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A Lawyer & a Detective

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27th November 2015 12:30

It was a warm day today, Barba was at home, sat on his sofa with his chicken Caesar salad on the table next to the case file's he was reading. He had just taken his last fork full of his salad when a loud beeping noise came from outside his apartment.

“You’ve got to be kidding me” Barba say’s to himself as he makes his way out of his apartment.


Rafael was now at his office, calling up different 4-5 star hotel’s trying to book a room, but so far every hotel he’s tried are booked since it is near the holiday most of the high price hotel are all booked, and Barba did not trust anything hotel that was below four stars.

“Today can’t get any worst,” he mumbles to himself.


Spoke too soon, a knocking came from his office door and guess who comes in.

“Hey counselor,” Sonny says in his typical cheery voice “Oh Dios” Barba signs, “Hello detective,” he say’s now looking up at Sonny also seeing the files he had in his hand “Are those files for me”? He asked “Oh yeah” Sonny walks around Barba desk and places them in front of Barba “Liv wanted you to have a look at them.”

As Barba was opening the files to see, Sonny notices the laptop with hotels on the screen; Walking around Barba chair, Sonny has a better look at the screen.

“You planning a trip somewhere counselor?” Sonny asked, seeing the hotels. Before Barba could shut the screen Sonny's hand was already on the mouse pad and was scrolling through the page looking at all the hotels.

“Do you mind” Barba annoyingly say’s, “Wait these hotels are nearby, why are you looking up hotels around here?” Sonny asked. Pushing Sonny’s hand away, Barba closes his laptop, then turns to look at Sonny.

“Not that it’s any of your business, but my building had to be evacuated because of carbon monoxide poising. So I needed to find a place to live for two days, and so far every hotel is all booked up.”

“Ah, Well, you could always stay with me” “I’m not that desperate in finding somewhere to stay.”

Barba then goes back to looking at the files. Sonny walked around the desk and sat down, still looking at Barbs

“So what are you thinking about doing with the living arrangement”? Sonny asked. Barba wouldn’t look up from the files as he answered, “Well, I was planning on asking Liv” “Wait, wait. You say you’re not desperate yet you’re willing to stay with Liv who 1. Doesn't have a spare bedroom, so you’ll be sleeping on the couch and 2. She has Noah, who Liv’s been saying has been keeping her up at for the last three days. So rather than staying at my place which by the way, has a guest room you would rather sleep on a couch with a screaming baby.”

Barba then looks up at him as Sonny carries on talking.

“What is it, Do you think that I’ll be going on at you to let me shadow a case or go on at you about cases, cause if that’s it, then I want you to know that when I’m at home everything relating to work stays at work.”

Hearing everything Sonny just said got him thinking, that no matter how much Sonny annoys him, he did have good points on why it would be better to stay at his place, plus it was for two days and usually he spends most of his time at his office.

“Are you sure you could put up with me for two days”? Barba asked, Now that made Sonny smile

“Positive counselor” “Ok, I still need to do some work here so whenever you finished, come pick me up since I didn't get a chance to pick up my car keys” “Ok I’ll text you when I’m outside. I better head back to the station, so I’ll see you later.”

Barba nods and goes back to the files. Sonny gets up and makes his way to the door; Before exiting Barba office, Sonny asked him about clothes, like Barba said he didn’t have time to take anything with him. Barba bent down and opened his lower drawer when he emerges back up; he places a folded suit along with a tie.

“A lawyer always comes prepared, ” Barba says with a smile, and with that Sonny exited the building.


It was around 16:30 when Sonny finished work and was now picking up Barba to take him back to his place. He should be working a bit longer, but he had spoken to Liv about what was going on, and she decided to let him go home early.

Parking his car, Sonny texted Barba that he was outside, and was now waiting for him. 7 minutes later his car door opens with Barba sliding in. Shutting his door, Barba placed his bag on the floor in front of him and put his seat belt on. With that, all done Sonny pulls out of the space and heads to his place.

The drive was spent in silence until, “So counselor, how does Chinese take out sound?” “Sounds good Detective” “Cool.”

Then the whole ride went back to an awkward silence. Arriving outside Sonny's building they both made their way into the building to the elevator up to Sonny floor. Looking around the hallway It wasn’t as nice as Barba nor was it that bright. Entering Sonny apartment, Barba was very much surprised at Sonny’s place.

It was a nice size not as big as his place, but not that small. Surprisingly, his place was also clean and tidy not what Barba was expecting to see.

“Well counselor, this is home. Ok, so already as you can tell this is the sitting room, there’s the kitchen and there to your left is my desk which you can use if you’re working on a case.”

The living room is a big square size room with an open kitchen behind the couch and in front of the big window was Sonny desk. Walking past the kitchen into the hallway Sonny shows Barba the bathroom, then lastly the guest room or basely Barbas bedroom for the next couple of days.

“And this is your room,” He says as he opens the door revealing a king size bed, all made up. The furniture in the room was all oak, oak wardrobe, bedside tables, and drawers. There is also a tv on top of the drawer across from his bed.

“Well detective I must say you have a very nice place, not at all what I was expecting” “Thank, it was my sisters and mom who picked this place out, I would have gone with someplace smaller, but they convinced me to get this place. Anyway, I’m going to order the Chinese I’ll call you to ask what you want.”

With that Sonny leaves, leaving Barba alone in the guest bedroom to unpack his suit and hang it in the wardrobe. With nothing left to do Barba joins Sonny in the sitting/kitchen.

‘This is going to be a long two day.’