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RFRS - The Trigalis Incident

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24 BBY, 49 years before the Yuuzhan Vong cleansing of the galaxy.

Auset screams in pain as she crouches along the rocks near the salt brine of the True Way Faith Tabernacle on the Isle Sanctuary planet Haruun Kal. She grips the loose gravel to stifle the pain of contractions that squeeze through every nerve in her body. The false seawater lapses peacefully on the shore while she pants alone to bear the pain of childbirth. She welcomes loneliness, except while giving birth. She wishes her Liege's servants presence. But, as his concubine her low caste did not permit her access to his wealth and service. Her scream comes from another contraction as her baby pushes through. The Commander Zhat Lah and his Master Shapers would be absent to witness this birth of a Yuuzhan Vong-Human hybrid. The only known natural birth of one. She moans her mantra. “I can do this, I will do this, and this time, the baby will live!”

Memories flash through her mind of the last time the Jedi Academy, 13 years old and no idea she was pregnant. She did not scream for fear she would wake the entire temple.  Her pain stifled her voice in the dormitory shower stall as a deformed and dying infant falls from her body. Fear overwhelms her as she lights her saber to kill the child. She wraps the child in her Jedi robe and sneaks from the dormitory to dump the carcass into the Coruscant municipal trash, far away from the Jedi Temple in the dead of night. She thought she could dispose the body, she thought wrong. The infant survived her lightsaber cuts. Her baby lived its small life, and then died due to the cold.

Her arrest by the Jedi Guardians saves her life from the Coruscant mob of anti-Jedi citizens who loved all life. Angry that a Jedi child gave birth and threw the baby away questioned the Jedi presence in the Galactic center in the government. They demanded justice. But the Jedi sentenced Auset to work in the Jedi Agricultural Corps, never to become a padawan or a Jedi Knight.

She roils in pain from her body as her memories of accepting her punishment by the Jedi court and boarding the corp's ship. Then, pirate slavers interdict her starship and slave her to an unknown planet for the Al Qotn fields. Her toil on hot sticky days were endless, but she heals the people unable to hide her Force Powers. Throughout her ordeal, the way she dealt with pain was to sever herself from the Force.  The Jedi forbade it because it fails to allow a Force user to be open to all the possibilities presented by the Force. She saves herself from the pain from the Force Sever. The pain of how she became pregnant as a child at 13 years old. Her pain of rejection by the Jedi. Her pain of known injustice and her silence to speak. Her pain from the overseer's knout. Her pain as it is shown on her body by the welts he receives from the overseer's whip. Her pain until her day of atonement by the Yuuzhan Vong. They save Auset and purify her sins as she severs herself from the Force to survive them. On that day, her sever lifts her away from pain and takes her into a new unknown direction in the Force. Her new baby is a reconciliation of her Force sever, and the Yuuzhan Vong have taught her that her pain escalates her position among the Yuuzhan Vong and their gods.

She squeezes her eyes as she pushes hard. The newborn oozes from her body and lands gently on the sand as the salt water washes the dark black-red blood off the baby...girl. She pulls the girl close to her wet robeskins, as a tear drops from Auset’s eye. “Tchurrokk’tiz! Behold! The only thing greater than the Yuuzhan Vong gods and the Force.”

She cradles her baby girl and the nasal cartilage is for humans was missing on the child. She looks like her father’s, a warrior of the Yun Yammka of the Yuuzhan Vong. In between her fingers and toes were tiny membranes of webbing. She turns the infant over and there was a small tailfin. Auset searches carefully for any humanity left in her child, and it was in her eyes. Auset smiles in the grace of her daughter’s eyes that were purple in color, like hers, and she hums an old Korunnai lullaby indigenous to her upcountry people on Haruun Kal. The sun rises to its glory as the skies turn a beautiful red, orange, purples, and green. Auset’s new faith, the True Way Faith, leads her to her prayer. “I shall name you Yemaja, as the god Yun Txiin of love has spoken, ZHAETOR ZHAE! Tchurrokk Yun’Tchilat!”

Auset cuts the umbilical cord with a barbed Yuuzhan Vong shaped creature's tooth, and holds her baby to the sun of her ancestors and the living biots of the gods of the Yuuzhan Vong as presentation of great omen. Her daughter unifies the Force and the Yuuzhan Vong gods of a wondrous creation at dawn’s explosion the start of the day.




