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Harry Potter and the Incoming Apocalypse

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AN: Please read the brief  Summary of the Alternate Universe before reading. (420 words that explains the setting). Thanks!




Wormtail had been a spy in the Death Eaters in order to protect his friends. Remus was thought to be in with the werewolves and his two other best friends were openly against the dark lord. He could not blame his friends, but he didn't know why they insisted on being so open against them. It was because of this that he decided to infiltrate the dark side.

However, no matter how deep he infiltrated, he didn't seem to be able to stop a thing.

The days grew darker and darker and the only thing that brought new light to his world was James's and Lily's newly born son. However, he had warned them that the dark lord was after them for a reason he still had not been privileged to. They in turn went into hiding and were put under the Fidelus Charm.

Sirius was supposed to be the secret keeper but they appointed him the position in the last final minutes to keep them truly safe. He swore he would keep the secret with him to his grave. Peter kept the secret with him to a place far worse than death. Death was like a welcoming place compared to what he was going through.

Voldemort had somehow found out that he was the secret keeper and had tortured him till his mind stopped working. However, Wormtail had lasted hours of constant mind numbing torture to his credit. Even the Dark Lord was impressed at how long the little rodent held out for. In fact it infuriated him because not only was he spending too much power on someone so beneath him, but he could not understand why someone would hold out so long for someone else.

For the little rats punishment, he would live the rest of his life as a brainless zombie whose only purpose was to protect his Master.

"Yes that is what I will make you, my mindless puppet" Voldemort spoke darkly as he finally ripped out the location of the Potters.

After that fateful night Harry was found by Sirius and Remus who later went to look for Wormtail but never found him.

Although the two got a hold of Harry, they were unable to attain guardianship of Harry's only remaining Potter relative. The relative was a student at Hogwarts and had been adopted by Lily and James right after James older brothers and family got wiped off by Voldemort's forces. The Unspeakables were the ones who manipulated Harry's fraternal cousin, John, into joining the Department of Mysteries at a remarkable a young age. They promised him revenge for his Aunt and Uncle and he accepted their offer with his pledged loyalty.

The Unspeakable heads also went to gain guardianship and protection over Harry, but were stopped by their own top ranking Unspeakables, who intervened to place Harry in the care of Sirius and Moony, instead of the Unspeakables or even Dumbledore. They were also helped by the powers of professors Mcgonagall and Pomfrey.

Sirius and Remus made it their life's goal to take care of and keep Harry safe. They vowed to raise Harry like both Lily and James would. Sirius as his Godfather and Remus as Harry's guardian. Together they did their utter best to raise their best friends' son.

Sirius Black had dated Emmeline Vance and Moony hadn't dated till Harry turned 6.

"Hey Wemus why won't you go out with Hestia?"

"Harry I can't have a relationship in my state"

"I don't see why not? She really likes you and I heard heer say to Emmi that she doesn't carwe about you being a werewoof" said the young child staring at Remus with the same emerald green eyes and facial expression Lily Potter had especially when she gave Remus a pep talk or a swift kick in the ass to go out on a date.

"Huh maybe you're right kiddo…But I need to be here in case you..."

"I am 6 and a half Wemus and I can take carwe of myself"

This time he thought he saw James staring at him with that piercing look that always told Remus that James was right on these matters.

"Harry you know you are just like your parents in many ways" Remus smiled, ruffling his adopted son's hair.

"So you promisse to go on a date wit heer?

"Yes Harry...I promise"

"Atta a boy pup, good work!" came the voice of Harry's Godfather walking into the room.

Sirius then handed Harry a new toy broom.

"Did you put him up too this?!" asked a gobsmacked Lupin.

"Nope I volunteered!" Harry grinned as he ran out to the backyard to test out his new broom.

"Oh come on mate even Nymphy can tell the two of you are good for each other and she's only twelve"

"But what if I..."

"Remus she is an auror and her patronus is a wolf for crying out loud"

"What would I do without you two? " smiled Lupin

"You mean what would we do without Harry. I swear whenever I see those looks of his, I feel like I'm seeing Lily and James. Harry's the only reason I even met Emmeline and I can thank Harry, for her putting up with me this whole time"

"He is as smart and intimidating as Lily"

"And yet he is also as clever and carefree as James" replied Sirius with a grin as he saw Harry ride the broom with no hands while Remus stomach clenched in fright.

"Both hands on that broom mister!" called Remus.

Harry smiled and did as he was told and continued to speed through the yard.

