimens, he couldn’t sift through to find what he needed but he saw enough. That man, the tall, dark creature battering his wife within an inch of her life before turning on the child huddled crying in the corner. Not just once. Countless times as the child grew progressively older.
A flash of Evans as a child playing with Severus in a lush field glistened across the nightmarish memories. A glimpse of the moment their friendship ended. Then a vision of the Snape he knew now, taking a step back as that man, his father approached him with the belt. This time, the room around them exploded, the man was thrown back and a thousand gashed tore through his skin as if he were being stabbed by a thousand swords. Blood splashed across his body, across Severus. He screamed.

But among the memories he glimpsed something…else. Something that made his cheeks heat. He gasped as he saw the images of Snape fisting his long, hard cock, watched him groan as he sought climax.

“Shit!” James gasped, tearing himself back out of Snape’s head to find himself pressed up against him in the tiny toilet cubicle, his own hardness very visible to them both and straining against the fabric of his trousers against Snape’s groin.
“What do you think you are playing at!” he called struggling to get free as their groins rubbed together and he heard James let out a deep shuddering breath.

“Get away from me you sick bastard I don’t want you near me!” he yelled trying to hit him away again only having James avoid all his clumsy hits before kicking him in the ankle watching his stumble slightly pulling his shirt and ripping the buttons off revealing his thin, bony and scar chest as he quickly tried to cover it.

“…look what you did! This was my best shirt!” he yelled looking at James as he continues to hold onto his school shirt.

James snarled shoving the slytherin hard so that he stumbled back and fell onto the toilet, putting him level with James’ crotch – which throbbed at the proximity. “Me sick?” he hissed. “You’re the one whacking off! Getting all tetchy because I’m–” His voice cut short. Because the truth was, he was getting pretty tetchy, flustered, aroused over the image of Snape panting and jerked his cock.
Oh buggering sodding hell.

He was panting from their skirmish, as was Snape. Fuck. He was staring down at those dark eyes and it only made his cock harder. He licked his suddenly dry lips. Holy shit. Without thinking he stepped closer, closer than was socially acceptable and when Snape leapt to his feet in outrage, they were pressed together again. Only this time, James set his arms either side of Snape on the wall, his breath dusting Snape’s lips. Lips that were ever so slightly open. Vulnerable.

Snape looked at James as his eyes darted around not knowing what to do as he backed up spreading his legs to either side of the toilet wanting to get away from James as much as he could.

“What do you think you are doing Potter?” he asked as he held his shirt around him taking a few shaking breathes and still James came closer to him and he found it hard to keep trying to get away with know where to go to.

“…leave me alone Potter I mean it!” he yelled even though he had left his wand behind in the library in his panic to get away he hoped that his threat wouldn’t just fall on deaf ears and James would actually back away from him and not continue to try and do whatever it was he was trying.

James smirked, arousal flowing swiftly to his head, swelling it with arousal and hate both. He leant in, grinding his aching prick against Snape’s, relishing in the groan of arousal that he tore from him against his will. “It doesn’t feel like you want me to leave,” James whispered. He inhaled softly. Snape didn’t smell unclean the way he had always teased him. He smelt of nothing in fact, just clean, just soap as if he had rigorously scrubbed himself in an attempt to stop the cruel words.

James sucked in a breath at the thought, pushing through it and flexing his hips against Snape’s as if in contrition. “Come on,” he growled. “You’ve always given as good as you got.”

“No stop it!” he said putting his hands on his shoulders trying to push him away but the Gryffindor was a lot taller and stronger than he was and it just seemed to excite him more as he rubbed up against Snape’s hard groin and receiving a reluctant moan.

“I…I don’t want this! This is sexual harassment” he said in a shaky breath still trying to push him away and at the same time trying not to rub up against him giving James another reason to mock him and say things about him around the school.
“Fuck, Snape, I can feel you want it,” James groaned, tugging the Slytherin’s belt roughly until it gave way and his trousers fell down his skinny hips to his ankles. James tore his own trousers open, pressing their erections back together with a thrust of his hips, a damp spot of pre-emission growing on his boxers as they rocked against each other. It felt so wrong, so intense. He grit his teeth, pressing his forehead against Snape’s as he felt the other boy grind back into him, at the same time as his hands shoved at his chest to push him away.

The line between love and hate – lust and hate, it was so thin. And they were pushing it to breaking point. He could feel Snape’s heat through their underwear and when he braved a glance down, he saw a spot of pre-emission brewing on the Slytherin’s peak as well. Fuck. Why was that so hot? He’d never so much as looked at another bloke before but now he was about to burst in his pants rubbing up against one – against Snape.