20 BBY, 45 years before the Yuuzhan Vong cleansing of the galaxy.

The large beast swims across space like water. It was a Matalok ship, named Jitihada and Commander Zhat Lah helms the ship under a cognition hood to send neural signals to the navigator beast called the Yammosk to direct his small complements of living asteroids, advanced scout ships, and living coralskippers fighters flying to planet, Trigalis. A Black Sun criminal organization controlled planet that has stolen funds of the Yuuzhan Vong gifts from their gods. The Yuuzhan Vong deal soured with secret party members of the Intendent caste begging the other castes to assist them as a show of force. The Supreme Overlord Quorreal reluctantly sent Warriors to fight for the honor of the Yuuzhan Vong Empire. The Elite domains or families sent the Domain Lah, which Zhat Lah was an untested military commander of the ruling family. He had grown his own ship without the aid from the scientist caste, Master Shapers, and recently come into possession of a new planet, Haruun Kal. On that planet, he helped the Master Shaper caste test and grow biological technologies (biots) and terraform the planet. It was his command and men that were ordered to teach these Black Sun criminals a lesson. It was the hope of the Warrior caste to cleanse this diplomatic mess that the Intendent caste created and wasted resources for integration into the galaxy.

The bioships warp signature engines were hidden when near a sun's cosmic rays as a small contingent of ships rest in high orbit in its southern hemisphere to hide. Interference of biological technology verses abomination metal technology had not been tested and Commander Lah was to test it. The communication officer or villips mistress announces their arrival to the commander. “Belek tiu, Commander Zhat Lah, is it your great blessing to Yun Yammka, the god of war, to bequeath the Tu-Scart - a gift from the Master Shaper’s goddess Yun Ne’Shel to bless this infidel planet?”

 “Proceed,” Lah replies at the helm of his ship.

The Matalok ship drops cocoons from a high altitude to drift into the atmosphere of the planet. The advance scout ships with a clutch of Tsik-Seru gunships enter the atmosphere, and peel off in formation as their wings flaps like ferocious large wasps. In his Matalok ship grotto, he watches the glistna-bug holographic images form structures that indicate the locations of the planet seeding. The attack unfolds as the cocoons release of locust like creatures called grutchin swarm the mountainous areas. An alert chirps as a separate structure appears from a scout ship where the wranglers scoot the Tu-Scart, a large serpent worm beast into a muddy swamp. It immediately burrows underground and hibernates until summoned. The Tsik Seru flew alongside the scout ships while they started to drop one ton eggs of specialized beetles called lav peqs that will nest in the mud of the swamps of Trigalis along the equator until they are activated to hatch by temperature. Lah crosses him arms and looks at his officers who served under him as they scurry about to assess how well the biots survive. “It seems that the biots behave as the Master Shapers promised.”

Then, the Priest caste savant Lacap interrupts his thoughts, “Commander is this your first time setting your foot on a planet for its redemption?”

Lah, not fond of the Priest caste and their prosperity-filled sermons usually laced with gossip stares at the young savant and his eagerness. Lah, shows no emotion to avoid any confusion of charge him of religious heresy, which would bring shame to him and his domain. One sleight of word could demote him to a slave and no one in his family or domain were slaves. He did not want to be the first. But having the interpretation of the gods on your side can create a formidable political clout in the leadership of the Yuuzhan Vong.  “Puul, it is not. Domain Lah has set foot on planets in this galaxy. According to our preliminary reports the infidels call this one, Trigalis. Why do you ask?” His eyes shift in color as he as a warrior was given special implants for night vision to aid in his conquests. They were standard issue, but not mandatory for all warriors. They glisten brightly when he studies the savant.

“It is my first time seeing a planet, Commander. I hope to set foot on one soon so that I may to the ritual of blessing it,” Lacap eagerly replies.

The villip mistress spoke. “Sir, oviparity is complete.”

Lah continues to monitor glistna-bug actions and structures. “Good. We have done enough blessing for today. Recall the ships.”

All the officers salute. “Belek tiu!”