" I see Harry likes the new broom, so does that mean?" asked Vance coming to the room.

"Yes, I will ask her the next time I see her" Remus surrendered, his hands up in defeat.

"Bout time" was her reply as she put her arms around Sirius.

"I'd say so" replied Sirius giving her a kiss.

"Get a woom!" laughed Harry as he walked in with his new broom in hand smiling.

Harry only had two real friends before going to Hogwarts.

There was of course Tonks who was his sitter ever since he was young. When she developed and was having troubles, due to here metamorphuses, she could always count on little Harry to always listen to her and was the best hugger bar none. She also owled him quite often when at school and he gave words of wisdom that were beyond what any child should be capable of having.

Whenever Harry was forced to attend a Ministry function he would have been bored to tears if it wasn't for Daphne Greengrass, a blonde haired, piercing blue eyed girl Harry's age. They were introduced at their first event and talked quite often from then on. Before they started at Hogwarts they even shared a couple of dances at functions together.

They even shared a kiss before going to school.

Daphne and Harry had agreed that they'd always be each others first and best friends. Daphne didn't care at all about his scar or his history, she just looked at him as her friend Harry, which he loved about her.Tonks had always teased him for being a hero even though he never got why people saw him in the hero light.

He didn't like it that he was remembered for something that ached at his heart. Harry only saw himself as the reason why his parents were no longer with him. However, after being scalded by his two parental figures multiple times and even once by Tonks and Daphne he finally decided that he would be the best person he could be to honor his parents sacrifice.

Harry was charming, confident and funny and outspoken while other times he was bashful, quiet and attentive.He was a listener and a chatterbox. He was an almost perfect mix of the four true marauders (Lily, James, Sirius and Remus)

Sirius had been an Auror with James until that Halloween night and he retired into being a Hit Wizard along with Remus.The two also managed the Black investments and managed the Potter Vault for Harry and John. John Potter, now a specialized Combat Unspeakable, was allowed to visit for one week every four months. Needless to say since Harry could walk he was influenced by skilled duelists.

On Harry's fifth Birthday he made a wish so intensely that he managed to conjure a toy he saw in Diagon Alley, but after he did he yelped out in pain which put, for the first time, both Sirius and Remus in a great deal of fright seeing that Harry didn't ever complain about being hurt or in pain.

John, known as Proc by his fellow Unspeakbles, his boss Jeremy and a man called Doc were called in and had given Harry a calming drought easing the pain. Then had all the inhabitants were instructed to leave the room before a bright flash went off.

The two guardians burst through the room only to be told Harry had just experienced his first display of wandless magic. Yet they failed to mention that they had extracted a vital blockade on Harry's system and the CU's reported it to their leaders and Dumbledore.

After that incident, Harry was heavily tutored in his wandless abilities by Proc ( who was now allowed to visit once a month) while Remus and Sirius taught him protective dueling and occulemency. They also taught him legilimecy as a last resort.

Harry understood from the age of 7 that he may be in trouble but, with his wandless abilities, he never felt scared and he learned stuff leaps and bonds ahead of any normal child or adult for that matter.

Years Later

Right before the start of his first year, Harry was dragged along to a ministry party for law enforcement and law enforcement supporters and Harry was sitting next to Daphne and chatting over dessert.

"Only a few more days to Hogwarts" said Harry.

"I can't wait. What house do you want?" she asked.

"I would be happy with anyone of the houses. However, Sirius told me he would disown me if I got into Slytherin" Harry said laughing.

"Hey my Dad was in Slytherin! It's a perfectly good house but I think I would like to be in Ravenclaw like my mother. I want to be challenged"

"Ravenclaw is too much about smarts for me. I want to be in Gryffindor with the brave just like my parents"

"Gryffindor? That's full of braggers and cocky people. Their bravery often leads them into trouble" right as the words left her lips she instantly regretted it as she saw that she unintentionally insulted Harry's dead parents and his parental figures for that matter too.

Harry remained quiet for a little before getting up from the table, his head held down and tried to walk away before he was grabbed.

"Harry I am sorry, you know I have trouble thinking before I speak"

"You tend to say that a lot" replied Harry still looking down

"Harry...Please I am really sorry"

Music then started and a slow song was played

"Dance with me?" asked Daphne "Please?"

Harry grabbed her hand lightly and led her to the dance floor without a word.

Daphne slung her arms around his neck and Harry placed his hand lightly on her back hips leaving a good gap in between the two .

"Harry I really am.."

"Daphne please, I am not mad at you. It's just well…I don't know maybe if my parents weren't so brave they could of left me so they could have..."

