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The Giles’ Residence, breakfast time.

“Morning Giles!” Buffy came in from the kitchen and put Giles’ breakfast on the table in front of him before sitting down and starting to eat her own.

“Oh, thank-you Buffy,” Giles picked up his knife and fork, he paused before starting to eat and looked at the young woman sitting across the table from him, “Buffy?” he said as his eyebrows slowly drew together.

“That’s me,” Buffy smiled before sipping her tea, “well actually that’s two of me.”

“Buffy you’re back!” Giles cried excitedly.

“Hey, hey calm down and eat your breakfast,” Buffy grinned impishly, “and think yourself lucky I didn’t cook it.”

“W-what?” Giles asked confused.

“You were right Giles,” Buffy admitted, “there’s two of me in here, there’s Slayer-Buffy and wife and soon to be Mom-Buffy…it totally gives a whole new meaning to talking to yourself!”

“But you’re ‘Slayer-Buffy’, right?” Giles was trying to get things straight in his head; he’d almost given up hope of ever talking to, or seeing his slayer again.

“Right look,” Buffy put down her tea mug, placed her elbows on the table and rested her chin on her hands, “I’ll try and explain…on Saturday night when you and other-Buffy had finished doing all the squishy stuff, and by the way Giles that’s totally gross!”

“You were watching!?” Giles cried out in shock.

“Hard not to, I’m totally in her brain...,” Buffy giggled before adding, “...big boy.”

“So, let me get this right,” Giles picked up his own tea cup and sipped from its contents, “there’s two distinct Buffy’s in one body and you’re the dominate one?”

Giles wasn’t one-hundred percent sure what to think about that, while he was glad to have his old slayer back; the other Buffy was a pleasant young woman and he’d be sorry to see her go…plus the regular sex had been nice too.

“Not so much,” Buffy pushed her hair back from where it had fallen across her face, “like I was saying, after you’d done the…erm…stuff, Buffy and I had a little talk.” Buffy got up and took Giles’ empty plate back into the kitchen, “more tea?”

“No thank-you, I’m fine,” Giles replied, he was beginning to see what was going on here, but he decided to let Buffy talk, it would make a change for someone else to be doing all the explaining.

“We had a little talk and we came to an agreement,” Buffy came back to the table and sat down, “we agreed to share this body, like taking it in turns to be in charge.” Buffy smiled across the table at her watcher, “I’ll do all the slayer-like stuff, you know staking vamps hitting things really hard and she’ll do all the girly stuff.” Buffy paused for a breath, “Y’know, cooking, cleaning…sex.”

“Oh thank the lord for that,” Giles said before he could stop himself, “I-I mean….”

“I know exactly what you meant,” Buffy gave her watcher a knowing look, “and so you know who you’re talking to,” Buffy turned her head away for a moment before continuing, “or doing anything else to, other-Buffy will always call you ‘Rupert’ and I’ll always call you ‘Giles’.”

“Erm,” Giles removed his glasses and gave them a quick polish, “when you’re not ‘in charge’ as it were,” Giles gestured vaguely with his spectacles, “just how aware are you of what the other Buffy is doing?”

“As aware as I want to be,” Buffy took pity on her watcher when she saw the worried look on his face, “don’t worry I won’t watch while you and her are doing the…erm…well you know…?”

“Oh, well, that’s a relief,” Giles said quietly.

“I wouldn’t spoil things for her,” Buffy replied wistfully, “y’know Giles its frightening just how much she loves you…I mean we both ‘love’ you but she really loves you in ever meanings of the word, you’re her ‘everything’.”

“Oh my,” Giles gasped at the responsibility that had just been placed on his shoulders, he’d never had anyone rely on him like that before.

“So, you better watch out,” Buffy said in all seriousness, “I’ll know if you’re mean to her or make her cry.”

“Buffy!” Giles spluttered, “I mean Buffys…I’d never do anything like that to…”

“Not intentionally you wouldn’t,” Buffy agreed, “but Giles you do sometimes speak without thinking and manage to say just the wrong thing and…”

“And?” Giles replaced his glasses and watched Buffy’s face swim back into focus.

“Look she’d never say this herself, but…” Buffy wasn’t sure how to put what she wanted to say but she’d try for her other self’s sake, “…but, she wishes you’d totally take more of a lead in…y’know….”

“I’m not sure I do,” Giles replied slightly mystified.

“Sex!” Buffy almost screamed the word, “You totally had to make me say it didn’t you? You’re always waiting to be asked, Giles,” Slayer-Buffy explained as she become more and more uncomfortable; she was giving ‘sex advice’ to her watcher. “She’d like it if you’d sometimes just…” Buffy pulled a face that told of her inner turmoil, “…you know…just…‘took’ her!” There she’d said it and she could hear the other Buffy who liked having sex with Giles thanking her in her head, “Don’t worry you won’t hurt her and she’ll let you know if she can’t or doesn’t want to…gee the idea of her totally not wanting to…” Buffy paused and shook her head, “…she’d just like you to be more forceful,” again Buffy pulled a face, “sometimes.”

