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Tormenting the Snake

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Potter grinned, silent steps as he followed the other from under the safety of his invisibility cloak. Snape was as quiet as him, if not more so, looking back and forth constantly. He looked almost nervous as he walked through the dungeons on his way to the Slytherin boy's showers. James stopped and watched from under the hidden material as the smaller wizard stopped outside the showers' door, listening quietly and taking a last look around before he entered. Potter's eyes twinkled mischievously as he slipped in after him. The slimy bastard was being awfully cautious, enough so he almost felt suspicious, and the teacher’s pet was even out after hours too.

Earlier that day Sirius, his closest friend and mischief accomplice, had come to him with some interesting information. After six years in Hogwarts, not once had Severus showered with his fellow Slytherins, always sneaking out after hours to bathe in privacy. It didn't take an idiot to piece together that something was up. He and Sirius had already come up with a few ideas. It was probably a horrid deformity, scar, or perhaps he was a girl and trying to hide it. He couldn't wait to find out and torture Snape over it, as well as steal his clothes and wand so he had to run butt naked back to the dorms. He thrived on humiliating the other.

Sirius had wanted to come too, but there just wasn't enough room under the cloak, Potter had argued.

Still wary, the black-haired Slytherin stepped into one of the shower stalls, casting a lock spell on the door. James followed into the next stall, stepping up on the bench meant for clothing and looking up over the divider. Severus was quickly stripping, removing his cloak with haste followed by his green tie, then his white button up and black pants. He had already removed his shoes and socks, left in only his underwear and a grey long sleeve. The oversized grey sweatshirt was removed next, James's eyes trailing down the others almost white skin, such a contrast with his dead straight, obsidian hair. Well, he wasn't a girl obviously, from the lack of breasts. Instead he had an incredibly flat torso, devoid of muscle. Potter noted he had an inward belly button like himself, and that the boy’s pink nipples were hard from the dungeons cold.

There were no scars or deformities, not even a tattoo on his lithe form, thin enough the pureblood wizard secretly looking down on him could see his jutting ribs. There was only one mark on his body, a small red looking sore from where he had given the other a stinging hex the other day. The memory made the spectacle wearing boy grin. Snape had deserved it for looking so long at his girlfriend, Lilly, like a lovesick puppy.

Potter frowned as Snape looked down at his own underwear, an unsure expression as though he was battling at whether to remove them or not. James noticed the others wand sticking out on either side of the black underwear, held on his hip. How annoying that the snake like teen was smart enough to keep it close. He found his mood lift however as the blackette's thin fingers danced along the edge of his briefs, almost teasingly, before he seemed to decide he was short on time and left them, turning the shower water on. The quidditch champion refused to admit he felt disappointed, especially as the other turned his back to him, obstructing his view, and stepped under the warm spray.

He must have hidden whatever scathing secret he held in his underwear! Now Potter just had to figure out how to get the other to take them off, along with his wand. There would be no point stealing his clothes now, he would simply summon new ones, as he was still armed.

A blissed sigh distracted James from his puzzling, looking back at the other’s face from his thigh. Severus's head was thrown back, his body completely relaxed as he enjoyed the steaming heat, possibly too hot by the pink beginning to spread like a rash across his skin.

Snape ran his petite hands, which he was often teased over, through his black unclean locks. He always seemed to have a greasy look about his hair, and never smelled completely clean. In fact he reeked of potions, which were more often than not putrid in scent. Surprisingly Potter saw, as the other's hands were still up running through his hair, that he had no hair under his arms, nor on his arms and legs. It had always been assumed the other was like a werewolf under his clothes, an insult never shared with Remus in case he took offence, as he always wore such modest clothing. He probably used some sort of potion or spell too remove it.

His spine jutted out like the sharp spines of a dragon, disappearing at his waist, which was far slimmer and paler than even Lilly's. His hips were non-existent, as far as Potter could see since the other was still wearing those darn briefs. The young wizard’s limbs were uncommonly thin, though not as lanky as he had originally assumed by the other’s overly long sleeves he always wore.

Obsidian eyes were shut, long black lashes against his cheeks as he appeared completely peaceful, face muscles relaxed without a hint of his usual frown. His expression could almost be considered a smile, for him.