"Harry I thought we all convinced you already. They loved you so much and you were so important to them that they'd give more than one life to save you and you are worth that sacrifice" said Daphne channeling Sirius not too long ago.

Harry let out a breath he didn't know he had.

"Yeah I know. It helps I guess to be reminded. I needed that. Thank you" Harry said slipping his hand around her lower back.

Daphne closed the gap and rested her head on his chest and the two tightened their embrace.

"No problem it's what I am here for" she smiled up at him before resting her head back and the two stayed like that for the whole song not saying a word but just being content within the arms of their closest friend.

Later that night the two had snuck out onto the sky deck and were watching the stars together.

Daphne shuddered from cold draft so Harry took off his jacket and put it around her shoulders and wrapped his arms around her waist trying to keep her warm as the back of her head rested on his chest.

They continued to watch the stars until they both received a patronus from their parents saying they were leaving soon.

"I guess we should head back" started Harry letting go of Daphne.

"Do you really want to?"

"No not really" Harry smiled at her.

She pulled off his coat and came in very close to Harry.

"Thanks for your coat" she whispered softly leaning into Harry.

"No problem anytime" he replied leaning into her.

They slowly came into contact and their lips kissed.

Harry moved one arm around her back and the other was on her cheek.

Her arms went around his neck and they both pulled each other in, their bodies pressed closely together, while Harry's coat got crushed in the center.

After a short moment the two came back to reality and they broke away.

"Wow" breathed Daphne.

"Yeah" replied Harry and the two stood their for a while

"So" Harry said awkwardly " Are we now..uh going ou.."

Daphne then went up to Harry and put a finger to his lips

"Shh Harry" she replied cupping his face in her hands.

"Harry you are as important to me as my whole family..but..we're so young and I am just not ready for something like this"

"Oh that's okay" replied Harry a little crestfallen.

"Harry you are a wonderful person and I care a lot about you. Never forget that" she said looking into his eyes and with that she gave him one last kiss before turning away and walking inside.

She was glad Harry didn't try to follow because if he did she knew she would be in trouble.

"Oh that boy was so adorable, but once they got to Hogwarts Harry would see that there were tons of better girls then herself" Daphne reassured herself as she stealthy made her way back to the party brushing away a tear that had escaped her eye.

Harry let out a small sigh trying to wrap his head around what had just happened. He gave up on trying to figure it out and was happy to have gotten his first kiss even before entering Hogwarts. He stretched out his arm and hand and summoned his sports jacket from the ground and flung it over his shoulder before sneaking back inside.

Boy would Sirius have a field day when he heard about Daphne. He hoped Remus would be able to help him figure out what had just happened.

Over the next few days all he received was teases from Sirius and Remus had only told him girls were complicated. At least Sirius didn't tell Emmeline about his predicament. He wanted the number of people who knew what happened to remain at 2.

Remus, Sirius, Emmeline all escorted Tonks and Harry to platform 9 and ¾ . As they walked to the barrier they bumped into another wizarding family.

The presumed to be husband was looking a little in disbelief and the mother was trying to calm and reassure him. The little son who was cleary Irish wearing a backwards cap with a shamrock on it and was pushing his cart and looked excited beyond belief with his gray owl hooting cheerfully. Harry himself picked out a white owl that he decided to call "Snow".

"I know it may take a while but it get's easier the more you are exposed. Sirius Black" said Sirius reaching out his hand to the parents.

"Grace Finnegan" she replied with a smile, accepting his hand.

"Jack Finnegan" added the husband shaking his hand next.

"This is my better half Emmeline Vance and this is Remus Lupin. This is my niece Tonks and this is my Godson..."

"Hi I am Harry" Harry interjected, offering his hand to the other boy.

"Hey, I am Seamus" the other boy greeted him, before shaking hands.

Grace gave a questioning look at that, noticing they did not get introduced to them as parents.

Thinking back to the paper on the day the dark lord fell she remembered "He will be taken in by his godfather and new Guardian"

The two groups proceeded to talk as they walked through the barrier together.

Tonks, Seamus and Harry went a head as the adults held back a pace.

"Harry Pott..." Grace started but was cut off by Remus.

"Yes I am his guardian and Sirirus is his godfather we raised him both together"

"With a little help from me" chimed in Emmeline.

"With a lot of help from you" countered Sirius smiling.