“Potter…why are you doing this?” he asked breathing heavily not darling to look down. He didn’t like the thought of being so exposed in front of someone let alone James Potter the king of the Gryffindor tower.

Snape gave a small shudder as a small breeze of cold air came in though one of the small open windows.

“Potter…let me go…this isn’t right, I don’t want to do this especially not with you!” he said pulling him away a short distance as he quickly lent down to try and pull up his trousers again to cover himself and wondering where his belt had gone as he bent down for his trousers.

That did it, the feeling of Snape bending down in front of him. The thrill rushed to his head and he reached down, gripping Snape by the hair at the back of his neck, holding him at the awkward, half-bent angle. “From the looks of that memory, you haven’t had it with anyone – maybe you shouldn’t be so fussy.” Drugged up on lust and power and desire, he yanked Snape’s face forward, grinding his cock against his cheek with only the damp material of his boxers to separate them.
“You looked so fucking hot stroking your cock like that,” he murmured, not really realising he was uttering it aloud. “So urgent. Like you were afraid to get caught.” His eyes dazzled as he looked down, rubbing his cock on Snape’s face. This was new for him, that he found a man arousing – or maybe it was just Snape? It wasn’t really an issue, the man part, it wasn’t a taboo in the wizarding world. It was more of a problem that it was Snape. And yet he’d never been harder in his life.
Groaning desperately, he reached around to the top of his boxers. He saw those dark eyes widen at the insinuation that he might pull away his underwear, the last remaining barrier between his face and that erection. But it wasn’t just fear, it was desire too. He saw Snape’s tongue dart out to moisten those dry lips. “Were you thinking about other boys, Snape? Nuzzling up against another boy’s cock?”
“No…no I wasn’t” he said putting his hands on James thighs and trying to push him only to have his hair pulled at more as he let out a gasp and found his cheek against groin again as he heard him let out a hum of delight.

“You are sick you no Potter, getting off on something like this” he said licking his lips having them feel suddenly very dry.

“I bet you get off on doing this to guys getting them to kneel in front of you and look weak…it’s pathetic…your pathetic” he said trying to pull away again and ignore the pain from his scalp where his hair was being pulled at and somewhere in the back of his mind he almost hoped that someone would come into the toilets and stop the whole situation that was happening.

“Why don’t you just go do things with the werewolf or that damn dog and leave me out of your fantasys!”

“I’m not the one getting hard with my face against someone’s dick,” James snapped, before adding derisively, “And you’re the only bloke that gets to be in my fantasies, aren’t you lucky?” With that, he gripped Snape’s hair even tighter and dropped his boxers, sliding his cock along the Slytherin’s bare cheek and groaning at the feel of it. A thin trail of pearly pre-emission slid across the boy’s face.
“I’ll let you suck it if you ask nicely?” he panted. Fuck. Snape’s skin was soft.
“I don’t want that disgusting thing anywhere near my mouth!” he breathed trying to turn his head away as James hard cock throb against him and he shut his eyes nearly getting hit.

“Let me go Potter you queer!” he yelled before punching the Gryffindor in the leg in hopes that he would let go of him and he could make a quick escape out of the toilets and into the safety of the hall way not even caring that his shirt was ripped and he wouldn’t be able to keep his trousers up without his belt, he just wanted to escape the situation that was happening before him.

James' leg buckled and he swore, yanking Snape up hard by his hair and throwing him backwards so that he was sprawled on the closed toilet. With a glare he turned his wand on him again. "Diffindo!" he snapped and watched as Snape's clothes tore themselves to shreds, leaving his pale skin on full display, vulnerable to his enemy.
"Very nice," James murmured, giving a low whistle of appreciation. The once scrawny, sallow-skinned creature had matured since their first year here and he hadn't even noticed. The slytherin was slender with slim muscle tone tensed beneath the pearly skin. "Didn't realise you were quite so fit," he smirked, leaned down, seizing the scrap of slytherin tie from the floor and binding the Slytherin’s wrists above him to the toilet system.

Snape gave a shudder as he looked up at his bound wrists and wondering how things had come to this and he pulled one of his slender legs up to try and cover himself not liking being so exposed in front of someone specifically not James Potter.

“Please…why are you doing this to me” he asked trying to struggle out of his restraints and just feeling his wrists hurt for the action.

