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BTS prompts

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Prompt: jihope - giggly fun sexy times


Jimin was doing his best not to giggle, Hoseok could tell. Most of Jimin’s face was hidden in the pillow, Hoseok’s pillow, though he knew Jimin had been up and around while Hoseok was in the shower.

“You’re in my spot.”

“You got up. It’s my spot now,” Jimin said.

His hair was fluffed, his grin half hidden but still visible with the blanket pulled up to his chin. So, there was only one thing Hoseok could do, really. Jimin squawked as Hoseok roared and pulled back the covers, and Hoseok retook his place on the bed with Jimin still in it.

“This bed sure has gotten lumpy,” Hoseok said, pulling the blanket back up and pressing fully against Jimin, skin to skin.

Jimin snorted, wiggling distractingly. He was so cute, so cozy. Hoseok pressed kisses to his shoulder and against his cheek and wiggled right back until Jimin was humming since he could feel Hoseok getting hard against him.

“But you just showered,” Jimin teased, peeking back at him.

“Water’s cheap,” Hoseok said. And he felt the breath huff out of Jimin as he ground down against him.



The sight of Jimin biting his lip had Hoseok reaching for the lube. Jimin’s hips lifting to meet his, the hum as he felt Hoseok getting them both slick and his thighs sliding wider to give Hoseok room. He knew every inch of those thighs, every sensitive place on Jimin’s body. There was a place, just there at the base of Jimin’s neck, and Jimin almost keened a little as Hoseok nibbled there, and slid into him. Long, slow slides to let Jimin adjust, to let him enjoy it. Jimin’s shoulders tensed and relaxed, his hips lifting, inhaling, sighing.

“Oh. Hoseok.”

His hips angled a little and Hoseok kissed the corner of Jimin’s mouth, breathing with him, braced above him and loving how Jimin arched for him.

“Why didn’t you just get in the shower with me?” Hoseok asked.

Jimin’s laugh had tingles racing down his back. “Less chance to slip and fall.”

He’d planned it then. Hoseok’s mock growl only had Jimin gasping with laughter again, and he nudged up the lube so Jimin could get his own hand slick and touch himself. That was a different kind of sound, tugging at Jimin’s ear lobe, feeling him tighten, hearing those throaty moans. No more teasing, not when he could feel the change in Jimin’s breathing.

“Come on, Jimin.”

It lit him up inside to hear Jimin gasp and come for him. Jimin’s body working him, Jimin flushed and desperate. Hoseok closed his eyes and let his hips work, letting himself just tip over the edge that had been getting closer. Jimin was still puffing under him as Hoseok groaned, letting Jimin’s body cradle him. He reseted his forehead against Jimin’s head, trying to breathe again. He was definitely going to need another shower. But Jimin was going to need one, too. And their sheets.

Jimin sighed. “I’m going to have to steal your spot more often.”

Oh no. He didn’t have his voice yet, but Hoseok was definitely glad to share.