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The President's Son

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The President's Son

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Kurt sat on Air Force One, his back to the wall as he perused tumblr on his laptop, keeping an eye on the doorway. Was he technically supposed to be taking a practice PSAT? Maybe. Was he technically not allowed to have any social media accounts for security reasons - a major downside of his dad becoming President? Sure. He figured he would be safe to log in on the plane, though. Usually, he only logged in from school. That way, the average person wouldn’t be able to trace his IP address to the White House. Granted, it was unlikely any of his three hundred followers were about to do this - but over the summer, with all the traveling he’d been doing alongside his dad, Kurt had started to take more risks with it. Safe risks. Someone tracking his IP would have to already suspect his tumblr was The Kurt Hummel’s tumblr in order to put the pieces together.

He read through a few posts discussing the latest episode of Project Runway before the page chimed with a new message. Kurt rushed to turn the volume off before opening it.

BowtiesandCoffee: Are you watching Project Runway this season?

Kurt grinned a little. He’d met Blaine last year, when he’d started his tumblr. He’d intended to blog a little about Project Runway, get all the latest juice on it, and avoid being noticed. Instead, Blaine had struck up a conversation with him, following a post Kurt had been compelled to make. It wasn’t his fault that people wouldn’t accept that fashion had no gender.

Once Blaine had started talking to him, they kind of hadn’t stopped. Somehow though, Blaine was under the impression that he might not be watching Project Runway this season.

BornThisWay: ??? Of course I am. Why wouldn't I be? Not only is it the reason we met, it's one of my favorite shows. As you know.

BowtiesandCoffee: Good. Because I have a lot to say about last night's episode...

As August wound slowly to a close, Kurt found himself at yet another political function with his dad (and Carole and Finn). This time, it was a dinner party his dad had insisted they all attend, following the Economic Summit they were at in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Kurt glanced at his watch impatiently and sighed. He’d missed the chance to watch the newest episode of Project Runway live. Stupid obligations. He’d missed his show.

“What’s wrong, Bud?”

Kurt jumped, turning to see his dad next to him. “Nothing.”

Burt raised an eyebrow at him and waited.

“I missed Project Runway,” Kurt confessed, fiddling with his glass, eyes flicking around the room, sliding over the mass of well dressed middle aged men in suits.

“There are new episodes in August?” Burt asked, eyebrows raised.

“It’s on Lifetime, Dad.” Kurt rolled his eyes. “Not all shows happen during the school year.”

“Okay, well I still have to talk to some people, but if you want to head back to the condo, you can. I think I heard Finn say something about heading back soon. We have to get up early for that fishing trip.”

“I’m not going on that,” Kurt reminded him dully. No way was he going to be woken up at 5am so he could go sit in the sun for hours on end, catching fish. “Carole and I were going to explore Jackson Hole.”

Burt let out a little defeated sigh. “You know that’ll probably get crazy real quick, right?”

Kurt rolled his eyes. “Yes, Dad.” Of course he knew it would probably get crazy. Ever since his dad had decided to upgrade from United States Senator to President of the United States, things had been a little ‘crazy.’ It was obvious that he and Carole would likely have to cut their shopping trip short due to safety concerns. They’d decided it was worth it, though. They both wanted to check out the wares and poke around town. Even if it did mean an entourage of security and having to be on their Best Behavior.

“Alright, just wanted to be sure…”

“Well, now that that’s settled,” Kurt turned on his most innocent smile, “is it alright if I head out? I think I soaked in all the educational experience possible.”

Burt laughed. “Yes, go. Take Finn with you.”

“Thanks, Dad!” Kurt hugged him quickly before making a beeline for Finn, who was lingering by the dessert table.

“Finn!” he called, as soon as he was close enough to not have to yell.

“Yeah?” Finn turned, a brownie halfway to his mouth.

“We’ve been freed! Let’s go.” He gestured towards the door.


“Yes!” Kurt grabbed his arm, pulling him towards the door. “Let’s go before he changes his mind.”

“Awesome. I’m totally watching the Reds game without him.”

