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Sinful Sundays Flashes

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Lubricious: lewd, lecherous; sexually unrestrained. From the Latin lubricus, meaning slippery.


I’ve never done this before. Never been restrained. Never felt the need to be.

Never thought I’d even like it.

But the truth of the matter is blatant, staring me in the eye. It is right in my face.

I adore not being in control. I thrive on losing it, and having to shut up, bulk down, and just take it.

Starting out with underwear of a kind I have never owned before, this is all new, and I love how I see myself.

I feel sexy.

What I never understood was what being restrained would do to my mind. What not having a say could mean to my libido.

How it would fit into my tight scheme of things.

You hold me down with a single look and one raised eyebrow.

How can it be that I am tied down, yet I feel completely unrestrained?




This entry won me a Sinful Sunday Virgin Award, and the judge, @lellabeth, had this to say:
AnnaLund For me, this entry completely captured the picture prompt. I love how it focuses more on the internal thoughts as opposed to any outward actions, and the message of self-discovery manages to be prominent, even given the context. I only wish the word prompt had also been used so it could have been eligible as a winning entry! Favourite line: “How can it be that I am tied down, yet I feel completely unrestrained.

(Between you and me and the wall, I did use the word prompt; "unrestrained").

Here is my badge of honor!

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Sinful Sunday Flash Fic