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Love Forced Upon Us

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They made quick work of the measly meal they had been given and were soon sitting side by side staring at nothing in silence. It was decidedly awkward, neither quite sure what to say.


“Hmmm?” Draco responded without much conviction whilst still staring at the stones of the wall opposite.

“Do you know if they were drugging me…? I mean… erm…like with some kind of… I dunno… fertility potions… or something?” Harry’s voice was still small and hesitant, and he braced himself for some snarky remark.

Draco appeared to consider this for a few moments.

“Well I don’t know for sure, it hadn’t really occurred to me.” He took another moment to think, “Though I suppose that you did fall pregnant very quickly, that would kind of make sense.”

Harry couldn’t help but wince at the word pregnant, it all still felt so surreal. Even since his introduction to the wizarding world, with all its oddities and unusual happenings, this hadn’t even appeared on his list of possible occurrences.

“I would like to say it is just that we are both so young and virile,” they both chuckled lightly at Draco’s words, “but some kind of fertility potion makes sense; it was probably in your meals.”

“We’re kind of in a lot of trouble here aren’t we?” Harry suggested leaning his head back against the wall behind them.

“Really, whatever gave you that idea?” Draco mocked sarcastically, “Was it the Dark Lord locking us in here or the fact that, apparently, nine months from now we are going to be parents to a child, together?”

“Funny, Malfoy.” Harry practically snarled back.

“Malfoy?” The Slytherin raised an eyebrow, but replaced his sneer with a kind smile, “Honestly, Harry; I thought, given everything, we were doing pretty well on our first name basis.”

“Yeah, I know, old habits die hard. And just this whole… you know… pregnancy thing… well it is freaking me out quite a bit.” Harry admitted.

“Honestly Harry, me too,” Draco let out a resigned sigh and held is head in his hands. “I know it isn’t the same for me, but that is still my child too, I am still scared about all this. We really have to get out of here; we can’t let him take our child.”

“That’s what I was having a nightmare about… last night… why I was… shouting for your help. I guess I figured you would help protect your child; I kind of got the impression that the Malfoy’s placed a high value on family.”

Draco frowned at Harry, “I was trying to work out how to get you out of here before you were pregnant, you know, but you aren’t wrong,” he hesitated for a moment, “That’s why I asked my father to help me get you out of here yesterday.”

“You did what?” Harry was shocked.

“That is his grandchild, Harry, I thought…” Draco sighed, “… I thought he would help me get you out, but we were overheard, hence me… in here. Don’t suppose there is any chance that your Order of the Phoenix lot will be getting us out of here soon, is there?”

“I am sure they are looking, but I have no idea how many of them are even alive, let alone what kind of clues they would have for where to look. I don’t even know where we are.”

“Some mansion belonging to one of the lower ranking Death Eaters and I can’t give you any information on the state of the Order. Sorry.”


They were left alone in their room for the remainder of the day and when Harry started to nod off where they had been sat, Draco insisted that he get back into bed and sleep. Harry was reluctant, to say the least, what with having been unable to leave the bed for the last month, and eventually Draco agreed to pull the mattress off the bed onto the floor. There wasn’t a lot of space in the room so he stood the bed frame up on its side by the far wall.

Harry curled up on the mattress under both the blanket and Draco’s cloak, attempting to fall to sleep; but the sight of Draco sat against the one of the walls, looking distinctly uncomfortable and visibly shivering, seemed to make it surprisingly difficult to find rest.

“Draco, you should come lie down, you can’t sleep there.” Harry insisted.

Draco looked up, surprised to see Harry still awake. “Of course I can, you need to rest more than I do anyway. I will be fine.”

“Draco, please, just come and lie down, I can’t sleep knowing you have to try to sleep on that floor.”

The Slytherin frowned but lay down on the mattress next to the Gryffindor and Harry rolled over so his back was to Draco.

“Thanks” Draco whispered, bringing a small smile to Harry’s face as they both fell into light sleep.


The next day they sat in relative silence but this time on the mattress, simply so that they didn’t have to suffer the pain of a day sitting on a stone floor again. The only thing that broke the monotony of the day was when they were brought their meal.

Several days passed like this, with little conversation and while they had tried to apparate out neither of them were surprised to find anti-apparition wards on their room, if not the whole mansion. Harry was not exactly comfortable with Draco, but it was at least was getting easier; in truth they were both glad they had managed to maintain a completely peaceful truce.

