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The End is the Beginning is the End

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The first thing I do, once I hear, is identify his fucking body. I leave the morgue, go back to the Grand, and leave that hellhole forever. 

The second thing I do is call around to look for a new place to stay.  There's no way I can impose on Veronica and Keith, nor do I really want to be around them as they recollect themselves.  Nothing definite is settled when I hang up, but I have options, which is better that I can say any of my other friends.

The third thing I do is find Dick and make sure he hasn't drunken himself into a coma.  He hasn't, good for him.  I would have been in the same place as he was, but helping Veronica was way more important—well that and I don't care if Aaron's dead.

The fourth thing I do is visit the Coronado Bridge.  I tell Mom that he's gone, and hope to fucking Jesus that they are never in the same place again.  I think not, because Mom was a good person, if a little misguided.

The fifth thing I do is to not count my steps anymore.  I'm free—I'm a new man.

Billy Corgan really had it right: the end is the beginning is the end.