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If You Wanna Be My Roomie (Lover)

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Stiles in many ways was excited for college. He was excited to meet new people, take classes he actually wants to take, finally lose his virginity,  and most of all, he was excited to get a fresh start. At least, as fresh of a start as he can get going to the local in-state University.


 And yes, an in-state school. He's heard countless times from various (irrelevant) relatives that he's "squashing his potential" by not going to some prestigious snooty snoot of a college all the way in east bumfuck, but he doesn't care okay? Because in reality it's only him and his dad, and he can't just leave his dad alone.

 Hell, if his dad didn't start dating Melissa McCall in the last year Stiles wouldn't have even considered dorming, because the thought of even living an hour away from his dad stressed him out to all hell.

 But, luckily enough for him, his dad grew some balls back in February and finally asked Melissa out on a date, on Valentine's Day of all days (what a sap), and now the rest is history.


So now, Stiles gets to get the "full college experience" by living in the dorms at Beacon Hills University, and he's excited, albeit slightly scared. 


 Because Stiles decided to listen to his dad and Melissa for once, and not request Scott as a roommate, because 1) he knows he would never get any work done living with Scott, and 2) him and Scott are different majors, and the University has these things called "Living and Learning Communities" where you live with other people who have similar classes as you and the same major as you, that way you can bond better and help each other with work.


So, Stiles having no other friends pursuing a major in Criminology (or really any other friends at all), decided to go random, meaning the college would set him up with another roommate.


Ever since Stiles made the decision to go random, he's been waiting for August 22nd to come with baited breath, as that's the day dorm and roommate assignments appear on everyone's Ecampus. 


And now, it's finally  August 22nd, just two weeks shy of move-in day on September 10th and as Stiles enters in his information to log into his account, he feels his heart racing.

Logging on, he clicks on housing, and sees that he was assigned to the "Browning" dorm building, and he looks at the name listed under "roommates" and has to do a double take.


Because no. No way. No no no way is Derek Hale his roommate.

THE Derek Hale. Jock extraordinaire, closet nerd, could-be model. And apparently a Criminology major.

Stiles, well Stiles doesn't know whether to be ecstatic or throw up, because Derek Hale has been on the top of his "affections" pedestal since Freshman year of high school, and never once has he ever paid attention to Stiles.


Which, Stiles understands in a way, they never really ran in the same social circles after all.

Derek preferred to be surrounded by his Jock buddies, usually the baseball or basketball team members, while Stiles stuck with Scott and occasionally Lydia, who befriended him over their Valedictorian rivalry.


Derek has never been mean to him per se, but he was somewhat close friends to those that were.

However, whenever Derek would catch his "bros" picking on Stiles he would always make them back off, and would make sure Stiles was okay.

So yeah, Derek Hale potentially sharing his space for the Fall and Spring semesters isn't too bad of a situation, but Stiles is also pretty sure Derek isn't going to want to share a room with someone who's pined after him for 4 going on 5 years.


Because logically Derek has to know how Stiles feels about him. There's no way he doesn't. Not with all the times he's caught Stiles staring at him or blushing at just a simple "hey" or "are you alright?".

So, Stiles is at a metaphorical fork-in-the-road. 

Because, does he contact the jock, try and get some communication going before the semester starts, seeing if Derek wants to go through with the roommate assignment? Or, does he just ignore it and wait and see if Derek will contact him? Surely he would't, why would he deign such a useless life form like Stiles with conversati-


Stiles's train of thought is cut off with the sound of an email notification.

Closing out of the browser window, Stiles clicks over to email, and sees that he has a message from the jock himself.

Hands slightly shaking, and jaw agape, Stiles opens the message and reads:


Hey! I checked Ecampus today and saw that you were assigned as my roommate!

I didn't have any other way of contacting you so I clicked on your name and it opened a window to send you a message to your University Email. 

I know we didn't talk much in high school, but I'd really like to get to know you, especially since we'll be living with each other.

So here's my number: 841-234-789, text me and then we can maybe plan a day to meet and hangout?

-Derek Hale


Stiles was baffled. Not only had Derek contacted him first, but he also wants to get to know him? And hang out? And gave him his number? Holy shit Stiles has Derek Hale's number!

Deciding that answering early is better than answering later, Stiles plugs Derek's number into a new contact in his phone and then opens the messaging app, typing out a text that reads:


Hey Derek, It's Stiles Stilinski

I got your email, and really want to get to know you too! 

