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The Hacker and the Hit Men

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“Just once, I would like to not be on clean up duty. Assassins are supposed to be far less messy than you are.”

Alec snorts and cleans the blood off his Bowie knife before sheathing it on his belt. “My position was compromised. I had to attack or compromise the hit.”

“And what exactly is wrong with using a sniper rifle?”

“It’s impersonal.”

James rolls his eyes with a put upon sigh. “Only you would say that.”

“Of course I would. Now can I please set this place on fire?”

No, Alec. Jesus, come on. We have to get out of here.”


“No, I’m just more professional than you.”

“I’ll have you know I took out all the security cameras before we came in.”

“I’m leaving now.”

“Okay, okay I’m coming.”

“You’re just following me. I’m sure you’ll be coming later.”

“Mmmmm, yes I will. With you right along with me.”


They tumble into their flat forty-five minutes later and are instantly all over each other. Weapons and belts clatter to the table while clothes fly all over the room in their haste to touch and taste and fuck out the bloodlust and adrenaline from a successful hit. When the bedframe begins to smack against the wall, their neighbor wakes from a fitful sleep and just groans in frustration.

“Would it kill them to do that not at three in the morning?”

Q rolls over and shoves his head under his pillow, even as James and Alec get louder and bloody louder. He hadn’t expected living next to two married Doms to have such an impact on his ability to sleep. The worst part is actually not the late night, very loud sex. It’s the effect it has on his Submissive instincts. Q works very hard to suppress as much as he can, but hearing his neighbors like this… it’s the only time he ever longs for something he gave up on having years before.

Unable to relax, Q gets up and puts the kettle on. He’s going to have to go back to the club after he finishes work for the day. He needs to work off some of his restless energy. No way he’s going to risk a drop this close to finishing a project.


James and Alec roll off the bed and fall to the floor in a sweaty tangle of legs and arms, giggling wildly. “Next time, sniper rifle. Okay?”

“Fine. But you better have a reward for me when we get back.”

“Horny bastard.”

“Daft git.”

James grins and kisses his husband gently. “Love you, Alec.”

The other man smiles and kisses James before getting up and cracking his back. “Love you too. Do we have any pizza left in the fridge?”

“Always thinking about your stomach.

“Or the way your arse looks in jeans.”