"Couldn't have done it without Emmi. His status won't affec…"

"Oh no, Seamus is never one for titles, he only cares about people's true nature. From what I see I don't think they'll have any trouble. Seamus is our only child and gets enough attention from us" explained Grace.

"He hates the attention sometimes" commented Jack.

"Harry does the same thing" replied Sirius.

"Then those two will be fine" ended Emmeline as she saw the two share a laugh together with a rather embarrassed looking Tonks.

Soon enough the parents said goodbye to their first year children, while Tonks got on the train levitating all three trunks and cages. Sirius and Remus gave Harry handshakes to make sure he was not embarrassed as did Jack.

Emmeline and Grace would have no such thing and gave their boys hugs.

"You boys be careful" said Grace "and stay out of trouble" put in Emmeline.

"We can't promise we'll try" Harry replied smiling "But we'll try to try" finished Seamus as the two ran after Tonks waiving goody bye to their parents.

"Okay you two, here is an empty compartment" Tonks told them, levitating their things up on the compartments receiving a thank you from them both.

"I'll be over in the compartment a couple doors down to the left with my other 7th year Gryffindor gals" Tonks informed them, giving the two a flirty wink, which Harry easily dismissed but Seamus blushed at, which made Tonks smile before heading out closing the door behind her.

"Harry I am noticing you are always covering your temple .. Is that because?"

Harry sighed knowing now that his first new friend would probably go all strange once he saw who he was. He confirmed that he was Harry Potter.

"That's a wicked scar …I am sorry, I shouldn't have said that out loud. It must be hard"

"Yeah I just don't like that I get so much attention because of it"

"If anyone gives you any trouble I have got your back mate. And in case you're wondering I kinda already figured it out and no offense to you, but I don't like treating people differently than others"

"That's actually great to hear. I don't like special treatment"

"Me too" Seamus smirked "Are you excited as I am about this? Mum told me the school is gigantic. Oh I hope I get into Gryffindor"

"Really?" asked Harry.

"Yeah why?" asked Seamus

"Oh no nothing... don't tell anyone this but I really want to be in Gryffindor too, but I am open to all houses Well maybe not…"

"Slytherin!" the two said in almost perfect unison causing the two boys to laugh. Harry didn't care if he ended up in the snake house, it actually interested him a lot, but he would like to avoid any teasing from Sirius if at all possible for the coming years.

Soon the trolley came and they both got an assortment of treats while they played exploding snap which Harry was the majority winner.

Harry and Seamus became good and better friends as the ride started to progress to the end.vThe two were finishing their butterbeers when there was a knock on their door. Harry looked to Seamus who shrugged his shoulders.

"Come in" called Harry expecting to see Tonks, but instead in came a bushy brown haired girl who looked to have an air of bossiness to her and a girl walked in behind her but was hidden behind Hermione from Harry's eyesight.

"We are going to be at Hogwarts in a little bit. You two should change just thought you should know. Hermione Granger by the way," said the girl holding out her hand.

"Seamus Finnigan " Seamus replied, with a near perfect Irish charming smirk.

"Harry Potter" Harry added, shaking her hand with a smile.

"Oh and this my friend Daphne…"

"Greengrass" Harry finished for her coolly as Daphne came into his view.

She had yet to send back a single note or letter to any of his five owls he sent to her since they last saw each other at the last ministry event.

"Seamus Finnigan" Seamus repeated, shaking her hand giving Harry a curious look.

"Daphne" she replied shaking his hand and then turned to Harry.

"Har.." she started but was caught off

"Greengrass" Harry nodded as his arms crossed and didn't move but looked out the window as soon as she broke his glaring stare.

"Hermione, I'm heading back" Daphne told her, quickly leaving the compartment.

Hermione was entranced upon Harry with his messy jet-black hair and his bad boy glare.

"Oh well I guess I should go to" Hermione mumbled before heading out

"It was a pleasure meeting you Hermione" Harry replied kindly, with his fathers signature smile, staring directly into her eyes that made Hermione think he could look into her soul.

"You too Harry…and Seamus" she quickly added at the end before quickly leaving and closing the door.

Seamus smirked. "Haha my old man has that look and I am close to perfection with it, but you have that look down Harry" Seamus laughed "What was with that Greengrass girl?" he asked as he went into his trunk to pull out his uniform.

"Uhh we had a little fling or something... I don't know girls are really strange" replied Harry.

"I hear you there. I got some wacky female cousins, no girlfriend yet like you though" Seamus joked, smiling at Harry.

"Me neither. I haven't had one either and I think I am going to wait before I know girls better" sighed Harry retrieving his uniform too.