At the sound of distant laughter Snape froze, dark eyes flashing open, reeling into action a second later and switching off the water. James refused to admit he had actually been hypnotized by the other, and his rare relaxed state. The boy quickly ripped off his soaking underwear unexpectedly, still not facing him as he cast a drying spell under his breath on the material. James stared in lax shock. There, on one of Snape's perfect milky thighs under his flat bony but no less edible ass, was a leather strap, holding his wand fixed to his thigh. James barely even notice as the other quickly redressed, charming half of it on with the flick of his wrist, a panicked expression as the voices came closer.

James was still busy within his own mind. The image was permanently imprinted in his mind, the black leather thigh garter like a black stripe on perfect white skin.

Snape disappeared out the shower, practically running out the room back into the hall, leaving James still in shock as he looked down at himself.

He had a hard on.

The door reopened, Potter's gaze shooting over, and two Slytherin boys in the year above slithered in the room, chuckling like the disgusting cowards they were. Distracted from his own issue he listened as they spoke.

"Here little rabbit~" The first, a brunette, called, looking through the stalls one by one.

"Come on, we just want to play." The strawberry blond added, hiding a chuckle.

"Promise not to bite, too hard." At that they both laughed and continued to coo.

James tried not to curse them, hands itching for his wand. Severus was no rabbit, he was a cunning snake. Why the other had run from these two pathetic last year students rather than hexing them straight to the hospital, as he knew the other could from his own experience, was beyond him.

"Come on sweet heart, come out and give us a kiss~" The brunette made a kissy face to his friend, who grinned sickly.

"Maybe tonight you'll finally let us into that sweet ass~" The blond called licking his lips and looking into another stall.

Potter bared his teeth at the two from under his cloak. They deserved a good curse or two, and he was definitely reporting them. Only he and his closest adversaries tortured Severus, and they never did it without him. Snape was his prey, not these slithering nitwit's.

He grabbed his wand, hexes flying around his head till he recalled something. What did he care if they tried to humiliate Snape?

The two became annoyed, seeing the shower had recently been run. Deciding the other had already left they departed in a bad mood, hissing over what was never theirs in the first place. He sneered after them, unknown to them, and put his wand away.

Well, he was still going to report them, even if he hadn't hexed their useless reproductive organs off. No one deserved to bully Severus as he did. They weren't even in his year!

Irritated by them and his fruitless attempted prank he made his way back out of the dungeons to the tower. With his cloak he was safe from the caretaker spotting him, or any of the patrolling prefects, and all the students were laying in their beds after an exhausting day of learning at Hogwarts.

Potter flew up the last lot of steps, before they moved unexpectedly and he had to go the long way, towards the Gryffindor dorms. Sirius was waiting outside the painting of The Fat Lady for him. The tired looking painted woman smiled at him as he removed the invisible cape.

"Well?" Sirius asked, the taller blackette waiting expectantly as James told The Fat Lady the password, ‘Quidditch’. The portrait swung open to the red and gold Gryffindor common room. Sirius followed him in before the portrait shut behind him.

"Well?" He repeated, a little louder.

"No luck, Snivellus wears underwear in the shower."

"Seriously?" Sirius groaned in annoyance as they sat on the golden lined, scarlet couch.

"Yep, he even has his wand strapped to his thigh. He was wearing a women's garter to keep it there!" They both snickered. Never mind the fact he had been excited by the leather accessory.

"Did you at least hex his clothes to itch or something?" He hadn't even thought of that, dammit.

"Nah, two seventh year Slytherins came in and he bolted before he'd even washed properly. Kept calling him rabbit, stupid perverts." He practically growled. Sirius rose a brow but ignored the mildly possessive behaviour.

"Must be why his hair always looks oily, ‘cause he never gets time to wash. Gross. Hey, maybe we should chuck him in the lake, squid probably won’t eat him he's so filthy." Sirius sneered with a grin. James smiled too at the idea, thinking of the way the other would crawl out the water, eyes fat with tears like every time they teased him as he shivered like a wet cat. It was always funny, but they'd pushed him into the shallows plenty of time.

"No, we need something new, something big to make up for missing out on tonight. He owes us for our wasted time." Sirius nodded in agreement, sitting back as they thought. The two watched the fire dance as they plotted.

"He's pretty feminine huh? Girl's haircut and a garter." Sirius smiled dangerously like the wolf he was, spiking James curiosity.

"Yeah?" The black-haired beast whispered his plan and James grinned brilliantly, hazel eyes shining as they high-fived.

"We'll start researching for a spell tomorrow."