“Oh,” Giles didn’t know what to say or indeed where to look.

“Look,” Buffy stood up and started to clear away the breakfast things, “we’ll talk about this some more later, in the mean time,” she glanced at the clock on the mantel piece, “you better get to work or Synder will growl at you.”

“Oh Synder’s not that bad,” Giles said as he stood up, he was glad to have something else to talk about, “you know he’s…”

“Hi Rupert!” suddenly other Buffy was back, she rushed around the table and threw her arms around Giles’ neck; standing on tip toe she kissed him on the lips, “Don’t worry I heard everything!”

“You did?” Giles swallowed the big lump in his throat.

“Yeah,” Buffy nodded, “now your lunch is in your brief case,” Buffy giggled at the look on Giles’ face, “don’t worry I made it, now…”

Buffy let go of Giles for a moment and undid the belt that held her robe together and let it fall open, she was naked underneath, she stepped back towards Giles and pressed her young, lithe body against his.

“Let’s do it now,” Buffy said huskily, “right here on the breakfast table.”

“I-I…I’ll be late for w-work,” Giles stuttered as he looked down into those big green eyes and watched them dull a little as Buffy’s lips turned down in sadness.

Remembering what the Slayer-Buffy had said he placed his hands on her waist and lifted her up onto the table, “To hell with Synder…!”

Fifteen minutes later Buffy stood in the doorway, respectably dressed in her robe again, and waved goodbye to her husband.

*You’re such a slut!* Buffy told her from inside her head.

“You’re only jealous,” Buffy giggled as she closed the door before heading for the bathroom.

*Maybe I am,* Slayer-Buffy admitted.


Sunnydale PD Headquarters, later that day.

“Another murder, Jim,” Chief Reddy said as the detective walked into his office, “any new leads?”

“Nothing really helpful, Chief,” Stein admitted; since the murder of Alice McLoughlin the previous night, Jim Stein had taken Officer Bloem’s advice and gone home and had a good nights sleep; he was feeling much more able to deal with the terror that stalked Sunnydale now. “CSU found some bloody prints that match those found at the Craig murder site so its definitely the same perp.”

“Well that’s something,” Reddy admitted, “at least there aren’t two of the bastards, anything else?”

“No one saw or heard anything,” Stein pointed out, “so I’m thinking he’s using an abandoned property as a base. I’m having everywhere searched but its taking time.”

“What do you need Jim,” Reddy said quickly, “the Mayor said you could have anything you wanted to crack this one.”

“I need more people, Chief,” Stein explained, “we simply don’t have enough feet on the ground.”

“Hmmm,” Reddy thought about the problem for a moment, “The Mayor won’t want to ask the Governor to call out the Guard but…” Reddy paused for a moment, “…how about some Minutemen?”

The Minutemen were Sunnydale’s first and last line of defence against any possible Pan Asian attack; they were also under the Mayor’s direct control so he didn’t have to ask anyone if he wanted to call them out.

“A hundred or so extra men would be helpful,” Stein agreed.

“I’ll talk to the Mayor when I see him later this morning,” Reddy nodded his head as he noted it on a piece of notepaper, “you’ll have your extra one-hundred men first thing tomorrow morning.”

“There is another idea I’ve thought about, but I’m reluctant to suggest it,” Stein spoke softly as if he was ashamed of what he was about to say.

“Go on Jim,” Reddy encouraged, “just now I’ll listen to anything however wacky it might sound.”

“Well, Chief,” Stein took a deep breath, “I’ve been thinking of putting a decoy or decoys out on the street in the hopes that the killer will attack them and we can be waiting to take him down.”

“You mean dress some of the shorter, younger officers up as women?” Reddy asked, “Not a bad idea…”

“No Chief,” Stein interrupted, “I don’t think that’ll work…”

“You mean…?” Reddy looked at Jim Stein in shock.

“Yes it’d have to be real women,” Stein explained.

“But Jim…” Reddy gasped, “…are you willing to put a woman in danger to catch this man?”

“Yes, Sir I am,” Stein said formally, “it may be the only way.”

“Would you let your wife or one of your daughters be bait?” Reddy asked slowly.

“Yes Chief, I would,” Stein nodded, “if she volunteered to do it.”

“Well,” Reddy eyed his chief detective for a moment or two; the man certainly looked as horrified at the very idea of putting someone’s wife or daughter in danger like this as he felt; he obviously wasn’t suggesting this lightly. “Okay,” Reddy said with a heavy heart, “I’ll suggest it to the Mayor but its really down to me to decide…start looking for volunteers but we’ll only use them as a last resort, understand?”

“Yes Chief,” Stein nodded; if this didn’t work, or, if it did and the woman or women got hurt that would be the end of his career; it would also probably be the end of a brave woman’s life.


