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Cherished Affliction

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A woman stood at a window. She watched the birds dip in and out of the corners of the skyscrapers, she looked down onto the street and allowed the freckles of her pupils to trace over the yellow of the taxi's and the heads of the business men and women that bustled throughout the sidewalks probably fretting over things that were trivial, rushing to get home, rushing to get to their second or third job.

She watched, she took in every moment, and she savored it.

These were the simple things that her colleagues probably didn't take the time out to appreciate. Too busy idolizing her for being successful, fearing her for being in control, or envying her for being rich. She, however, felt compelled to focus on these little things. Because standing at a window, calmly taking in life and accepting all things good and bad about it, was a part of who she was as a successful woman.

Despite the royalty that was seeping from the Fabray name, Quinn was so very different from them.

She still stood in a stance that displayed superiority and leadership. She managed to finish college and graduate school, gaining her MBA in business by the time she was twenty-three. She excelled by working for two different companies over the course of four years before even stepping foot into her family's business, despite the belief that her position was just handed to her fresh out of college.

Quinn Fabray was special, wildly intelligent and along with everything else in her life, very dominant when it came to being successful. 

She was "tailor-made to be a leader" her mother used to say. 

In every aspect of her life. 

One aspect, more than anything. Because as fun as it was to run a billion dollar jewelry company, it was even more satisfying to see a beautiful woman on her knees, head down, arms behind her back...waiting for instructions.

It was who she was.

The sounds of obedience, of a woman who could and would submit to her when asked. It was everything.

It made Quinn Fabray every bit of the wonder that she had become and despite the feeling of being unbalanced sometimes, the rush from the lifestyle altering her emotionally, she lived for it.

Quinn closed her eyes and took a deep breath, suddenly becoming a little lightheaded at the mere thought of it. Flexing her slim fingers she lifted herself up on the balls of her feet and opened her eyes to the sight of the darkening skies of New York City.

Had she really been standing there that long?

It must have been a particularly slow day for her, because she hadn't even noticed the amount of time that passed her by in the midst of her silent musings.

Reaching a careful hand to the glass, she allowed the tips of her manicured fingers to slide softly against it.

A beep suddenly sounded and as the voice of her secretary came through the speaker, Quinn drew her hand back from the window at almost as quickly as she had touched it. 

"Ms. Fabray? I'm sorry to interrupt your meditation, but it's five-thirty. You have a guest for dinner this evening at the restaurant you requested downtown. I made reservations for seven, and your car is waiting for you downstairs. Is there anything else I can get for you?"

Quinn Fabray smiled.

"No, that will be all Renee' thank you."

"Have a good evening Ms. Fabray," the woman spoke genuinely and Quinn pushed her bangs away from her brow.

She made sure to always be the last person leaving her building, a routine that insured that she was putting in as much work as she could and not just sitting back allowing faces without names run her company all by themselves. Every night, she would finish up all of the loose ends that she could, meditate and dismiss Renee' before locking up and heading home to indulge…whatever she so desired.

Tonight however, was slightly different. There was an air of promise weaving through the air.

She would spend the evening having dinner with a possible new submissive.

The bottom line was that Quinn Fabray did not keep submissive's long. She always provided a contracted agreement that stated that she was not looking for a permanent arrangement.

Quinn was still humoring herself with the idea that she'd find the perfect woman, the perfect companion to meet both of her needs. So, there was an understanding that the women that came and went within her quarters were strictly temporary.

She couldn't bring herself to draw something out that truly didn't satisfy her completely and every submissive understood that. There were no hard feelings and no vengeance. They had all managed to handle themselves with grace and class, graciously giving up their allotted positions so that she could begin her search for the next.

However, it was getting a bit old.

It was always the same women that continually sought her out. They were the women that she sometimes felt held her back from the real thing falling into her hands. But, she never complained about their eagerness.

She needed it.

She needed that constant structure in her life to keep her going; otherwise her dedicated precision would be practically extinct. However, she couldn't help but wonder if the diamond, the one, the woman that she so carefully yearned for would be one that would absolutely wreck her.

