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Vampire on Baker street

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Chapter 1:


Sitting atop the large tower of the big ben, I look over the sleeping city.

‘It has been awhile since I was last here. Carriages used to fill the streets, I preferred them much more than to these cars. But at least most of the original architecture still stands.’ I let out a sigh and swing my legs back and forth over the roof edge. ‘I miss coming up here with my old friend Jacob. We had so much fun back in the day.'

Glancing down at the newspaper in my hands, I flip through the pages to get caught up on the latest news of the city. I pause as a certain page catches my eye.

‘A detective by the name of Sherlock Holmes has had a hand in solving many crime cases, along with his partner and blogger, John Watson.’

“John Watson…” I murmur. There is no picture, but I am sure it is him. I smile,”Time to visit an old friend.”


“What are you doing?” a deep voice asks from within the decent sized flat.

“Writing up the latest case we’ve solved,” the familiar voice of my friend sounds.

“'A scandal in Belgravia’? John, why must you make such ridiculous titles for your blogs? It's not as if anyone reads them,” the deep voice quips.

“Not true, dear sir,” I murmur, walking into the room. ”I have read his blog. It is quite interesting.” They turn their attention to me.

John slowly stands, his eyes wide.”…Sara? Is that you?”

I smile widely and rush into his arms,”It's good to see you again, John!”

He hugs me back tightly, laughing,”I can’t believe it! Your here, in London!”

I pull back and look him over,”You look well, John. I was afraid of how you might be after the war, but you seem to be doing great.”

He smiles and gives a little shrug,”I still get nightmares from time to time and I had gotten shot, but I am doing well now,” he puts his hands on my shoulders,”But you look great as well. Your hair longer…but that's about all that has changed.”

I giggle at our inside joke. “I can’t imagine much will change for quite awhile.”

The clearing of someone’s throat draws our attention.

A man with dark curly hair stands across the room, studying me with suspicious blue eyes. He has very high cheekbones and a sharp jawline. He is handsome, but not in the traditional sense. At first glance he isn’t drop dead sexy, quite average in fact, but there is just something about him that draws my interest.

Without knowing his name, I can figure who this man is.

I cock my head to the side with a cheeky smile,”Sherlock Holmes, is it?”

His eyes narrow,”John told you about me?”

My friend shakes his head,”No. I did not know she was even in London,” John tells the man.

Sherlock nods, still eyeing me closely,”The blog then?”

“Newspaper, actually,” I answer, walking closer to him. “A consulting detective? Never heard of such a thing.”

“Because I invented the term.”

I nod,”Of course, and that makes it a real thing.” I hear John let out a quiet chuckle. I smirk and continue,”I understand you make deductions. Care to deduce me?”

John chuckles,”Oh, she will give you a run for your money, Sherlock.”

We stand in silence for a moment while Sherlock “deduces” me.

“You and John have met before, obviously. Your affection shows that you two were close, yet you have not seen each other for many years. You know of his time in the army, so I assume you met there,” Sherlock starts to fire off his thoughts,”You are not very old, so you couldn’t have met very long ago. You are in your mid to late twenties, yet talk as though you have seen a lot in your years of life. Your accent shows you are american, yet your pale skin tells me that you either do not get out much, or you live in a state that sees very little sun. I am thinking Washington or Alaska, though leaning more on Alaska since you do not seem to be cold while wearing only a thin jacket. You do not seem tired even though it is one in the morning, so I assume you just arrived in London and have jet lag,” he finishes with a confident smirk,”Did I get anything wrong?”

I pretend to think about it then nod,”Yes, you got almost everything wrong.”

His eyes widen,”But-“

“The only thing you got right was how I met John. We did meet in the army, though I was not a recruit,” I tell him,”I will not tell you my real age, but I can tell you that I am far from being in my mid-twenties. I did live in america for quite sometime, but I was not born and raised there.” I slip into my old accent,”I was born in Roma, Italia.” Changing back into my american voice,”I also never lived in Washington or Alaska. Florida, actually. I just don’t tan well.” I walk around the room, studying a skull on the mantle,"I have been in London for about two weeks,” I send John a smile,"I’m a bit of a night owl.”

John laughs and shakes his head,”I have missed you more than I realized.”

Sherlock still stands frozen, a look of shock on his face. “B-but I…I am never wrong!”

John clasps his friend on the shoulder,”Do not worry, Sherlock. Sara is a mysterious one, not many know the real her.” John walks over to me,”I am assuming you will be staying here. I will go make some room, we can share like old times.”

I smile,”Thank you, that would be great.”

John goes to his room to make sleeping arrangements for me, leaving me alone with Sherlock.

“…Have you and John been in a relationship before?” he questions me.

I nod,”A long time ago. We are just friends now.”

“I see.”

I study Sherlock,”I would ask you about your past relations,” I smirk,"But I sense you are still a virgin.”

He turns away with a roll of his eyes,”Love and other things between two people is pointless,” he scoffs, sitting down in his chair,”Feelings only slow me down.”

I slowly make my way closer to him and sit in the chair across from him, I’m assuming it is John’s. “But to never experience it…or have you?”

He eyes me warily,”You have read John’s blog. So I am assuming you are talking about Irene Adler?”

I nod and lean back, crossing my arms,”Sherlock’s first love, and how terrible your choice of women was.”

He tries to look busy by messing with his phone,”I was not in “love” with her. She is a criminal.”

I nod,”Okay, maybe not love, but I think she intrigued you. Her danger drew you in, because you wanted a challenge and were bored.”

He slowly lifts his gaze to mine,”…Exactly.”

I smile and stand up, hearing John leaving his room. “Well, don’t stay to caught up on her. She was a whore and is dead now.”

He looks up at me sharply,”What do you mean? John wrote that she went into the witness protection program in America.”

I smirk,”He did. But I also know that she was captured by a terrorist group and you saved her for whatever reason. She told me all of this in America.”

His eyes widen,”You met her? She did end up in the witness protection program?”

I nod,”I didn’t realize who she was at the time. But when I read John’s blog I recognized her name.”

Sherlock stands,”You said she was dead.”

I nod again, a smile tugging at my lips as I turn toward the door,”She was a tasty little thing.”

Before he can question me further, John walks back into the room. “Okay, the room is ready,” he tells me with a smile,”And I noticed you already unpacked your things in there.”

I smile innocently. He chuckles and shakes his head,”I’m not even going to ask how.” He turns to Sherlock,”Goodnight.”

Sherlock says nothing, just stares at me, well more like glares.

I wave to him,”Night, Sherlock.”