“Do you hate me this much that you would do something like…this…to me? It bad enough you took Lily away from me, why can’t you just leave me alone?” he asked pulling up his other leg onto the toilet seat with him.

James stopped for a moment, his breath ragged and uneven. "Not because I hate you," he murmured, brown eyes bright and burning, "because I want you - badly." With that, he seized Snape under his knees and pushed them up to his shoulders, freezing them in place with a quick flick of his wand. He stood back for a second, looking down at the deliciously sinful spectacle, Snape's most private parts on full display.

"You must want me - you're hard already despite your protests." Leaning down, he slid his naked erection along Snape's - deliciously slow. His toes curled in his shoes and he groaned through his teeth. "You just want an excuse, someone to blame so you can forget yourself entirely..."

“No don’t do it, don’t do it” he murmured under his breath trying to get away from James with frantic struggled but were time be managed to move back an inch James followed with a smirk as if it was some fun game he was playing with the Slytherin.

“Why do you want me?!” he asked in a snapping tone as he looked at James.
“You hate me I no you do, ever since I stepped foot in Hogwarts you have done nothing but bully me and almost get me killed by your stupid friend!” he yelled before taking shuddering breaths and looking into James eyes.

James reached down, cupping their cocks together and squeezing, watching pre-come leak from the swollen pink tip of the Slytherin’s erection. “Consider this my peace-offering,” he murmured. He’d been drawn in by what he’d seen of those memories. Snape wasn’t what he thought he was. He wanted to find out more.
“I’ve never done it with a bloke before,” he muttered, the rush of having power over the other boy only heightening his arousal. He couldn’t help himself and despite how hard Snape protested, he was obviously aroused to. “You like being tied up, being helpless,” James said, smothering his free hand, the one still grasping his wand up so that his rough fingertips skimmed the other boy’s pert nipples.
“No! No I don’t like being like this!” he protested even though he was leaning his chest out to James touch and he let out a small shudder. “I don’t like being tied up…stop it.” He said pulling at the restraints again and cursing that they had to wear school ties.

“And I don’t want your peace offering I just want to be let go!” he yelled as he drew his head back and snacked it down on to James and feeling like his head just split open from the contact, he always knew Gryffindor’s were hard headed and this proved it.

“Liar!” James seethed, squeezing Snape’s throbbing hardness tighter, swiping his thumb over the slit and smearing the fluid gathered there around and around. “You’re practically coming in my hand already. No one’s ever got this close to you before, have they, Snape? No one knows how to push your buttons like I do.” He pressed the edge of his thumb into the slit, feeling the long cock in his grasp pulse in reaction. At the same time he rocked his own hips so that his own erection slid in a long, sticky trail against Snape’s groin.

“Mmmm,” he groaned, unable to take his eyes off the tight, twitching entrance to Snape’s body. “Come on, I can make you feel good. Let me.”

Snape shook his head “No…no I don’t want it.” He said biting into his bottom lip to stop from moaning at the pleasure of James stroking his hard erection and wondering why he was getting so excited by the Gryffindor.

“I…I do like being tied like this…please…let me go” he almost pleaded with a slight moan as his hips tilted slight into James touch and a small moan escaped his lips for he bit into his bottom lip again and James smirked at him. Obviously happy to hear the moan.

“Hmmm, when I’ve convinced you,” James said, reaching down without ceasing his strokes over the other boy’s cock and caressing the furrow of his clenching arse. It was hot. He flushed and circled the tip of his finger around before pressing in. It was dry and resisted him. He flicked his wand and a clear, thick gel oozed down the crack of Snape’s arse. It was cold, he knew from experience when he’d used that spell to wank with and he glanced up to see Snape’s expression twist between horror and arousal.

James tucked his wand inside his robes and smoothed his fingertip across the tight little ring once more, smoothing the lubricant around, teasing it until it involuntarily relaxed and admitted the tip of his finger.

Snape let out a yelp as he gave a small thrash surprised by the invading finger and the cold sensation of the gel before looking at James.

“Don’t do it…stop now please I beg of you” he pleaded looking into James brown eyes. “Please I…I wont tell anyone what you did to me just don’t go in there” he said as his hips gave an involuntary buck and his muscles squeezed around the tip of James finger and he let out a moan unable to stop it.

James groaned at the delicious heat that clenched around him. His cock twitched, spitting a thick globule of pre-emission across Snape's pale hip in anticipation. He withdrew, pushing some more lube inside with his finger this time. He crooked it, circling round to stretch that slick channel.

