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Light Shall Shine Out Of Darkness

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The taste of blood was metallic in Blaine's mouth, and he couldn't rid himself of the sensation. He didn’t understand what the big deal was, anyways. So, he had cheated on Kurt. It was typical of Finn and Santana to overreact. And so, he had laughed at Brittany. It wasn’t his fault she said ridiculous things. And where did Kurt think he was getting off breaking up with him? This whole mess was his fault. If he hadn’t insisted on that ridiculous belief that Finn had to be coddled after he’d returned home –


“What are you still doing here?” The aforementioned countertenor demanded, suddenly in Blaine’s field of sight. “I thought I made my feelings clear.”

Blaine rolled his eyes. “Honestly, Kurt, I want an apology,” he informed him. “What your brother did to me last night was out of line—“


Kurt shook his head, fixing him with a glare. Blaine shuddered inwardly.


“Finn will not be apologizing to you,” he informed him, eyes glinting with rage. “I made it perfectly clear how things were going to go when he came home, and you attempted to trample over my brother’s mental health rather than accommodate him! When I heard about Finn, it was the scariest moment of my life,” he ranted. “And where were you?”

Blaine stood, annoyed by Kurt’s implications. “I had class,” he told him. “Surely you didn’t expect me to blow it off! He knew that getting blown up was a hazard of his job!”


“You could have missed one class, Blaine,” he sighed, running his hands through his hair. “If not for my sake then you could have for Rachel…your supposed best friend whose husband nearly died. How do you think you made her feel?”


“She would have gotten over it,” he muttered. “He would have been a wonderful addition to her memoirs.”

Okay, even Blaine could admit that that comment had been tactless, at best. Which would explain the rather impressive shade of red that Kurt had turned. He inwardly cringed.


“How dare you?” Kurt demanded, eyes fiery. “Finn isn’t some character in a play or competition for a solo or character in Rachel’s favorite movie! She needed your support and you were never there for her! She was pregnant and she thought her husband was dying! And I am tired of you knocking Finn for choosing to go to the Army instead of NYADA! He wanted to provide for his wife and for their future family! Furthermore, do you have any idea how offensive you are sounding?”


Blaine knew.


“And you wonder why I slept with someone else,” he muttered.


“What was that?” Kurt asked him, in a fake-sweet tone. “What did you just say?”


“You heard me.”


“Are you seriously blaming my brother for your decision to cheat?”


Blaine nodded, choking back a lump in his throat when he saw how angry that comment had made the other man.


“You disgust me,” his former boyfriend said, in a rather sad tone. “And to think I thought you were different.”