A week later the Marauders all sat together at the Gryffindor table in the dining hall, sending one another evil grins. James and Sirius had already shared their plans with Peter and Remus. Neither had been overly keen, but kept their mouths shut none the less, and James knew they'd get a kick out of it like always. Well, Peter at least.

Severus was already sitting at his table with a few other Slytherin, poking at his breakfast with his head down as usual. No one moved to make contact with the antisocial boy, and nor did he.

"When you gonna do it Prongs?" Peter asked James, trying to hide his excitement.

"I recon I could do it now." He gloated, eyes flickering from his friends to his prey.

"With all these people around!? You might hit the wrong person!" Remus whispered hoarsely.

"Is that a challenge?" James asked grinning, wand already out.

"I dare you to do it now." Sirius jabbed with a sharp grin, while Remus shook his head and rolled his eyes. James slipped his smile to a carefree expression and casually pointed his wand at the other across the room, muttering a few aim charms and painless spells so he wouldn't hurt Snivellus, too much. He gave his accomplices a snobby smile before muttering the spell, quickly hiding his wand as a bright burst of peach light emanated from it, startling the students around him.

The Marauders ducked as an uproar began, peeking out as Severus let out a shocked yelp, tumbling backwards as he was hit by the bolt of magic. They hadn't expected it to be that strong a curse, but hey, who was he to complain if the charm knocked the other on his ass? James snickered as a crowd began to form around the fallen boy.

"Sev!" Lilly bolted up from her seat and sprinted across to the other, pushing through the crowd of Slytherin and teachers. The body of students looked to the fallen in shock, Lilly's expression that of horror.

Potter frowned, worried the spell had gone wrong, till he saw Severus begin to stand.

The dark-haired potions enthusiast panted, looking distorted, hair mussed as he tried to understand what had occurred. Then he looked down, and James had to bite his tongue not to guffaw at the way Snape's eyes bulged. He had the biggest breasts Potter had ever seen, only rivalling the fake ones he'd discovered in pornography. Severus's look of pure terror was priceless.

His head shot up towards him and their eyes met from across the house tables, Snape's coal irises wet and beginning to redden as he looked at the other with pure distain. They stayed like that a second before Snivellus sprinted off in the direction of the open doors. Lilly bolted after him, calling his name as a strange silence seemed to fall upon the hall.

Many eyes turned to Potter, including Dumbledore's disapproving gaze. Suddenly it didn't seem so funny.

"Potter." James cringed at the way his headmasters voice echoed in the quiet crowded space. "See me in my office after breakfast." He nodded, and the crowd slowly returned to their meals. A few left the hall early, including some Gryffindors he recognized to be Lilly's friends. They didn't even spare him a glance.

Sirius coughed, adding a chuckle as he attempted to lighten the mood.

"At least there will be some good pictures for the year book, huh Prongs?" James nodded, trying to hide his dread with a chuckle. Why he felt so down was beyond him. It wasn't like he'd done anything wrong. Head down he returned to his meal, poking at it more than actually eating.


Severus sprinted down the hall, only stopping when he found a private corner to hide in, leaning against the wall as tears began to flow. It was pathetic. He hated how easy it was to send him to tears. He couldn't control it and that damn Potter drove sustenance from it. He slammed his head back into the stone wall, wincing as he most likely bruised the back of his head. To make matters worse the two new organs on his chest ached, and he felt a disturbing lacking between his legs.

"Sev!?" Lilly called down the hall for him, followed by a choir of her friends.



He sunk as far back as he could into the stones behind him, sinking to his behind on the floor and hiding in his robes. The stupid girl ignores him for two years and now suddenly she gives a damn? Could they not let him cry in peace?! He was so going to get Potter for this.

"Sev!" Lilly kneeled beside his curled-up form and he hid further into his robes.

"Go way." He mumbled whilst sniffling.

"Oh Sev, are you okay?"

"I have two bloody watermelons on my chest and my privates are gone! What do you think!?"

"Oh honey." Lilly wrapped her arms around him as he broke down. "Come on, we'll take you to our dorm." The redhead said standing and offering her hand.

"No way, I'm not going near your dorms."

"It will be fine."

"No, it won’t."

"It will, I'll get James to reverse the curse right away, don't worry." Snape scoffed.

"What do you care? You haven't spoken to me in forever."

"I have to! It's just difficult to spend time with you openly when you’re a Slytherin."