Kurt laughed as Finn started speed walking to the door, rushing ahead of Kurt. “Well, I call dibs on the TV upstairs that has the DVR.”

Logging onto his laptop the moment he was safely ensconced in the upstairs living room (yes, one of the benefits of his dad being President, was the need to stay in a condo with two living rooms while they traveled because of the secret service agents assigned to protect them), Kurt turned on the TV.

He’d missed chatting with Blaine about the episode as it aired (which was going to be inevitable anyway with the time difference) but Blaine had said he’d try to hold off until Kurt was around…

BowtiesandCoffee: Are you back yet? I want to watchhhhh

BowtiesandCoffee: Kurtttt when does your thing get done??

BowtiesandCoffee: Do you know how much self control this is taking?

BowtiesandCoffee: At least now I don’t have to sit through commercials.

BowtiesandCoffee: Okay I talked to my Grandma for an hour ARE YOU BACK YET??

BowtiesandCoffee: Your silence speaks volumes about your lack of BEING HERE TO WATCH WITH ME

Kurt let out a laugh as he read the messages, warmth spreading through his stomach. Blaine was so worth his decision to break all the rules and set up a tumblr.

BornThisWay: I’m here! I’m ready to watch when you are!

BowtiesandCoffee: Well aren’t you a sight for sore eyes.

BowtiesandCoffee: Hit play at 10:17 my time?

BornThisWay: Perfect

Kurt stared out the window of Air Force One as they began their descent into Andrews Field. He loved watching as the ground zoomed closer and closer to him from what basically amounted to a private jet. He didn’t relish the photo op that came with deplaning, but taking Marine One to the White House afterward was always a joy. Washington DC from the air was magnificent. Especially when he got to call the White House home.

“Are you looking forward to going back to school in a few days?” Carole asked him, exiting Burt’s office, where he and Finn were probably watching whatever sport was in season.

Kurt sighed, turning a little in his seat to face her. “It’ll be nice to see my friends again, but I’m not particularly excited about the school work with the added stress of preparing to apply to college.”

Carole grinned, leaning a little closer and lowering her voice. “Well, you know, an advantage of being the son of the sitting President, is that any application you send, gets an automatic bump in status.”

Rolling his eyes a little, Kurt laughed. “It also means I have to make my essays extra good in case any of them leak, and the press is going to write a million articles speculating about where I’m applying and where I’ll go.”

“They’ll be distracted by the election when you’re applying.”

“Only for a little while,” Kurt sighed.

“Are you still thinking you’ll mainly apply to performing arts programs?”

“I think I might only apply to performing arts programs. I’m not sure if Dad’s job is going to help or hurt my chances.” Kurt frowned. “You’re stressing me out. I’m trying not to think about it for now. I have a bunch of AP classes on my schedule this year and I can’t worry about college yet.”

Carole patted him on the knee. “Sometimes I forget how stressful being 16 can be. You-”

“Ladies and gentlemen,” came a voice over the loudspeakers. “We are about to begin our descent into Andrews. Please find your seat and buckle your seatbelts.”

“Are you both up yet?” Kurt woke with a start as Carole called into the hallway that connected his and Finn’s rooms to the rest of the house.

“Shit,” he muttered, glancing at the clock before throwing the covers off of himself. His alarm was supposed to go off 30 minutes ago. “I’m up!” he called, rushing to his bathroom (oh, the joy of having a room with his own bathroom).

He peered into his mirror, splashing water on his face. Today was the first day of his Junior year of high school. It was going to be his most important academic year yet. He had a lot of work to do, and starting the day off right was critical to starting his year off right.

He quickly washed his face, hearing Carole bang on Finn’s door as he did so. “You had better be awake Finn, or I’ll come in and drag you out of that bed.”

Arriving at school with ten minutes to spare, he was immediately accosted by Mercedes - his best friend and daughter of North Carolina Senator Yvonne Jones.

“Kurt!” She hugged him tightly, before tugging him towards the cafeteria table they always sat at in the morning. “I missed you! How are you?”

“Good! Well, as good as anyone can be before 8am on their first day back at school. How are you? How was the trip you guys took to France? I’m sorry I’m so terrible about responding to emails, by the way.”