For a meetup date, i'm free any day this week except Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, because I have work those days. But i'm completely free the other days! :)


Heart racing, Stiles decides to pass the time waiting to see if Derek responds by calling Scott and asking him about his roommate assignment.


Almost an hour later, Stiles learns that Scott is also in a dorm in Browning, a floor above Stiles, and his roommate is Isaac Lahey, a kid Stiles vaguely remembers to have shared a few classes with in high school.

Biting his thumb nail nervously, Stiles looks at the messenger app and sees he has one new text.

Opening it, his heart rate spikes to see that it's from Derek, and it reads:


Hey Stiles, glad you got my email! I work on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, so what about Friday? We could meet up at the mall or something?


Smiling, and filled with a rush of excitement, Stiles sends back:


Yeah that works! Say we meet up at around 5?


Then, Derek responds back almost instantly with:


Yeah, definitely, see you then! :)




Stiles thinks that this past week has been the longest week of his life...and its only Wednesday.

He almost regrets applying to work at Sundaes, the ice cream parlour downtown.

Between the kids throwing tantrums when their parents only let them get one scoop instead of two, to constantly coming home sticky and smelling vaguely of caramel and maraschino cherries, Stiles is looking forward to having the weekend to himself.


Finishing off his Wednesday shift, Stiles can't help but be extremely nervous for Friday, worried that he'll ramble Derek to death or have a flare up of foot-in-mouth syndrome and make Derek hate him.

Shaking his head, Stiles mentally berates himself. Derek's not even gay, so it's not like it's a date or anything. They're just two dudes, two future roomies, hanging out, maybe shopping for some new clothes to wear for the school year. He needs to stop being so nervous.


If only it was that easy.




Derek has been on cloud nine since Monday, when he checked his Ecampus during his break at work and saw that Stiles Stilinski was assigned to be his roommate.

Stiles Stilinski.

Aka, the cute, glasses-wearing, slightly nerdy, ball of sarcasm Derek has been infatuated with since Freshman year of high school.


He knows he's pathetic. Erica, Boyd, Isaac, his family, hell even his neighbor Mrs. Louis, loves to remind him of it constantly.

It's just, Derek has never had the balls to do anything about it, and has always just presumed that Stiles hated him by association, since his friends (or ex-friends, he's really not planning on keeping up communication with them in college), were horrible to him.

Derek was even considering asking Stiles to prom, both years, but Junior year Erica begged Derek to take her because Boyd was going out of town for a family reunion, and Senior year Lydia Martin took Stiles, much to Derek's chagrin.


But, Derek is determined to make Stiles like him, at least friend-wise, and maybe more if he's into that.

So, nerves flaring, Derek decides to try and calm down by giving into his youngest sibling, Violet's, request to go and get ice cream from Sundaes downtown.




Walking into Sundaes, Violet's tiny hand in his, Derek is greeted quite pleasantly with the smell of caramel and toasted coconut, and practically feels his nerves die down.

Except, those nerves come roaring back with a vengeance when Derek sees who's behind the counter, serving the family in front of them.

That person being Stiles, and god does he look cute.


Black framed glasses over amber colored eyes, light blue t-shirt under a red and white vertical striped apron, and a red and white vertical striped paper hat on his brown hair.

He looks like he walked out of a retro-themed wet dream and Derek is completely here for it.


Derek is snapped out of his reverie by Violet pulling his hand, saying "Derrie it's our turn!"

Clearing his throat, Derek moves to the front of the counter to find Stiles smirking, eyes looking fond.

"Yeah Derrie, it's your turn", the boy responds gleefully, and Derek feels his face turn as red as the stripes on Stiles's apron.


"Hey Stiles" Derek says, while feeling a tugging on his pants leg.

Derek looks down, seeing Violet tugging with a frustrated look on her tiny 5-year old face, huffing out a "Derrie I can't see the ice creams! How am I supposed to pick one!"

Derek feeling his blush deepening, lifts his sister into his arms and places her onto his shoulders.

"Better?" Derek asks.

"Yep!" Violet answers back happily.

"Of course it's better, Derrie, now the little lady can see all the ice creams!" Stiles says, smirk even more sly, eyes dancing with mirth.

Derek, ready to give a response, is cut off by Violet saying "See?! He gets it!" And pointing at Stiles.

Laughing at his baby sister's antics, Derek looks up to see Stiles laughing along as well.


