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Take Me Down With You

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Title:Take Me Down With You
Artist (and beta): tattooeddevil
Pairing: Logan/Max, Logan/Max/Alec, Rory/Amy (not primary but mentioned)
Warnings:Violence, language, sex (het and slash), thoughts of non-con/stalking (but nothing graphic).
Fandoms:Dark Angel/Dr. Who/Supernatural Crossover (although Supernatural only in that Crowley plays a big role)
Based on this Art Prompt by tattooeddevil



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Synopsis: Alec has tried to make peace with Logan and Max being together, but when creatures from another universe accidentally grant him powers, the demon that rides along may just take what Alec has always wanted.  Can Logan and Max save him with the Doctor’s help?

Full Art Post (with additional images for each chapter) can be found here:

Words: approx. 31,500
Disclaimer: I don’t own Dark Angel, Supernatural or Dr. Who nor do I make any money from this.  It’s all for fun!
Author Notes: A big thank you to tattooeddevil not only for the stunning art she originally created that hatched this bunny, but for all the additional art she made after reading the story and for being a wonderful beta as well.  She made something very special for every chapter.  How awesome is that?!  You’ve been a delight to work with on this project.  Any remaining mistakes are my own.  I’m greedy that way.

This is AU in that the Angels function slightly differently in this universe (we can blame the demon for that!).  This is set post DA series and books and post Amy/Rory’s departure on Dr. Who (so general spoilers up through that ep for Doctor Who).  No real spoilers for Supernatural unless you don’t know who Crowley is or where Dean spent some time before a certain Angel rescued him.

I don’t think you need to know Dr. Who or Supernatural to read this story.  I’ve tried to explain the necessary bits (although knowing a little of either can’t be a bad thing!).  I hope you enjoy.  I had a blast writing this even when I thought parts of it broke my brain. 




Take Me Down With You

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Chapter 1 – A Strange Man in a Strange Place

Alec had been in a half decent mood for a change.  He’d won five hundred dollars in the fight and managed to punch his way out of another funk. He expected his mood would go down though, since he was heading over to Logan’s place.  He hated watching Logan and Max together now that the virus was gone.  They got all touchy-feely and it nauseated Alec, but he couldn’t help himself.  It was like a scab he couldn’t stop picking at; a wound that was self-inflicted and worried over endlessly.  While the virus kept them apart, Alec thought he’d had had a chance, but that opportunity was over since they finally had each other.

Yet, he couldn’t keep away.  He found himself taking a shortcut through the cemetery.  Most people avoided it.  St. Alban’s cemetery had a decidedly high creep factor with the overly ornate gothic architecture and overabundance of stone gargoyles and grotesque angel statues, posed as if in the throes of agony.  It was damned weird.  The lack of lighting didn’t help either.  It always felt darker and colder on the grounds then outside the rusted fence that proclaimed ‘No Trespassing’.  No one had been buried in the cemetery since before the Pulse.  He shivered over a nameless dread he couldn’t put his finger on.  He distracted himself by thinking of other things – namely Logan and Max.

Movie nights had started a long time before the virus had been cured and Alec had gotten so used to them, he still wanted to be there, even if he had to keep himself from vomiting when he saw them hold hands or make googly eyes when they thought he wasn’t looking.  His mood was already dwindling as he mulled over his thoughts, absently rubbing his hand where he’d cut it on an exposed nail earlier during the underground fight.  He dug his nail into the small wound, lightly flinching at the pain as it reopened.  Blood drops fell on the ground as he walked and he pretended not to notice.  At least the physical pain distracted him from his maudlin thoughts. 

He would sit there and play polite and crack jokes as Logan and Max held hands or snuggled on the sofa pretending they welcomed Alec’s company.  Like he couldn’t smell the pheromones pouring off of them.  It always left him feeling…bereft.

There was no other term for it.

Tonight would be worse.  He knew it would be and if he was half the friend he pretended to be, he’d have paid attention to Max’s less than subtle hints over the last week that she wanted to be alone with Logan tonight.  Alec wasn’t going to let that happen.  Why the hell should they have it so easy?  Sure, it had been his fault to start with that they’d had that long, unrequited, untouchable love, but three months should have been enough time, shouldn’t it?  It should be out of their system by now, right?  He had tried to put it out of his mind and went to work out his frustrations in the illegal fight.  Monty Cora may be retired, but Alec the Great still occasionally made appearances when he felt the need and he had needed to vent before he went to Logan’s.  He really wanted to be happy for them; he just found it so damned hard.

As unfair as it was to them, their relationship made him uneasy and angry at times but he couldn’t stay away either.  So he’d learn to let off steam before visiting and generally it worked.  Tonight there was more to it.  He had more to work out and it had made him reckless.  He always managed to leave mostly untouched but he’d been distracted by his thoughts about Max and Logan and managed to get injured, even if it was minor.  He’d been thrown across the ring and landed on an exposed nail.  It wasn’t a big wound, but it had gone deep and it was taking Alec longer to heal.  He glanced picked at it again and realized the bleeding was slowing and it shouldn’t take long for it to stop.

“Hey! How long’s this been here?” a man’s voice called out of the darkness.

Alec looked up, startled out of his brooding.  There was a thin man wearing a tweed suit with a bow tie standing in the shadows.  Alec couldn’t remember the last person he’d seen that wore a bow tie with the exception of when Logan or he had to wear a tux for a mission.  He looked closer and could see this man’s bow tie was red rather than black.  He was standing in front of what Alec would call the ugliest stone angel he’d ever seen.  The man stared at the statue as if mesmerized.  Alec turned and look more closely at it.  Its mouth was hanging open and it had sharp teeth.  One arm was thrown over its eyes.  The other arm held a large scythe in its hand.  Its blade looked as if there were engraved runes into it.


