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    So there I was, chatting with a great bunch of people over at the Stage It show page for Ghost of the Robot when it happened -- Isis_Nocturne asked me to write her a Spuffy story. Now, I’ve never written from a prompt before… ideas just barge their way into my brain and stomp around until I’ve written them, so this was a bit of a novel experience.

    She asked for a sweet bit of Spuffy lovin’ in any season, additional characters optional, but she’d like to see Dawn or Joyce. For the purposes of this story the comics never happened, and if I did hurt/comfort then Spike should be the one receiving comfort. Ideas started pinging around my brain almost immediately and this story is what I came up with.

    She asked for a one-shot… bwahaha! Me and short stories… that’s a hoot. I did try to curb the length, and it is technically a one-shot, but yeah… this is me we’re talking about. It comes in at 5046 words, which is a record for me, but it’s still a pretty long one-shot.

    Here’s the link to the Ghost of the Robot show so you can buy a ticket and come chat with us!

    So anyway, here’s the story and I hope you like it!