"So, Derrie slash Derek, what can I get you guys?" 

"For me i'll have a hot fudge sundae, with two scoops strawberry and one scoop mint chocolate chip. And for Violet...Vi, what do you want?"

"Uhh, I want what you're getting Derbear! Except I want mine with Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!"

"That's too much ice cream for you Vi, how about you get the same thing as me but with one scoop instead of two"

"Will it still have all the stuff? Cos I want hot fudge and whipped cream and-, and sprinkles...and a cherry!"

"Yes Vi, it'll still have all the stuff" Derek says, grinning at his sister's use of words.

"Okay...but I want one and a half scoops!"

"Vi...I don't think half scoops are a thing" Derek says hesitatingly, looking up at Stiles who's been watching their exchange with a fond expression on his face.


"I think I can try and manage a half scoop, I mean anything for this lovely lady, and for you...Derrie" Stiles says still smirking, but more fondly now.

"Yay!" Violet crows while Derek gets his wallet out to pay.

"Wait Derrie I wanna give him a tip! Mommy says you should always tip workers that you think do a good job!"

Derek nods along, and hands Violet a few one dollar bills to stick in the ice cream-shaped tip jar that says "I cone-not thank you enough for your generosity!" on it.

Derek looks up at Stiles who's starting to prepare their order, and is happy to note the cute, pleased flush that adorns his mole-speckled cheeks.


"So, I didn't know you worked here" Derek says, watching as Stiles finishes his sundae, placing it on their order tray.

"Yeah well, Derrie, there's lots you don't know about me" Stiles says grinning, putting the finishing touches on Violet's sundae too, and the placing it on the tray.

Grabbing the tray and scoping out a table to sit at, Derek says "Well, I hope to learn a lot of it tomorrow."

Opening his mouth to respond, Stiles is cut off by a mean looking man and woman with their veritable clan of children (seriously they're like 12 children deep!), enter the store. He shoots Derek a smild and nod instead, setting about serving the family.


Taking Violet off his shoulders and placing her onto a chair, Derek sets out eating his ice cream, shooting Stiles glances occasionally, watching how he expertly maneuvers the ice cream station, churning out the massive family's multiple orders. 


"You like him don't you Derrie?" Violet asks in that all-knowing way little kids posses.

"Uh..." Derek responds back eloquently.

A tiny, slightly hot-fudge covered hand pats Derek's own, and Violet says "It's okay Derrie, I think he likes you too."

Derek has to fight to roll his eyes at his sister's never ending optimism, and just nods and says "Whatever you say Vi, whatever you say."




Stiles was expecting his Thursday shift at Sundaes to putt along just as boring tinged with annoying as the previous days's, but that was shattered the moment Derek walked through the jingling door, hand encompassing a far tinier one, attached to one of the cutest little girls he'd ever seen.


And it only got cuter from there, from Derek hoisting the little girl onto his shoulders, to Derrie to the little girl, Violet, or "Vi" giving him a tip.

It was probably the best shift Stiles has ever had at Sundaes in the whole time he's worked there.


Plus, it may have just been Stiles's hopeful imagination but he swears he caught Derek shooting him glances constantly.

Nevertheless, Stiles finishes the shift with a smile on his face, and has to recount the day's events later on to Scott because "you just keep grinning dude it's kind of freaking me out", when he came over for pizza and video games.

Even Scott beating his ass at Mario Kart doesn't get rid of the grin, and it stays even when Stiles falls asleep, according to Scott.




Today is the big day, the meetup, the not-a-date (even though Stiles wishes it was), and Stiles is wracked with nerves.

His nerves are wracked okay? Officially wracked, and the whole ride to the mall is spent taking deep, calming breaths.

Parking and heading inside, Stiles braces himself, heading to Macy's to meet Derek like they agreed on.


Walking into the store, Stiles spots Derek over near a display of jeans, skinny-cut and black, typical Stiles's mind supplies somewhat fondly.

"Hey" Stiles says when he reaches Derek, delighting in the fact that he made the jock startle slightly.

"Oh hey!" Derek says, coughing to cover up his embarassment.


"Hey! So...uh did you want to look around here first or go somewhere else..?" 

"Uh I mean, here's fine with me for now, if that's okay with you?" 

"Yeah man, definitely! Plus they sell dorm stuff upstairs in here on the third floor, so that works"

"Yeah, yeah...I haven't actually bought anything for that yet...?" Derek says uncertainly.