“Have no idea,” Alec answered. 

“You seem like you know your way through here.  You remember seeing it before?”

“Not really, but then I don’t really pay attention to the décor.  I’m usually in a hurry.” Alec began to walk away.

“Huh…seems unlikely for this to be in Seattle,” the other man mused aloud.

“Won’t argue there,” Alec muttered.  It was unusual.  Not that Alec had seen many cemeteries, but this one seemed more like it belong in New England – or maybe the original England.  It had a sense of age about it and overly grown trees and crumbling, over the top statues.

“For that matter…Seattle doesn’t seem to be exactly Seattle.  What year is it?”

Alec mentally groaned.  Great, he managed to find the only other person in the graveyard and the man was a loon.  Of course a sane man wouldn’t be wearing a fez and a bow tie like that.  Figuring he’d humor him and leave, Alec answered, “2022.  And oh – look at the freckle on my wrist – it’s half past when I was supposed to be gone.”

“2022?  Oh dear.  What happened?” The man asked, without looking away from the statue.

“What happened when?” Alec asked.

“Something seems off.  Too many police, not enough lights.  Something’s wrong.”

“Been like this since the Pulse.  Haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary lately.”

“The Pulse?” The man spun around and grabbed his arms and shook him.  “When did that happen?!”

“2009.  It’s been over a decade, dude.  Where have you been?”

“When…when have I been?  That’s the question you should be asking.”  He looked around frantically. “Except I shouldn’t be here at all.”  He looked at Alec again.  “Have you seen a large crack nearby?”

Alec laughed out loud.  “Oh...I see a crack.”

The man spun in circles looking around him.  Finally he stopped and glared at Alec.  “I suppose you meant me. Very funny,” he wasn’t laughing.  “It might be very small – it would look like a spark of energy or maybe lightening but not in the sky.”

“So you’re looking for lightening that’s not in the sky?  You might want to try the ‘R’ Bar here,” Alec pointed to the building behind him that used to be the chapel associated with the cemetery but had been converted, after the Pulse, into a bar even cheaper than Crash. “I hear he makes a mean Blue Lightening.”  Alec was somewhat amused by the guy.  He clearly had a few screws loose. 

The man began looking around the graves mumbling under his breath.  ‘Best to leave the looney ones alone,’ Alec thought.  Besides, the graveyard was beginning to creep him out.  The shadows seemed a tad deeper than usual and he kept thinking he was seeing something move out of the corner of his eye.

“What happened to your hand?” the man asked, suddenly breaking the silence again.

Alec looked down to see the cut still bleeding lightly.  He shook his hand and a couple of droplets fell.  “Nothing, just a small scratch.  Should heal in no time.”

The man watched the drop of blood on the ground.  Alec peered down, wondering what he was looking at.  It was so dark that unless the man was also a Transgenic, which he doubted as he didn’t smell like one, he shouldn’t be able to see anything.  Alec’s eyes widened though as he saw the blood drop inexplicably disappear into the ground.

“Huh.  Now that’s interesting,” the man said.  “Who did you say you were again?”

“Didn’t,” Alec answered starting to back away.  The area around them got very quiet.  Normally there were some sounds – insects, birds, people’s voices and the sounds of traffic carried across the night, but now it was deathly silent.  Alec felt very unnerved.

A movement from behind the man caused Alec to jerk.

“Did…did that statue just move?” Alec asked, hesitantly.  The arm looked like it was at a slightly different angle.  He felt a little silly for being so jumpy.

“Bullocks!  Did it?!” The man yelped and spun around again.  He stared at the statue.  Alec took that as his cue to leave.  Before he could walk away, the man grabbed his arm.

“These shouldn’t be here. ”  He reached into his pocket and pulled out a piece of paper and began scribbling on it.  “Yes…if the Pulse happened…then Amy and Rory would have...but no…no…this doesn’t make sense.”  He looked up and pointed at the statue and pronounced. “They shouldn’t be here.  Unless….” He took a deep breath and pulled a wand-like thing out of his coat and pointed it at Alec.  It made a high pitched repetitive beep.  “Huh – a Fix…that could explain…but then who should you be…you look so familiar…”  The man was babbling to himself, Alec assumed. 

“Can you let go?  I have plans.”  Alec’s plans were to get as far away from the crazy man and creepy cemetery and get to the light and warmth of Logan’s place as quickly as possible.

“Oh, right.  Right you should go…what is it you’re going to do?”  He shoved the little wand back into his coat.

“Nothing I’m planning on telling you about,” Alec snapped.  He needed to get away from this crackpot.

“Oh…a date then.  Yes, I’ve had those before.  It’s been awhile.”

“I can imagine.  But no – it’s just Logan and Max,” Alec said, bitterness creeping into his voice without meaning to.  For that matter, he wasn’t sure why he answered the man at all. 

The man looked concerned about him and then his eyes widened as if in recognition.  “Ohhh…I’m sorry.” The man hugged him unexpectedly. 

“Don’t be.  Gotta go.  They’re waiting,” Alec said and pulled away, storming out of the cemetery.  As he walked out, he reached his hands into his pocket and felt a slip of paper that wasn’t there before.

He heard the man whisper, “I really am very sorry, Alec.”

Alec spun around but the man was gone.  Sometimes having super powered hearing was not as comforting as you would think.  The creepy statue looked as if it was watching him.  It gave him shivers.  He looked at the note and shoved it back into his pocket.

He had enough of creepy men and creepier statues.  He hoped Logan and Max would get his mind off of them.  Of course that meant his mind would be on them instead and he wasn’t sure if that would be an improvement or not.

Rain began to drizzle and Alec looked up irritated.  ‘Great – that’s what I get for talking to strangers.’ He hunched his shoulders and walked as quickly as possible.