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A Calvacade of Story Fragments

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To start with, the NUMB3RS one for Tigerbright: Spoilers for season finale.
"The one where Alan meets his first grandchild."

"Alan?" Robin calls, and he dries his hands on a dishtowel as he turns to her. She has one hand laid high on her belly and one bracing her back, and for a moment with the sun behind her she reminds him of Margaret, laughing and wincing forty-five years ago.

But Robin's hair and profile and narrow proud smile are all her own, and as Alan reaches to pull out a chair for her his twinging hip reminds him how long ago that was. She settles gratefully, pushing the other chair out with her foot, so he sits facing her, and she reaches out to grasp his wrist.

He forgets sometimes how strong she is. He's reminded now as she tugs his hand over and sets it on her belly, saying, "Feel this."

A little bump rises under his hand, a squirming ridge. Alan presses down as his grandchild presses back, not realizing he's holding his breath until his chest starts to tingle, and when he looks up Robin is smiling as brightly as he's ever seen.