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Lover's Feud

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The sun had set when Buffy opened her eyes. She'd fallen asleep in Giles's room and he'd left her there to rest. She was feeling a bit better after spending the day grieving. Willow had left her a pile of notes from the classes they shared. The sticky note on top said that Professor Walsh had canceled her class the day before.


Angelus couldn't be allowed to keep this up. He was hurting people she cared about. Her family and friends were all in danger. Every time they stepped out of the house they may as well be wearing targets on their chests. She couldn't find him. She had no idea where he was hiding. He could see her and everyone around her but she hadn't even caught a glimpse of him. It was possible he might turn up to gloat and see the broken look on her face. She wouldn't give him the satisfaction. If Angelus turned up she'd stake him on the spot. No witty banter. No spells. Just dust. Buffy knew if she waited for him to show up someone else could get hurt. If she was going to take the fight to him, she would need some help.


She wrapped a blanket around her shoulders and went downstairs. It was dark and she fumbled a bit trying to find the switch the lamp. She heard someone in the kitchen and she found the switch she laid on eyes on Spike. He was standing on the other side of the counter dumping wheat-a-bix into a mug.


“Evening,” he said looking like a kid with his hand caught in a cookie jar.


Buffy couldn't help but give a small smile. “Hi.” Her voice was hoarse from crying.


“Feeling alright?” He asked sympathetically.


Buffy nodded. “Better than before.”


“That's good.” He looked relieved.


“You heard what happened then?”


“I did.”


“He has to be stopped. Before this goes any further. I should have done something sooner...”


“I take it you want my help.”


“I don't know who else to ask.”


“Whatever you need slayer.”


The phone rang. Buffy was quick to pick it up feeling an uncomfortable knot in her stomach. “Hello?” she asked.


Spike could hear a female voice practically buzzing on the other end but he was too far away to hear. Buffy didn't say anything else. She dropped the phone onto the hook and ran out the door.



Joyce Summers parked her car outside her home. She balanced a bag of groceries one hip as she walked along the side walk to the front door. Someone stepped from the shadows into her path.


“Hello, Joyce.”


She was momentarily stunned but she didn't falter. “Hello, Angelus.”


“It's nice seeing you again.”


“I don't want to play games with you. You leave me alone and you stay the hell away from my daughter, understand me?”


Angelus stepped a bit closer revealing yellow eyes and pointed teeth. “I'm not here to play with you. This game is for Buffy.”


Joyce dropped the bag and stepped back gripping her keys tightly in her right hand. Angelus came at her meaning to grab her, but struck him hard in the stomach with the point of her key. He doubled over like he'd been stabbed giving Joyce the chance to run to the door. She had barely unlocked it and stepped inside when Angelus reached it. He slammed into the barrier. He growled in frustration before running off into the night.



Giles made it home later than he'd meant too. After Riley's death he'd decided to put his plan into action posthaste. Spike was lounging on the sofa watching a soap opera when he came in.


“Where's Buffy?”


“I dunno. She got a call and ran off. Looked important.”


“Right. Do you have any idea where she went?”




“Well you're certainly helpful.”


“I do what I can for my friendly neighborhood librarian.”


“Good to hear. I need your help.”


That had his attention. He stood up and walked around the couch to see him. “My help? What could I possibly do for you?”


“I've come across some information on Angelus.”


“Have you now?”


“Don't interrupt, Spike. It looks to be quite promising, but it could turn out to be your average nest. Either way I'm going to need backup going in.”


“Shouldn't you wait for Buffy?”


“Are you saying you're incapable?”




“Good. Then you can help.”


“I'm not exactly the helping kind.”


“Buffy is in no condition to be fighting Angelus. If you hate him as much as you claim to you will help me to destroy him or I shall destroy you to insure that you aren't running to your sire with every bit of information you can.”


Giles's stance was very firm and aggressive and Spike was truthfully a bit intimidated. He felt suddenly quite young and small under the watcher's gaze.


“Alright, then. Let's kill the sodding bastard.”



“Mom! Mom?” Buffy called running to the house. “Mom!”


“Buffy! Buffy, it's alright.” Joyce came into the kitchen to meet her daughter. “It's alright. I'm fine.” She hugged her tight.


“I was so worried.”


“I know, but I'm safe inside. I am safe inside right?”


Buffy nodded. “There's something to the saying 'safe as houses' after all.”




“What happened?”


“Why don't I make some cocoa and I'll tell you all about it.”



As Giles drove, Spike began to question where they were headed more and more. Spike knew the old man wasn't stupid, so why would he think Angelus would ever hole up in a place like this? Every street was old and hadn't been cared for in decades. The houses were run down and the cars parked beside them were just the same.


“Where did you get this information from anyway?” Spike asked.


“An old friend.”


“Exactly how old is this friend of your?”


“Shut up, Spike. We're almost there.”


“Almost where. This place is a dump. You're not going to find Angelus here.”


“Where will I find him then?”


“How should I know?”


Giles parked in front of an old garage. Spike was instantly aware of how much time Giles had spent in this place.


“You've been here before.”


Giles was caught off guard having forgot the vampire's keen sense of smell. “Yes. I took a look around. Staked the place out for a while.”


“What for?”


“Any signs that there was indeed a vampire here. Are you coming inside or what?”


Spike hesitated at the door. “Fine. Alright.” He swept inside and Giles closed the door behind him. The light flickered on illuminating a rather empty room with freshly painted white walls.


“Care to explain?” Spike asked.


“Yes. I needed a way to trap Angelus.”


“Well in case you were unsure, I am not Angelus.”


“Decidedly not, but every trap needs bait.”


“Bait? Me? Are you senile?”


“Oh, save it. I know where you've been running off to. You too still share a bond. How can you not? It's in your blood.”


“Great so you've baited your trap. What now? We wait for him notice I'm missing? He's not exactly the most keen observer. That could take decades.”


Giles walked around to the table he kept covered. “Exactly. That's why you're going to call to him.”


“Excuse me?”


“Sires share a very deep bond with their childer. If you call out for him he'll come to your aid. So call.”


Spike glared. “I'm not a bloody song bird. If you want Angelus, you can get him your self.” He went to the door and tried to turn the knob, but it burnt his hand. He hissed.


“If you won't cooperate we can do this the hard way.” Giles gripped a rather large bottle of holy water in his hand. He turned quickly to face Spike and flung the bottle forward covering him with it.


Spike screamed and fell to the ground holding his burning face in his hands. Giles grabbed a length of chain and wrapped it around his torso several times and locked behind him. He was effectively trapped and utterly furious.


Giles chose a knife from the table. “Last chance, Spike. Once I get started, I'm not stopping until he bursts through that door.”


“Go to hell!” Spike shouted still burning from the water.


“Fine then.”