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Title: Suffer
Music: Charlie Puth (Vince Staples & AndreaLo Remix)
Fandom: Person of Interest S1-504
Focus: Root/Shaw
Summary: I kind of enjoy this sort of thing (I do, too).
Content Notes: Issues of consent, Bondage, Blood, Needles
Notes: Made for the A Spankin' Good Time Vidshow at Vividcon 2016.
Download Link: Suffer (45 MB MP4)

I hadn't been planning on making this vid but I couldn't find any Root/Shaw vids that focused purely on the kinky aspect of Root and Shaw's relationship while looking for Root/Shaw vids for the kink vidshow. And so if you can't find the vid you need, sometimes you have to make it yourself so that's what I decided to do. Thankfully I had already heard this song before and was able to find it quickly as I didn't have a lot of time to make this vid. I was super happy to have some actual sex scenes to use as well as trying to visually display all the kinky aspects of Root and Shaw's relationship. Also I wanted to make sure to include some of the best dialogue in the beginning since that's been an important part of their relationship from the very first scene. I was really happy to have the perfect last clip for the vid and ended up happy with how it turned out as it is a lot of fun to watch a lot.