Ironically Quinn both feared and hoped for it.

Quinn was embarking on this interview for that someone. This woman fit the description: short exotic brunette, brown eyes, and long legs.

She never strayed from her routine, and didn't plan to. It was in her genetics to never settle for less, and she took it in the sense that she would find the right woman to fit her preference.

This woman, Jessica, seemed good enough. Nice laugh, good personality, and fully willing to meet all of Quinn's needs.

Her only downfall was that she had belonged to someone before Quinn and Quinn Fabray did not do seconds.

Unless there was an exception.

The dinner was to determine if there could be an exception made in this case and to say Quinn was curious about it would be an understatement. She was hoping to find another adventure, something special. It was a yearning that had previously never been fulfilled.

Stepping out and preparing to enter her car, however, Quinn couldn't help but feel that tonight…something had the ability to change. 


Entering the restaurant, Quinn was met with eyes from all over the place.

Instant fame was the social norm for her from the minute she took over her parents company, both thanks to the size of the business and the fact that by taking over actual leadership within the company versus only holding the majority of shares she went from just another spoiled heiress to one of the youngest, wealthiest, people in the world. It was a rare an unbelievable thing and a major headline. So if you lived in New York City or in the United States of America and you didn't know who Quinn Fabray was, you had to have been living under a rock. 

It didn't affect her, though she often wondered what it would be like to introduce herself to someone who didn't already know her name. 

The host greeted Quinn with a knowing and nervous smile, another thing Quinn could live without. She disliked the intimidating fear people felt because of the size of her wealth. 

"Ms. Fabray, it is wonderful to see you tonight…your guest arrived fifteen minutes prior to yourself and is waiting for you at your reserved table."

She follows directions well, Quinn thought. She had indeed informed the woman to be fully submissive tonight – in lieu of a test.

Jessica stated to Quinn that she would not be requesting a "twenty-four seven" relationship, which Quinn was alright with. She hadn't embarked on a relationship of that sort in a long time, nor did she plan to at this point. She was only looking for something to fulfill her needs.

"Fantastic." Quinn uttered with a small smile, and the host led the way to her table.

They were always so formal to her at these kinds of places and although she didn't always have the patience for it, she tried to display class.

"Might I add that you look absolutely grand in that gown." He spoke and Quinn smiled at the compliment, holding back laughter at the irony of his statement. It had been quite the task getting into the gown.

"Thank you. I appreciate a person who has fine manners and you have demonstrated such." Quinn said calmly, before she spotted her table.

Jessica was sitting with her eyes cast downward, her hands in her lap and her shoulders back in the short red dress that Quinn had specifically request she wear.

Upon approaching the table, Jessica stood. The man looked at her curiously but turned to Quinn. Before he could speak, Quinn cut him off. "Let's start with a bottle of Chardonnay." She said clearly.

"As you wish, Ms. Fabray."

He hurried off to give the order, and Quinn touched the smooth cheek of her potential lover. "Very good Jessica. Eyes up."

Brown eyes looked up at Quinn, "Tonight will be a test. You normally will not be required to accompany me anywhere in public. That is not the nature of the relationship I have requested from you. However, I would like to see how well you can follow directions. You have done exceedingly well so far." Quinn smiled.

The woman smiled softly and Quinn allowed her eyes to sweep down her body. Jessica fit the dress that Quinn had purchased for her perfectly.

"You look exceptional, Jessica." Quinn complimented and Jessica smiled.

"Thank you, Ms. Fabray." She said lightly and Quinn nodded her approval. First names were not an option. But she was pleased with Jessica's way of addressing her.

"Well done, you may sit."

The woman waited a beat for Quinn to sit down, before she took her seat and placed her hands on her lap, smiling at Quinn.

"Do you drink white wine, Jessica?"

"No, Ms. Fabray - I've never had it before."

Quinn clucked her teeth, "Hmm, that is unfortunate. You will have your first glass of white wine with me tonight, is that alright with you?"