Mercedes laughed. “I can not wait until you’re allowed to get an instagram account so you can at least see my pictures.”

“I saw the ones you emailed and texted me!” Kurt nudged her. “Tell me about it before I have to go to math, otherwise I’ll have to start asking you about where your mom stands on the education bill my dad just submitted.”

“Anything but that!” Mercedes crowed dramatically before pulling out her phone. “I need to start with North Carolina. Remember that boy I told you about? Sam?”

“Ooo, the one you had a crush on when you still went to school there?” Kurt asked, waking up a little.

“Yeah,” Mercedes said with a sly grin and a blush.

“Oh my god! Did you guys hook up? You did, didn’t you? And you didn’t tell me!?”

“A girl has to keep some secrets for the first day of school.” A new text appeared on her screen, and Kurt leaned over to read it.

Sam: First days of school suck. Wish you were here <3

“He sent you a heart?” Kurt cooed as Mercedes shoved him lightly. “How cute.”

In the beginning of November, around the time that Project Runway was ending and Republicans were kicking their Presidential campaigns into full gear, Kurt was sitting in the library on tumblr during study hall, blatantly ignoring his homework.

BowtiesandCoffee: What’s your last name? I want to stalk you on facebook… We’re at the point in our friendship where we can do that, right?

Kurt stared guiltily at the message for a minute before responding. He was pleased that Blaine wanted to connect with him on other platforms, but not looking forward to spinning more lies.

BornThisWay: I think we are, but I don’t actually have a facebook for you to stalk…

BowtiesandCoffee: What!?!?

BowtiesandCoffee: I’m adding that to the list of evidence that you aren’t actually a real person.

Kurt laughed, the knot in his stomach loosening a little.

BornThisWay: There’s a list? Should I be concerned about this?

The no facebook thing is my dad being overprotective, Kurt continued to type. Plus the media would probably report on it daily.

He stared at the message and sighed loudly, deleting the last sentence before hitting send. Hopefully he’d be able to tell Blaine the whole truth once he was 18, in college, and had possibly met him in person. There would be fewer repercussions if Blaine blabbed then. Especially because Kurt wasn’t supposed to have any social media right now, so if Blaine told people, then he’d be in extra big trouble. One of the downsides of your father being the President of the United States.

Someone at the NSA, CIA, or FBI was probably aware of his account, but, well, if they were, they’d been kind enough to let it slide thus far.

His computer pinged with a response from Blaine.

BowtiesandCoffee: Ah. I should have figured. We’ve got to find a way to get him to loosen up.

BowtiesandCoffee: How do you navigate high school without facebook?

BornThisWay: Well, it helps that a lot of my classmates have similarly overprotective parents.

BornThisWay: Is your private school not like that?

BowtiesandCoffee: No! Besides, the boys would probably set it up anyway. How else would they organize secret rendezvous with the Crawford girls?

BornThisWay: Good point

BornThisWay: I gotta go, speech and debate starts in a few

BowtiesandCoffee: Have fun!

Kurt logged off, gathering his things quickly as he wished for the millionth time since he had ‘met’ Blaine, that he was living another life. A life where instead of pursuing politics, his father had just continued to live quietly in Ohio, running his auto repair shop and relishing Midwestern life. Maybe then he could have met Blaine under normal circumstances. Circumstances where he didn’t have to hide his identity and make up a slew of white lies to protect his secret.

Instead, Burt had gone from state politics, to national politics, to President. So, for the last three years, Kurt had been living the life of the President’s son. An interesting place to be, especially when he’d decided to come out to the world at 14.

A few weeks later, Kurt was finishing an essay at school when his tumblr pinged with a new message.

BowtiesandCoffee: How did I not know that Kurt Hummel was gay?

Kurt blinked at the screen. Was he really about to enter this conversation? He sighed. Time to talk about himself in the third person.

BornThisWay: What?

BowtiesandCoffee: The president's son. Your namesake. Is gay.

Kurt laughed.

BornThisWay: My namesake? Really?