"Oh dude! Me neither!"

Laughing at their common procrastination, the pair moves on and peruses the clothes section.




Stiles comes out of the fitting room stall wearing a forest green short sleeve t-shirt under a matching green and blue checkered flannel top, and dark khakis, and Derek tries not to blush, because damn does he look good.


The pair are now in Target, after moving on from Macy's once they took a look at the price tags because as Stiles said "Dude there is no way my slightly broke future college student ass is paying $65 fucking dollars for a pair of jeans!" And Derek couldn't have agreed more.


So to Target they went because "Dude Derek they have really nice clothes and dorm stuff like win-win!" 

Derek already tried on his clothes, only showing Stiles one outfit because he could only handle Stiles checking him out head to toe so much before he did something kiss him.

So now Derek's just waiting on Stiles, who said he tried on all of his outfits without showing Derek, but wanted his opinion on this one because he didnt know if the color "worked".


"So uh, does this look okay?" Stiles asks while peering into the mirror at the end of the dressing room.

"I'm kind of shit at picking out clothes. Lydia tries to help but i'm still clueless." He adds.


Derek swallows, and gives Stiles a once over, "Yeah, yeah, you look...really good."

Blushing slightly, Stiles turns around, "Yeah?" He asks, sounding dubious.

"Yeah, that's a, a good color on you." Derek says, trying to will his blush away.

"Oh okay, thanks dude!" Stiles says grinning.


Heading back into the dressing room stall, Stiles stops, turns towards Derek slightly, and says "But, does the butt look good? I'm sick of Lydia saying my pants don't fit my butt right."

Derek can't help but be slightly annoyed by Stiles bringing Lydia up again, but still jumps at the opportunity to unabashedly check out Stiles's ass.


"You uh mention Lydia a lot" Derek blurts out, mentally rolling his eyes at his lack of social ability.

"Huh? Oh yeah, I mean probably cos I hang out with her a lot and she's become one of my best friends over the years, sorry if its annoying"

"Oh no it's not annoying, but...friends? I thought you and her might together or something."


Stiles's hearty laugh surprises Derek.

"Me and her? Ha ha no! Just friends, purely friends, she's in love with this guy Deputy Parrish from down at the station, dude, and she doesn't exactly have the parts I'm really interested in so...yeah"


Derek notices Stiles go pale, and flail and then backtrack "Oh fuck! Uh, forget I said that? I don't want you to feel like uncomfortable living with me now that you know i'm like...Bi or whatever! Uh or I can see if I can find another roommate or something I uh-"

"Stiles!" Derek cuts Stiles's rambling off with a shout, "It's okay, I promise. Plus, it would be pretty hypocritical of me to be an asshole to you about that considering i'm gay, soo...yeah" 


Stiles gapes a little, and says "Oh huh, okay, yeah. Uh...what were we talking about before my slight freak out? Oh yeah! So butt?! Yes or no in these pants?"

"Yes Stiles, definitely." Derek says smirking.

"Oh huh, well cool, i'm just gonna change out of this...and yeah." Stiles says blushing brightly while he goes into the stall to change.


'So, Stiles does like guys, huh.' Derek thinks to himself, trying to tramp down on the hope he feels in his chest.


He doesn't succeed.




Clothes picked out, Stiles sheepishly suggests paying for them and then heading to the food court before coming back to Target to look at dorm stuff, due to his stomach doing it's best dying whale expression when leaving the dressing room.

Derek just smiles, laughs slightly, and nods.


So, clothes picked out and paid for, the pair head to the mall's food court and decide on Johnny Rocket's, because "I think they have curly fries", Derek says.

"You know I like curly fries?" Stiles asks sounding astonished.

Blushing Derek says, "yeah, i've heard you lament your love for them at lunch before."


Stiles blushes deep red, and says small sounding "Oh, well, sorry you had to hear my weirdness."

"Never said I thought it was weird, Stiles." Derek says bumping his shoulder teasingly.

"No?" Stiles asks smiling slightly.

Deciding "fuck it", Derek says "yeah, found it more endearing than weird."

Derek knows his decision to be ballsy paid off when he glimpses at Stiles's face, seeing the deepening blush and small smile there.

"Yeah?" Stiles asks.

"Mhm" Derek agrees.

"Oh well, Johnny Rocket's it is!" Stiles says laughing slightly.