"Well I may be able to help you with that. My males cousins tell me these stories and information" started Seamus as the two got their shirts off and were both about to reach for their uniform shirts when they heard a group of girls and then their door opened up and in walked Tonks and her 7th year friends behind her.

She turned to hear a shout of "Tonks! A little privacy!"

Tonks went beet red along with her hair and she quickly shut the door behind her.

The door shut but they could still hear a handful of school girls giggle.

"Tonks you didn't tell us Harry was such a cutie! Did you see those muscles?"

"And hair" said one

"And eyes" said another

"That Irish boy was also pleasantly good looking to the eyes" said yet another and the others agreed before giggling again and moving back to their compartment.

The two boys got finished dressing and plopped down.

"So much for not being in the lime light"

"Why is that? Tonks quite the gossiper?" asked Seamus with no particular expression.

"No, but her friends are" Harry replied rubbing his head.

"Well at least this may take some attention of being the boy who lived" Seamus added positively.

"Seamus a request..' asked Harry.

"Never say 'The boy who lived' ever again?" asked Seamus almost examining Harry's expression.

"I think this is a start of a good friendship" Harry ended as the train quickly started to slow down.


Harry opened up their compartment when three boys passed by and stopped.

They all looked to be first years.

"Hey you lot come on in, we still have a good 5 minutes before the train stops" Harry said inviting them in.

The boys did and soon they all introduced themselves

"Seamus Finnegan"

"Dean Thomas"

"Ron Weasley"

"Neville Longbottom" at this Seamus laughed "Sorry mate"

Ron grinned too "Yeah mate, I'd hate to have to meet Mr. and Mrs. Longbottom"

Dean, Ron and Seamus all laughed while Neville gave a small fake smile .

Seamus stopped his laugh immediately upon seeing Harry's face.

"Shut up this instant all of you" Harry commanded slowly and coldly as the room turned drastically down a few degrees.

"His parents are heroes and I will not hear any insults to their name comical or not" Harry added.

The three looked like puppies that had jest been yelled at by their masters

"Sorry Neville" Seamus replied first followed in unison by Dean and Ron.

Neville looked relieved at this, "No worries. Thanks, sorry I didn't catch your name?"

"Harry…Harry Potter" Harry stated and for extra intimidation lifted up his bangs trying to be somewhat intimidating but his spell back fired and all them men just grinned and replied with different tones of "Wicked"

By the time the train stopped all had been forgiven and the small rat pack got off the train. Harry had managed to be able to just levitate all the trunks out, plopping down the trunks on the ground. He received many glances and stares as people witnessed a first year levitating 5 peoples worth of belongings off the trains.

"Easy there Harry don't show too much too fast" Tonks warned from behind him.

Harry blushed at seeing Tonks again.

"Oh that's not the first time I have seen you shirtless Harry. I have even…" whispered Tonks.

"Okay that's enough, but I doubt your friends have..."

"Well there was that time I showed them your baby photos"

"You what!?" Harry almost shouted.

"Harry kidding. I am sorry about that... earlier... I just wanted to make sure you were good to go" Tonks apologized giving him the puppy dog face.

"Damn you and your puppy face" exclaimed Harry "Uhh..fine...All is forgiven" Harry forgave her smirking.

"Thank ya Harry" Tonks smiled giving him her usual peck on the cheek as she walked over to her group of giggling friends who were watching a little ways away.

He also looked to see that their were many other girls looking his way and some guys looked like they were smirking and those that he saw seemed to say

"Poor little guy" but more of in a funny then sad way.

"They all heard about your little run in with Gryffindor girls and they all want to see if the rumors about your duelist body are true" said Daphne coming from his right.

"Is that so?" asked Harry.

"They are really immature and should really keep their noses out of others business" Daphne added trying to be a bit comforting.

"Come on first years! Four to a boat!" called out Hagrid.

"Damn" sighed Seamus and Ron.

"Don't worry guys I'll go in a different one" replied Neville

Harry saw that most of his viewers were still staring at him and Daphne was still at his side waiting patiently.

"What is she doing? I don't need anyone to confide in and I don't need any pity. I don't need anyone. I am going to take Seamus's advice."

"Seamus you said earlier that all this would at least have people less interested in my history correct?"

"Yeah Harry, why?' asked Seamus.

"So if I were to do something crazy, stupid and rash, do you think they would think about my history even less" asked Harry with an evil grin.

"Probably with that logic yeah, they would think about it less" grinned the Irishman even though he knew Harry might do something that wasn't necessarily what Seamus though was a good idea.

