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Tales Of Catharsis

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In the land of Novopangea

The night rolled over Novopangea like a shadow of darkness, its good people naive to the real forces at play. A Princess slept uneasily dreaming of a future where the entire land faced a terrible fate. An ancient evil had awakened and there was but one single man who might be worldly enough to see the full scope of this grand scheme. Incoming she sensed this friendly soul. A young, troubled Time Lord from many worlds away and oblivious to his true importance. Forces beyond his control had entwined their destinies, pitting them against an enemy they could only hope to defeat together. One way or another their lives would never be the same again.

The Princess tossed in her sleep, seeing glimpses of a future with new friends, strained relations, and lives to be lost. She dreamed of a man who would fall from the stars in a Blue Box like a shooting star. This young, orange haired man was a Time Lord, and a friend. She foresaw a battle where the very nature of this land was threatened. The Time Lord and his Blue Box could provide a shield against the coming onslaught but alone he was destined to failure. Only together maybe would they prevail. In her vision she found herself lying at deaths' doors and the young man her chance of salvation. He stood before her offering out his hand. "Anne." He called to her bridging the darkness. "You can do this. We have faith in you. When the time comes you must do what MUST be done. For all my triumphs in the end I was as much a fool as the next man. It is you and only you. Soon you will understand. Forgive me." He asked with the wary eyes of a traveller. He knelt to her side and picked her up. He gently carried her back to her bed which appeared in the mists before them. He placed her in and tucked the covers like someone who honestly cared. Anne looked up at him confused trying to phrase the right question.

"Who are you?" She asked.

He shook his head dismissing her question. "I am your salvation, and you are mine." The man replied ambiguously. "You need to wake up." He said brushing her forehead he bid her goodbye and faded from her vision. She'd never met the man and yet she felt she knew naturally to trust him.

"Don't tell me about this dream." He called, and then was gone completely leaving her in the vast expanse of an empty lifeless world.

Finally another appeared smugly clapping his hands. She felt immediate distrust for this man. "Oh Anne, you are in for such a treat."

The light came rushing back pulling the princess from her slumber.

Awoken she jumped from her bed breathing deeply. What kind of nightmare had that been?

She climbed out of her bed and walked out onto her balcony to look up upon the night sky. Was her dream truly some premonition?

Many worlds away events were rapidly occurring...

And there it was, the dark matter constellation of Kostavion. Quite a site, not that you could actually see it. It was a collection of dark matter galaxies in orbit around a super massive black hole. Just the thing he had been looking for. Over the past years the young Time lord had figured out dimension travel to a degree, though it was difficult, very difficult. He could only manage hopping parallel to parallel once at a time, each jump draining the TARDIS of so much power he had to refuel, leaving him searching for some obscure anomaly like a rift. In a multiverse of infinite possibilities this simply couldn't work. But now at last he had a plan, a brilliantly brilliant stupid plan. One that could send him all the way home in a single jump. Although the stakes were high and there was a large margin for error he was confident. He brought his TARDIS in on an elliptical trajectory planning to use the extreme gravimetric forces during a close approach with the black hole to open a trans-spatial corridor that would fire him worlds away, all the way to his native universe. In theory.

Everything was looking good, readings normal, gravimetric displays were a little high but he could compensate. A shower of sparks erupted from the console and the TARDIS shuddered under the enormous stresses. Things were going faster than he expected but he was confident he could pull this one off. He had come too far to back away now. The portal was opening. But too soon. Much to soon it had come.

"Come on, hang in there!" He said to his TARDIS whilst stroking the console.

The TARDIS continued to shake and rock, somehow always scarcely staying upright. This was it, now or never. He went for it. The portal opened and he went through, just trying to control things to the best of his ability. He had never been trained for this. No one had. Everything seemed on fire, not exactly the ride he had hoped for. He felt an eternity pass by as he ran around the console flicking switches, compensating for system failures and just trying to hold things together. And then, at last he was deposited from the spatial corridor at much higher velocity than anticipated. The Time lord looked things over, checking his position.

"Earth, high populace, some unusual residual radiation readings, probably from an event in the last thousand years." He wrestled with the controls, looking over the readings and trying to slow his descent. Heading straight for Earth and being pulled in by her gravity all the systems were failing. Typical, just my luck. Will I ever catch a break? He questioned himself; this sort of event starting to become overly familiar. Routine perhaps? But there was no avoiding it. He was locked on a collision course.

Nearly all the systems were gone or rendered useless. "Anti-grav, no, Time rotor seized, no transmat, nothing. Nearly everything fried!" He ran his fingers through his hair so frustrated he might have began ripping it out. "Last time I try harnessing a dark matter super constellation. Sorry old girl." He spoke to his TARDIS and the Time Lord hung on for dear life, just trying to slow his descent.

Meanwhile back in Novopangea;

I sat on my bedroom balcony gawping up at the stars. Oh I loved my times out here. It reminded me of the old days. Marceline and I would sit watching the constellations for hours. She would tell me of her people's legends about a race of time travelling aliens from a distant world. That memory was reawakened in me tonight, I couldn't forget my dream. It was all I could think of every moment of the day. I wasn't the type to believe in dreams but this was different, it felt so real, it had really meant something.

I looked up at the stars through my telescope. It helped put my mind at rest, especially at times like this. I could see mars tonight very clearly, some of the rings of Saturn and then a blue box? No!

