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Art for "No Future In Our Dreaming" by Prophetic

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I love London and I'm fascinated by the Punk-movement as well as I like the music, so I decided to apply as a compliment-creator for prophetic's fic.
The mood of the story changes between melancholic and happy, between hopeful and desillusioned, so I tried to capture this in my pictures by giving them a noir-look.


I focussed on the time in London when Frank, Gerard and Mikey shared a flat. Everywhere in the flat were pictures lying around.

Or were those some that Frank kept for himself?


Gerard is a photographer. This fact inspired me most and I tried to recreate some of his photo-series:

1) London








2) Nature

 photo Nature01 05C_2008_02_28_ 065_zpsfr3bzgco.jpg


 photo Nature02 19C_IMG_3728_zpsn1nhdsfv.jpg


 photo Nature03 22C_2015_06_07-099 London_zpsv4xkmbk2.jpg




3) Shadows

  photo Shadows01 16C_IMG_0638_zpsulvescjk.jpg


 photo Shadows02 23C_2011_01_20-23_London-093_zpsfhichlmd.jpg


 photo Shadows03 24C_IMG_5776_zpsaxlafvjp.jpg



4) Buildings


 photo Buildings02 14C_IMG_5459_zpsidn3b6v3.jpg


 photo Buildings03 21C_2015_06_07-004 London_zpsqrbxb3xr.jpg



The flat where they live in London together features heavily in the story. Of course Gerard must have taken pictures there:

 photo aFlat01 20C_London_2013_09_20-25-0001 Wohnung Bethnal Green_zpssjn0e2jt.jpg


 photo aFlat02 13C_London_2013_09_20-25-0008 Wohnung Bethnal Green_zpsha74oxtv.jpg


 photo aFlat03 17C_London_2013_09_20-25-0010 Wohnung Bethnal Green_zps1nztgvgj.jpg



Gerard also took some private pictures. Thankfully they were not lost or destroyed:

 photo xprivate01 09C_Frank_Iero-_zpsxnu8hyqk.jpg



 photo xprivate04 C_Mikey_zpsidnpxalt.jpg

 photo xprivate05 C_Frank_zps3p4gnq6l.jpg