BornThisWay: How did you not know he was gay?! That was of the utmost importance during the election! It was practically the crux of all arguments against the President

BowtiesandCoffee: I'm sorry I wasn't as politically aware as you apparently were at fourteen :P

BornThisWay: Apology accepted :P

BowtiesandCoffee: I'm really excited about this though! How did I miss this? All this time, he could’ve been my role model!

Kurt choked. Role model ? He knew he was a role model for many LGBT youth - he made an effort to attend LGBT events when he could - but being a role model for Blaine was weird. They were friends and Blaine had no idea who Kurt really was.

BornThisWay: I thought you had a strict “pop star only” rule to role models

BowtiesandCoffee: Just because I have a ...slight obsession with Katy Perry, Pink, and Adam Levine, doesn’t mean I can’t have other role models! I just added Kurt Hummel to my list. Other Kurt. Famous Kurt.

Rolling his eyes, Kurt shook his head at his computer screen.

BornThisWay: Does this mean I’m going to see a lot of him on my dash now?

BowtiesandCoffee: Do you have something against him?

BornThisWay: Of course not. No. He’s great. I’m just teasing

BowtiesandCoffee: If you say so…

BowtiesandCoffee: Oh shit, he’s adorable

Kurt blinked. Blaine thought he was adorable.

BornThisWay: Uh oh, I’m losing you to the rabbit hole!

BornThisWay: The bell just went off - I gotta get to my next class. I better not come back to find your blog has become a Kurt Hummel Only blog =P

Kurt quickly logged off, only to stare blankly at his computer screen for a moment. He was so screwed. Blaine was going to murder him when he found out that he was actually Kurt Hummel.

Late the next night, Kurt crept down to the kitchen, and set some milk on the stove. Between the essay he had due tomorrow, Blaine’s new obsession with Kurt Hummel, and the current political atmosphere stressing his dad out, Kurt was having trouble focusing. He needed to unwind but he didn't really have anyone he could talk to openly about everything. Blaine was a secret from his family and friends, his family's identity was a secret from Blaine.

Some nights, when Kurt had trouble sleeping, he would sneak over to the kitchen, warm up some milk, and write a letter to his mom. It always helped him work through some of his feelings and gave him a connection to his late mother without having to worry that anyone would actually read the letter and ruin his carefully balanced pile of accidental lies.

As he took the sauce pan off the burner - pausing a moment to acknowledge to himself that yes, he was carrying out this childhood habit in the kitchen of The White House - there was the sound of footsteps padding down the hall.

He froze a moment before recognizing them as his dad's. Pouring the milk into two mugs now, he sat down on a stool at the breakfast bar, tucking his notebook in the pocket of his robe as he did so.

His dad paused, eyes landing on Kurt as he entered the kitchen. "What're you doing up so late, Bud? You have school in the morning."

“And you have a meeting with the prime ministers of Denmark and Sweden tomorrow, but you don’t see me bothering you about being awake,” Kurt teased. “Do you want some milk?” he added, nodding towards the second mug sitting on the counter next to him.

Burt gave him a grateful smile before sitting down next to him and grabbing a mug. “I see your point there. You still got homework to do or is something else bothering you? You seemed awfully quiet at dinner.”

Kurt’s grip on his mug tightened, paranoia that his dad knew something about Blaine’s existence flashing through his stomach. “I have a paper due tomorrow on the symbolism of blood in Macbeth . I can’t seem to focus, so I took a break.” He’d actually finished it an hour ago, but his dad didn’t need to know that.

His dad hummed, sipping his drink quietly. “I never did like English classes much.”

Kurt laughed, taking a nice sip of milk before setting his mug down. “Okay Dad, now it’s your turn. Why are you still up?”

“I heard someone in the kitchen and thought it might be my son, looking for some company.”

Kurt eyed him carefully for a moment before shaking his head. “No you’re not, something else is bothering you.”

Burt took a sip from his mug before answering.

“A lot of things are bothering me these days,” he sighed. “I have to start my campaign up soon and I’m just beginning to realize how much less time I’ll get to spend with you next fall because of it. Your last year before college and I’ll be spending the beginning of it running all over the country.”