Commander Zhat Lah scratches the ridge of his brow, and sighs deep in thought for a risky decision that could ruin his reputation. But this decision has come at the right time as ordained by the Great Doctrine Fortellings. He also did not care what others thought of his risks. He took a detour from the fleet as he commanded his crew. “Coerce Jitihada to set a course to the planet Haruun Kal. I need to assess vongforming and its fecundity.”

His officers salute. “Belek tiu!”

The coordinates enter the master organic computer brain called the rikyham, which relays to the Yammosk that innervates the Dovin Basal organic hyperdrive engines.

“Cognition hood is innervated and ready, sir,” his second in command, Viong Muyel announces.

Lah sits in the chrysalis bed of the cognition hood when he speaks to savant Lacap whose eyes dart due to the sudden change is orders. “You may have your wish to stand on blessed firmament of a Master Shaper Damutek laboratory, priest.”

“Are we landing on Trigalis?” Lacap asks.

Lah smirks as his long wavy black hair drops to his shoulder. “Puul, but another planet that Yun Yuuzhan has ordained himself for glory.”

Lacap’s brow furrows from what seems like chaos aboard the ship grotto as it maneuvers the beast around to an opposite trajectory away from the Worldships, where all the Yuuzhan Vong survive for several millennia. He tries to understand the Warrior caste ways and their odd military decorum as the notable Domain Lah use in their war tactics, but they confound him with his religious interpretation of the Great Doctrine. However, given that the Domain Lah has its own worldship, he observes to implement the appropriate prayers only to blurt a profession of his faith. “Sir, your path is not ordained by the Supreme Overlord Jamaane?”

Zhat Lah chuckles. “Is that what they teach in the priesthood these days?”

“Puul, I thought...that the planet we conquered is the one we would bless?” Lacap’s voice drifts as the beast thought shifts into lightspeed from Lah’s neural commands and the stars splay past them in hyperspace.

Lah exits the cognition hood as the memory engrams are set to the new location. His stoicism as he stands like a specimen of a great warrior family with his muscular bulk inside his Vonduun Skerr Kyrric living crab armor towers over Licap. “We have not conquered Trigalis, yet. But Haruun Kal is the planet, which requires blessing, what the infidels call it. It is in the Al’Har system, protected by a bays of planetary reef and a difficult planet to circumnavigate with infidel metal ships. With our bioships, we easily moved into the system and to its singular planet. We have been blessed to have a sapling site to vongform there.” His voice drifts as his back turns toward consulting his men from a Yammosk report. He turns back to the priest once he has confirmation from them. “Savant Licap, you know, whatever you observe on the sapling site is never to be reported. Understand?”

Savant Lacap micro-hairs rise behind his neck and he sees Lah’s men surround him in their crab armor. He looks at his priestly red robeskins as he gulps from the ires of the warriors. His fear of their menacing faces reminds him of all his teachings about being embedded into the Warrior caste and their fierce loyalty to fight for their caste god, Yun Yammka for the protection of the chief deity, Yun Yuuzhan. He honors the order, but knows that the warriors can kill him. His next cautious words are filled with a gulp of air. “Dwi, Commander. Puul qahsa-no record.”

Lah lowers his shoulders with a sigh of relief and a slow grin of hope that the priest would agree to the visit. “Good. It is nice to see when the Priest Caste utters their battlecry, ‘Taan Yun-forqana Zhoi’ to join the other castes of the Creche.” He re-enters the cognition hood to notify the Domain Lah worldship he was going to the planet Haruun Kal for field inspection and ritual blessings.

Savant Lacap skin turns a light blue in a blush due to his lack of knowledge of the Priest Caste battlecry. His confusion causes him to pace the grotto of his ignorance to the warriors. His High Priest Jakan and his order never taught him to serve on a bioship practically. Only the novel ordination from Yun Yuuzhan and that this galaxy requires cleansing. Yuuzhan Vong Caste involvement, such as the Priest, the Master Shaper, the Warriors, or the Intendent castes were not of his knowledge base. To him, he was a lowly savant, a minion in the Priest Caste. But to advance in his caste, he required experience. The fast track way to advance was by being embedded with the Warrior caste. He hopes they will not sacrifice him because his confusion. Confusion in the eyes of warriors is often seen as cowardice. The Warrior caste hates cowards and those who refuse to fight.