"You want me in here," he murmured. "You're sucking me in deeper."
Snape shook his head widely as he gritted his teeth not wanting to moan and wishing he could move his legs wanting desperately to close them and bloke out the sight of James touching him in such an intimate way.

“No! No that’s not true…and I don’t want you in there…I don’t want anything in there” he breathed as his erection twitched against his belly and a small trail of pre-emission trailed down his hard erection.

James twisted his finger just right, enough to make Snape groan out through gritted teeth despite himself. The man's erection throbbed as he caressed the tense nub within and slid a second finger in alongside the first. It swallowed it up, making an obscene slippery sound thanks to the lube. "Are you certain you haven't done this before, Snape?" James smirked. It was so swelteringly hot and tight.

“No…stop it…stop it” he murmured as his hips gave a small buck feeling James fingers move and stretch his insides as his body shuddered. He didn’t know if it was from fear or excitement but he knew he didn’t like it, it made him seem weak in front of the Gryffindor.

“Potter…no more” he said as he shut his eyes and turned his head away as his body tightened around James fingers and he let out an airy moan.

"Look at me," James snapped and when Snape ignored him, twisted a third finger in with a dirty slick noise that echoed around the empty bathroom. James was panting at the feel of the slick heat. It was pink and clenching hungrily around him. He wanted - needed to feel it wrapped around his cock like he'd never needed anything before.

Perhaps it was the power rush of having another man beneath him, perhaps it was the fact that his hate for Snape up until now had been so strong. But his hips were grinding into him of their own volition now.

Snape gave a shocked gasp feeling the third finger twist inside of him and hearting the wet set sound of the lube as James moved his fingers stretching him and penetrating his insides and he open one eye half way hesitantly as he panted and half looked at James.

“Stop…please…I don’t want this” he shuddered even though his erection was twitching wildly up against his stomach as if asking for more physical contact from the Gryffindor and Snape cursed his body for acting in such a way.

James paused, staring down at the other boy for a moment before using two of his fingers to hold that clenching entrance open. "You're so pretty and pink inside, Snape, or should I call you Severus now?" James smirked, guiding his aching cock to the hole that he was holding open. The tip of his cock leaked at the feel of the intimate heat. He rested the swollen head against the open entrance and tore his gaze away from Snape's so that he could focus on the debauched, erotic sight of Snape's arse clenching hungrily, desperate for his cock.

"You've had a shitty life, haven't you, Severus? And a lonely one too, wouldn't you like me to feel you up so hard you'll never be lonely again?" He mused, pushing against that taut ring of flesh. It was still a tight fit and he threw his head back, groaning and shuddering at the pleasure as he flexed his hips. The head of his cock slipped in at the same time as he pulled his fingers out, letting that slick chute clamp around him unhindered.

FUCK! FUCK! "Fuck, you're so tight - stop clenching like that or I'll-" He slammed his hands down on Snape's hips to stop his wriggling, to hold him still and try to compose himself so that he didn't spill too soon. He wanted Snape to surrender and admit what he wanted before the end....

“NO! Stop! Stop it hurts!” he cried out thrashing around trying to get away from James and his invading erection and straining his arms against his tie that held him arms up already feeling his wrists starting to bruise under the unrelenting fabric.

“Your hurting me Potter please just stop this!” he called as a tear escaped the corner of his eye as he shut the tightly and his muscles clenched around James’ throbbing cock feeling it twitch deep inside of him.

“Please…stop making my life even worse than it already is” he murmured

James stared down through eyes glassy with pleasure and flexed his hips gently, pushing a little further inside. "Mmmm, I'll take it slow, don't worry," he muttered, sliding his hands up and down Snape's sides, liking how slender he felt beneath them. He guided him down, going deeper. It was so tight it was near pain but so hot, so wet. "You really haven't done this before, have you?"

Snape's erection had wilted with his entry and he reached down then, stroking it in his palm as he eased his way in. "It'll hurt less if you relax. Let me in."

“No…I don’t want to let you in…I don’t want to let anyone in” he said with an airy moan as James stroking at his weeping cock and feeling it start to grow hard in his palm. The feel of James’ hand wrapped around his cock was somehow exciting to him and he couldn’t help but let out another airy moan as he opened his eyes and looked down at James’ hand on his cock.