"And your boyfriend’s favourite victim." Snape hissed, wiping away his tears. Lilly cringed, the other having hit a nerve. She looked at him guiltily and spoke quietly.

"Please Severus, I want to help."

"Why is that all of a sudden?" He hissed.

"Because I've missed you, and I never dreamed James would do anything like this." Snape scoffed.

"He's done worse." Lilly looked down at him apologetically, and finally after a minute he took her hand and stood. "Fine." She smiled and gave him a quick hug, leading him up to the girl’s dorm as he constantly wiped away tears.

"Penny?" One of the girls, a Hufflepuff whom had been helping her look, responded at Lilly’s call.


"Can you go tell James I would like to speak with him in the common room?"

"Sure." She and her two friends turned back towards the dining hall as Snape and Evans left for the tower.

"Poor guy." The blond Ravenclaw following Penny sighed, watching as the Slytherin's hunched figure walked away.

"Merlin, Potter can be such a jerk!" The brunette Gryffindor agreed.

"Why is he even popular?" The blond asked.

"Cause he's gorgeous." Penny replied indifferently, flipping her black hair out of her eye.

"And Merlin, have you seen him ride a broom?" The blond swooned making her friend nod, while Penny smiled at her friend’s antics. They entered the dining hall and her gaze zone in on Potter, stalking towards the eating boy.

Remus bumped James, grabbing his attention and motioning with a jerk of his head to the door. James's gaze followed to see three of Lilly's friends stalking towards him. The leading girl came right up to the table, looking down on him.

"Lilly wants to see you. She's in the common room." With that they returned to their seats. The Marauders shared a look before James sighed and stood, leaving for The Fat Lady's portrait. Lilly was probably going to plead him to leave Snape alone, yet again. He didn't see why she cared. They hadn't been friends since coming to Hogwarts. A Slytherin and Gryffindor couldn't be friends in his opinion. They were natural enemies, the brave and the cowardly. What did he care if other’s thought that not good enough a reason to torment the other? Even the obese woman looked down on him with disappointment as he approached her portrait. She tutted.

"I hope you know how to fix this young man. For your sake. The poor Slytherin dear's crying her eyes out." The woman looked sympathetic, looking behind her as if she could see into the other rooms.

"Quidditch." Was the jet-black-haired wizards only reply, walking in with heavy steps as the portrait swung open, almost hitting him in the face. He immediately spotted Lilly, looking positively livid for the first time he'd ever seen as she stood in the common room, waiting for him with her arms crossed.

"Lil's-" She saw him enter and glared, her green eyes like a borax fire.

"Save it, Toerag!" He flinched at her tone and the slamming portrait behind him. "Reverse the spell. Now." James tried to smile in a carefree manner.

"I don't know what-"

"I saw you cast it!" He gulped, hands up in surrender as if the other would attack him at any given moment. "Reverse it or I'll let Sev turn you into a toad!" It was as if her beautiful pale cherry red hair would be set alight at any moment.

"I can't!" He fired back, becoming irritated.
"What do you mean you can't?!" James went quiet, looking at the ground and saying something inaudible. "What?"

"I don't know the counter spell." Potter bit out, still not meeting Evan's look of pure disbelief.

"You cast a spell you don't even know how to reverse!?" Her voice went up at least three octaves. "You better find that counter spell James. Until you fix this, we. Are. Over." She seethed, turning away from him.

"But Lil's!"

"I don't want to hear it Potter! Sev is staying with me in the Gryffindor girls’ dorm till this whole ordeal is over. You can inform the headmaster when you go to see him." With that she stormed off towards the girls’ dorm. James could hear the sound of Snivellus's distant sobbing as she opened the room’s door, a far louder and more feminine sound than before. He found he didn't enjoy the other’s sobbing half as much now.

Well, he'd had his doubts before but Lilly Evans was certainly a Gryffindor, sticking up for the other like that. He'd had no idea she had such a temper. Perhaps the theory about redheads having hot tempers was right. Usually she'd just look on him with disappointment and that would be the end of it. Her Patronus was supposed to be a doe after all, quiet, sweet, and skittish. She had the same Patronus as Snape, something they had teased him endlessly over after class. James had expected a snake or some equally slimy and cold-blooded animal, rather than a female deer. Potter was obviously the superior, being a stag. It made him perfect for Lilly.

