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Cuerpo y Alma

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"I'm home!" Olivia yelled out, setting her new Prada bag, a gift from her doting wife, on the antique table near the front door.

"Mel?" Silence met her inquiry as she walked into their dimly lit house, her designer heels clicking loudly against the hardwood floors.

"Mellie?" Olivia asked louder this time making a circle through the kitchen and living room before climbing the stairs towards their bedroom.

The master suite door was open and Olivia stopped in her tracks to see her wife standing in the doorway in a sheer blue body suit, thigh highs, garters, stilettos, and a smile.

"Hi honey, how was your day?" Mellie asked as she slowly made her way to Olivia. She toyed with the buttons of her taupe pants suit. Mellie dipped her head and lightly kissed a line from her jaw to her collarbone.

Olivia sighed contentedly and placed her hands on Mellie's hips, titling her head back to give her better access to her neck.

Mellie's hot breath tickled Olivia's ear as she spoke again: "I asked you a question. How was your day?"

"Do you really expect me to answer while you're doing that?" Olivia groaned as Mellie nibbled on her earlobe.

"Yes, I want to know. Also, if you stop talking, you don't get your reward."

"You mean you in this isn't my reward? What brought this on? Have I missed an anniversary or something?"

Olivia groaned out the final words as Mellie raked her teeth down her neck. Olivia's hands ran up the diaphanous material pulling Mellie’s body closer. Mellie laughed against her throat and stepped out of the grip of Olivia's arms.

"Can't I do something special for my wife?" Mellie asked pushing Olivia's suit jacket down her arms. Olivia opened her mouth to complain about her Carolina Herrera suit jacket lying on the ground, but stopped as she felt Mellie's fingers trail up her thigh. Mellie's fingers paused at the apex of her thighs; Olivia bit back a groan and barely stopped herself from thrusting against the idle hand.

"You still haven't answered my question, Liv."

Olivia took a deep breath and squared her shoulders. She knew this game. She loved Mellie in this mood, and if Mellie wanted to play, she would hear no objections from her.

"Busy, but not overwhelming. How was your day?"

Olivia was rewarded by deft fingers brushing against the fabric of her pants. The sensation made Olivia shiver, but it also made her crave more with less clothing between them.

"Uneventful. It gave me a lot of time to think."

"And what did you th-think about?" Olivia stuttered as Mellie's hand cupped her cunt, the heel of her hand pressing down against Olivia’s clit making her shiver in pleasure.

"This. You. I thought about how my favorite place in the world is between your thighs and how I couldn't wait for you to come home. Now, are you hungry?"

It took a moment for Olivia's head to clear and for her to realize that her wife was making her way towards the stairs.

"What? No, I'm not hungry. Not for food at least."

"Honey, you can't survive on popcorn and wine all the time. You barely ate last night, and I'm sure you didn't have anything to eat today. I'm going to have to get Huck on my side about that."

"Mel?" Olivia said as she watched her wife walk down the stairs, a groan passing her lips as she took in the delicate dimples above Mellie's ass perfectly visible through the lovely mesh fabric.

Mellie stopped and turned back to a slightly discomposed Olivia, a sight Mellie loved to see, for it was only her that got to see this side of Olivia. Her breathing was labored and deep causing Mellie to bite back a smirk.

"Yes, dear?"

"What are you doing?"

"Getting dinner, as I said."



Mellie let out a small sound as she watched the petite woman stomp her foot in her Valentino pumps. "I don't want dinner."

"Well, you can't have your dessert without your dinner first," Mellie said over her shoulder as she continued to make her way down the stairs.

Mellie silently took out a few covered dishes from the fridge while her wife fidgeted at the kitchen island. She liked a slightly rankled Olivia, it always made for an interesting evening. She also liked that it took so little to make Olivia antsy. She loved the power she held over Olivia, and the power Olivia held over her as well.

"Did you make this?"

"Very cute, honey."

"What? You cook."

"I reheat and you know this, but I did slice up the fruit. Could you open us a bottle of wine?"

Mellie smiled as Olivia huffed and went to their wine closet, a custom built feature of their house with Olivia specifically in mind.

"Pick something light."

"Yes, dear," came Olivia's muffled reply.

Mellie turned to the warm oven to take out the Brie en Croute that was a favorite lazy dinner of theirs and set to work on releasing the gooey cheese from the crispy, buttery dough.