As the confusion passed in her eyes, it looked as if Jessica had never been asked if anything was alright with her and was struggling to find the correct response to the question. That left Quinn curious to find out if Jessica would turn out to be a bit of challenge.

She loved challenges.

"If it is alright with you, it is alright with me, Ms. Fabray."


It seemed that this potential sub had all of her ducks in a row, a fact that came bittersweet to Quinn. Of course Jessica seemed to be the perfect submissive, because she was practiced. She had already been taught how to be obedient and there was nothing natural about her, nothing challenging, and nothing to be taught. Quinn wanted someone who was fresh, someone who hadn't been touched. She wanted someone who was absolutely and totally clueless when it came to the lifestyle but passionate about being submissive to her.

Quinn was looking for something she'd only find in a woman that was head over heels in love with her, or vice verse. Sadly, Quinn could not trust many women enough to allow that kind of relationship to take place. She hadn't in a long time.

Considering those circumstances, she knew that though Jessica wasn't what she was looking for - she would just have to do for now.

"It feels good to have a first with you, Jessica." Quinn commented, unable to keep the bitterness out of her tone. She hated the idea of re-training a submissive. There was something that truly felt sloppy to her about not being someone's first Domme. She knew how ridiculous it was, but it was a specific standard that she had grown to accept about her preferences over the course of her time as a Dominant. The woman across from her lowered her eyes at the remark, feeling the instant condemnation of Quinn's comment. Interesting. 

"Eyes up, Jessica…you seem a little hurt by that remark, is there something you would like to share with me?" Quinn said curiously and Jessica looked her in her eyes.

"No, Ms. Fabray-"

Jessica's words were cut off in a gasp as Quinn's hand disappeared under the table swiftly, up her dress. Quinn let her fingers caress the girl's thigh, watching her face turn a little pink at the touch.

"Something wrong?" Quinn spoke calmly. Jessica shook her head.

Second mistake in less than five minutes, maybe she isn't that perfect.

Quinn squeezed her thigh, before sliding her hand upward...towards a place that caused an audible stutter in Jessica's breathing. Quinn couldn't deny her arousal at the reaction she was pulling from her.

"Use your words, Jessica. I can't read minds." Quinn spoke firmly and Jessica stared into the hazel orbs before speaking.

"I-I apologize; there isn't a-anything wrong with me, Ms. Fabray." Jessica said, her voice shaking.

Quinn stared at her for a moment, hard eyes looking through her rather than at her, before she smiled and removed her hand. "I will overlook your futile mistakes."

The silence was seemingly peaceful; all that could be heard was the soft heaving of Jessica's chest. It seemed she wasn't expecting what she had received at all. Which caused Quinn's interest to begin to grow in the woman.

Quinn tore her eyes from her in time to look around the restaurant and take in all the different sights and sounds around her. She was truly at a loss for words sometimes by the amount of respect she was given solely because of how much money she made.

She watched with judgmental eyes as employees bustled around to greet the wealthy people like servants, the customers eating it up and taking advantage of the eager wait staff to pump up their oversized egos. It was disgusting. She couldn't imagine what kind of person could stand that sort of thing, because she honestly couldn't bear it - the idea of someone bending over backwards as if she was some sort of queen. She was the furthest thing from it, actually. Just a  woman, desperately trying to continue the success her family began and remain in control of her life. 

She yearned for someone to understand that. To truly see her for what she was. 

There was no time for her to ponder that thought however, because she was suddenly being pulled from her reverie by the sound of a loud crash and cold liquid being splashed into her lap. 

Standing quickly, Quinn glanced down to see what was now identified as the white wine she had only just ordered seeping down her thousand dollar dress into her heels.

"Oh my god! I'm-I'm so sorry…I tripped, and...and I'll get something to clean that up, I'm so sorry!"

Quinn allowed her ears to catch up with the voice and her eyes soon followed. A short, tan brunette was scrambling on her knees now to pick up the glass that had fallen, along with the broken bottle of Chardonnay and Quinn watched in amusement as she fumbled with everything - including her words.