"You will let me in," James whispered huskily, putting sensual emphasis on the word 'me' as he slid in to the hilt. He felt Snape's cheeks touch his pelvis, felt him tense there and those legs wrap around him instinctively, unwittingly. He pause there, breathing heavily and bowed forwards, his head tucked into Snape's throat. Years of teasing must've prompted Snape to increase his hygiene to insane levels for all James could smell was fresh soap and shampoo. Still stroking that cock in his grasp, he gifted the weeping tip with a few passes of his thumb and relished in the strangled cry that came from those lips.

Snape struggled against him as he began to nip-kiss that throat. "If you headbutt me again I'll bite you until you bleed," James warned. Snape said nothing, although he did tilt his head to try and escape the kisses. James groaned against his skin, using his free hand to hold Snape's head in place, punishing his resistance by rocking his hips into him. And as Snape cried out again, James lifted his own mouth and claimed Snape's in a ravenous kiss.

Snape let out a groan into the kiss as he felt James try to slide his tongue into his mouth but Snape kept his mouth firmly shut to the Gryffindor’s advances and he pulled his head always leaving James pulling on his hair as he gave a moan then his hips bucked from the action.

“…no more” he breathed feeling winded from the kiss and his chest pushed out. His pale skin out James’s tanned and well toned chest and his body gave a shudder to the contact before gritting his teeth as his hips bucked up to James again feeling James’s hard erection move deeper into him and his body tensed up again as he gasped.

"Open your mouth," James panted huskily, his hips undulating against the other boy's in a slow, even rhythm now. He felt those toes scrape against the back of his legs in an attempt to dislodge him and hold him close in the same instance. His grip on that erection, restored back to full hardness moved in time with his hips as he tried to coax those lips open.

"Give yourself to me," he murmured urgently, "open your mouth."

Snape shook his head quickly as he breathed heavily though his nose not wanting to give James the chance to try something the minute his mouth opened to breath.
“No” he said though gritted teeth as he looked at James and tried will all his might not to moan at James movements and the heat that was rising up in his body.

He did want to admit it but even though the pain feeling the young Gryffindor moving inside him and touching him felt rather nice and exciting as his head tipped back and be found himself looking up at the ceiling as he let out a moan and legs tightened around James back instinctively.

James, who had never been refused before, tugged the boy's head back with a hand in his hair and sucked hard at the exposed throat, leaving bruising kisses on every inch he could reach. "Mmmm, you've never had a love bite before have you, Severus," he whispered in that ear, that name rolling sexily from his tongue, "now you'll have several." He punctuated his words by caressing the shell of that ear with his tongue. It flushed under his ministrations and he chuckled, pinching another bit of Snape's throat between his lips and lathing it with his tongue.

Holding those hips fast, he moved them round in such a way, without breaking the connection between their bodies so that he was sitting on the loo and Snape was astride him, his hands still tied above his head to the system. It was an awkward but delicious position, James slid his teasing love bites down, marking the boy's collar bone and chest so that he could look up into his face as he did so. He could feel the brush of Snape's hair against his head. He rolled his hips up into that body, feeling the tension drain from it and merge into taut pleasure.

"You're fucking yourself on my cock you know, Severus," James whispered, he could feel the instinctual, slow jerks of those hips. "You want me in deeper? Deep in your little hole? It's sucking me in so nicely..."

“No…No” Snape breathed even though he could feel his hips starting to make small movements by themselves wanting to feel James go deeper and take advantage of him and he let out a moan, hearing it echo around the empty toilets.

“P-Potter…” he shuddered as he leaned forward to him grinding there hips together and hearing James let out a moan from the action before stilling himself realizing what he was doing and blushed embarrassed having let himself get so carried away with the excitement and pleasure running though his body.

James rewarded him by grinding his hips deep and hard, unwittingly brushing that special spot inside that he'd touched with his fingers earlier. He felt that hot, tight body spasm around him in pleasure and he sucked hard at a pert nipple, wondering if he could bruise it with pleasure as he had done with Snape's throat and chest. He'd never had such full, blatant control over anyone before. It was heady and Snape was so... Delicious, so defiant and unwilling to surrender and yet shuddering with pleasure at the same time.

"If I let your hands free right now you'd stay put like a good boy, wouldn't you?" James said with a teasing, lilting tone, holding Snape close so that he could feel that leaking cock against his belly as he stroked it and rocked in tip with Snape's hastening thrusts. "That's it, fuck your pretty little arse on my cock."

He bit gently onto the other nipple. He'd had plenty of sex with girls but nothing had ever compared to this. "Uhhh, Shit, Severus, fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!"
Snape moaned wildly as he felt James pick up the speed of his thrusts and his arms thrashed around above him wondering if James would let him go and if he did what would he do? He knew he should run away and get as far away from James Potter as he could but at the same time he was so dizzy from the pleasure he wasn’t sure he would run.

