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Light Shall Shine Out Of Darkness

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Finn had spent a lot of time thinking about what Santana had brought to his mind about Kurt's eating habits, and, naturally, as was true with most things in regards to Finn, once it had been pointed out to him many things made way too much sense.


For example, Second Breakfast had never been immediately after Breakfast before. And Finn's mother was going to kill him for having Second Breakfast before Kurt had eaten a thing. Oh, he was a dead man. 


Then there was the fact that while Rachel was getting heavier to carry -- a fact that Finn would never share with her -- Kurt was getting lighter. And not normal Kurt light, he wasn't an idiot, he knew that Kurt was smaller than he was, everyone was smaller than he was, except like the Terminator. But super light, like Finn having to exert no effort at all light. And he knew he had gotten stronger while he was in the Army, but still.


Most worrying was the fact that Brittany had noticed. And Finn liked Brittany, but Santana was right when it was the most worrying sign of all. 


So Finn -- though he would deny this to the end of times -- did something on the edge of childish.


He called his mother. 






"What do you mean, can I come out sooner?" Carole asked, confused. "I mean, I can," she hedged, curling the cord of the house phone around her fingers as she listened to Finn ramble. "But I thought you were doing better? Aren't you going to your groups? Aren't you out of the house right now?"


"'m waiting for Rachel," Finn replied. "I meet her at the Starbucks near NYADA after her classes get out so she doesn't haveta take the subway home alone." 


She nodded. "That's good, honey, you are a good husband," she assured him. "I am sure Rachel appreciates it. Is something the matter with her, then?"


She heard Finn clear his throat, before he slurped loudly on something that was likely terribly unhealthy for him. "Not Rach," he said after a period long enough to slightly worry her. "She's good, she and Bumbles are great."


"Then, what is it, honey?" She asked. "If you and Rachel and the baby are fine, what's so incredibly pertinent that you can't wait a week to see me? Not that I'm not flattered."


"'s Kurt, Mommy," Finn whispered, sounding quite young all of a sudden. He hadn't even called her mommy while he was recovering from his wounds in the hospital. "Think he needs you to talk to him. Please come."


Carole's heart stopped momentarily. "Did Blaine hurt him?" She demanded.







Finn shook his head, then realized his mother couldn't hear that over the phone. "Not physically, Mom," he mumbled, trying to remain strong and rebuild his lost credibility that had evaporated when he called her mommy. "I think his heart hurts."


"What?" She exclaimed, and Finn amended his word choices for the future. 


"Like you know, he's sad," he told her. "But he's getting super thin, Brittany told Santana that he's eating sand!" It was important that his mother know these things. "Sand. Sue made them drink sand. He's doing it again!"


"Alright, Finn," she replied, her tone calm and gentle. "It will be alright."


"How?" He whispered. 


"I'm going to change the dates on my ticket," she told him. "And you and Rachel are going to go out for lunch using the emergency card your father pays for."


"Should I tell Dad?" He wondered. "Can you?"


"Let me see what the situation is like," she replied. "I'll make the decision. And I'll make the call."