“Well it is your job to keep a roof over my head,” Kurt teased. “I’m quite fond of this one.”

Kurt went to school the next day resolved to find a way to talk to Blaine from his house. He wanted to provide a distraction from Blaine’s newfound obsessions, plus, after his conversation with his dad the night before about everything changing when he leaves for college, Kurt wanted more opportunities to talk to Blaine. Texting was obviously out, and Skype chat would lead to more questions. Email seemed clunky, but... old school IM might work. Or email chat on Kurt's dummy email set up purely for tumblr usage and any websites he wanted to log into.

BornThisWay: heyyyy Blaine!

Kurt had twenty minutes before class started and he knew that Blaine usually checked tumblr over breakfast, which, by Kurt's calculations, was happening right then.

Luckily, he only had to wait a few minutes for a response.

BowtiesandCoffee: Someone's chipper for a Thursday morning. How'd the paper go?

BornThisWay: ugh horribly, but I got it done and had a good talk with my dad in the process.

BornThisWay: How did the dinner go with your parents?

BowtiesandCoffee: Glad you had a good talk! Dinner was interesting. Dad and I somehow got into a fight (sorry mom) and he wound up apologizing about the car. He finally admitted that he'd partly chosen the car because he wanted to make sure I was 'manly' or whatever, but he claims he also just wanted to bond and potentially provide me with a car we built together.

BornThisWay: That's good news, right?

BowtiesandCoffee: I think so? Did your talk with your dad result in any new internet privileges? ;)

BornThisWay: I'm rolling my eyes at you. My dad is never going to lighten up about the social media thing until I'm 18 and off to college.

BornThisWay: He actually did get me thinking though... we could channel our inner 90s kid and use AIM or just use chat on email.

BowtiesandCoffee: Is AIM still around?? If so I am all for that. Do you think away message still exists? Excuse me, I need to skip first period so I can look into this.

BornThisWay: Haha ok, AIM it is! I should be able to use that when at home, so we'll actually be able to have conversations that're longer than 15 minutes and not done in full stealth mode during the school year.

BowtiesandCoffee: Yay!

BornThisWay: The first bell just went off, but I'll try to message you later with my screen name!

BowtiesandCoffee: You mean you won't be using one from elementary school? I was so looking forward to what little Kurt had picked!

Kurt chuckled quietly as he prepared to shut down his laptop, wondering what Blaine's name had been back in the day.

"Hey! What's so funny?" Mercedes asked coming up behind him.

"Nothing!" Kurt rushed to say, managing to maximize his tumblr window instead of closing it in his haste.

“Is that tumblr?” Mercedes cried out, snatching Kurt’s laptop before he could slam it closed and feign innocence. “How did you not tell me about this?!”

“Shh,” Kurt hissed, glancing around to see if they’d drawn anyone’s attention.

“How could you not tell me?” Mercedes hissed.

“Secrets are easier to keep if you don’t tell people. You know I’m not supposed to have an account,” he added with an apologetic smile. “Can I have my computer back n-?”

“You have a message!” To Kurt’s relief, she didn’t open it. Instead, she handed the laptop back and stared at him expectantly. “Open it!”

Kurt hesitated for a moment before opening the message, deciding that at this point, it wouldn’t hurt to tell Mercedes about Blaine. In fact, it would be exciting to be able to actually talk to someone else about him.

BowtiesandCoffee: Have fun in class! I’ll be spending first period trying to guess what 10 year old Kurt used for IM

Kurt glanced at Mercedes, whose eyes were zipping over the whole conversation. He bit his lip, closing the window and shutting his laptop down.

“I’ll explain at lunch, but right now we’re about to be late for bio.”

“Boy, you better explain.”

“Spill.” Mercedes said, placing her lunch tray on the table in front of him. “When exactly did you get a tumblr and who were you talking to?”

Kurt took a bite of his turkey sandwich, chewing slowly before answering. “I got it last summer. I was watching Project Runway during some work trip with my dad, and stumbled on some tumblr posts about it and just… decided to join.”

“And didn’t tell me.” Mercedes raised an eyebrow.