He scoffed to himself, turning away to leave the common room before classes began. And here he'd been thinking of letting her have his children. Fat chance after that show of pique.

The door opened and Potter sighed. Well, no point in crying over spilled pumpkin juice. He needed to go see Dumbledore and make the old bat see his way. He was one of the bearded muggle lover's favourites after all, it wouldn't be hard, Potter thought with a smirk.





"Nnnggg..." Severus groaned and rolled over, ignoring Lilly's insistent attempts to wake him up. She chuckled and shook his shoulder again.

"Come on sleepy head, McGonagall still wants you to attend classes. Just ‘cause you have a vagina doesn't mean your ill." Snape mumbled an 'eww' at the vulgar word, snuggling further into the cocoon of blankets he'd made for himself in the bed, which he and Lilly currently shared. He slept surprisingly well, reminded of the times he'd run away from home down the street to hers and sneak into Lilly's room when they were little. She'd let him in the window and he’d curl up by her side and cry.

Some of the other girls in the dorm, thankfully unbothered by his Slytherin title and being ex-male, or unwilling to argue with Lilly, had also attempted to wake him. Unfortunately the large breasted 'boy's' eyes drooped back shut not long after every time they re-woke him.

"Get up Severus! Don't make me hex you!" She threatened light-heartedly as he scrunched into a ball.

"Stomach aaache..." The black-haired teen complained in a barely audible mumble, followed by a yawn.

"Oh yeah? Then I'll take you down to the hospital ward and you can get clearance for a day off, but you have to get up and get dressed." Severus grumbled but nodded slowly, opening his raven lashed eyes with inexistent vigour. Lilly giggled and messed his sleep tossed hair even further. For once it was actually clean, silky without any grease, as the other had been able to shower without interruption the night before.

Severus gave her a lazy smile and slowly sat up as the Gryffindor girl went to get his Slytherin robes from the dresser for him. All the other females were either still asleep or having a morning shower, besides the few doing their hair or makeup nearby.

Snape grimaced as pain hit his lower stomach again, causing him to keel over. There was an uncomfortable sensation in his newly acquired feminine parts too. He sighed as the pain subsided, a hand coming up from between his legs where it had been pressed to try relive the sting. Snape looked at the reddened flesh and stained sheets in shock, before letting out a blood curdling scream.

James shot up in bed, grabbing at his round wire-rim glasses as the scream sounded. Half the boys in the dorm grumbled and rolled back over, and he would have too, if not for the nagging familiarity of it.

"Go back to sleep man." Sirius grumbled into his pillow in the bed beside him. "Probably just one of the ghosts."

James didn't bother replying as he threw on his sleeping robes and practically flew down the steps to the common room. A few shocked students gave him questioning looks as he rushed towards the girls’ dorm. The screaming even seemed to have woken the door guardian, the oak carving lioness yawning before putting a paw over its eyes and laying back down.

The screaming had finally stopped, but there still seemed to be a commotion inside. He slammed on the door, ignoring the threatening growl from the sleepy female lion. He didn't even see why they had the guardians, it wasn't like anyone of the opposite biological gender could enter the room anyway, due to the protective charms.

The door was jerked open by one of the girls in his year he didn't care to recall the name of, who gave him a glare.

"Bugger off Potter, you’re not needed." Another chorused in agreement as he spotted Lilly. She was standing beside Snape, trying to comforting him as she helped clean blood off him with the wave of her wand. She saw him before Snape did, and bit her lip as the thin ex-boy suddenly stood, giving him a cold glare.

"You." He hissed out, stalking towards the door fluidly, irises like solid marbles of obsidian. "This is all your fault." He wore Lilly's sleeping robes, which fit his body correctly for once, unlike his usual overlarge hand-me-downs. His huge breasts were pressed together, almost bursting from the robes, cleavage obvious and pale as paper. James couldn't help but stare fixedly at them as he took a step back from Snape's frigid anger. If Lilly was fire, Severus was ice.

"Because of you, you impertinent swine, I have blood leaking out from between my legs!" Snape hissed looking murderous. James gave an unsure smile, tearing his eyes from the others bosom.

"At least you know your uterus works?"

"I SHOULDN'T HAVE A UTERUS!" Potter skipped backwards, tripping on a lump in the carpet and landing on his ass with a groan. "You upstart pedigree pig, you’re lucky I don't curse you, and what the Merlin are you starring at!?" James's eyes tore from the others chest just as the boy seemed to recall his oversized cleavage and blushed profusely. Unfortunately, due to his position on the ground, legs open as he leaned back from his fall, Snape could easily see his morning-wood.

