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Open All The Doors

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glaring imperfection blinds



It's like looking into a mirror - her hips slant at the same angle when she walks towards the center of the room, an exact match in gait, red hair swishing with the swagger and a wry smile formed seconds before Liv felt the impulse.

"Ready to send me back?" the other Olivia Dunham asks, sauntering to her chair. She and Lincoln come to a stop at the edge of the interview table, and neither of them opt to sit down. They tower over this alternate Liv, though she shows no sign they are intimidating her a single bit by this action; she clearly knows their moves like they were her own.

"The equipment was right where you said it would be, and fortunately for you, the Secretary's feeling generous."

Liv leaves out that he'd deemed it safe to use – or at least no more likely to break the universe more than it was already. Lincoln understood the particulars of the matter, and the other Olivia had been deemed not a threat, currently. Purportedly, her world wasn't quite as bad off as theirs anymore, but enough to be sympathetic for the struggle and drive to find answers. A world to learn from. The term 'ally' had only been set by her willingness to cooperate and that she'd come bearing the gift of foreign science scrawled in formulas across her skin, tattoos she claimed were temporary.

"Good, my husband'll be going nuts with the mission overdue."

"You're married?" It strikes her as incredulous that in contrast this woman so like her would be married. She'd had Frank once upon a time and thought that might come to something, but not any more. There'd been no one for an age, work was it for her these days.

"You're not?" the other her replies tartly, amused.

"So...who's the lucky guy?" Lincoln says casually, aiming to diffuse the tension.

The other Liv glances at Lincoln and holds it for a moment too long. Lincoln looks between them, brow furrowed in an expression she knows as his version of utterly confused, thinking he's been ignored.

As she stares at Liv curiously, her doppelgänger breaks the silence, "Doesn't matter. Different universe, different history."

Except from all accounts it isn't, not really, not until recent events when their paths diverged technologically. Liv swallows and averts her eyes, feeling she's lost an unspoken contest with another version of herself, left with a pain that shouldn’t feel familiar.