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Didn't see that one coming

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For the second day in a row Xander woke up in Spike’s crypt. This time instead of a crappy old couch he was on his side on a giant bed. He smiled to himself as he registered that the body that clung to him from behind was Spike. Xander twisted over so he was face to face with the slumbering vamp. Daringly her put a hand on Spike’s chest and pressed his morning wood against Spike’s thigh. Spike stirred a bit but woke up completely when Xander kissed him. Spike grinned slightly.


“I’ve met dragons with better morning breath than you” Spike quipped, wrapping his arms around his Xander’s hips.
“Oh yeah don’t mind that, I haven’t gotten a chance to wash the taste of your dick out of my mouth yet.” He said cooly, angling one leg on the other side of Spike so he was straddling him now. Xander propped himself up with one hand while using the other to stoke Spike’s mostly hard dick until it was fully erect. Spike hissed as Xander continued his painfully slow pace. Spike eventually parted his own hand from where they rested on Xander’s hip and grabbed the lube from the bedside table. Xander braced himself as Spike slicked his fingers and Xander tensed.


“Relax love” Spike said as he placed two fingers at his entrance and slowly pushed them in at once. Xander winced and clenched until Spike placed a hand soothingly on his stomach. “shhh you’re alright” he cooed with a gentleness that Xander never expected to come from him. Soon Spike fingered in sissorred Xander before finally stopping completely. He poured plenty of lube onto his dick and lined it up to Xander’s ass. Xander slid down onto Spike dick and waited as he adjusted. Xander steadied himself with his hands resting heavily on spike’s chest. Spike held onto Xander's hips and guided him up and down slowly making them both hiss in pleasure. Xander balanced himself upright and began bouncing on Spike's dick. Spike began thrusting upward into Xander's tight ass in time making Xander take him deeper. Spike angled his thrusts hitting Xander's prostate making him cry out.


"oh God" Xander moaned breathlessly. Spike smirked up at the boy on top of him and continued to pound away at the sensitive spot within his lover. Spike, knowing he wouldn't last much longer began pumping Xander's cock until his moans grew shrill with one last strong movement the mortal came into Spike's hand. He continued to grind down on Spike until he released as low growl and threw his head back hitting the headboard with a loud 'thud'.Xander rolled off of spike to lay on his back next to him and Spike wiped his sticky hand against the sheet.


They both laid for a while the only sound was the soft panting as they caught their breaths. Before to long Xander turned on his side and said "If the sex is this good every time I don't think I'll have to make the bedroom my permanent residence"  
Spike chuckled. "Don't laugh I could make it work. Get some better lighting in here, a mini-fridge, maybe a hot tub. There are lots of things we could do with a hot tub" Xander waggled his eyebrows at the last bit. Spike's smug from had faded and he started directly into Xander's eyes.
"You're serious."
"No idiot this is the underground level of a crypt, how would we get a hot tub in here"
"You actually think this is going to happen again"
They started at each other for a long moment.


They got out of bed, put on the clothes in tense silence. They tried to talk rationally but it wasn't long they were in a shouting match.
"EXCUSE ME, BUT DID YOU MISS EVERYTHING WE DID LAST NIGHT." Spike let out a  exasperated sigh. 
"This won't work Xander." Xander kept his head down, starting at his shoes with his arms crossed. "Xander look at me, this will not end well" 
"It didn't exactly start off well either." Xander have a dry, humorless snort. Spike started at Xander for a moment with bitter fondness and said "get out" in the most level tone he could manage. Spike escorted him to the door. As Xander walked through the door way he heard the grumble of Spike's voice say "and this time, don't come back" Xander paused, he was tempted to turn around, face the vampire, tell off, or argue some more, but he just continued walking. His clothes wrinkled and a few of the buttons of his shirt were broken, he felt utterly helpless, he had come so close to what he desired most, and now he had lost it