“It was only supposed to be a short term thing!” Kurt protested. “Then Blaine and I started talking and I wasn’t so keen on deleting my account when the season ended…”

“Ooo, Blaine.” Mercedes leaned towards him. “Tell me more.”

“He’s a friend. Who likes Project Runway,” Kurt hedged.

“Really? That’s all I get. Come onnnn,” Mercedes whined, poking him in the side.

“Okay. FIne.” Kurt felt a smile bloom across his face. “He’s kind of amazing? He goes to a private school in Ohio, he’s gay, he sings, and he’s kind of my best friend aside from you.” Kurt sighed, thinking about all the laughs he’d had with Blaine since they’d started talking.

“Does he… know?”

Kurt blinked, coming back to the conversation at hand. “Know what?”

“About you?” Mercedes raised her eyebrows pointedly.

“Oh!” Of course. “No! No. When I got my tumblr, I obviously wasn’t about to announce my true identity. You know I can’t have any social media accounts. So, he just knows that I’m Kurt with the overprotective dad.”

“You gave him your real first name?”

“What! I panicked when he first told me! Plus, ‘Kurt’ isn’t the most unique name in the world. He hasn’t put two and two together yet. Although…” Kurt blushed beet red.

“What?” Mercedes grabbed his arm. “You’re turning red. What??”

“He may have just… developed a crush on me. On Kurt Hummel me. Not knowing that that’s me.”

“Is this going to turn into some Twelfth Night situation?”

“I hope not,” Kurt laughed. “Although that would bode well for me…”

BornThisWay: My boring new IM name is Kurt3

BowtiesAndCoffee: Well that’s disappointing.

BowtiesAndCoffee: Alright I just made mine and in my attempt to channel you… mine’s BlaineA

BowtiesAndCoffee: How was your day?

BornThisWay: A little weird… One of my friends found out I have a tumblr

BowtiesAndCoffee: No one knew??

BornThisWay: The best way to keep it a secret from my dad is to not tell anyone! Friends spill secrets Blaine!

BowtiesAndCoffee: Very true! How’d she find out?

BornThisWay: Caught me in the library this morning, demanded to know more at lunch

BlaineA: Kurtttt I tried to ask my friend Jeremiah out for Valentine's day via a song, but I got him fired and now he hates me.

Kurt3: Jeremiah?

BlaineA: Yeah... haven't I mentioned him to you? We've gotten coffee a few times.

Kurt's brow furrowed a little. Blaine had most decidedly not told him about Jeremiah. Not that he expected to know everything about Blaine's life, but he'd thought he knew the important things currently going. That would include boys Blaine was crushing on and asking out via song.

BlaineA: Well, he works at the Gap, and I thought he liked me so I persuaded the warblers to sing backup vocals for me on When I Get You Alone....

BlaineA: Kurt. I got him FIRED and he said no.

Kurt blinked. He'd seen that video. Or at least the thirty second snippet someone had posted on tumblr.

Kurt3: Hold up. That was you?

Blaine was hot. And talented. Kurt was in deep trouble.

BlaineA: What?

BlaineA: oh no

BlaineA: Please don't tell me someone filmed it and put it online.

Kurt3: Just part of it! It was good. Like really good. I had no idea you were so talented!

BlaineA: God. I'm so embarrassed. Kurt.

Kurt3: Blaine. You were amazing, and the video doesn't even show this Jeremiah guy at all. It looks like it was just an impromptu performance.

BlaineA: I'm never going to be allowed in a Gap ever again

Kurt couldn't help the giggle that escaped his lips. He was disappointed that Blaine was interested in someone else when Kurt was more than a little hung up on him, but he couldn't exactly fault him for that.

Kurt3: it was my impression that you spent most of your time in Dalton uniforms or repping Brooks Brothers anyways. Or is your Brooks Brothers obsession limited to window shopping?

BlaineA: Kurtttt

Kurt3: You know that guy is an idiot for turning you down, right?

BlaineA: pretty sure I'm the idiot for serenading him at his place of work when he wasn't out at work.

Kurt3: oh.

