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50 Reasons

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Reason Number 1

Can't Get To Sleep

‘It’s a dry heat’ she said, ‘it cools off at night’ she said. You would never trust Tsunade’s assessment of the weather ever again. It was the desert, it was hot, it was summer, it was hell, and worst of all you couldn’t get to sleep. Most of all, damn that woman for preying on you during your moment of weakness. You had just gotten out of a long-term relationship, that your friends had been telling you to get out of for most of a year, and you wanted nothing but to take a mission that would take you out of the Land of Fire for a long time. You had briefly mentioned that to Shizune, who had then told Tsunade when the Hokage asked why you were feeling so down, and boy did she deliver.

You had been sent to Suna to help, Gaara had only been gone for a few days but Suna had practically fallen apart in the absence of their Kazekage. It likely would have been a different story if it had been an expected absence, but the Akatsuki had come and stolen their Kazekage before killing him. He had come back from the dead, thanks to Lady Chiyo’s sacrifice, but Gaara was understandably shaken. Not only had he actually been dead but he no longer had the One-tail sealed within him, haunting him. It was literally a new life, and he didn’t know what to do with it. He took a few hours to himself before returning to work and finding out that pretty much everything had been pushed aside while all efforts were focused on finding him.

He wouldn’t complain, couldn’t really, but it was a lot of work not counting the work that continued to file in and the fact that every guard in the mansion and every assistant that was working late that night had been killed or in on the attack. So, when Tsunade offered to send one of her own assistants to help Gaara wasn’t going to say ‘no.’

Tsunade wasn’t kidding when she said you were her best, well read and studied, a strategist, diligent, intelligent, and she somehow managed to do the work of three office assistants with the same level of knowledge, attention, and skill. Over the weeks and months, he had grown to think of you as a friend, looking forward to when you would pull his work away and make him take a lunch break with you.

Months without the Shukkaku, months he was free to sleep instead of roaming the empty streets every night, and yet it was still difficult for him to sleep. That was how he found himself on the roof of the Kazekage’s mansion, and heard you make an appearance onto the roof as well.

“Lord Kazekage,” you greeted him with a soft smile as you always did and he watched as you made your way to stand by his side, “What are you doing here?”

“It’s still difficult to get to sleep,” he explained, knowing you were already familiar with the Tailed-beast induced insomnia he had been living with his entire life, “You?”

“I’ve been tossing and turning all night, it’s way too hot here,” you explained, “And don’t start with that ‘it’s a dry heat’ crap. Lady Tsunade already fed me that crap and I ain’t falling for it again.”

The red-haired Kazekage chuckled lightly before turning back out to look over the city, pulling his gaze away from you. The small shorts, off the shoulder t-shirt, and thigh high stockings you wore during the day were tempting enough. Now there you were, in a small tank-top and shorts as you tried to keep cool in the desert summer.

“I’d like to help, but I’ve already tried everything and nothing works.”

“I can honestly say that you have not, in fact, tried everything and there is one thing that always works,” you replied lightheartedly. Whenever you couldn’t sleep, before you broke up with your ex, you’d just roll over and say ‘hey, I’m in the mood,’ next thing you knew he’d wake up, you’d have sex, and then you’d fall asleep. Of course, you couldn’t exactly say that when the Kazekage asked you what it was with a mixture of honest curiosity and a lightheartedness to match your own.

At least, that’s what the version of you that wasn’t tired would think, but you were tired and weren’t exactly thinking with your right mind.

“Sex, don’t know what it is but it works every time, without fail.” You blushed when you realized what you had just said and shyly looked over to him to see what his reaction was. He was just looking at you with that unreadable expression of his. Oh, Kami, that poker face. That face, that man, he was just too much, too hot, too irresistible-

And now his hot mouth was attacking your neck as he carried you down to his bedroom, which he practically never used, his strong hands firm on your rear as you wrapped your lithe legs around his waist. You moved your head so he had plenty of room to work with as he left marks down your neck and to your collarbone, running your hand through his soft crimson hair. He deposited you onto the plush bed, dropping you only seconds before he dropped his gourd of sand onto the floor and pinning you onto the bed.

Ugh, he was better than you imagined. It had taken a lot for him to open up to you, and having spent most of his life alone he could be shy and uncertain at times, but god damn was he confident as he pulled your tank top off of you and kissed and nipped his way from your collarbone, down the slope of your breast, and to one of your pink, perky nipples. You tugged on his own clothes until he finally pulled away from you long enough to shed himself of his deep red robe and black shirt, before latching himself onto your other nipple. He was rough, certain of his actions, and Kami was it fantastic, you couldn’t help but tug on his hair and leave scratches down his back and based on his growls and groans he liked that.

When all was said and done, the two of you were left a gasping tangle of sweaty limbs and it wasn’t long until the both of you fell fast asleep.