A small pop of a cork, followed by the clinking of glasses had Mellie turning over her shoulder to see Olivia emerging from the wine closet. Somewhere between getting the wine and coming back out, Olivia had removed her shirt and was in just her white bra, trouser pants, and heels.

Mellie loved that Olivia has about thirty different variations of white lingerie: silky, lacy, see-through, ruffled, gusseted, as well as an array of corsets, teddies, and bustiers.

The bra Olivia chose for that day was one of Mellie's favorites. She recognized it as an Agent Provocateur bra: a quarter cup bra that left the tops of Olivia's breast exposed, while beautiful lacy French Leavers ran across the bra so flashes of skin were bare, as well as Olivia's turgid nipples.

"I thought this was a little more equitable," Olivia said as she set down the wine glasses and poured the claret liquid into each.

"It would only be equitable if you took off your pants as well," Mellie replied, slowly making her way to the end of the counter where Olivia stood.

Olivia smirked and handed a glass to Mellie, slightly tipping her own before taking a sip. "You could always help me out of them, you know."

Mellie took the offered wine glass from Olivia and took a healthy sip of her own, enjoying the full-bodied taste. She decided immediately that she needed to taste the wine from Olivia's lips, so, Mellie set down her glass and kissed Olivia with a thoroughness that left both women panting. Mellie nibbled Olivia's bottom lip before slipping her tongue into her mouth to taste her. Olivia and the taste of wine was a heady combination.

Mellie's nimble fingers traced down Olivia's torso to the button of her trousers. She made short work of unbuttoning and unzipping her pants, immensely enjoying the way that Olivia wiggled her hips to help remove her them.

Mellie crouched over to push the pants down her legs and told her to step out of her pants, leaving her in her designer pumps. She liked how they made their height difference a little more balanced. Mellie kissed the inside of each thigh before standing back up. She was thrilled at how dark Olivia's eyes were, how her chest heaved, and how her tight, dark nipples stood out against the stark white fabric.

Mellie grabbed Olivia's ass and pulled her flush against her body. Olivia moaned and moved her hips against the thigh caught between her legs, her wetness spurring Mellie to grab her tighter and reciprocate against Olivia's thigh.

"So," Mellie began, "what fruit would you like with dinner? We have apples, strawberries, grapes, or peaches."

Olivia stared at Mellie not quite sure what she said, the sexual haze was clouding her mind.

"You can't seriously be hungry," Olivia got out eventually, her hips still flexing in her wife's grasp, tremors of want coursing through her body.

"I am. I made this nice Brie for us, the least you can do is try it."

"You heated this Brie for us, and I want you, not dinner."

"You're not ready yet."

"Not ready?" Olivia asked arching one perfect brow. She grabbed one of Mellie's hands from her ass and placed it between her legs. She linked her fingers with Mellie and moaned as her wetness grew. Mellie's fingers ran over the damp crotch to her throbbing clit.

"Hmm, you're wet honey, but you're not ready. See, I want you completely and totally uninhibited. I want you so hot for me, that wouldn't mind me fucking you right here in this kitchen. I've always wanted to take you over this island."

"Yes," Olivia hissed as Mellie slipped her hand into her panties, one long delicate finger gliding through her wetness and into her cunt. Olivia busied her hands up Mellie's torso to her nipples, desperately wanting to have them in her mouth, but settling on using her fingers for now.

"You don't want it bad enough yet. See, I've been sitting at home today trying to work, but I couldn't." Mellie added another finger, but stopped her motion. She just loved to feel the compression of Olivia's inner muscles around her digits, loved the way it made her wife squirm in pleasure.

"All I could think about was you, and my head between your thighs. About how wet you get, and how tight you are." Mellie ground the heel of her hand against Olivia clit. Olivia groaned loudly this time and tried to move, but Mellie still had a firm grip on one ass cheek.

Mellie trailed kisses up Olivia's neck to her ear where she bit down hard enough to make Olivia's muscles clench around her fingers the way she loved.

"You're always a delicious distraction, but today was particularly bad. I had to watch you get dressed in these tiny underwear this morning. Only me getting to know exactly what’s underneath your conservative get up. I kept that image with me all day. While I was trying to do work the image of you bent over the sink, bent over the counter, in our shower, against the wall, spread eagle on the couch, kept invading my brain. In vivid and complete technicolor. I had to get off a conference call early because all I could think of was your head between my thighs as I sat at my desk."

