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Light Shall Shine Out Of Darkness

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Burt Hummel had to admit that it was a relief to finally hear that endearingly hyper sound of Finn's voice (that only appeared when he was beyond excited) again, and he nearly found himself choking up at the exuberance that was heard over the line. 


"You have a copy for us, buddy?," he asked, a hopeful edge to his voice. "She is our first granddaughter, you know."


"Yeah, of course," Finn replied, the very definition of cheer. "We got them to make like ten copies," he said. "And they gave us a DVD."


"That's amazing," Burt breathed. "I can't wait to meet her." He really couldn't. He wanted to hold his granddaughter so desperately. "How's Rachel feeling these days?"


He stretched out more fully on the couch, Carole moving to accommodate him. By day, Burt was both Congressman and Mechanic, but he lived and breathed for spending time with his wife and their sons. And Rachel was pretty much their daughter, so...he was willing to devote this time to her as well. 


Finn made a contented noise into the phone, before resuming their conversation. "Rae's good," he told him. "She's gettin' bigger, you can totally tell that she's carrying our baby. It's awesome, I love it. She's doin' real, real, good."


Burt was pleased to hear that, though he secretly wondered if Rachel's feelings on getting bigger were as joyful as Finn's. Not that he voiced his suspicions out loud. 


"I'm glad, son," he said. "Does she have time to speak to her favorite father-in-law?"


"She's sleeping, Dad!," Finn told him, a chiding tone (that he clearly picked up from Kurt) to his voice. "She's tired, the baby is growing. I don't want to disturb her, I'm sorry." His son had clearly just given him the least sincere apology ever, and it was for something that Burt couldn't even blame him for. 


"Don't you want to join her?," he asked. "Instead of talkin' to your old man?"


"I am with her, Dad," he replied. "Jus' not tired, but I'm with her."


Burt sighed. "Look, I'm gonna let you go," he said. "Nap with Rachel. But you better send me that pic."








"What do you think?," Kurt asked, entering his brother and sister-in-law's room, seeking only the honest opinion that could come from either Rachel or Finn Hudson. "Blaine bought it for me, I thought I would wear it out tonight."


Finn, puffy vest loving Finn, was eyeing him in trepidation, a look of revulsion on his face. "What is that?," he asked, his voice thick with sleep. "I don't understand."


"I'm hoping he has understood our points of view in regards to your situation," Kurt explained, striding over to Finn, Blaine's latest gift following in his stead. "I feel that if he does I should give him another chance."


His brother stifled a yawn. "No, dude," he said. "I get that. What I don't get is what you're wearing. Is it a cape?"


Finally, Kurt thought, patting himself mentally on the back. Years of fashion tutoring had paid off. Finn knew his outerwear. He preened. There was hope.


"Precisely, dear brother," he gushed. "Don't you like it?"


Finn minutely shook his head. "I don't get it. Is it black velvet? It doesn't make sense. And what is with the purple fur? Did Blaine skin Grimace???"


Kurt caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror and almost screamed, only stopping himself from doing so because Rachel was sleeping. Finn's Grimace comparison was worryingly apt. 


"I can't wear this," he declared. "My Gaga."


Finn peered at him. "Please don't. It's scary, Kurt. It looks like something you would see on CATS." His older brother buried his face in Rachel's shoulder, and Kurt was filled with envy for both the sleeping Rachel and for Finn, who was clearly so comfortable in his relationship with the smaller woman that he saw nothing wrong with little displays of affection around mixed company. Kurt couldn't remember the last time he and Blaine had been so casually affectionate. 


"Are you like that often?," he asked, curious. 


"Like what?," Finn asked, curiously. "'m not doing anything." And yet, he was, as his arm was casually on top of Rachel, covering her sleeping form over the comforter. "What are you talkin' about, bro?"


"You're touching each other," he said. "In front of me."


Finn's arm was hovering above Rachel's hip, and Kurt hastily sensed a need to amend his thoughts. "It's sweet, Finn. But Blaine never does that with me."


Hand connected with hip, Rachel snuggled closer, and Finn shot him a confused look. "I always do this stuff," he mumbled. "'s part of being a good husband, a good partner, a good guy. I can't even help myself...she's my lady. It's like I do it self-consciously."


"Subconsciously, Finn," he corrected. "Automatically. Self-consciously means you are embarrassed."


"Not embarrassed of Rachel," he informed him. "Is Blaine embarrassed of you?"


Kurt pondered the thought.