"Fuck, I am so fired…" She mumbled, before shaking her head, "I mean...I mean...excuse my language...I just need to get this, get this glass up a-and..."  She rushed to her feet again and finally Quinn had the opportunity to look at the waitress who ruined her dress.

Upon laying eyes on her, everything went fuzzy and seemed to slow down. Quinn could feel her heart begin to flutter as she locked eyes with the woman and that hadn't happened in so long that it actually shocked her. Where were these butterflies in her stomach coming from? She watched the brunette falter for words, mouth hanging open as she stared at Quinn almost...curiously.

The only thought that Quinn could truly process was how breathtakingly beautiful this woman was.

Her long dark brown curls were pulled back into a high ponytail, her bangs swept to the side of her forehead banning anything from obscuring the view of her face. She had smooth skin, defined cheeks and plump lips that looked absolutely delicious.

There was no shame now; Quinn allowed her eyes to glance down at the body of the woman. She was tan and exotic. Her white button down shirt was unbuttoned at the top showing the dip in her chest that led down to her breasts which appeared at first glance to be average sized. The perfect size, Quinn mused further recognizing that the shirt was tight enough to define features that otherwise would go unnoticed.

Her legs seemed long underneath the black slacks that were covering them, though it was obvious that this woman was particularly small in stature and Quinn finally tore her eyes away to look back up into the eyes of the woman.

She was absolutely stunning. Quinn swallowed, feeling her mind, spirit, and body strain against both her composed expression and the fabric of her expensive dress. Quinn, who was usually very controlled could feel it slipping, and it wasn't because of the wine soaking through the material of her outfit.

The waitress spoke and broke Quinn's stare, "I am so sorry miss, I didn't mean to…I am so dead, listen I can clean that up if you'd like…I don't know how much wine a napkin can take out of a dress, but I can sure as hell try." She offered a nervous smile and raised a napkin to the material, but Quinn reached towards her wrist, catching it before she could press it to her body.

"It's ruined, actually." Quinn spoke with a smile and the girl suddenly looked like she was about to cry.

"I'm so sorry…listen-"

"Berry!" An angry voice cut her off and Quinn watched as she wrung her hands like she was about to have a nervous breakdown.

"Oh god, listen I'm really sorry, I'll have someone clean all of this up, ma'am. I'm really sorry again…" She pulled her arm from Quinn's grasp before hurrying off, offering one last look over her shoulder before she was out of Quinn's sight.

Quinn couldn't take the smile off of her face as she memorized the features of the woman. A man who Quinn assumed was the manager appeared in her line of vision, and instantly she snapped out of the haze she was in.

"I want her name."

"Ms. Fabray, I am so sorry the girl is new and in training but consider your evening on us-"

"No, give me her name."

Quinn didn't even look at the man, still watching the spot where the girl had disappeared to. She was entranced by the woman, having never seen a woman so…perfect in her life.

"That won't be necessary Ms. Fabray. She will be fired immediately." Quinn's gaze snapped to the man, her patience beginning to thin.

"You will not fire her, you will not pay for my evening, I only request her name." Quinn said with finality.

He looked at her confusedly, "I don't under-"

Quinn leaned forward. "I can't make myself anymore concise. Either you give me her name as I've requested or I will call the owner of this establishment and get it myself, but not before letting him know that because you refused to rectify the situation to my standards, I have made the decision to withdraw my patronage from this restaurant and will encourage my colleagues to do the same. Your choice." She said lowly, her hazel eyes ablaze with promise. 

Quinn hated intimidating people purposely, but she had no other choice.

"Rachel Berry."

Rachel Berry.

Quinn couldn't immediately explain why, but there was a distinct feeling of yearning rising within her. It wasn't something she felt regularly. But rather, when she was in the midst of making a particularly special discovery.

Like a rare diamond that you would pay millions for simply to be able to stare at it.

And then Quinn realized why. 

She was rare.

The very woman Quinn never thought she’d find had been standing right in front of her. Despite only having the memory of her beautiful features, and now her name, Quinn was sure about one thing.

She wanted her.