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I hate Odin. I really hate him.

I know he is our current king but that doesn’t mean I have to like him. And I am not the only one but they keep quiet cause they don’t want to start civil war.

AS much as they would like to see a new face on the throne, they also value the lives of innocent. And Odin is not worthy of their blood.

But I hate him not because of political reasons, it is rather personal. Before telling you the reason, I would like to introduce myself.   

I’m Mani, second daughter of ex general Ullr and shield maiden Volla.

Yes, I’m named after the famous Mani , who and his sister Sunna helped Asgard to win against Vaneheim and beat  Fulla the queen of Veneheim who was a big threat to Asgard

during Asir-Venir war.

You know the time when Odin was in his youthful spirit ; an arrogant, vain, greedy prince who lust for blood and so called glory.

And because somehow Fulla “disrespected” Odin by demanding their freedom from Asgard, he set out for war. But he miscalculated Fulla’s true potential.

Queen Fulla was a great sorceress and Odin back then, was not so. He was still learning it.

Asgard was about to lose their prince and the war if not for Mani and Sunna. Fulla might be a great sorceress but so were Mani and sunna.

They joined their forces along with two other warriors and fought against Fulla. After a long tiring battle they were able to defeat Fulla and Vaneheim fell .

But before falling into the clutch of death Fulla was able to release her fire wolves. These gigantic beasts ate the twin in their flying chariot.

It was said that they couldn’t even find something of their body to give them a proper funeral .Anyhow, at the end Asgard won and Mani and Sunna became the national Heroes

of Asgard.

But in that war the twin did not only saved the prince but also my parents. If not for Mani and Sunna my mother would had been dead long before I was even born.

See the other two warriors that I mentioned before, were my parents and they were very young that time.

When Fulla released the fire wolves, Sunna put an invisible spell on my parents and lured the wolves to them which ended in their tragic death.

I wanted to let you know what kind of reputation my namesake held.

Funny thing is, I was named after Mani accidently.

After the birth of my elder sister Sunna, my parents hoped for a boy so that they could name their precious children after these legendary heroes of Asgard.

When I was in my mother’s womb the healer declared that I was boy.

But proving the best healers of nine realms wrong, I came into the world as a girl.

Don’t worry; my parents weren’t angry at all, though a little bit disappointed .But as soon as my mother held me into her bosom, she forgot that she ever wanted a boy.

But they kept my name Mani anyway!

The healer’s name is Lady Eir, she is the head healer now. Maybe I am her only mistaken case in her long career.

Well, I got all of these information from my grandmother Ukla, and widow of Kanar who was also a general during Bor’s reign.

Yes, we’re pretty much highborn.

Many of you may are wondering when actually my parents died.

Well, both of my parents died in the war between Asgard and Muselphiem which was led unsurprisingly by Odin.

My sister was ten and I was only four back then.

My parents died while trying to save King Odin’s life, again!

And they left us parentless, depriving us from the love that can’t be fulfilled by any treasure of universe. But no, I don’t blame my parents for leaving us like that .

It was their duty to protect the king. I blame Odin who failed to protect my parents’ life who was very close friends of his. He failed not only as a king but also as a friend.

See, many people call Odin a great king, the wisest of all. But the greatness, the wisdom came for a great price. My parents, Mani, Sunna are one of many who had to pay the


And that’s why I hate Odin. 



Oh well, after the death of my parents, our childless uncle Nar and aunt Ve took us under their wings.

Since the palace was too much of a reminder of my parents, along with grandmother they moved us away from there.

We moved into our summer house which is well, just like a general’s house should be. And also very close to nature.

Unlike the main city, the house is not made of gold. It was made of white marbles of Alfheim.  And I must say, this place is one of the most beautiful places in Asgard.


Even though we were not in the main city, our guardians made sure of our proper education, taught us magic and fighting.

But unlike Mani, I was born with  wild magic. And it is said that if overwhelmed, the magic wielder could be very dangerous even lethal enough to destroy cities.

But it is all good as long as one does not try to over use it. And I was taught properly how to control it.

But may be from the fear of getting overwhelmed, I preferred fighting with instruments rather than magic.

Apart from my family, teachers and household servants, very few knew about my true power because I don’t like to show off my powers and wild magic was not something

people welcomed with open arms.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t use it at all. Just like other normal people of Asgard I use it too.

Actually magic fascinates me more than anything but at the same time I fear it too. After all it is the highest order of technology in all nine realms.

One should be very careful while using it. Well this applies to only complicated performances. In other cases it is all good.

But as I said before, mine was different than others.

Oh well, I was growing up happily along with my sister. Time does wash one’s pain away.

It was all good and simple until I met HIM.