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A Funny Thing Happened in the Med Bay

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McCoy heaved a sigh. He was still exhausted from the whole ordeal with Khan, though it had been over for several days, and Kirk was in the hospital recovering. Progress was slow, but at least it was progress. He knew he would never be able to forget the sight of his friend laying there, pale and dead, on his examining table. McCoy scrubbed a hand over his face as he approached the med bay on Enterprise, planning to clean things up a bit while the ship was docked for repairs and hoping for a distraction from his thoughts.

The lights turned on automatically as the doors opened with a soft swish. It took a second for the sight before him to register.

"What the – " McCoy stopped in his tracks.

The floor, the beds, the desk - every surface was covered in tribbles, in every color of the rainbow. They were stuck to the walls, some were on the ceiling. They were piled on chairs and on each other; in some areas of the bay they were knee-deep.

The doctor stared, mouth agape.

Apparently the regenerative serum had worked too well.