Revelo Drive, Dawn’s room, early Monday evening.

Up in her bedroom, Dawn smiled at her reflection and liked what she saw; she was wearing her sexist underwear (in fact she’d agonised over whether to wear the underwear at all; in the end she’s decided to keep it on, she didn’t want to appear too desperate) her shortest skirt, her most see-through of blouses and her highest heels. Her make up was ‘just so’, her Mom was right, less was more. As it was she was more than mortal man could resist (or deserved), at least Spike couldn’t resist her as the engagement ring on her finger proved.

Although, Spike had asked her to marry him in front of witnesses on Saturday night, they’d decided to wait until Monday before having ‘proper’ sex. Again Dawn hadn’t wanted to appear too needy. Once Spike had put that ring on her finger in front of all those people they could have ‘proper’ sex before they got married. If Spike decided to back out of the engagement, Dawn’s father could sue him for ‘breach of promise’ which would probably mean Spike would lose his business as compensation. But Spike wouldn’t do anything as mean as trying to back out of their engagement, Spike was good and he loved Dawn just as much as she loved him. So, they’d decided to wait, at least a couple of days.

Turning away from the mirror, Dawn picked up her little backpack (the same one she’d taken on ‘sleepovers’ to her friend’s houses) going over to her wardrobe she found a work skirt and blouse and put them in the pack, she’d be going straight from Spike’s apartment to work on Tuesday morning, she wouldn’t be home again until Tuesday afternoon. Collecting her toothbrush, hairbrush, soap and a towel she put them all in her bag. For a moment she wondered about packing a pair of lower shoes, with a shrug she decided she could work one day in heels. Clipping the fasteners on her bag closed, Dawn paused to look around her room, the same room that had once been Buffy’s. In about five months time it wouldn’t be her room any more and she’d be Mrs Pratt. Just for a moment Dawn wondered if she was making the right decision, wasn’t she too young for the responsibilities of marriage and babies?

“Get real,” she told herself all doubts gone, “like I’m so totally ready!”

With a smile on her lips she skipped out of the room, switched off the light and closed the door behind her. The act of closing the door seemed to represent all the things that would change in her life in the next few months. So there’d be problems and hiccups along the way, but she had her Mom and Buffy to tell her what to do; the Summers’ women seemed pretty good at this marriage thing and she didn’t see how she would be any different.


“Mom?” Dawn called quietly; she didn’t want to disturb her father who was watching TV in the family room; the knowledge that his ‘little girl’ was going off to spend the night with her fiancé was bad enough without him having to see the reality.

“I’m in the kitchen,” Joyce called back.

Walking into the kitchen, Dawn paused to watch her mother tidying up, well, she was pretending to tidy up what she was actually doing was waiting for was her daughter to come downstairs. Turning to face Dawn, Joyce smiled tearfully.

“My little girl’s all grown up now,” she stepped forward and gave her daughter a hug, “you do look nice, I hope Spike notices and realises just how lucky he is.”

“If he doesn’t,” Dawn grinned, “I’m totally keeping my legs tightly crossed tonight!”

Both women laughed at Dawn’s little joke.

“So, you’ll be back after work on Tuesday?” Joyce asked as she headed over to a drawer and took something out, before hiding it behind her back.

“Yeah that’s right,” Dawn tried to see what her mother was hiding.

“Its just a little present,” Joyce informed her daughter, she picked up Dawn’s pack and slipped the tube of lubrication jelly into it without Dawn seeing what it was. “I’ll put it in your bag and you can look at it later.”

“Okay,” Dawn replied uncertainly telling herself it was probably something silly and Momsie, “hey!” she heard a motor vehicle pull up outside the house and glanced at the kitchen clock, “That’ll be Spike,” she hurried over and kissed her mother on the check, “Bye mom!”

“Have fun dear,” Joyce called as her daughter clattered out through the kitchen door and down the hall.

“Bye Dad!” Dawn called just before the front door opened and closed and Dawn was gone.

Moments later Hank Summers walked slowly into the kitchen and over to his wife, he put his arm around her shoulder.

“Y’know,” he said softly, “she’s only been gone a second or two but it already seems very quiet in here.”

“Won’t last,” Joyce told her husband as she rubbed her belly, “this one will soon be making enough noise so we won’t notice that Dawn’s gone and I’m sure it’ll be a boy this time.”

“I don’t care what it is,” Hank reassured her, “actually I’ve grown used to girls I don’t know if I could deal with a boy after two daughters.”

“So now we’re alone,” Joyce murmured softly, “shall we go upstairs and have a little fun of our own?”

“If you feel up to it,” Hank smiled, “and there’s noting but war news on the TV so we might as well….”

“Hank Summers!” Joyce took a half heated swipe at her husband’s head which he easily dodged, “Last of the romantics…” she laughed, “…nothing on TV indeed!”