Once at the restaurant, the pair sit down in a booth, and look at the menus. 

Derek orders a cheeseburger with fries, and Stiles orders a cheeseburger with curly fries, and an extra order of curly fries on the side, ignoring Derek's small laugh at that.


"So, Derek, I didn't know you wanted to major in criminology."

"Oh uh yeah, it's always interested me, but I want to be more in the background you know? Like a forensic scientist or something like that."


"That's what your mom does right?" Stiles blurts.

At Derek's raised eyebrow he adds on "My dad says he sees your mom around the office sometimes."

"Oh yeah, makes sense." Derek smiles, "I'm guessing you want to work in the more hands on aspect like your dad right?"

"Nah. Most people think that, but I like the background aspects more too. I was actually thinking of doing something in forensics too" Stiles says.


"Ohh. Huh. Well, that's cool." Derek smiles in response.

"Yeppo Derrio." Stiles responds back and immediately regrets it.

"Oh god why do people let me talk?" He moans out.


Stiles looks up to see Derek trying to conceal his laughter, and eventually Stiles's frown melts and he laughs along too, until the pair's food comes.


Their meal goes by in a blur of good food and conversation.

Stiles learns that Derek has 3 sisters, Laura, Cora, and Violet, and two brothers, Nathan, and Benjamin. He says he's the third oldest, Nathan being the first, and Laura being second. He also learns that Derek loves a lot of similar things as him, like the same movies, tv shows, and even comics. Stiles is really surprised to learn that Derek's a closet comic book nerd like him.


Derek, on the other hand, learns that Stiles and his dad are all that's left besides relatives in Poland, that Stiles himself speaks fluent Polish, that Stiles loves reading, and shares a common love for many of the same books as him, as well as the same tv shows and movies.


Food finished, the waitress asks the pair if they want any dessert, and hand them both a dessert menu.


"Oh man, like I really want a milkshake but I don't think I can finish an entire one, you know?" Stiles says sounding conflicted.

"Yeah, me too, uh...we could share one?" Derek asks hesitantly.


Stiles face lights up, "Oh man, Derek, i'm starting to feel like im in the movie Grease between you wearing that leather jacket of yours, the theme of this Johnny Rockets, and now sharing a milkshake? This is too great."

"Yeah well you're no Sandra Dee." Derek says back teasingly, telling the waitress when she returns that they'll have one strawberry milkshake.

"Oh wow, rude!" Stiles says mock-affronted.

Derek grins, "Yeah, you're much prettier" and then laughs when Stiles freezes and blushes as red as the patent leather cushions they're seated on.


"Yeah, well, you're more handsome than Danny Zuko!" Stiles stumbles out.

"Was that...supposed to be an insult?" Derek asks laughing.

"Shut up" Stiles says with no heat behind it.


A few moments later, the waitress returns with their shake, and the pair dig in.

Derek has to tamp down his blush and avoid looking at Stiles, since the way the amber-eyed boy is sucking on the straw is downright obscene.

Derek is almost greatful when the milkshake is finished.


From there, the pair pays, and then heads back to Target to look at dorm items.




Once they get to Target, Derek has to jog to keep up with Stiles when the boy runs over to the dorm section and picks up what looks like a giant furry ball.

"Oh man it's perfect!" Stiles exclaims.

"Please tell me you're joking, what even is that thing?" Derek asks sounding pained.

"It's a pillow!" Stiles says hugging the object.

Derek gives him a blank stare, "Joking. Please. Joking right?"

Stiles stares back, but can only maintain composure so long and then breaks down laughing, saying "Oh man your face!" 

"Ass" Derek says laughing, heading over to look at actual, good bedding.


By the time the pair checks out, Derek has a bedding set in black "Oh my god of course you picked black" "Shut up Stiles" , a shower caddy, various toiletries, hangers, and other miscellaneous items.

Stiles, on the other hand, has a bedding set that's blue and orange themed "What even is that color combination, Stiles?" "It's the color of the Mets Derek! The best baseball team ever! Don't laugh at me!", a shower caddy, a Bat-symbol wall decal, toiletries, and other miscellaneous stuff as well.

After the pair check out, they decide to call it a day, because the mall is closing in an hour or so and they have too many bags to be comfortable doing any more shopping.


Walking out to the parking garage, the pair prepare to part ways to head to their respective cars, after saying goodbye, complete with a slightly lingering hug.