Kurt3: Yikes :/

BlaineA: Yeah

BlaineA: ugh, I think I'm just going to call it a night

Kurt3: ok... sleep well! I'll talk to you tomorrow?

BlaineA: of course. Goodnight <3

Kurt3: goodnight

He rolled onto his back, sighing, a few tears running down his face. It wasn’t as though he could act on his romantic feelings for Blaine even if Blaine did like him instead of Jeremiah. Knowing Blaine liked someone else made dreaming about it less fun, though.

Hearing a cabinet slam in the kitchen, Kurt wiped his eyes and headed through his sewing room to see what Finn was up to. Last time he'd caught Finn in the kitchen late at night, he'd been eating the bag of chocolate chips Kurt had been planning on using the next day.

He opened the door to see Finn with his head in the fridge.

"What on earth are you up to?" Kurt interrupted.

"Wah-" Finn jumped, head smacking into the freezer. "Ow!" He rubbed the back of his head, turning to look at Kurt. "I was just getting a snack. What are you up to?"

"I heard a thud and wanted to see what the racket was," Kurt countered.

Finn raised an eyebrow, peering closer. "Are you alright?"

"Am I-? What?" Kurt folded his arms over his chest. "Why wouldn't I be alright?"

"I don't know, that's why I'm asking... your eyes look puffy and you've got that weird grimace on your face that happens when you're pretending everything's fine."

"I guess I'm just stressed," Kurt hedged, nudging Finn out of the way so he could grab the slice of cheesecake he'd saved.

Finn stuck a bag of popcorn in the microwave before sitting down at the table.

“Stressed about what? Must be pretty bad if it’s making you cry.”

Kurt sighed, plopping himself down across from Finn. “It’s just been one of those days.”

Finn cocked his head questioningly.

“I don’t know, I had a weird day at school, and then…” he filtered through his head for an excuse. “I was doing math homework, and got pretty frustrated trying to figure out one of the answers. Hence the crying.” Kurt gestured at his face. “What about you? Popcorn is more involved than your usual late night snack.”

It was Finn’s turn to sigh.

“Oh no,” Kurt interrupted before Finn could start talking. “If this is about the Quinn / Rachel debacle I don’t want to hear about it.”

“Good morning!” Mercedes chirped, clearly already starting in on the coffee.

Kurt sat down heavily. “Morning,” he replied dully.

“Well, isn’t someone just a ray of sunshine this morning,” Mercedes teased.

Kurt couldn’t even manage a smile. “I was wrong about Blaine liking me.”


“You know that video I sent you yesterday? Of that a capella group singing When I Get You Alone at The Gap?” Kurt fiddled with his phone as he spoke.


“The lead singer in it is Blaine.”

“The lead singer is- That’s what Blaine looks like?? That’s what he sings like? What’s the problem here, that seems like good news to me.”

Kurt sighed again, burying his head in his arms on the table. “He was serenading a boy he liked with it.”

“I’m sorry Kurt,” Mercedes rubbed his shoulder gently.

“I can’t even blame him really. I just wish it had been me.”

“You wish you worked in The Gap,” Mercedes teased.

Kurt turned his head so he could glare at her, a smile twitching at the corner of his mouth. “Just let me be miserable, okay?”

Winter quickly turned into spring as the school year raced to an end. Kurt was sitting in the back of the study hall room, laptop plugged into the wall, as he slowly put together the bibliography for his history paper.

Refreshing his tumblr, Kurt grinned as he saw a new message appear in chat.

BowtiesandCoffee: School is boring today. We're working on a project that I finished last night. Everyone glared at me when I said I'd finished, but it's not my fault! I have a competition this weekend! I had to finish it.

BornThisWay: Woah woah woah. I thought they all worshipped you

BowtiesandCoffee: Apparently rockstar status doesn’t apply to finishing projects early

BornThisWay: I guess that’s fair. Plus, they’re probably all just as jealous as I am that you get to go to NYC this weekend!

BowtiesandCoffee: Did I tell you that my mom convinced the school that I need to tour a college campus while I’m there?

BornThisWay: No! What? Really?

BowtiesandCoffee: Yup. NYU here we come!

BornThisWay: Not Columbia?

