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Light Shall Shine Out Of Darkness

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Rachel recovered herself before Finn did, her face returning to its normal coloring. Finn was still vaguely resembling a lobster. 


"You told them?," she demanded of Kurt, crossing her arms. "Do you really think that what goes on in our bedroom is an appropriate topic for discussion?! Honestly, you are Finn's brother-"


"I didn't say anything about what happened in your bedroom," Brittany insisted, eyes wide. "But what happened? I wanted to watch, you were very rude to interrupt our show."


Kurt looked green. "Britt--," he started to say, before simply groaning. 


"I thought the two of you were super hot," she continued, clasping her hands and walking over to where she and Finn stood, an expression of what Rachel could only describe as adoration visible on her countenance. She bit back a sigh. "It really got me wet," she told them, as Santana smirked and her brother-in-law started to hyperventilate. "I think you should do it in the kitchen more often."


"I will take what you said under consideration," Rachel said after a moment of agonized thought, leaning against her husband as she did. "Thank you for your advice."


Brittany beamed. She heard Kurt let out a shuddering sigh of relief. Santana looked amused. Finn relaxed slightly, his fingers tightly gripping hers. She made the executive decision to lead him over to the couch, where at least they were only under the eyes of a slumbering Lord Tubbington. Rachel slowly eased herself down on the couch, making sure Finn sat beside her. 


"You okay?," she asked him softly, making a surprised noise when he sprawled out on the entirety of the couch, setting her in between his legs. "What are you doing?"


He chuckled softly, the sound of his laughter filling her with warmth. "Can't a man just cuddle with his wife?," he asked. "I'm okay, Rach, really," he told her. "I would rather people be normal around me than treat me like I'm so fragile I'll break." 


She leaned back against him, relaxing fully, laying her head on his abdomen. She couldn't help it, she was that short. And she was too tired from their activities of the day -- not to mention, her other activities -- to adjust herself so that she was on his chest. No, his abdomen was fine, as far as she was concerned. It was perfect, actually. 


"I love you, Finn," she whispered, slowly shutting her eyes. "I'm glad you're home."


He wrapped his arms around her, and she cuddled into his embrace. "You tired, babe?," he asked. She sleepily shook her head. "It's alright, we can nap together."








Kurt wondered if he should nudge his older brother awake -- his snoring from his position on the couch was really quite horrific to the ears -- but he supposed that in Finn's case, any sleep was good. Especially since the sleeping Finn and Rachel and the vacating Brittany and Santana had graciously allowed Kurt to right the wrongs that had been inflicted in the loft upon his absence. Well, the great majority of them, anyways. He was still uncertain as to the ultimate fate of his new enemy: the defiled chair. Still, without the 'helpfulness' of others, he had managed to clean house and get started on dinner in a timely manner. 


If there was a Heaven to be believed in, Kurt was in it right that very moment.


A bulb flickered, and he made a mental note to ask Finn to change it in the near future. He wasn't going to worry about it now. 


In fact, Kurt Hummel was about to do something he rarely did: relax. He had a thick book that his father and mother had given him the last time that they had come up, and he was determined to spend some quality time delving into the novel. 


Making sure the stew was simmering slowly, he finished the pre-dinner preparations of Finn's favorite foods (well, healthier versions). You see, Kurt was feeling guilty about the misbehaving that his ever so dapper and charming boyfriend had gotten up to. Frankly, he wasn't certain how much longer that Blaine would remain his boyfriend, what with his attitude lately. Honestly, it was so off putting. And if he heard one more thing that Blaine had done wrong leave Finn's lips -- well, frankly, he was so unamused that he might resort to violence. 


He hummed softly to himself as he tidied up the kitchen, joining his slumbering family on the couch, book in hand. 


"Dude," he heard, merely half a chapter into the book, and he peered over at the source of the offending nickname. "'m cold, but I don' wanna wake Rae," his brother whispered (a skill he had not been known to have in their teenage years!), leaning his head back to brush against Kurt's hardcover tome. Kurt sighed. 


"What is it that I can do for you?," he asked, a bit harried at the interruption. 


"Will you tuck us in?," Finn asked, bashfully. "With my favorite blanket?"


He was tempted to refuse, or simply ignore, Finn, but one well placed pout later (and the fact that Kurt knew his brother wouldn't let him read in peace until he did so), led Kurt to be touching his least favorite blanket in the entire house, a hideous OSU microfiber monstrosity that his parents (dear and loving though they were) had given Finn when he was in the hospital. Oh, how he wished he had been consulted color scheme wise. 


Still it wouldn't do good for Rachel to freeze -- and thus his niece as well -- and Finn had managed to ask nicely. Therefore he found himself smoothing out the blanket over the twosome (well, threesome, he supposed) with the greatest care. 


"Better?," he asked, leaning over to press a chaste kiss on Finn's forehead. 


"Yeah," he said, grinning widely. "M'baby's awake," he added, taking a rather surprised Kurt's hand in his and settling them down on Rachel's abdomen, completely undoing his blanket smoothing. "Can you feel?," Finn asked him, eyes filled with anticipation. "Rach says that she can recognize people's voices."


He felt a hard thump coming from beneath Rachel's skin, and his eyes widened in surprise. (Rachel just let out a loud snore and grabbed on to Finn's t-shirt, still sound asleep.) Finn eyed him expectantly, and he nodded. "How can Rachel sleep through this?," he asked. 


"She must be tired," Finn told him, and he watched him caress Rachel's belly with a tenderness he had never before seen from him. "'s alright, she says I can keep her company if I want. I'd hate for her to feel lonely."


His niece kicked again. "She's not lonely, Finn," he told him. "She's got a daddy and a mommy that love her and can't wait for her to get here and she's got grandparents that I know are setting up nurseries for her in DC and in Lima, and she's got a whole slew of aunties and uncles that love her." Another kick. "See? She knows."


"Yeah?," Finn asked softly, gazing up at Kurt. "You promise?"


"I promise," he said.