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"Hey!" I said, toppling to the floor like a sky scraper. "What the-" I felt a heavy weight on me, and looked up to see a small boy. "What the hell?" I asked. The boy looked away, trying to frantically stand up. "I'm so sorry!" He said, blushing profusely. "No no, it's fine." I said, standing up in the mostly empty hallway and picking up the guy's book. "Are you okay?" He was looking down. "I'm fine." He said. I looked him over, slightly shocked at his choice of attire. A sea-green sweater with a pink bunny on it adorned his torso, his legs wrapped in stark white skinny jeans, and a pair of lavender all-star converse completed by a beautiful lavender flower crown. This wasn't even mentioning his black cross necklace or black gauges that looked to be a size four decorating his look. "I-uh. I gotta go." I said softly, biting my lip and walking away. He looked back at me, but I didn't look at his face. He had a pretty smell though.



I headed towards the cafeteria at lunchtime, ready to suck down another Red Bull to get me throught the rest of the day. "Hey, Debby!" I said to my best friend as she appeared, a beaming smile on her face as always. "What's up, nerd?" She asked and I chuckled. "Nothing, as per usual." I sat down and took a sip of the drink I had been waiting for, and set it down. "Ugh, We did practically nothing in history today. a disappointment I must add." Debby flipped her auburn hair out of her way and took bite of the sandwich she had brought for lunch. I rolled my eyes and ran a hand through my hair, dismissing her off-handed comment. "Did we get a new kid today?" I asked as she chewed on her food. "Yeah I think so. He was in my chemistry class." I nodded. "Alright."

I went to take another sip when my senses were filled with an oddly comforting smell. I turned around in my chair and froze. A pair of eyes were looking back at me, and they were the most beautiful shade of... I couldn't think of the word at first. Then it hit me.


Before I knew it I was up and out of my chair, strolling towards Sweater-boy, as I decided to call him, who was nervously looking for a place to sit. "Hey again, wanna sit with me and my friend?" I gestured towards Debby. He looked relieved when I offered him a seat and nodded. "I'm Josh, by the way." Sweater-boy spoke up. "I'm Tyler." I smiled. "Nice to meet you Tyler." we stood there for a few seconds before I turned, grabbing his wrist and pulled him through the crowd and to the table I was sitting at with Debby.


"You play the drums?" Tyler said, leaning on his elbows. "Yeah, I want to be a drummer after I finish school." I leaned back in the chair I had been sitting in, and Debby snickered. "Like that's ever gonna happen." She said, smirking. I elbowed her in the ribs. Tyler smiled a little at the sight. "I play the piano. And sing. But I don't know if I could make a career out of it." He shied away a little at that, and I put my hand on his arm without much thought.

"Hey, you can be anything you want to be. And if anybody has anything to say about it they can talk to me." I said, realizing that was slightly more defensive out loud. Tyler's eyes widened a bit. "O-Okay." He stuttered, and I smiled a little bigger. "So what's your schedule? Do you have band or music or something?" Tyler nodded. "Advanced Music Practices last hour." My eyes were probably sparkling at that. "Me too! Wanna hang out later?" I asked. I hoped he'd say yes. I wasn't sure why but there was something about him that I found interesting. "Y-yeah." He said. "Awesome." I pulled out a piece of paper and scrawled some numbers on it. "Here's my number. Text me after school." He smiled as the bell rang, and we walked out of the cafeteria together.


"Everyone this is Tyler Joseph and he is new to the school." Our teacher, Mrs. Linde said calmly, motioning towards Tyler. I hadn't seen him since lunch and since then he had replaced his flower crown with a pair of pink headphones with white cat ears on them. I smiled at the fluffy ears as Mrs. Linde spoke up again. "Tyler you can go sit next to Joshua." She pointed at me and my face heated up a little. He came and sat down, smiling at me softly. I stared at him for a while, until something the teacher said caught my attention. "You will all be expected to perform a song you create for your quarter final. Performances start in two weeks so you had better have everything memorized and rehearsed." she continued on, and at the end of her speech she added, "Oh, and no partners. This is individual work." I groaned inwardly while Tyler audibly groaned. I smirked. "Looks like we can't do a killer duet this time." He chuckled, and looked at me with his glittering cinnamon eyes. I felt chills from the sheer beauty of this boy, and bit my lip. Before long the bell rang, and I stood up with my bag in my hand. "Text me?" I asked. Tyler nodded and grabbed his black backpack, slinging it over his shoulder and walking out of the school with me, laughing the whole time.


UNKNOWN NUMBER: Hey it's Tyler.

Josh: Oh hey! What's up?

Tyler: Homework. Working on that song.

Josh: Awesome. You wanna hang out this weekend?

Tyler: I don't know...

Josh Oh come on, you'll be fine.

Tyler: Okay.

Josh: Great! See you tomorrow!


Josh laid in bed after that for a long while, a huge smile plastered on his face. He couldn't figure out why he was seeing nothing but stars and galaxies, and he thought the amount of Red Bull he was drinking was getting to him. He eventually fell into a restful sleep, dreaming of music notes, pastel colours, and glittering eyes.

Cinnamon eyes.