“I don’t know how you haven’t gone mad already.” Draco told Harry after about a week as they were lying down to try to sleep.

“Who says I haven’t.” Harry threw the Slytherin a grin.

“Funny, get some sleep”. Draco laughed back.

Harry had closed his eyes and taken a deep breath, trying to calm his mind enough to sleep, when it felt like his stomach was churning suddenly and he managed to push himself off the mattress just in time to empty his stomach onto the floor near the wall.

“HARRY!” Draco was at his side in a few seconds, handing him the remains of their water. “Are you okay?”

Harry nodded carefully, “Yeah, I will be okay, I think. Thanks.”

He tried to get back to his feet but his legs gave out. Draco caught hold of him and swept his small form up into his arms; Harry momentarily tried to fight against him as he went to carry him back to bed but didn’t even have anything close to the strength to resist.

“You are going to have to start letting me take care of you, Harry.” Draco told him as he laid them both down on the bed.

The small girl passed out from exhaustion, more than fell asleep, in Draco’s arms and he became painfully aware not just how small she was, but how thin; tomorrow she would be eating his meal too, no matter how much Harry fought him on it, particularly now that she seemed to be having morning sickness on top of everything.

Draco sighed and before he even realised what he was doing, place a gentle kiss on Harry’s temple, ‘please let me help you Harry, for our son or daughter’s sake, if not for your own’ he begged silently in his thoughts.


As he had suspected Harry initially refused to eat Draco’s share of the food, but after his stomach rebelled once again and he was left hungry, he caved to the blondes demands and ate the rest of the meal. Draco’s rumbling stomach made him decide to try to speak to Crabbe and Goyle the next day about increasing their supply of food, for the sake of the unborn baby that Voldemort seemed to want.

“Goyle, wait.” Draco was by the door when their food was brought the next day. The Death Eater automatically raised the wand at the young Malfoy.

“What do you want, boy?” Goyle snapped; Crabbe continued to glare silently from behind the other man.

“We need more food, Harry needs more food; our child won’t survive without more to eat.” Draco knew he had one chance to make his case or likely both Harry and their child would be dead within the month, and, at this rate, him before that. “You know the Dark Lord would be very upset if something happened to the child due to your negligence. Harry has morning sickness now too. We need more food; he is already eating mine, as well as his own.”

“Fine.” Goyle summed another loaf of bread before slamming the door shut on them.

Sighing with relief Draco pulled a piece of bread off for himself, before throwing the rest to Harry, who ate greedily without complaint.

“Better?” Draco smirked at the Gryffindor, quietly pleased to see her eat so.

“Thanks.” Harry nodded.

“Well, I will be glad when I can no longer feel your ribs.” Draco informed her pointedly as he sat down next to her, giving her a bowl of what appeared to be some kind of stew.

Harry raised his eyebrow in suspicion, taking the food gratefully. “What, exactly, were your hands doing feeling my ribs anyway, Draco?”

Harry couldn’t help but laugh slightly when this made Draco squirm slightly. “Well… you’re the one that fell asleep in my arms.” He snapped back.

“Draco, it’s okay. Honestly, you already got me pregnant, at this point, your hands on my ribs are the least of my worries.”

Rolling his eyes, he had to concede that the Gryffindor made a good point and that being shy about close physical contact between them was pretty much a fruitless endeavour at this point.


The weeks passed slowly, the two former enemies becoming used to each other’s company. Harry learnt to allow Draco to care for her and they would almost always fall asleep in each other’s arms. They of course made excuses; comfort, warmth and even needing to get used to the bond that was now permanently between them.

It could not be said that they were happy, nor that they felt safe, but they were able to keep each other sane. They would often talk of the need to escape without seeing any way to make it happen; even with two of them they wouldn’t stand a chance of overpowering Crabbe and Goyle, and the times when they brought their meals were the only times when the door was opened.

They would talk of the possible reasons Voldemort might want their child, normally resulting in throwing Harry or Draco in a terrible rage, or else with Harry in tears which he would blame on the hormones.

It was several months before Harry’s morning sickness began to lessen and they felt like they were living in a world away from the world; forgotten people. No-one, not even Voldemort came to see them; the momentary glimpses of the two death eaters, when they brought food and spelled the room clean were they only connection to anyone else they had.

So when Voldemort came sweeping into the room with several Death Eaters and someone, who appeared to be a healer, in toe, the two teenagers were caught off guard. Draco automatically had them both on their feet and Harry behind him.