"P-perverted swine!" James covered his face as a book, conveniently placed by the door, was hurled at him, before Snape retreated back into the room and hid under the covers of Lilly's bed. Said book then began to attack him, attempting to eat his arm off as Potter tried to hex it shut.

The door to the girls’ dorm slammed shut as he continued to battle with the parchment and leather monster. The book suddenly went placid, much like his member had become, courtesy of Lilly who stood by the door, shutting it quietly as she tucked her wand away.

"You should go get ready for class. I'll teach Sev a spell to stop the bleeding, but he'll still be in a foul mood, so try not to bait him, all right?" She sent him a sympathetic expression as she picked up the book and returned to the girls’ dorm.

James sat a second, slightly out of breath as he stared at the oak door and the sleeping lioness. At least his hard-on had dissipated.

He stood to return to the boys’ dorm. Potter went over the occurrence in his mind, convincing himself the hard on was a completely normal physical reaction due to Snivelly's huge headlights, and not the blush or his icy temper. Potter nodded to himself and rubbed his arm. That book had hurt.

He quickly made his way back to the boys’ dorm, ignoring the stares of those in the common room, all of whom had no doubt heard the whole ordeal. The whole school would probably know everything by first class. Pathetic, he thought, as a lust for gossip was the trait of a Slytherin in his opinion.

Sirius gave him a questioning look as he entered, now awake, as were at least half the dorm. He ignored his friend's gaze and ripped his day clothing out of his drawers, dressing without a word. Luckily no one pressed as the morning began. The day had already begun hectic enough without another argument.

"Hey Prongs, No one told me what happened in the headmaster’s office yesterday." Remus asked nicely, dressed and happy to divert the mornings mood from whatever had occurred.

"He just said I need to find the reverse spell quickly or its detention for the rest of the year." James shrugged, knowing he'd got off easy. The white-haired bastard had put him in a terrible mood the day before, towering over him from behind his desk with a disappointed look as if he was above him. He'd even threatened to suspend him from Quidditch if he didn't explain himself! As if he'd dare, Gryffindor would be useless without him as their best chaser. And when he'd brought up the two perverted last year’s sexually harassing Severus, the old git had even had the nerve to insinuate that he was no better! At least those slimy lowlifes would get their due.

"We will help you find the counter spell." Remus comforted, the werewolf seeming to sense the other’s unease. Sirius groaned at the thought of more research, but with a look from Remus mumbled his agreement while Peter's head nodded so fiercely Potter feared it would roll off. He smiled in thanks to his three friends and slipped on his shoes.

"Well then, off to breakfast?"




It had been a sore excuse for a morning, but after a glass of pumpkin juice and a few classes everything seemed to have calmed down. He was of course given a few odd looks, probably due to the scene Severus had made earlier, which he still refused to elaborate on to his friends. He had a feeling Remus had already found out anyway, with the almost piteous looks the other kept giving him.

Severus and Lilly had not gone to lunch, and Snape had not been in Potions earlier on, though Lilly had. She pointedly ignored him through class. He assumed the other was still either sulking, or too embarrassed to leave the girls dorm. He didn't like the idea of the other snooping around the Gryffindor dorms alone though. Hopefully he'd gone to the nurse or library. After all this was over they'd have to change the password with The Fat Lady.

James and Peter walked together through the crowded halls to their next class, Charms, when he spotted a head of straight, raven hair and white skin pressed into the corner. If he weren't so used to looking out for the elusive Slytherin, especially having the other on his mind, he wouldn't have noticed.

Peter kept walking with the river of students as James stopped, noticing something was off. Snape wasn't just attempting to be invisible and avoid attention as usual, he was cowering in a corner as two taller, black and yellow draped boy Hufflepuff's approached. The glasses wearing wizard frowned, looking around in the quickly emptying corridor for Lilly. She was in the midst of the crowd, looking side to side as if she had lost someone and attempting, without success, to stop as she was swept away by the movement of students.

Snape yelped, the sound too quiet to be heard over the sound of everyone unless you were attuned to it. James's eyes narrowed, glaring as one of the Hufflepuff's cornering Severus grabbed his breast. The Slytherin just stood there as if frozen in terror. He was useless as a deer in headlights as the other boy chuckled and grabbed his other tit, slipping his hand in the small 'girls' oversized green and black robes.

