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Filius Tenebris

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Severus Snape stormed up the stairs, slamming the door so hard a curved shape crack appeared in the door. He cupped his hand to the waterfall of blood pumping out of his lip. Damn his muggle father. Damn him to hell. He flopped onto his bed ignoring the loud creak and also the rumble in his stomach. His ribs were still bruised too, after Potters recent solo prank. He sneered. Idiotic morons. He wondered how offended Potter would be if he knew a drunk muggle could hit harder then him. Dear Merlin how he hated the man. Severus was so lost in fantasies of just how his father was going to die he didn’t notice the black robed figure step from the shadows into his room .

Severus jumped and automatically went for a wand that wasn’t there .No, it was in the cupboard with the rest of his school things. His father had seen to that.'’Who are you?’' snarled Severus, inching closer to the window. The man pulled down his hood, uncovering his face. His skin was a pale milky white and his high cheekbones made his cheeks look so sunken they were almost hollow. But it was his eyes that stuck out.They were blue and ice cold, boring into his soul. ‘'Tom'’. His voice was silky like a ribbon .’'Tom Riddle. You are Severus Snape ,yes?'’

'‘What do you want with me? How did you get in here?’' Severus asked, his fists clenched ready to fight even though he knew it would do no good. His daily beatings from his father were testimony to that. Riddle chuckled, seeing his fists '‘I mean you no harm. I have come with a job offer.'’

‘'What makes you think I’ll say yes ?'’ Severus raised his eyebrows

'‘I will pay you very handsomely in galleons or muggle money whichever you wish, both if you like. Enough to get you comfortably out of here.’'

‘'What’s the catch ?’' Severus asked.

'‘My, you are a cynical little Slytherin aren’t you ?’' Riddle smirked.

"Just answer the damn question.’'

"I need somebody watched."

'‘Fine ‘' Severus spat. He didn’t like this. He didn’t like it at all. But the thought of leaving before he was 17 was too appealing to pass up. "Who is it?"

"Hmmm you don't need to know that just yet." A sly smile curled up the strangers lips and Severus shivered.

"And just how do you propose I spy on someone without knowing who they are?"

"I'll be in touch."

"Great. That really helps, thanks a lot, sir." Severus had never been more terrified in his life, but he took comfort in throwing biting words at Riddle.

Riddle just raised an eyebrow ‘'The floo address is Riddle Manor’. With that he stepped back and the shadows swirled and consumed him, leaving Severus to his own thoughts. Suddenly he heard the door slam and his father’s drunken slur '‘Get down here boy’'

Severus sighed and crouched down the stairs to meet his father.

'‘So '‘ Tobias sneered. ‘' I see nobody from that freakish school of yours bothered to write to you, than boy ‘'

'‘I have Lily you stupid muggle.’' Severus

Tobias didn’t know what a muggle was but he knew it was an insult so he snarled and flung a backhand at his son knocking him to the ground. He flung a vicious kick into Severus’ ribs while Severus pressed his lips tightly together but could not altogether stifle the cry that came from his lips. Severus covered his head as his father rained down punches and kicks. He thought ‘Safe, safe, safe, need to get safe' to himself desperately; out of the blue he thought ‘Riddle Manor’ and the world shimmered before it went black.