“Draco, you have done well, seems I was right to trust you to protect this child, of course we shall have our trusted healer confirm that for us.” They had almost forgotten the harsh coldness Voldemort’s voice. “We shall need the room as it was.” He waved his wand and the bed and mattress righted themselves in the middle of the room as they had been before Draco’s imprisonment.

Harry was still hidden behind Draco and the Slytherin felt Harry’s grip tighten on his arms as the furniture shifted back, his nails surely leaving marks where they were digging in and his breath warm and rapid on the back of the blonde’s neck.

“Shy, Harry?” Bellatrix cackled out, “hiding behind my dear little nephew? I suppose this child of yours makes us family now…” She cackled madly causing Draco to scowl and push Harry further behind him.

“Lie down on the bed, Potter.” The healer commanded and when Harry didn’t obey, Bellatrix marched forward and moved Draco out of the way.

Without Draco to protect her, the small female Harry, wrapped in Draco’s cloak and the blanket, instinctively curled up at the base of the wall, the fear she felt for the child inside her overriding her need to appear strong. Two of the Death Eaters, that had entered the room, seized Harry and chained her frail form to the bed, much as she had been many months before; Harry cried quietly but knew better than to fight them. It took all of Draco’s will not to push his aunt off him and go to Harry, but that would do nothing but make the situation worse.

The healer came forward and without hesitation removed the blanket which was spread haphazardly over the small body on the bed, leaving Harry’s modesty barely covered by Draco’s cloak.  Bellatrix cackled again as Draco automatically protested slightly at the sight of the occupants of the room ogling Harry’s female form.

The healer cast a spell over Harry’s belly which still was as flat as ever, but when the hazy image appeared above him Draco nearly fainted in shock; the reality of their situation really dawning on him as he looked upon the image of their child for the first time.

“Well your son seems in perfect health.” The healer informed Harry, whose eyes, like Draco’s, hadn’t left the image floating in the air above her.

“Son.” Both Harry and Draco whispered under their breath.

“Excellent.” Voldemort hissed and the crowd made to leave.

“Please, release the restraints, for the sake of the child.” Draco begged as Bellatrix relinquished her grip on her nephew.

At these words Voldemort rounded on Draco, stalking towards him like some kind of prey. “Release him? You managed it before; surely you can manage it again.” Voldemort’s heartless laugh echoed in the almost empty room, “Or perhaps you should take advantage of the situation… Imperio.”

Draco felt the curse take control but fought against it. He would not be able to get away with refusing the curse completely, but he was not going to ever let his body be used to abuse Harry ever again. He let himself be commanded to remove his clothing and to climb over Harry’s trembling form.

Harry looked up into the silver eyes as the larger body loomed over his; a small comforting smile was on Draco’s face, but only for Harry to see. The Slytherin mouthed the word ‘Sorry’, his thumb gently running across the Gryffindor’s cheek, also unseen by the onlookers.

With a swift but surprisingly gentle motion Draco pushed into the mother of his unborn child and Harry gave a small whimper. It had been nearly three months since they had last been this way and they were emotionally so much closer than they had been back then; both Harry and Draco were shocked to find that they were not repulsed by the act as they had been in the past. Draco was in control this time and if it wasn’t for the disturbing onlookers, the moment could have been almost pleasant.

Growing bored with the performance in front of them, Voldemort and the Death Eaters took their leave, taking the healer with them, leaving Harry and Draco alone. Taking his chance, as soon as the door slammed shut, the blonde teen pressed his lips tenderly against Harry’s slightly parted ones and they shared their first kiss.

It was neither mind blowing nor in itself life changing, but was comforting and intimate, a gesture of trust, in a world that had betrayed them both. Harry was somehow not surprised by the act and didn’t hesitate in allowing Draco to take control of the kiss, but at the same time returned his ministrations with equal passion.

The Slytherin was still thrusting into the petite girl, but there was no aggression, no haste; it was calm and affectionate, unlike any other time they had been with one another. Harry felt a warm pleasure that he had not felt before; this was why women chose to have sex and realised he had not understood before that moment.

There was power in their kiss, in their bodies moving together and it was building. Draco let himself feel the desire that was flowing through his veins and easily released Harry’s limbs. Like a reflex one of Harry’s hands threaded into the blonde hair while the other gripped the young Malfoy’s shoulder. The Gryffindors legs wrapped around Draco’s waist, drawing a guttural groan of pleasure from them both.