"Hey!" The two boys looked over to James, their hands retreating. They were both taller than him by a few inches, no doubt great fighters being Hufflepuff's, but they were no Gryffindors. The cowards fled as Potter approached, still sending a few stinging hexes their way as they hurried off. The two cried out as they were hit and bolted for their classes through the now abandoned hall.

Snape shook quietly, still standing pressed against the wall, eyes wide open but not seeing.

"Merlin Snivellus! Why didn't you do anything!" James's voice faltered as tears began to slip out the others wide eyes, trailing down his even more colour-less than usual cheeks. He sniffed, breathing ragged and uneven as he began to fall apart.

James took a step back, feeling awkward and ill-equipped to deal with the other like this as the Slytherin sobbed, head down and eyes clenched shut. He didn't really understand why the other was so upset. Was he in shock? It was possible he'd been sexually assaulted before, if not obvious that he had been. He had once heard in Muggle Studies that trauma from certain experiences could reoccur in similar events, but it really wasn't that big a deal, was it?

Potter looked around for help in the empty hall as Severus continued to weep in front of him. His eyes widened as he saw Lilly at the end of the hall looking towards him, making a hugging motion. He looked at Snape and back at her before he shook his head fervently and tried to beckon her over. She shook her head in return and repeated the motion violently. He looked at the shaking pathetic form of Snape again and back to the now glaring Evans. Well she was no help.

With a deep breath Potter swallowed and attempted to hug the other, slowly taking two steps forward and carefully putting his arms lightly on the other’s back. Snape froze up before letting out another chocked sob and pressing his face into Potters robes, weeping a little more openly. He didn't see how this helped, the other had gotten louder, wasn't that bad? Had he done something wrong? Slightly panicked he went to look to Lilly for help, turning back to Severus as the smaller boy clutched the front of his robes and nuzzled into his shoulder. He wouldn't be surprised if it began to feel damp soon from the other’s overactive waterworks.

Potter let out a slight breath of laughter to himself at this, expression softening as he looked down on the other and wrapped his arms around his thin waist, holding his shaking body securely against him. Slowly becoming more comfortable Potter let their bodies meld together, Snape just short enough his slant bony shoulders fit under his, and his chin rested in the cusp of his neck.

The pureblood took a deep breath by the young wizards surprisingly clean hair, sighing blissfully as the Slytherin snuggled even closer into him, despite the annoying gap cause by Snape's breasts. He must have been working with potions earlier that day, as James could swear he smelt exactly like amortentia.




Recently showered Potter ran a hand through his wet hair, messing it to give it his trademark wind tossed look before he sat down on his bed. Half the dorm was still in the showers, and the others were getting their fill of time away from the dorms before lights out in half an hour. With the rare privacy of no one currently in the dorm James took the Marauders Map out of the hidden compartment in Remus's drawer, laying down and drawing the curtains around his bed with the flick of his wand.

"I solemnly swear I am up to no good." With his words the map revealed itself on the seemingly blank piece of parchment.

He scanned the top half of the map, seeing the rest of the Marauders in the bathing room rather than the showers. The showers tended to be favoured, as no one wanted Moaning Myrtle perving on them. Lilly was with a few of her friends in the girls’ dorm.

Potter frowned. His darling ex Lilly had ruined his hug with Severus earlier. The witch had come over with her horrid little motherly smile and wrapped her arms around Severus from behind, completely taking over. Then she'd taken the teen away from him completely, and even had the audacity to thank him in front of the other! No doubt she'd seen Snape be assaulted too and done nothing, seeing how things played out, the meddling cow.

Noticing Snape wasn't among the names listed with Lilly's in the girls’ dorm James scanned the castle map. His eyebrows furrowed as he finally found the other’s name in one of the dungeon halls, accompanied by Lucius Malfoy.

Grabbing his invisibility cloak James hurried out the dorm, throwing the cloak over his head the second he was out the busy common room. Taking another look at the map he continued down the constantly moving stairs of Hogwarts till he reached the ground floor, where he then rushed down a supremacy of stone steps towards the dungeons and the Slytherin dorms. Potter constantly re-checked the map, though neither moved, and when he found them shown to be right around the corner he whispered the closing spell over the map.