“Uh…Potter” he moaned as he rubbed his chest up against him before leaning but trying to take the contact from him away not wanting to seem like he was giving into James’s demands as he moved his hips and pulled at his arm restraints feeling his wrists ache more.

"Hmmm, shit so good," James whispered against his skin, littering any inch of skin he could reach with biting, sucking kisses. "Mmmm Severus... Your arse tightens around me when I say your name." He grinned as Snape groaned at his words. "So sexy." That compliment made Snape rock his hips faster into him and it occurred to James that no one had probably said that to Snape before. For some reason, after seeing those memories that had started all this, that seemed so wrong, that he had never been appreciated.

Had he really not noticed until now how pale and slender and sexy and brooding he was? James gripped Snape tighter and hammered his hips upwards, his arm aching where he was fisting Snape's cock for so long but he didn't care or stop. He moved faster, urging Snape towards completion with him. "Sexy," he whispered again, craning his neck to slide his lips against Snape's more gently, pleadingly this time. "Kiss me back, Severus and I'll let your arms go so you can cum properly."

Snape didn’t know what to feel at that point, he felt so hot and dizzy that his mind had started going blank as he slowly lent in and hesitated a few times with moaned before leaning in and kissing James deeply and feeling his tongue asking for access again and this time Snape opened his mouth to allow James’s tongue to explore his mouth and he breathed heatedly every chance he got between the kiss as his hips rocked and his hard erection jerked wildly in James’s hold unsure about how much longer he could with stand everything.

James arched up into him, severing the tie holding Snape to the system with his wand and dragging the man tight down to him, thrusting urgently into his body with fervent need. He tilted his head a fraction, sliding his tongue over those lips and into that hot mouth. With the tip of his tongue he teased Snape's, caressing the wet latent muscle, coaxing it to toy with his as they rocked together faster and faster, teetering over the precipice of climax.

"Mmm so good, Severus, so sexy," he moaned into their open-mouthed kiss, his cock throbbing in agonising pleasure as Snape's tongue began to fight his back. Then, to his shock, those long stained fingers fisted in his hair.

Snape gripped onto James’s hair like a life line as he moaned deeply pushing his hips into James’s thrust’s as his erection leaked pre-cum and kissed James more deeply as he pushed his whole body up against him and feeling the friction as they moved.

“P-Potter…I…uh” Snape couldn’t bring himself to finish the words, saying he was about to cum to James meant that he was enjoying it that he liked having James inside of him and he would not give the griffindor the satisfaction of the thought.

"Mmmm nice," James murmured, taking his mouth again with a desperate, messy kiss, "Cum for me, Severus." His legs were numb and his stomach hurt from the intensity of their thrusting. His balls tightened but he wanted Snape to cum, just so there could be no doubt that he'd enjoyed himself. Panting heavily into Snape's neck now, sucking at the love bites he'd made there, he fisted Snape's cock and rocked his hips just right to catch that place inside that made the other boy cry out in glassy-eyed pleasure. "Cum for me!"

Snape shook his head as he bit into his bottom lip trying to ignore the aching pain coming from his hard cock were he was trying desperately not to cum.
“N-no Potter Uuuhh” he moaned out even though his head was span every time James hit that special place inside of him and him erection jerked.

“I…I wont do it…I don’t do it!” he said even though his body was trembling begging for release from the over whelming pleasing that was rising too it’s breaking point.
James sucked an earlobe into his mouth and bit gently, rising to his feet on pure adrenaline, legs shaking as he threw both him and Snape up against the cubicle wall and fucked him hard, fast and desperate, stabbing his prostate with every jerk of his hips and squeezing the leaking prick in his hand between their bellies. Snape had to reach up and seize hold of the top of the cubicle to help hold himself up but James didn't stop. He seized that mouth with a kiss as fierce and possessive as his fucking.

"Fucking cum, want to...want to feel you, cum all over me. Want to cum feeling you clenching around me!" James groaned against his lips, kissing him hard again.
Snape moaned into the kiss feeling like his whole body was on fire as James fucked him harder and faster against the wall and he though he might black out from the pleasure.

This was it Snape couldn’t hold back anymore he feared if he did he might explode. Pulling away from the kiss Snape’s head flew back on his neck as he found his release and clenched around James as he came onto his stomach with a loud moan of pleasure.