They rode the moment together, till they came not long after. This, this was how it was supposed to be, they both knew it in that moment; sure that they would not willing let the other ever go again. That with, and for, their son they would fight to be a family.


Much as before, the two teens were left to take care of themselves; they did not object to this, but that they had been unable to think of an escape was eating at them. They made makeshift clothes from what Draco had been wearing when he was thrown into the room, just enough to feel as though they had some modesty, but they mostly got warmth from the blanket and each other.

It didn’t feel like long before the bump of Harry’s stomach became noticeable and Draco estimated that he was around five months along. This gave them just four months to be gone from the stone walled prison, or they would likely lose their son forever; and in all likelihood their own lives along with him.

It was Harry who suggested they practice wand-less magic and while Draco agreed he would do everything he could to learn, he made Harry promise not to. She was still weak, her small body trying to grow a child on their minimal rations; the energy required to cast even the simplest spells without a wand could harm their son.

Harry had agreed, but was unable to resist the occasional attempts she made when she believed Draco to be asleep.

“I know what you are trying to do, Harry.” Draco spoke quietly, his voice somewhere between annoyance and amusement. “You promised me you wouldn’t try to do wandless-magic.”

Harry had frozen at Draco’s words and now pulled back the hand she had been holding out towards the food tray she was trying to move, rolling over to rest her head on the blonde’s chest.

“Sorry.” Harry mumbled.

Draco placed a gentle kiss on the top of the Gryffindor’s head, “I understand, but I really wish you wouldn’t.”

Harry pressed his palms against Draco’s bare chest and looked up desperately into his silver eyes. “Draco, I am what?... Seven  months pregnant now and we are no closer to getting out of here than we were when I was first brought here.”

Draco took a deep breath and closed his eyes, Harry was right, he had to act and he had to act now. “Okay, I will eat plenty over the next few days, to get my strength up, and I am going to attack Goyle when he brings our meal in a few days time; he frequently doesn’t even bring Crabbe along anymore, the two of us against him... we will just have to make a break for it, get outside the wards and apparate, or else find a fireplace to floo from.”

Harry furrowed her brow.

“Don’t you look at me like that, Harry,” Draco told her sternly, “I am getting us out of here; just a few more days.”


They had agreed there wasn’t exactly a lot of planning they could do for their escape attempt, their resources were pretty limited, but Harry was ready near the door holding the blanket to throw at Goyle in an attempt to hopefully fluster him while Draco was ready to throw himself at the Death Eater.

The door flew open and Harry threw the blanket, causing the large man in the doorway to pour the contents of the food tray, including the water and soup, all over himself.  In the moment of distraction Draco managed to grab the front of his robes and pushed him hard against the stone wall of the corridor. The thud as his head hit the hard surface, followed by his collapse into a heap on the floor, left the two teenagers slightly stunned that it had been so easy.

“Well… that went well.” Harry mumbled quietly.

Draco sent him a ‘shut the hell up’ glare. They both knew that that was the easy bit; getting out of the manor was going to be the real challenge.

Draco’s hand reached out behind him, as he stepped over the unconscious Goyle in the hallway, and he couldn’t help but smile a little when he felt Harry’s slim fingers slip between his own.

The Manor seemed quiet, they both froze for a few moments when they heard a conversation behind one of the rooms they passed, but they were able to continue on their way without drawing attention from those inside.

They had agreed their best chance of getting out was to find some help, mostly likely one of Draco’s parents. Sadly it seemed likely that they would both be being restrained in the dungeons if they were still in the building at all. Voldemort was not likely to be placing must trust in any members of the Malfoy family at the moment.

Draco guided Harry down a spiral staircase, feeling glad he had had a little time before his imprisonment to at least learn some of the back passage ways of the old Manor house.

Draco peered carefully around the corner once they reached the bottom of the stairs and when Harry tried to also get a look, the pregnant teen found herself held back against the stone walls; the Slytherin glare very clearly saying,' stay behind me and only follow when I say'.

When it seemed there was no one around Draco took Harry’s hand again and pulled her along the corridor and through another door way. They found themselves at the top of a small flight of stairs and Harry’s suspicions were confirmed when Draco mouthed the word ‘Dungeon’ at him.

The Gryffindor nodded in understanding and took a deep breath; this part of their plan was definitely a gamble. Draco held out a finger as if talking to a badly behaved child and mouthed the word ‘Stay’. Harry frowned and rolled his eyes, but when it became clear he wouldn’t win this one he nodded his agreement; Draco after all did know what to expect down there more than he did.