"Mischief managed." The map faded and he shoved it away into his robe, rounding the corner and listening quietly to the familiar voices. He heard... Laughter? Confused James got closer, seeing the tall blond loom over the younger Slytherin, who was smiling up at him. Potter looked on in disbelief.

"My, my, milady. How well-endowed you are." Severus, the snivelling git, actually laughed.

"You sound like the big bad wolf."

"Perhaps I'll just have to gobble you up then." Lucius grinned, getting a little closer.

"I'll hex your balls off with your own wand before you can eat me." Snape said confidently and James found himself smile.

"Well then why don't you take a hold of my wand and show me." James held back a growl, take a hold of his 'wand' indeed. Severus smiled back.

"Challenge accepted." James went to grab his own wand out and hex the both of them when Severus leaned in closer with suggestive heavy eyelids, hand resting on Malfoy's hip. Suddenly he slipped away from the other, grabbing the blonde’s wand from inside his robes fluidly.

"Stupefy!" Malfoy froze and dropped to the floor motionless as Snape uttered the spell. Severus smiled with brimming self-satisfactory as he threw the wand back over his shoulder at its sleeping owner, walking away.

James stood there a moment, watching as the other walked off. Usually he only had the pleasure of seeing Severus upset and depressed, never so satisfied and openly skilled. He discovered he liked this side of the other, and finally found it less hard to believe that he actually was the top Charms and Potions student in their year, and the year above. Now only one question remained. Why hadn't he reacted like that with the other boys? They both knew he could defend himself, so why didn't he? And how come he hadn't panicked just then when Malfoy had approached him? If he didn't find out now it would nag at him all night and he'd never get any sleep. James pulled his cloak off and shoved it in his robe with the map.

"Why didn't you freak out?!" Snape jumped in shock and spun around, wand out looking petrified. Seeing Potter appear unaggressive he seemed to relax slightly.

"What the Merlin Potter!"

"Ow!" James cried out and rubbed his arm while Snape rolled his eyes. The snivelling git had actually hit him. Not hard at all, it was just shocking. Male Snape would never hit him. Damn female hormones giving him balls. Or maybe it was all the time around Lilly? No, she was too much of a pacifist.

Severus's eyes thinned.

"Were you, following me?" He hissed dangerously. Even with his breasts covered James was still having a hard time not staring. They were just so... Big.

"No! Maybe? That's not important! Why don't you do that with the other guys!"

"What?" Snape seemed honestly confused.

"He just came on to you and you were fine, but earlier you were a blubbering mess!" James wasn't even bothering to keep quiet now. There was no one around to hear them anyway.

"We were playing around Potter, it was a joke!"

"He seemed pretty serious to me!"

"Oh please, we fool around like that all the time." Snape replied as if it were nothing.

"Are you kidding me?! You let him do that?!"

"I trust him!"

"Trust!?" Was this some kind of joke? Trustworthiness was a trait elusive to all Slytherin as far as he was concerned.

"He'd never touch me. He's in love with his fiancée." Snape said confidently looking up at the other.

"So?! that doesn't mean he won’t try something!"

"He wouldn't!"

"He so would! Or maybe it's ‘cause you like it." James practically growled accusingly.

"What?" Severus hissed back.

"You like it so you let him, but if it's anyone you don't want to touch you, you have a freaking nervous breakdown!"

"I did not have a nervous breakdown!"

"Yes you did!

"He's straight as his fucking wand Potter!"

"How do you know!?"

"He's my closest friend!" James stopped at that, having had no idea Snape even had any friends, especially not the rich, pureblood Slytherin in the year above, constantly appraised for his manners and good looks. Something burned uncomfortably inside him.

"I still don't trust him, he's a slimy git." James bit.

"No one asked you Potter!"

"You shouldn't trust him!"

"Why, because he's Slytherin and therefore deceitful and conniving?"

"Yes!" There was no mask that could have hidden the hurt and offended look on the half-blood's pale face. He glared at the other before turning on his heel and storming off, stopping at the stairs that lead up towards the dungeon exit.

"Hurry up and find the reverse curse Potter." With that he quickly continued on his journey back to the Gryffindor dorms and Lilly. James rolled his eyes with a sneer. Big deal, so the other had two pumpkins on his chest, it wasn't like he was in danger of dying. Potter grumbled like a spoilt child and followed after the big busted male to his own dorm for bed, still feeling that unsettling burn since he'd found the other had friends. He grumbled quietly to himself.

"Stupid Evans and Malfoy."