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"What's past is prologue."

- Antonio, The Tempest









The soft friction of leather loafers against the marbled-tile floor echoed through the white corridors of the small chapel. It was a small gathering of close friends and family but still, Taehyun did not feel any comfort in the company he was in. In front was his brother, unmoving, guarding over three caskets covered with lace and decorated with white roses.

He slowly approached the boy, earning piercing gazes from everyone around the room. They knew he exists, but they didn’t know it was him.

“They said I can stay the night at the studio.” Taehyun heard his brother said, voice a whimper of sorts. “I didn’t think it was the last message I’ll ever receive from them.”

Taehyun bit his tongue and glared at nothing.


Yesterday, three bodies were found at an abandoned lot. Bruised, bleeding, and swollen.

It was Taehyun’s father, mother and aunt.

They were all beaten and tortured and who knows what other things their attackers did to them. That being the case, maybe death was the best option. Taehyun only hoped they didn't suffer long.

Maybe going over his boss's back to at least consider freedom was not the wisest decision he ever had and maybe he did deserve a punishment for everything that he had done until now --

But his family didn’t.

They knew nothing of what Taehyun was doing, or who he really was outside their home, they didn't do anything to deserve any of this.


If only I didn't find them.


Taehyun cursed at himself. If he didn't track down his origin, then he wouldn't have dragged them into the mess that is his life.

But now, since his family’s safety was the only reason he played the right hand dummy of the most powerful man in South Korea…

…their deaths also meant he doesn’t have any reason to hold back at all.

He'll be stupid if he did come back to his boss anyway.

“We’ll make them pay.” Taehyun breathe finally, a promise to both his brother and himself.


By the chapel entrance was a man leaning on one of the large doors, eyes fixated on Taehyun’s back but still wary of their surroundings.

We need to go. He thought as he carefully made his way to where the brothers were, ignoring the hushed whispers around him and tapping the blond’s shoulder lightly. He bended a little to whisper a: “We can’t stay here for long.”

Taehyun nodded, said something to his brother before gazing at the caskets again and finally started walking away.

Minho gave his condolences and listened as the boy asked him to take care of his brother. Minho vowed he will, and that was the only time he actually saw the boy smiled somehow.

He said his goodbyes and strode over to match Taehyun’s pace.


“Let’s end them,” Minho declared, voice low and raw.

Taehyun scoffed. “That's what I plan to, why do you think I’m stuck with you for?”



*  *  *