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Light Shall Shine Out Of Darkness

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"Blaine cheated on me?" Kurt squeaked in response, not letting go of Brittany's hands, noting the hesitant nod from the blonde and the pained look in his brother's eyes, as Finn lumbered across the room to the two of them, allowing Santana to force Blaine into a chair. "Blaine cheated on me." It wasn't a question that time, but rather Kurt was making sense of his latest fact. "With a woman?"


"They looked like sweet lady kisses marks to me," Brittany replied, her voice soft and gentle, whether that was in response to Finn's previous decree or his rapid decent into distress, Kurt wasn't entirely certain. He briefly took note of Lord Tubbington slinking on to his lap, his purrs almost proud. 


"Blaine says that it's not cheating because the parts are different," Finn chimed in, the confused look on his face nearly comical. "I told him that I thought that was wrong and if he didn't tell you himself I was going to." He sighed. "I caught him last night."


"What?" Kurt demanded, eying the prone Blaine in disgust, as he sprawled on the table. "When did this happen?" He demanded.


Finn had the sense to look sheepish as he replied. "You were crying and you're my brother," he told him. "You shouldn't cry like that, it's not right. I wanted to find out why Blaine had stood you up..." He listened intently as Finn told him, Brittany, and a seemingly-listening Lord Tubbington, what had conspired the previous evening. It was a tale that did positively nothing for Kurt's blood pressure. How dare Blaine cheat on him and try to convince Finn it was nothing? He knew they were having problems, but he hadn't realized that Blaine had been using an affair as a solution. And to make those comments to his brother -- well, suffice to say that the limited sympathy Kurt had had for Blaine's injuries was rather rapidly dwindling. 


Untangling himself from the tall blonde, depositing the cat in her lap, he stood, discarding Finn's truly hideous Snuggie on the floor, revealing a more fashionable ensemble, and he stalked across  the loft to the kitchen, where Blaine was moaning, watched by a unsympathetic Santana. 


"I am very disappointed in you," Kurt informed his soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend, a look of disapproval that Burt Hummel would have been proud of gracing his features. "I find out that you have been cheating on me, and attempting to manipulate my own brother into believing that you are not doing so, because the person is a woman? That is disrespectful towards everyone involved, not the least the person you are stringing along on the side."


He shook his head, pacing as he did. "Furthermore, why did you cheat on me? I don't want to hear some comment about being bisexual," he continued, sensing an inanity about to escape Blaine's mouth. "Brittany is bisexual, she doesn't sleep with men."


Santana smirked, nodding in agreement. She was perched on his counter, observing the two. 


"I can't do this anymore," Blaine spat out. "I can' will always pick him over me," he said. "I can't deal with having to deal with him, when he should have gone home to your parents' house. All you and Rachel care about is him."


"Get out," Kurt snapped, lips pursed together and his hands on his hips. "Your jealousy is so unattractive, Blaine, as is your continued belittling of my brother. I am sorry that Finn's injury and his recovery and the attention that people have paid to him has inconvenienced you. In fact, I am so attentive to Finn that I have happened to notice that the less time he spends with you the better he gets. I feel there may be a correlation to the two."


"You're dumping me?" Blaine asked, staring owlishly at him.


"Yes," he declared. "Now, get out."








The door to the loft slammed as Blaine left, and Finn cringed as he heard sounds coming from his and Rachel's bedroom soon after. He had told Blaine to be quiet, and now of course Rachel was awake. He didn't want Rachel to be awake, he wanted her to rest so that their baby could grow big and strong and so she wouldn't be dead on her feet the entire day. Rachel did so much for him, and she never complained about it, why couldn't he have done the same to her? He was such a failure.


"Go back to bed," Finn told her softly, as she entered the living room, clad in one of his old t-shirts, rubbing her eyes. "'s alright, babe. You can go to sleep."


Rachel blinked, staring open mouthed at the scene in front of them, eyes widening in confusion. "What happened? I heard shouting."


Dammit, Finn groused inwardly, crossing the room to where she stood, scooping her up and carrying her over to the couch. At least she could relax there, if she wasn't going to listen to him and go back to bed. He was going to strangle Blaine. 


"Kurt found out," he said flatly, toeing the Snuggie with his shoe as he did. "I told Blaine to be quiet," he muttered, allowing Rachel to tug him down beside her. "'m sorry you woke up, I tried."