Mellie's fingers resumed their pumping motion. Olivia couldn't stand still. She needed more.

"I'll do whatever you want, Mel. Whatever. Just please, please don't stop."

Mellie smiled and kissed Olivia hard feeling her wetness gush onto her fingers. Knowing she was close. Mellie slowly pulled her fingers out of Olivia, dragging her own wetness over her clit before pulling her hand from her panties.

"After dinner, love," Mellie almost laughed at the look on Olivia's face that a mixture between anger and total lust.


During their informal dinner, Mellie continued to tease Olivia. She fed her pieces of the gooey cheese, jam, and bread with her fingers. She'd cut up strawberries and fed them lovingly to her wife who was nearly writhing in the chair, still completely turned on with no release.

Olivia did her best to fight the foggy lust haze and tease Mellie back. She played with the straps of her garter belt and ran her unoccupied hands up and down Mellie's strong thighs. Olivia's hand swept over Mellie's damp center, appreciating the view her wife afforded her by sitting on the stool at the kitchen island, legs wide, cunt making a dark, damp spot on her body suit.

"I'd bet you'd taste delicious covered in this apricot jam," Mellie said as she dipped her finger into the warm jam from the Brie and drew a line from Olivia's collarbone to right above the swell of her breasts. Mellie got up to stand between Olivia's thighs, enjoying towering over her small frame in this instance. She dipped her head and licked the line of jam from her breasts to her neck. Olivia was barely holding on to an ounce of her sanity as she watched Mellie dip her fingers in the jam again, but this time she told Olivia to stand.

"Take off your bra and panties. Keep on the heels."

Olivia complied quickly throwing the bra halfway across the room and hastily stepping out of her panties before resuming her seat.

Mellie spread the sticky jam over Olivia's solid nipples. She dipped out more with her fingers and drew a line straight down her stomach to right above the top of her cleft.

"Do you want me?"

"Yes," Olivia all but shouted, her hands clenched tightly at her sides.

"Tell me," Mellie commanded pinching one sticky nipple with her thumb and forefinger.

"Ahh," Olivia moaned and threw her head back. "I need you. Fuck, I need--oh--need you to fuck me, please. Oh god please."

Mellie smiled and dipped her head down to the breast not being attended to and circled Olivia's nipple with her tongue before taking it into her mouth and sucking.

A litany of curses mixed with Mellie's name flowed out of Olivia's mouth. Olivia opened her legs and moved her own hand between her legs hoping to get some relief.

Mellie let go of Olivia's nipple with a pop and batted Olivia's hand away from her cunt.

"Uh uh," Mellie began, licking the jam from her own fingers before licking the line on her torso that began to dribble between her thighs and onto the kitchen stool. "Your pleasure belongs to me. I get to say when you come, got it?"

Olivia nodded and trembled as Mellie's tongue snaked between her open thighs to her sticky clit.

"Stand up," Mellie commanded, giving one final kiss to Olivia’s clit before leaving her crouched position.

Olivia quickly stood before her, sticky and wet and incredibly turned on.

"Turn around, bend over the counter," Mellie ordered.

Olivia did as she was urged, resting her elbows on their granite counter top. She also gave Mellie a spectacular view of her ass and legs that seemed too long for someone so petite.

Mellie stood behind her, taking in the dimples above her ass. Mellie gently smoothed her hands down Olivia’s back and over the globes of her ass. Mellie grabbed her hips and pulled them flush against her own making Olivia moan and flatten torso further against the cold stone counter.

“What do you want, Olivia?”

“You. Always you.”

Mellie shook her head realizing belatedly that Olivia couldn’t see her. “Look at me,” Mellie enjoined pulling Olivia’s hips tighter to her own.

Olivia turned over her shoulder, her eyes dark with arousal. A tremor ran through her body and Mellie’s hand snaked around to the front of her body, strumming a slow and dizzying rhythm on her clit.

“You’re going to need to be specific, honey,” Mellie cooed as her fingers picked up speed. “Do you want more of this?”

“Yes, more,” Olivia hissed, her head too heavy to keep up, joined her arms on the counter.

“I didn’t tell you to stop looking at me,” Mellie said, her fingers stopping their pleasure on Olivia’s body.

“Please,” Olivia begged trying to move her hips against Mellie’s stilled fingers.

“Please what? What do you want? You have to tell me.”

“Your mouth, and your fingers, both please, on me, in me,” Olivia panted.

