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It is You

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Prince Kili had been the focus of many a jab about his appearance. He did not have a noteworthy beard, all he had was a sprinkling of stubble which was considered un-dwarfish. They did not understand that he could not have a beard if he wanted to use the bow. Then that would bring them to the next subject, his choice of weapon. Many elf comparisons had been made at his expense, and eventually their's when Kili would not hold back his anger anymore.

Kili is used to that type of interaction.

Now he sits with Thorin and company around the fire as they wind down from a day of travel. What he does not understand is why Bifur persisted in staring at him. Someone only stares at you if they are going to insult of attack you. That is what Kili had gathered anyway from pub brawls.

Deciding that he would continue and ignore Bifur, Kili turned to the dwarf next to him and started some idle chat. He hoped he would be able to forget about those dark eyes following his every movement from across the fire.

Continuing on his conversation with Oin and Gloin who were on his right grew to be tiresome. There was only so much of 'What did you say lad' and 'My boy Gimli...' that a little princeling could take before he started shooting arrows into his companion's eyes.

Kili left the campsite and headed to a clearing not too far away that if trouble should rear it's head the Company could take up arms easily. Standing in the clearing, Kili just gazed at the stars. It was a comforting sight. Tracing with his eyes all the constellations his mother and uncle taught him as lad made him feel at ease.

A grunt emanated from behind him. Kili abruptly turned around and put his hand on the hilt of his blade preparing to defend himself.

It was Bifur.

Kili relaxed his stance and looked at the older dwarf expectantly. Silence filled the night once again.

Kili was tired of waiting for the other dwarf to explain his interruption; he would never be called patient.

"What do you want?" Kili snapped.

Bifur's eyes drifted from Kili's face to slightly lower.

"Is something on me?" Kili started flailing around looking down at his body and whacking it. "Quick help me get it off!" His voice a near shriek.

Bifur chuckled at the prince's antics. He caught Kili's arm. The prince sighed dejectedly at this when he realized how ridiculous he must have looked.

"Is this your way of making fun of me?" Kili did not understand why he was sadden at the thought of it.

When the princeling had stilled Bifur dropped his arm. Then Bifur started advancing on Kili.

For every step Bifur took toward Kili, Kili took a step back. But as Mahal would have it, there would be no escape for Kili.

Bifur had backed him up into the tree behind him. There was barely any air between their bodies now. Maybe he has lost it and thinks I'm an Orc.

Moving too quickly for Kili to do more than slam his eyes shut, Bifur pulled out something from his pocket and whipped it out at Kili.

Grunting, Bifur roughly nudged Kili to get him to open his eyes. Slowly opening one eye, Kili was immediately confused.

Bifur was holding out a flower. When Kili did not make a move to take the flower offered, Bifur shoved it into Kili's chest and walked away.

Kili easily caught the flower before it fell away. He stared dumbly down at the flower in hand.
Before Bifur had walked out of the clearing he turned back to Kili. Grunting to get Kili's attention, Bifur made a sign in Iglishmek. When he knew that Kili had understood him, he stormed back to camp.

The prince was befuddled at Bifur and his staring and his behavior, and now at his gift and what Bifur's final words were. It is you.