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Light Shall Shine Out Of Darkness

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Kurt didn't have the energy or desire to process or deal with the giant stuffed bumblebee that Finn had carried into the loft, simply staring at it wearily. His brother had a pleased expression on his face, and he wasn't going to fight the assault to his decor right then. No, Kurt was electing to brood instead. He was still dealing with his wounded pride from yesterday's incidents, and he had found a most wearisome note that Brittany had left. 


Apparently Scooby Q had called. He suspected that this meant Quinn Fabray, but he didn't have the energy to deal with that, either. 


"Have you left the loft at all?" Finn asked him, eyeing him suspiciously. "Dude. Why are you wearing my Snuggie?"


Kurt resisted the temptation to scream. So that was the item that he had clad himself in? He shuddered at the thought of what polyester would do to his skin. "I overslept and missed classes," he told his brother. "What is wrong with this?"


"You hate my Snuggie," he pointed out. "You think it's déclassé."


"It is déclassé," Kurt said sullenly, crossing his arms. "But I wanted to wear it anyways."


His brother eyed him again, planting a kiss on Rachel's lips and a kiss on her belly (potentially causing ruin to a lovely shirt, but since he didn't see any noticeable food stains on Finn's mouth, he was depressed enough to let this slide), before crossing the room to Kurt and sitting beside him, stretching his legs out. Kurt merely gazed at him, not saying a word. 


Finn was bouncing, he noticed. His older brother had clearly had a good day. He was pleased, someone deserved to. "Where did you go last night?" He asked, tiredly.


"We don't have to talk about it," Finn told him, shooting him a serious look. "Just...know I have your back, alright? I'm your big brother."


Kurt sighed, allowing said older brother pull him into a hug, which he desperately needed. Finn smelled comforting, like being back home in Lima, where everything had been so simple. He breathed in his brother's scent, allowing the combination of purchased cologne and Old Spice to comfort him. The fact that Finn was able to be there to make him feel better was in itself a comfort. 


"I know," he told him. "I'm glad you're home, Finn." 


"Me too," Finn breathed, and Kurt could hear the relief in his tone. He squeezed Finn's hand in support. "I'm really glad, Kurt."








Blaine paused in the hallway in front of the entrance to the loft, hearing Finn's rambling voice prattle on about something, and he stood stock still, unabashedly listening. He was still angry with him for the previous evening. How dare Finn cast judgment upon him? Just because he had to seek out an alternative lover to satisfy his needs? The physical violence had been uncalled for. 


So maybe he was eavesdropping. So what? Kurt was his boyfriend, and Finn was just his stepbrother. 


"...based on a dream I had when I was in high school," he heard Finn say, and he bristled, wondering if the taller man was badmouthing him. " know, I did what I had to do, Kurt, I just can't..." The conversation continued, and he pressed his entire body to the door, trying to make out the entire dialogue. 


"...just don't understand why he has such a problem with you," Kurt exclaimed, and Blaine bristled. He was losing to Finn. Again. "You're my brother, I told him that you came first...bothered to visit you in the hospital --" 


He heard Finn cough -- a rather loud, fake cough -- and he reflexively cringed. "But he did come," he heard his future brother-in-law say, tone confused. "He said that he couldn't believe I had screwed things up again...that everyone was just waiting for me to flame out...was just a matter of time."


Of course Blaine had said that. He had also told Finn not to tell anyone. He seethed at the fact that the taller man had broken his promise, while ignoring the voice inside his head that claimed he was doing a lot worse than breaking promises. 


A hand clapped on his back, and he let out a loud -- rather feminine -- shriek. The owner of the hand spun him around, and he felt himself pale when he realized the hand was attached to Santana Lopez. He wondered if he might even faint, when he took in the malicious glint in her eyes, as well as the malevolent expression gracing her countenance. 


"Spy much, Short and Curly?," she asked, her tone unemotional. "I doubt that Finnocence will cherish the fact that you were listening in on him and Lady Fab's chats of femininity." Blaine blanched. He had to admit to being scared of the Latina. Especially when she stared at him, like he had done something wrong. And he hadn't. She was still eying him like he was her next meal. It was disconcerting. 


"I didn't want to interrupt --," he lied, but she cut him off, arms crossed, a look of active dislike gracing her features. 


"How about you cut the shit, Head Loserist," she snapped. "I'm not naive, and I have eyes. You are wearing cover up," she said, gesturing to the bite marks that he had liberally applied makeup over to attempt to hide. "You have a lovely black eye that won't heal for weeks, and you look like you got mauled by a tiger. You've done something to anger someone, but who?"