“That’s better,” Mellie cooed, her fingers resuming their work in bringing Olivia her pleasure.

Mellie lowered herself to the floor to open up Olivia from behind. Mellie let her other hand run lightly down the crack of her ass to Olivia’s sopping cunt.

Mellie worked two fingers in concert with her tongue that darted in and out, around and down Olivia’s snatch.

Olivia moved her hips back in time with the thrust of Mellie's tongue. Olivia writhed against the counter, the cold making her nipples even harder than they were before.

Mellie felt the tightening of Olivia's quim around her fingers and pulled back, denying Olivia’s pleasure again. Mellie got up from the ground and turned Olivia around. Mellie pulled Olivia's body close and devastated her mouth with a kiss. Olivia relished the mixture of her own taste with Mellie's.

"Want to go to our bed, baby?" Mellie asked lacing her fingers through Olivia's hair and kissing around her jaw and neck.

"No, won't make it that far. Here. Let me come right here."

"How about the couch as a compromise? The floor is starting to hurt my knees."

"Fine," Olivia spoke impatiently. Olivia grabbed Mellie's hand and pulled her towards the living room. Wresting back some control, Olivia pushed Mellie down on the couch and straddled her lap.

"Can I undress you, Mel?" Olivia inquired as she sat over Mellie's lap, their cunts tightly pressed to one another. Olivia jutted her hips forward and felt Mellie's protruding clit against her own. "Please baby."

Mellie nodded and smiled as Olivia slid to the floor between her opened legs. Olivia slowly unsnapped the bodysuit and ran her fingers through her wife's wetness. Olivia knew that Mellie's pleasure came from her own and delaying her gratification made Mellie's orgasm ten times more potent.

Olivia wasted no time in licking a line from Mellie's wet entrance to her clit, her original purpose of undressing her wife all but forgotten.

Mellie sighed and grabbed at Olivia's head to hold her in place, not that Olivia wanted to be anywhere else. Olivia hummed against her clit and nipped slightly when Mellie threw one thigh high encased leg over her shoulder.

"Liv. Livvie. I'm close, don't stop, please."

Olivia continued to tease and torment, adding two nimble fingers to the work of her tongue and lips. Abruptly, Olivia stopped and crawled back into her wife's lap. She pulled the sheer body suit the rest of the way off so they were finally flesh to flesh, save for the garter and thigh highs Mellie still wore.

Olivia began to rock against Mellie, relishing the feeling of their wet, puffy cunts writhing together. Olivia grabbed the back of the couch as Mellie's hands gripped Olivia's ass and pulled her even tighter and rocked her harder.

Olivia pushed Mellie slightly to the side so they could have more room. Lips and teeth met as the sounds of pants and slapping skin filled the room.

Olivia pulled away from Mellie's mouth to bite her neck as her body grew taught and her orgasm neared.

"Can I come?" Olivia raggedly whispered into Mellie's ear.

Mellie nodded and brought one hand up to squeeze Olivia's nipple, knowing she needed just a little bit more stimulation to have an epic orgasm.

Olivia threw her head back, her voice hoarse with a scream she'd been wanting to let out for a while.

Olivia's toes curled and her back arched pushing her clit further against Mellie's. Olivia continued to write against Mellie, even incredibly sensitive after her own orgasm, she was hellbent on giving pleasure to her wife.

Mellie shuddered, once, then again and followed her wife into a spectacular orgasm, biting down on the top of Olivia's breast as she came.

Olivia grabbed Mellie's face between her hands and softly kissed her, a total contrast from the fuck they'd just had on the couch.

"I really love you, you know?" Olivia said as she nibbled at Mellie's bottom lip.

"I love you, too," Mellie sighed and brushed Olivia's wild hair from her face. Mellie loved her just fucked look. She liked that she was the only one who got to see it.

"I guess we should clean up," Mellie ran her hands up and down Olivia's thighs, loving the residual heat that emanated from her body.

"Why?" Olivia asked. "I hope you don't think we're done. You know how I get when you do this to me." Olivia nipped playfully at Mellie's ear. "I think we should take this party upstairs. I seem to remember those handcuffs we haven't tried out yet. I want to see how long I can suck your clit before you beg me to let you come."

Mellie almost knocked Olivia off the couch with the speed that she moved to make it up the stairs.

"Well," Mellie said nearly halfway to the stairs before she stopped and looked over her shoulder. "What are you waiting for?"