James shuddered as Snape's body contracted around him and slammed his hips up against that arse a final time as he spilled himself within. He groaned against Snape's neck and slowly slid them both to the floor, their bodies still locked together on the bathroom floor. As they waited for their breathing to return to normal, James closed his eyes, listening to Snape's heart hammering hard in his chest. It was an oddly sobering sound.

With the rush of pleasure banished from the forefront of his mind, he felt some semblance of humanity, sympathy and guilt swell there. "Alright?" he asked softly, hand hovering hesitantly before Snape's forehead, before he plucked up the courage to smooth that dark curtain of hair back from his face so that he could gauge his expression.

Snape sat with his eyes shut as he collected his breathing back to normal not wanting to look at James for the time being as he calmed down before slowly opening his eyes to him and looking at him for a few moments before glancing away from him again.

“…feel better now?” he asked in a small voice. “Now you’ve had your way with me I guess you will be going back to your friends and telling how I’m more pathetic than before.” He said turning his head away so his hair would fall into his face and he was grateful that no one had cut his hair in quite a while in that moment.
James smirked. "Not yet, I quite like having a dirty little secret," he leant in, caressing Snape's kiss-bruised throat with his callous fingertips. "And you were very, very dirty - Severus." Snape shuddered at the mention of his name and James caught that chin, holding him still so he could give him a more leisurely kiss. "You're mine now, you know." His eyes burned. "I'm a very spoiled only child and I don't let others mess around with my possessions. That includes Padfoot and the others."

Reaching down, he caressed Snape's limp, over-sensitive cock in awe before reaching back to feel that hole where it was still wrapped around his own member. He grinned deviously. "Roll over," he muttered and helped Snape to turn so that he was on all fours. He pulled out when the other boy's arse was in the air and groaned at the sight of Snape's hole wide open and filled with his cum. "Hold it in, if you spill any you'll be licking it up off the toilet floor," he warned him. Immediately Snape's hole struggled to close, twitching desperately to hold it in. James grinned. "Hold it," he reminded him, even as he slid a finger in of each hand, tugging gently to feel his spill sloppy inside, to feel those slick muscles working frantically against him.

“I’m…I’m not your property Potter” he said shuddering on the bathroom floor and trying to hold in James’s cum not wanting to feel it trail down legs as he moved away from James’s probing finger and resting him hands up against the cold wall.

“I’m not yours…you cant just control me as you please” he said not sure if he was talking to James or old shadows of the past before he arched his back down remember what was there and he quickly lowered his hands to the floor with his head down and holding his bum in the air hoping James would pay more attention to that.

James huffed at his fidgeting, sliding three fingers inside and massaging Snape’s swollen prostate gently until Snape couldn’t control himself anymore and his cum oozed out down his thighs, over his bollocks. “Mmm, nice,” he panted, his free, unsoiled hand reaching up and caressing Snape’s back. As he did so, the skin that was so smooth elsewhere felt different. He felt ridges and when he looked up he saw a myriad of scars across the Slytherin’s back from shoulders to waist.

He froze. Some were faded pink with age but a few more recent, angry welts criss-crossed over the old ones. It couldn’t have been more than a month or so old. His eyes widened as he remembered the man towering over Snape in the memory, then the rumours that had gone round about Snape nearly killing his own father with a magical outburst. Holy fucking shit!

Snape arched his back away from James’s touch not liking that he was touching them or had even seen them.

“Don’t touch them” he said still with his head lowered looking at the bathroom wall as he lowered his as and curled in on himself

“Don’t touch them…don’t look at them” he said reaching his arms around himself to try and cover his back with his hands feeling James’s eyes looking at them and his hand still hovering over his back.

“Stay still!” James snapped, holding Snape down by his shoulders with one hand as he leant up to survey the mass of scarring across his skin. Snape twitched as his fingers ran across even the older ones. Sensitive, he assumed for they could never have healed properly with the mess they were in even now. The angry red and pink lines stood out vivid against his alabaster skin.


His own father had done this? Had been doing this since he was a child if his memories indicated anything. And all this time, I’ve been making his life worse, he thought, grimacing, recalling all the times he had taunted Snape or hurt him without reason. Yes Snape had always given back as good as he got, sometimes even started it but not always.

I’ve made his life hell, he thought with a truly horrid epiphany. He allowed Snape to crawl away from him this time and just sat on his knees on the toilet floor, watching distantly as Snape tried to repair his clothes with his wand, all the time hiding his back from view.