Harry stripped out of his robe and shirt and threw it at his crew.

"Can you guys hold on to these till I see you next?" asked Harry tossing them his shoes too.

"Sure mate" replied Seamus as many gasps were made by Harry's admirers.

While Daphne had a scowl on her face...till she saw Harry's toned duelists body and she was momentarily stunned seeing that Harry liked to cover up his uncanny dueler and flyers body.

Harry lifted up his hands and shouted "How do you like me now?" showing off and then cast a heating charm on his body before tucking his wand in his wand arm holster.

"Now there is enough room for all of you!" Harry exclaimed and jumped into the lake, still hearing many wolf whistles by the females and Tonks male friends shouted

"Yeah Potter!"

"Don't take shit from no one!"

"Harry you bad ass!" as they watched him take off like a torpedo

Harry loved swimming and was quite the fast swimmer. He felt the presence of a giant squid that swam up next to to him. Harry wasn't afraid and gave the creature a rub.

"Want to race?" asked Harry and the squid took off quickly followed by Harry.

Seamus and the boys were all yelling for Harry to take the squid but it ended up being a tie even though Harry thought the squid wasn't really trying. When the two got to the boat arbor the squid rapped a tentacle around Harry and then raised him out of the water and onto land.

"Thanks for the race lets do that again some time" the squid made a screeching noise which Harry took as a "sure why not?"

Shortly after the boats came in, Seamus and the other boys came over and gave Harry his clothes after Harry finished drying himself.

"Harry!" shouted Hagrid.

Uh Oh, I am in trouble.

"That was great! I never seen any person keep up with the great squid in all mi life" Hagrid laughed and smiled as he gave Harry a pat on the back. The two had met several times before and had quite good talks about different creatures.

"Hmmm... you should be in trouble for that" Daphnee added and a worried looking Hermione nodded.

"Well girls they are not even in their houses yet, so I don't think there is anything I can do" Hagrid replied giving a wink to the boys.

"Thanks Hagrid" Harry smiled.

"Come along all, up to the entrance" Hagrid called out.

Harry, although he knew it was very immature, stuck his tongue out briefly so that only Daphne could see it before he moved along with his friends up the stairs to which he received a death glare in turn from her.

Hagrid left them in the Hogwarts entrance to wait for the Deputy Headmistress. Harry was talking with his new friends when he saw a platinum haired boy walk over, with two of what he could only describe as goons with him, and two other boys were with him as well.

"That was quite a show back there" said the boy to Harry.

Harry saw Ron grow a tad angry and cast an unnoticeable calming spell on Ron who eased up and remained quiet.

"Draco Malfoy" the boy greeted him with an outstretched hand.

Sirius had already warned Harry about his little blonde nephew and Harry decided to quickly make him an ally regardless of his feeling towards the boys father.

It would save him trouble and what was the expression 'keep your friends close and your enemies closer.'

"Harry Potter. Pleasure to meet you" Harry replied shaking his hand with Malfoy.

"I have of course heard a lot about you" Draco added.

"Same here. To my understanding I am not the only one whose parent's got them a broom before their wand"

Draco didn't see the conversation swinging that way but gladly replied

"Yep" he smirked "there is something about flying that makes you feel soo...he was about to say higher than everyone else but Harry cut him off.

"So free?" Harry put in causing Draco to rethink again and when he did he knew Harry was right.

"Yeah, it really does make you feel free. Oh and were are my manners this is Crabbe, Goyle, Theo, and Blaise"

"Seamus, Ron, Neville and Dean" Harry waved showing his friends

Draco was about to ask something when the Headmistress walked in.

"Alright that's enough chatter Mr. Malfoy and Mr. Potter"

"How'd you..." the two started.

"I can tell that hair from a mile away. Signature platinum blonde perfectly combed and unkempt jet black hair just like your fathers" the two looked at each other and sniggered at what they both took to be compliments. Harry lowered his head muttering "I try but it never stays down"

Draco smiled at this and slipped Harry a vial of what looked to be a hair product. Harry gave quizzical look back at Draco.

"If it doesn't work give it back, but it works for me"

Harry smiled and gave a nod of thanks. McGonagall then had them file in to be sorted into the house that may just alter their very futures.


End of Chapter 1

Just and FYI the years and ages are not compliant or canon. Think of them as whatever age you prefer, but I like to aim for an age older than 13. This is not a story of kids growing up to be teenagers but more like teenagers growing up to be adults. message with any questions.