"You didn't wake me up," Rachel whispered softly, and he looked over at her, noticing how her palm was splayed against her abdomen. "Yes, it was excessively loud out here," his wife conceded, leaning against him, her hair brushing against his arm, "but your child wasn't having any of having her mommy sleeping," she informed him, brown eyes meeting brown. "I heard what you said about not waking me, and..." She trailed off, and Finn blinked at her, about to speak when she pressed a kiss to his lips. "...I love you, Finn." She kissed him again. "We love you."


He didn't think hearing those words would ever get old, not when he heard them from Rachel. He held her close, fingertips touching hers as they felt their baby, a besotted look on his face. 


He got the sense that they were being observed, and he stiffened slightly, scanning the room until he identified the culprit, which was Brittany's cat. "I think Lord Tubbington wants to say hi to the baby," he murmured. "Brittany told me about their play dates, 's cool if he does." 


Rachel got that funny look on her face -- the one she wore whenever she thought he was being cute -- and he blushed lightly, planting another kiss on her lips. 


"You're nauseating," a voice informed them, the person it belonged to shaking his head. "Were we ever like that?"


Finn was momentarily confused -- nauseating was a bad thing, wasn't it -- but Kurt had a wistful smile on his face, and his girl was blushing, so he wondered if it wasn't that bad. He didn't know how to respond to the question, though. He didn't want to hurt Kurt's feelings. 


"I don't remember, dude," he said, figuring that choosing honesty over lies would be the better course of action. "Maybe back in high school?" He offered. Personally, Finn had always thought there was something a bit off about Kurt and Blaine's relationship, but he'd never said so out loud. What good would it have done? It certainly couldn't do any good now. "I thought you were out in the kitchen," he added. He was sure that Kurt was going to stress bake eventually, and Finn was a growing boy.


The countertenor wrinkled his nose, delicately lowering himself to sit beside them on the couch. "Santana and Brittany are defiling the counter," he sighed. "At least the two of you had the sense to only ruin the chair." Kurt shot them a catlike smile. "The chair that Blaine was using, as a matter of fact." He shook his head. "How're my favorite divas?" He asked, deftly changing the subject to something they all considered more palatable: Rachel and the baby. His wife preened from her position in his arms. 


"She's kicking," she informed Kurt, motioning him closer. "I want you to feel."


"Are you sure?" His brother's tone was hesitant, and he made no attempt to get closer. Rachel pouted. Finn knew what he had to do. 


"Bro," he whined, eying him pathetically. "You're her uncle, don't you wanna say hey?"


Kurt placed a cautious hand where Rachel's was, and Finn beamed as his brother's eyes lit up, knowing that meant the baby was kicking. Finn thought it was so cool when the baby kicked, and he had felt her loads of times since he'd being released, he could hardly imagine what it was like being Kurt and feeling her kick for most likely the first time. 


"She's active," Kurt commented, after a few moments of awed silence. "She' she like that all the time?"


Rachel giggled, sitting up slightly, the hem of his t-shirt riding up to reveal a pair of his boxers. "It's for Finn," she explained. "She...she knows who he is and she gets really active whenever she hears him."


Finn grinned widely at that, pleased that he inspired that type of response from their baby. Hell, any reaction would be totally kick ass.


Being able to experience Rachel's pregnancy was worth getting hurt, no matter how much he hated his bad knee and his flashbacks. He couldn't wait to meet their little girl. The little girl that didn't ever judge how he sang, who kicked whenever his hands were remotely close to Rachel's belly, their little girl who Finn was content to lay with for hours, telling her stories about her aunties and uncles and reading her the paper -- but only the happy parts -- and whisper sweet nothings to, Rachel's hands in his hair and his head on her belly, nestled against their precious miracle. Because that was what she was. She was totally a miracle, at least in his eyes. And that made her a miracle to the entire world. 


Kurt's eyes had lit up when his Bumble Bee kept kicking for him, and that made Finn happy. Kurt had been so sad lately, and, while Finn really wanted to go all Incredible Hulk and beat the crap out of Blaine, he was pleased with the fact that bonding with his niece had cheered Kurt up. 


"Don't tell Puck," he murmured, settling back against the cushions. "Don't tell Puck, but you're totally her favorite uncle."