"We uh, we should hang out again next week, you know? Try and get in one more hang-sesh before move in?" Stiles asks rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

"Yeah, that sounds good, we can text each other, figure out the details." 

"Yeah, yeah that sounds...sounds good" Stiles said smiling.

Derek returns his smile, and heads towards his car, and Stiles heads towards his.




It's been about a week since Stiles has seen Derek last, and he's feeling bittersweet about it.

On one hand, the pair have been texting pretty constantly, between random things like

Stiles: "My dad gave me a framed picture of the last family photo we took with my mom. Said it'd look good in my dorm. The frame is even Mets themed. May have shed a super manly tear."


Derek: "Violet said one of her dolls was sick and couldn't make it to her tea party. Guess who had to be the guest in her place? I gotta find a way to resist her sad puppy dog face"

And then

Stiles: "Sometimes I think about if I was a stripper what song i'd want to give lap dances to. I think i'd want it to be "Slow Ride" by Foghat"


Derek: "Potatoes are so strange. Like, someone had to just come across a small bush one day, decide to pull it out of the ground, saw this rock shaped thing, and then decided to fucking eat it."

And then the occasional late-night deeper conversations

Stiles: "I wonder if my mom is proud of me, you know?"


Derek: "Sometimes I wonder who the favorite kid is. Like, I wonder if my parents are more proud of my other siblings than me."

But at the same time, Stiles is slightly bitter, because they can't hang out this week, because Derek got called into work because his coworker got sick, and then the coming weekend is move in.


Either way, Stiles is not really in the mood for Scott's shit. He just wants to stay home, veg out with some tv and video games, and maybe some jalapeño Cheetos.

 "Oh come on Scott I still don't know why you had to drag me with you to the sports store! We don't even play sports!" Stiles whines.

"Because you're my best friend and you love me?"


Stiles rolls his eyes heading toward the entrance.

"Because...I need a new helmet for my bike since you accidentally ran over my other one and you don't want me to wear the old one and risk dying from a cracked skull if I ever got into an accident?"

Stiles rolls his eyes harder, walking through the automatic doors.


Scott spots someone organizing baseball bats and smirks, knowing he's got the perfect thing to make sure Stiles doesn't get fed up with him and hop in the Jeep and drive off, he thinks he wouldn't do that anyways...but Stiles does get bored easily.

"Because...Derek Hale works here?"

"He what?!" Stiles whips around, spotting Derek over by the baseball section, and when he turns back around Scott is gone.


"Dammit Scott, this place is huge." Stiles mumbles frustratedly, feeling like a kid who loses their parents in a store.

"Stiles?" He heard a voice ask, and turns around, tentatively smiling at Derek.


"Heyy, Derek, you work here huh?"

"Yeah, what are you doing here?"

"Oh you know...looking around." Stiles says, playing with a bat in the display, and...promptly knocking the entire display down by accident.

"Shit Derek! I'm sorry i'll help."

"Nah, it's fine Stiles just let me-" Derek says leaning down, but unfortunately leaning down the same time as Stiles shoots up with a fallen bat in hand, smacking Derek in the nose with his forehead.

"Ow fuck!" Derek says.

"Shit, shit god i'm sorry!" Stiles says, eyes widening when he notices the blood starting to drip out and down Derek's upper lip.


"Uh, Derek, your nose-"

"Is bleeding yes, I noticed" Derek snaps, annoyed from the pain and blood, he hates bloody noses.

Not noticing Stiles's hurt look at his tone, Derek heads towards the  bathroom, Stiles on his heels.

"At least let me help please." Stiles practically begs, grabbing a wad of paper towel when they enter the bathroom, gently moving Derek's hand out of the way and replacing it with it.


Derek tilts his head back in an effort to stave off the bleeding, trying not to gag at the feeling of blood running down the back of his throat.

"Do you think it's broken?" Stiles asks, voice small.

"The fuck should I know, Stiles? I'm not a nurse."


Frowning, Stiles says, "I really am sorry, Derek."

"Yeah great, you know, you never told me why you were even here. I know for a fact you don't play sports so...what? You stalking me or something?" Derek says trying to tease but his tone comes out strained and mean sounding due to his predicament instead.


Stiles clears his throat in an attempt to get rid of the lump of hurt suddenly taking up refuge there at Derek's words, and takes his hand away from the paper towel, not caring that it starts to fall before Derek catches it in surprise

"Fuck off Derek, I said I was sorry! And for your information Scott wanted to come here to get a new motorcycle helmet!" Stiles bites out, leaving the bathroom, and ignoring Derek's shouted protests, answering his phone when it starts to ring.

