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Pearl, Interrupted

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Your name is Pearl Finnegan, and you were a few days shy of fifteen when Rose Quartz took your virginity.


"Took" isn't the right word. You gave it to her more than willingly, and enjoyed every moment of it, from sneaking out to the bleachers at your school's football field after her graduation to kissing her deeply to her fucking you senseless beneath those bleachers, beneath the stars.


"I love you, Rose," you'd whispered to her, and she'd smiled and kissed you on the cheek.


"I love you too, my Pearl."


You believed her. You still do.


You don’t know if you were ever a couple , exactly. You spent a lot of time alone together, you had sex, you exchanged I-love-yous and heart-filled texts, but it was never quite official.


She saw other people. You knew that, and you were fine with it, because they didn’t matter the way you did. Besides, it was only reasonable; she was in college and you were still in high school, it wasn’t like you could see each other every day.


And then Greg Universe came along.


You didn’t have any problems with Greg as a person. He was a perfectly decent fellow, and never anything but kind to you. More importantly, he was good to Rose. And therein lay the problem.


She fell in love with him, and she said they were dating. She’d never said that about you.


It shouldn’t have upset you as much as it did, you don’t think. But your sister Maggie heard you crying about it, and insisted on knowing what was wrong. You can pinpoint that as the exact moment your life began to spiral down into hell.


She told the whole school, but more importantly, she told your mom; you were thrown out within days. “I’m not having a dyke in my house,” she’d sneered.


You found a place to stay--your dearest friend, Garnet Carlson, and her moms, Ruby and Sapphire, took you in. You were a senior by then, and managed to finish high school. A small victory, was something.


The Carlsons were wonderful to you, and it was nice to live somewhere other than a cramped apartment. It was nice to have a room to yourself.


You had space .


You had a good living situation for the first time in your seventeen years of life. A lovely house, a sort-of-family that genuinely cared for you. Things were looking up, for a few years at least.


The handwritten card Rose mailed to you and Garnet came as a shock, to say the least. An ultrasound photo, and two simple words.


“We’re expecting!”


You wanted so badly to be happy for Rose. She was happy. That should’ve been enough for you.

But it wasn’t.