Draco moved silently down the stairs and was a few steps from the bottom before the Death Eater who was supposedly on guard duty noticed that he had company. Draco wasted no time throwing himself at the guard and pushing him to the floor, Harry could hear the thuds of what sounded worryingly like a head repeatedly hitting stone from where he stood, and silently begged Draco to hurry.

“Mother?” Draco had assumed he would find his father here, but the cells seemed to all be empty bar one.

Narcissa Malfoy looked like a shell of her former self and the sight half broke Draco’s heart, but his need to protect Harry and their child pushed him forward. He used the wand he stole from the guard to spell open her cell and held her face in his hands.

“Mother!” he repeated, desperate to get her attention.

“Dr… Draco?” she was clearly weak, but she had recognised him, that would have to do for now.

“We need to go; Where is father?" He asked desperately.

Narcissa let out a small sob and shook her head, "He killed him, Draco." she told him in almost a whisper.

Draco bit his own lip to keep from crying; he had to stay focused, he HAD to get Harry out. "Do you know where we can go? We need somewhere safe. Please mother, focus.” Draco hoped the worry is his voice would help kick her into action and it seemed to work somewhat.

“Yes…. Andromeda, your Aunt….get outside... only way”

Draco pulled her to her feet, glad to see she could stand and walk by herself, even if it was a little unsteadily and as though she was unable to form any clearly thoughts.

“Well…?” Harry asked when Draco reached the top of the stairs, half dragging the blonde woman.

“My Aunts house, Andromeda…”

“Andromeda Tonks?” Harry asked. “I know where that is, if we can get out I can apparate us there.”

Relief flooded Draco’s mind, this might actually happen, they might make it free. He even had a wand now.

They headed towards the kitchens, the old service entrances hopefully less guarded. A suspicion that was quickly confirmed and all three gasped with joy as fresh air hit their faces, not caring about the cool evening air of winter. However they had only made it a few paces towards the edge of the wards when a voice cried out.

“They are escaping, quick, stop them.” An unknown death eater was running at them, firing spells in their direction.

They dodged many of them, Draco firing a few of his own back; his grip on Harry's hand never loosening. Harry dodged as another spell hit the ground near where he was running. The stone wall boundary of the property was like a beacon of freedom and they headed for one of the openings in it.

Their breath was catching in their throats from the cold and the running, it was adrenaline alone that gave them the strength to make it passed the wards. The two teens didn’t notice till too late that Narcissa had taken one of the full body bind spells, and when they turned around after they made it past the ward boundaries, it was to see her lying on the ground restrained; they had no choice by to leave her there and pray Voldemort let her live.

“Sorry.” Harry whispered in Draco’s ear before they apparated to the Tonks residence.


Andromeda Tonks loved being a grandmother, but she hated that she had to do it alone. She missed her husband and she missed her daughter, she even missed her son-in-law and her grandson’s godfather. She was glad in many ways that Teddy was so young when he lost all these loved ones, that he would never know what he had really lost.

She sighed to herself as she stared out of the window in her kitchen, washing the dishes absent-mindedly. She had taken to doing it the muggle way, simply as a distraction from the pain, loss and grief in her life. Teddy was fast asleep upstairs; she couldn’t believe he was over a year old already, but she was all he had left and she was no spring chicken herself.

There was a pop, she was sure she heard it. It made her freeze where she was to listen; she could hear quiet voices as she peered into the darkness. Her wards had given her no warning so she knew if someone was there they were a short distance off and would have to approach on foot if they wanted to come closer.

She made her way to the door and taking her wand out and casting the best shield spell she knew she opened the door a little way to see who would visit at such an hour of the night.

“Please….” The voice was quiet and coming from near the fence to the property.

She raised her wand and muttered “lumos.”.There seemed to be someone with very blonde hair near the gate, and another who was currently bent over retching into her flowerbeds.

“Who goes there?” She called out.

“Aunt Andromeda? You don’t know me, but I am Draco Malfoy, I desperately need your help, please. We mean you know harm.”

Draco Malfoy? Narcissa’s boy? She had never even met the child. Frowning to herself and still feeling very suspicious she made her way towards the pair. When the light from her wand was able to shine on them clearly she gasped; they were barely clothed and the small dark haired girl in her nephew’s arms was very clearly pregnant.

“Oh, my dears… come on, let’s get you inside.” She told them, bending down and easily sweeping the now unconscious girl into her arms.