I watched as the odd object came closer into view. I could see it now without the telescope. Brightly it streaked across the sky like a shooting star. From the look of its descent it was going to land somewhere outside the kingdoms walls. I had to find it before anyone else! "Guard, ready me a group of men and some horses. We must find the place that object fell, before anyone else should find it. Oh and call Ben, I may need him with me."

"Very well my Lady." He rushed off putting things in order. I gathered some equipment and made my way to the courtyard.

"My Lady." Called Ben, my chief knight.

"Oh please Ben you don't need to call me that at this hour, now quickly we must go." I demanded and galloped off on my horse before he was even saddled.

"Yes of course. Sorry Anne." He called out to me, frantically saddling his horse and racing in pursuit. Oh I wish he'd learn to relax a little around me. He's been like this ever since he was a young boy and now he was nearly 20, actually one of my closest friends. He could be a stickler for formalities.

"Just come." I yelled hurriedly heading in the general direction of the fallen object. I feared for what I may find, but I really needed some answers. After about half an hour we found it; a large smouldering crater. At the centre of it was a Blue Box?! A wooden blue box? There was charred debris everywhere and the ground was almost glowing red hot, however the blue wooden box was entirely intact.

Maybe rather foolishly I stumbled down the crater with a sense of urgency. I carefully brushed my hand over the box searching for a means to open it.

"It's wooden! And it's cold too, not even a cinder." I spoke aloud to mostly myself. I began feeling worried, I couldn't see the man from my dream, was he inside?

"Anne, over here a person!" Called Ben. It had to be him, it had to be!

I rushed to the body which lay beside where Ben now stood over the other side of the crater. I reached the spot and gasped in amazement. Sure enough it was him, badly injured he must have climbed from the box shortly after impact.

I knelt down beside him, he was just like in my dream. Orange haired, skinny but handsome. He was nicely dressed, well as best one could look in his condition. He had a black leather jacket, a blue shirt, jeans and a pair of long leather boots. Not exactly sure what to expect, I checked him over looking for vitals. He was very torn up, his clothes were ripped and singed. He had burns all over his body. I found it hard to believe he could be alive but he was!

"Doctor?! Where's the Doctor?" The man said deliriously. "Kostavion, never go to Kostavion again, stupid, stupid idea!" The man muttered to my amazement.

"Hello, hello, we're going to help you. What happened?" I asked hesitantly, not sure if I'd get a response.

"All wrong, all of it, not even close. I'm so stupid." He said rather dazed still lying there having hardly moved. "Regeneration failed, only one heart"

"What does he mean only one heart?" Asked Ben, just as confused as I was.

I lowered my head to his chest and then I heard them, one-two-three-four, one-two-three-four, one-two-three-four, one-two-three-four. I couldn't believe it. It defied everything my medical journals had taught me. "Two hearts. I can hear two hearts!" Listening closer though I noticed something troubling. "Oh, no the second is highly erratic, very irregular beat. It's struggling to keep him alive. Quickly I need him taken back for immediate surgery." I said coordinating for him to be lifted onto my horse. I mounted my saddle too keeping him close. "Have his box taken to my Lab, I will need to look it over more closely." I tell them and then Ben and I left with our patient.

Riding back questions filled my mind. Who is he, what was his importance to our future? What was the box? How was it not burned? How is the man still alive after that fall? One thing I did know is he wasn't Human. That much was clearly certain.

Arriving back in the kingdom the man was no longer conscious. We rushed him to the hospital, gathering my doctors and nurses I explained the situation. After taking various scans it became clear he was like nothing ever seen before. Two hearts, a dual respiratory system, organs I couldn't even recognise but most interestingly a brain that was beyond anything I'd seen, his mental capacity was beyond off the charts. Seeing as how no one knew his physiology it was left to me to direct things as we went along.

Removing his shirt and jacket I couldn't help but notice he was quite handsome. Especially now most of the blood had been washed away. He was about one-metre-eighty tall, with beautiful straight orange hair. He was deceivingly muscular, his clothes hid his true form. His body was well built and healthy. He had some scars from previous wounds but nothing to worry about. Whoever he was he seemed to look after himself, well till now anyway. He had a friendly look, even now in this state. I was desperate to save him; he was crucial to our success and I was now his only hope.

I had to begin, there was no time to waste. I had to begin the operation.

Preliminary results proved more confusing. His neural activity was very high like he was in a deep dream state. Perhaps it was part of some kind of healing coma?

"Scrub up Ben, I need you on this one." I told my number one knight.

"WHAT? I'm no surgeon! I am a knight remember. This is not my area Anne!" He said waving his hands and backing away.

"Ben we're more than a little short staffed at this hour, I only need you to follow my instruction, you're not actually going to be doing surgery. NOW Ben, this man's life is in our hands." I explained, he couldn't argue with that.

"I just don't want to cause him any further harm." Ben replied anxiously.

"You won't." And with that we began, with an anatomy so dissimilar it wasn't even safe to use anaesthetic, I only hope he doesn't feel too much pain. I decided the safest option was to do the minimalist in order to keep him alive; and let his impressive healing do the rest. "What would a man like him be dreaming of?" I wondered. No time to dwell on dreams however, I had a lifesaving operation to perform.