Picking up his shirt Snape placed it over his shoulder before putting it on unable to reattach the buttons as he had no idea where they were having flow everywhere when James ripped his shirt.

“…don’t say anything…I don’t want your pity” he said looking at James as he held his shirt closed and feeling glad his shirt was rather long and managed to cover his ass and cock.

"It's not pity it's guilt," James snapped matter-of-factly. "I'm sorry for the way I've behaved over the years, alright?" he got to his feet, pulling his trousers up and fastening his belt before repairing Snape's trousers with a flick of his wand. He handed them to Snape but the boy only snatched them with a dark look in his eyes.

"Why did your dad whip you?" he asked quietly as Snape finished dressing.

“That’s none of you business!” he snapped at James as he barged past him and out of the toilet cubical.

“Not all of us grew up with perfect parents who cared about there only child” he said storming with a small limp over to the sinks and turning one on and proceeding to wash his hands and face and scrubbing at his lips.

“…and it is pity you are showing me…you feel so sorry for me and that makes me feel sick” he said turning back to James as he followed him out of the cubical.

"Wait!" James called, throwing his arm against the main bathroom door so that Snape could not open it. "I meant wait I said earlier, what happened here, between you and me - it's just between us." He stared into Snape's eyes, their faces inches apart. Something had changed in the last few minutes. He didn't know how to behave around Snape now.

"I know you liked what just happened at least a little. Admit it."

“As if I would ever admit it Potter” he said staring back at him determinedly.

“Now move your hand I want to go and I don’t care what you say to your little friends about me. Just leave my scars out of it, the last thing I need is people running around hitting my back” he said.

"You don't care if everyone knows how fucking tight your arse is?" James whispered huskily, only to have Snape punch him, hard, fast, straight in the jaw. It sent him hurtling backwards and clasping his jaw as Snape banished the charms holding the door shut, pulled his collar up to hide his abused throat and opened the door. A small group of third years were gathered outside as well as McGonagall, who glared at the pair of them.

"Fighting again?" she said with distaste, obviously mistaking Snape's dishevelled appearance and James holding his jaw for one of their usual brawls. "You fight like uncooth barbarians. Detention with Professor Merrythorpe tomorrow night, the pair of you!"

Snape opened his mouth about to fight back before letting out a sigh. “Yes profess McGonagall” he said looking at the group as the third years murmured behind McGonagall and Snape pulled his shirt around him more hoping all his new bruising weren’t showing.

“I’ll…I’ll be going back to my dorm room Professor” he said his head lowered and McGonagall gave him a nod as he started to walk though the group of third years none of them making an effort to move and get out of the way.

McGonagall's stern expression softened a fraction at the sight of him. "Do you need to speak with your head of house, Mr Snape?" She looked at him thoughtfully. "It may be wise to speak with...someone about what happened over the summer."
To an outsider, no one would know what she meant but to James, who had seen it first hand... He felt queasy at the memory. He watched Snape carefully
Snape stopped to look at McGonagall once he had broken free of the crowd and he shook his head. “N-no…I’m just fine professor I don’t need to talk to my head of house about it” he said looking at McGonagall trying to act like everything was fine and there was no reason to worry.

“Really professor everything is fine and there is no need for you to worry over me. Your duties lie with your griffindors” he said looking at James blankly before looking back to McGonagall again.


Later that evening at dinner, James couldn't do much more that poke broodingly at his food. The other three marauders were laughing and joking either side of him, not noticing the furtive glances he kept shooting to the slytherin table. Snape was facing him, yet making a point not to look up from his potion's text. He had a slytherin scarf wrapped around his neck (despite it being an unseasonally warm night) and was dressed in undamaged uniform.

James fidgeted as he recalled what the other boy had looked like under him. He swallowed. So engrossed was he in trying to catch eye that when Remus laid a hand on his shoulder, he jumped.

"You've been awfully quiet," his friend whispered for his ears only, "Still no luck getting Evans to say yes to a date this Hogsmeade trip?"

James flushed. In honesty, he hadn't given a thought to Lily today. She was still as aloof and uninterested in him as ever and he realised how odd it must seem to everyone else that he wasn't trying to catch her attention as always. He glanced accusingly at the slytherin table. Snape still had not looked up. "Yeah, yeah I..." He looked down the table to where Lily was talking with her own friends cheerily as they ate. "Yeah. Was just thinking maybe I should give it a rest for a while - don't want to seem too desperate, you know?"

Padfoot and Wormtail were listening now too.