"Hey dude where are you I found a helmet and bought it already, i'm at the Jeep did you and Derek run off toget-"

"Good." Stiles cuts Scott off, hanging up, ignoring his suggestive tone and mention of Derek. And jogs away from said guy, heading out into the Jeep, unlocking it and speeding away.


"Woah dude what's wrong?" Scott asks sounding concerned.

"I should've known Derek would be an asshole like the rest of them, maybe I'll just commute or something." Stiles says as an answer, cutting off the rest of Scott's questions, promising him he'll tell him everything later.




Derek watches Stiles angrily speed off and promptly wants to punch himself in the face, but texts him mom instead.

"Hey, do you think you could tell me where Sheriff Stilinski lives?"




Scott left an hour ago to go eat dinner with Melissa since she finally has a night off, and Stiles's dad has a night shift, so Stiles is left alone to wallow in his own self-hatred.

Why him? Really, he doesn't even live with Derek yet and he already hates him.

He's broken out of his haze by his doorbell ringing, causing Stiles to be suspicious, because he is a good 99.9% sure he didn't order any food, and he doesn't know of anyone that would be coming to visit, what?


Making sure his trusty baseball bat is just within reach if need be, Stiles answers the door, and instantly regrets it.

Not because there's a serial killer there, or the hash slinging slasher, or even a Jehovah's Witness, but because it's worse. It's Derek.


Rolling his eyes, Stiles bites out "What are you stalking me or something?"

"I deserve that." Derek says.

"Yeah you do, now bye." Stiles says starting to close the door.


"Hey, hey wait!"

Rolling his eyes, Stiles sighs out a "what?"

"I uh, brought apology pizza?" Derek says lifting up the box.

"Is there cheesy bread too?" Stiles asks.

Derek's eyes widen and he stutters out a "oh uh, no but I can get some delivered? I didn't know what extras you liked but figured everyone liked pizza so I ord-"

Taking pity on the jock, Stiles cuts him off with a sighed out "come in, Derek".


Face lighting up, Derek says "okay." And follows Stiles into the living room.

"So, apology pizza huh?" Stiles says, opening the box and taking a piece, meatlovers, yess.

"I wanted to say sorry, for how I acted today. I was in pain, and I hate nose bleeds, so when I said the stalking thing it came out mean when I meant it teasingly. I didn't really think you were stalking me or something, Stiles."

"Hmm yeah?" Stiles mumbles around a bite of pizza.

"So, apology accepted?"


Swallowing, Stiles looks over at Derek, taking in his painfully earnest and slightly hopeful expression, "Yeah, apology accepted."

Derek's answering blinding grin is certainly not a bad reward, either.




 After accepting Derek's apology, the pair decide to watch a movie, which turns into another movie, which then turns into video games, and then finishes with another movie and sharing a pint of sugar-free "My dad has to watch his diet because of his heart, I can't have the good stuff anywhere in this house, If I do I risk him eating it" ice cream straight from the carton with two spoons.


Eventually, the pair find themselves cuddled up to one another, Stiles resting his head on Derek's shoulder, and Derek's arm around Stiles.

They're snapped out of their sleepy haze when Derek's phone goes off.


Disentangling from each other, Derek checks it, and frowns slightly, "It's my mom telling me to get my ass home, cos I still haven't packed everything yet and move in is in practically a day."

"Yeah, I should probably finish that up too." Stiles says stretching.


Walking Derek to the door, Stiles says "Thanks for the apology pizza and the apology."

"You're welcome, thanks for accepting my apology." Derek says smiling.

"You're welcome." Stiles says smiling back.


Then, the pair lean in for a hug, this one even more lingering than the one that occured almost a week ago.

Pulling back, Stiles smiles and says "See you in a day, future roomie."

Smiling back, Derek says "Okay, text me...future roomie."


Nodding, Stiles watches as Derek walks out to his car, and shouts a "Goodnight Derrie!" and smirks.

Rolling his eyes, Derek shouts back "Goodnight!", gets in his car, and drives away.


Stiles heads back in and gets rid of the empty pizza box and pint of ice cream, smile ever-present on his face.


According to his dad, who came home in the wee hours and peeked into his son's room, the smile stayed put even in sleep.