Blaine opened his mouth in an attempt to respond, but another voice chimed in, though rather more alert than usual. "My teddy bear," she supplied, a major pout emerging. "He's so sad and hurting, Sanny,  and Blaine made him angry. Lord Tubbington doesn't like Blaine, even though he's a dolphin," she added, as the monstrous feline in her arms let out a hiss, claws swiping in Blaine's direction. "But I don't think the marks on his neck are from Finny Bear," she informed them, and he flinched as she reached out and wiped at the makeup. "Actually, they look a lot like our sweet lady kisses."


Santana peered at the mark that Brittany had unearthed, eyeing him with suspicion. "You're right, Britts," she declared, smiling at the blonde before giving himself an evil eye. "It's interesting that Boy Wonder has sweet lady kisses marks when he's dating Liberace."


Brittany tapped Santana on the arm. "I said not to call Kurtsie that," she whined. Blaine snickered. Kurtsie. What a ridiculous nickname. "Are you laughing at me?"


"You called him Kurtsie," Blaine pointed out, regretting doing so almost immediately when Santana let out a roar, lifting him up by the neck of his newest polo. Apparently abuse to Blaine's innocent clothes and his innocent corpus was the latest New Directions trend. He did not approve of this. "Put me down!," he insisted, as Santana bared her teeth, looking vaguely shark-esque. "Santana, unhand me!"


And, miraculously, Santana did. Less miraculously, she'd elected to do so by slamming him against the door to the loft, while Lord Tubbington had used the fact that Brittany was upset at his laughter to escape from her grip, and was currently making painful contact with his exposed arms and face. He'd made an enormous crash as he'd connected with the property, and he heard the conversation inside the loft screech to a halt. He could hear footsteps -- heavy, thudding, footsteps -- approach the door, and he winced as it swung open, relief at it opening inwardly immediately being tempered by the fact that the door had been opened by Finn. He wondered if closing his eyes and pretending he didn't exist worked?


"Rachel is sleeping," he heard his nemesis say, or rather, whine. "What the hell are you doing? What was all the noise for?"


Lord Tubbington gouged his very sharp claws into a very sensitive area of Blaine's, and he let out a loud scream. He sensed Finn's gaze upon him, but he didn't much care. The claws were firmly imbedded in his groin, and Finn was less painful to deal with. 






Brittany took stock of the current situation, and realized, though somewhat reluctantly, that she was the best one to take control and explain. Santana was stalking the length of the hallway, muttering under her breath in Spanish, Blaine kept moaning and was clearly cheating on Kurt, Finn's face was becoming an alarming shade of red, and Lord Tubbington was inflicting his particular brand of violence on a delicate part of Blaine's anatomy. 


So, purposely stepping on Blaine in the process, she threw herself at Finn, not even having to fake her tears. Blaine had been so mean to her. And apparently to Kurtsie, Brittany's very favorite ex-boyfriend. And he had been loud while Rachie and Brittany's most favorite baby had been sleeping. 


"Is Rachie okay?," she asked softly, as the surprised Finn gave her a friendly hug. "And baby bumble bee?" She swore she heard Blaine snort. Judging by the look on Finn's face, he'd heard it too.


"Don't worry, Britt," Finn replied, in a kind tone. "She's just tired, the baby's growing," he explained. "Blaine here was a little loud, that's all."


"Santana threw him against the wall," Brittany divulged, as if it was privileged information. "He was laughing at me. And he has lady kisses marks all over him. He was listening on your conversation that you and my dolphin were having."


Finn's face turned that worrisome color again, and he glared down at Blaine, who had the sense to gulp in fear. Lord Tubbington met Finn's gaze, and let out a rumbling purr, abandoning his attack on Blaine's gonads to rub himself against Finn's legs, sauntering into the loft like he owned the place. 


"Get up," Finn said flatly, stepping aside so Brittany could follow the cat into the apartment. "I mean it, Anderson. You had no right."


Lord Tubbington had set his sights on the confused Kurt, and she decided to follow him, pulling her dolphin into a tight hug. "I love you, Kurtsie," she whispered, noting his confused look. "I would have never had sweet lady kisses when we dated."


Kurt (who had taken a sip of milk) choked, coughing loudly, and she firmly whacked him on the back. Baby Bumble Bee needed her favorite uncle around, as did her Finny Bear. 


"What?" Kurt gasped, as Santana hauled Blaine up by the shirt collar and dragged him unceremoniously into the loft. "Brittany, what are you talking about?"


"It's true," she promised. "You were my favorite boyfriend. No lady kisses at all."


"No, sweetie," he said, holding her hands as he did. Brittany loved holding Kurtsie's hands. They were so super soft. "Why do you bring this up now?"


"Because Blaine did," she said honestly, looking Kurt into his eyes. "That's why there was all that yelling. And that's why Lord Tubbington ruined his ability to have children." She gave him a tight hug, not wanting to let go. "But you shouldn't yell because it made Finn turn red, he says Bumble Bee is growing." Brittany couldn't help squealing excitedly at that bit of news.