BowtiesandCoffee: NYU is closer to our hotel apparently

BornThisWay: Exciting!

BowtiesandCoffee: You up to anything fun this weekend?

BornThisWay: The weekend is so far off

BornThisWay: But my dad gets back from his business trip later this week so we’ll probably have family game night or something to celebrate.

After a two month internship at Vogue (finally! His dad being President had let him make a dream come true!), Kurt spent the remaining weeks of his summer vacation on the campaign trail with his dad.

As much as his dad had assured him that he didn’t have to be there - any campaigning was optional on Kurt’s part - Kurt insisted on being there. He couldn’t bear the thought of any of the Republican candidates winning, and while being on the campaign trail could be exhausting at times, it was also fun. Plus, he didn’t always trust that the staff were keeping as much of an eye on his dad’s health as they should.

BlaineA: Guess who I get to see tomorrow!?

Kurt3: Who?!

BlaineA: Kurt Hummel!!!!!

Kurt blinked at his screen. What?

Kurt3: What?

BlaineA: I’m going to see President Hummel at his OSU campaign stop tomorrow and word on the street is that Kurt’s going to be with him!

Kurt3: Is he giving a speech or something?

Kurt definitely wasn’t going to be giving a speech, but he was going to be up front, cheering his dad on with Carole and Finn. Now, he’d probably be spending the whole time trying to spot Blaine.

BlaineA: Probably not, but he’ll be there!! I’ll say hi to him for you if I can

Kurt3: You get to meet him??

Kurt didn’t really think Blaine would get to meet him but he had to check. He did sometimes talk to interviewers, if his dad was delayed or they wanted a quote about some LGBT issue.

BlaineA: Probably not =( A guy can dream though!

Kurt3: Haha ok, I hope you at least get to see him!

The next morning, Kurt woke up an entire hour before his alarm. An unprecedented event for him on the campaign. Heading into the kitchen, he poured himself a cup of coffee - lucky for him, many of the campaign people were already awake.

Despite knowing he was being ridiculous, Kurt spent some extra time dressing for the rally. He wanted to impress Blaine even if Blaine had no idea it was him.

Before the rally began, Kurt, Carole, and Finn were seated in a special box with other politicians, just off to the side of the crowd.

Finn and Carole chatted about the school - Finn was thinking of applying - while Kurt shifted restlessly in his seat. Blaine was here. They were sharing the same space. He hadn’t spotted Blaine yet, but Blaine had sent him a message that morning confirming that he was on his way to the rally.

Every time Kurt saw a head of dark brown hair, Kurt’s heart picked up a little. So far, the hair hadn’t been Blaine’s, but there were one or two people he thought could be him. Kind of tricky to tell when he was basing Blaine’s appearance off a video someone had taken on their phone, and didn’t have the best visibility on individual members of the crowd.

“You okay Kurt?” Carole laid a hand on his knee, bringing his attention back to the people around him. “You look pretty antsy.”

“I’m fine, just… looking to see if I recognize anyone.”

BlaineA: I saw him!!!!!

Kurt hadn’t spotted Blaine in the crowd, but he wasn’t too surprised that Blaine had managed to spot him. Not only had they been placed prominently, his dad had pointed them out at one point.

Kurt3: Really?!

May as well indulge the boy.

BlaineA: Yes! You know how gorgeous he is in photos?

Kurt preened.

Kurt3: Perhaps…

BlaineA: Oh don’t give me that! You can’t possibly not think he’s good looking. This past year he’s managed to transition from cute and adorable, to gorgeous.

Kurt3: If you say so :P

BlaineA: Ugh whatever :P The point is, he’s somehow 10x’s better looking in person. I could barely take my eyes off him.

Oh god. Kurt was blushing a bright red. At what point was Blaine not going to be able to forgive him for keeping his identity a secret? At some point, the things Blaine said about this crush were going to be too much, right? He’d serenaded someone at The Gap, so his tolerance for embarrassment was clearly high, but it still worried him.

Time to steer the conversation away from himself.

Kurt3: Kurt Hummel aside, how was the rest of the rally? I heard President Hummel gives good speeches