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Just a Game

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“Um, let’s see… Never have I ever… swallowed a bug!”

“Ha! Only one to go and I win!”

“Ew, Sero, that’s disgusting.”

“It was by accident, Ashido! But it doesn’t matter because I’m going to win!”

“Tch, I doubt it. Look, I have three fingers! Who knows, the next three things might just involve me!”

“That’s impossible and you know it Jirou!”

“It could happen! And it totally will! I can feel it.”

“How exactly can you feel you’re going to win?”

“Women’s intuition.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes of course I am!”

“There’s no use arguing about it. It’s just a game, who wins will win.”

“Oh shut up Todoroki!”

Izuku laughed quietly from behind the counter, waiting for the mixer to finish stirring his cookie dough. His classmates really did put their all into everything they did. They weren’t even playing to win anything, it was just something to pass the time before they all felt like they were going to pass out.

“Our friends are pretty lively tonight, don’t you think, Deku-kun?” Ochako smiled up at Izuku, clasping her hands behind her back and leaning in close again. Izuku flushed and nodded, leaning back a bit.

“Y-Yeah, they are!”

“My turn then? Um, never have I ever… cross dressed.”


“No fucking way.”

“Hm~. My younger sibling needed a fourth person for her game and I was the only one available. Her other friends were gone on vacation and I offered. I looked absolutely fabulous!”

“Actually, I’m not that surprised.”

“Yeah, it’s very like Aoyama.”

“Someone wash my eyes I can’t get the image out of my head. Spare me.”

“You’re just jealous because I can rock female clothing better than you.”


“Bakugou please.”

“It’s no use, Kirishima, he’s too far gone now.”

“Are you saying that you’d totally be up for dressing like a girl?”


“Omg, Tooru go get your stuff.”

“On it, Mina-kun!”

Izuku’s head slammed on the counter in front of him, causing everyone to look in his and Ochako’s direction. He was shaking with the effort of keeping his laughter in.

“Ah, Deku-kun! Are you alright?” Ochako exclaimed and put a hand on Izuku’s back. He nodded, a hand over his mouth.

“I guess he just can’t handle the idea of Bakugou in girls’ clothing.”

“To be fair it is a funny mental image, Kirishima.”


“Yeah, but that begs the question: what would he look better in?”

“He seems like he’d look better in skinny jeans and a cute blouse.”

“I agree, Yao-momo. Gotta show off that butt.”

“Yeah, I can’t picture Bakugou in a dress or skirt. Legs’re too muscular for that.”


“I think it really depends on the type of dress? Like, he could probably rock one of those flowy-er dresses and skirts.”

“Ah, yeah, that makes sense, Kyouka.”

“I can’t see him wearing bright colors though, black and red are probably better.”

“I’m back~!”

“Oo, great!”

Izuku slipped and fell on the ground, holding his stomach as he laughed. Ochako fussed over the fact that Izuku had just fallen and possibly hurt himself, but he just laughed and laughed and laughed.


“Wow I don’t think I’ve ever heard Midoriya laugh that much.”

“I don’t think I’ve heard Midoriya laugh at all.”


“It’s quite refreshing to say the least.”

“God, even his laugh is like the sun. How in the world is this even possible?”

“Obviously he’s some kinda angel sent down to Earth to try and right all the wrongs of this world.”

“Some kind of sun child that’s here to show us all the true meaning of love and companionship.”

“Okay we’re getting too sappy now.”



“Oh, yeah, I forgot Bakugou sorta hates Midoriya for some weird reason.”

“Should we help?”

“Eh, probably.”



“So loud…”




“Yeah we should probably stop them.”


It took a few minutes for everyone to settle down. Izuku finally stopped laughing and got up from the floor. He then realized what everyone had said about his laughter and practically blew a fuse. While Tenya and Ochako tried to calm Izuku down, the rest of the class went back to their game.

It went on for another ten minutes (Kyouka did end up winning, surprisingly), until Mina leaned her head back and groaned. “Ugh, this is starting to get boriiiiing.”

“You’re just upset because you have no chance of getting in the top ten.”

“Nuh uh! Seriously, I thought this would be more fun. I thought we would get to learn a bunch of things about each other, but I only found out stuff I could’ve gone my whole life without knowing.” She glanced pointedly at Yuuga.

“Eh, she has a point.”

“Well fine then, Ashido. What do you suggest?”

Izuku, now calm, saw an evil glint appeared in Mina’s eye and feared for all of their lives. “I know exactly what we should play, Kaminari.” She stood up quickly and pointed to a broom closet nearby. “We should play Seven Minutes in Heaven!” Well that gained everyone’s attention.

“Seven Minutes in Heaven?!”

“Yup! C’mon, it’ll be fun guys!”

“Yeah, I agree.”

“Well of course you would, Mineta!”

“What can I say, I’m a man of opportunity.”

“So loud…”

“Uwa, Seven Minutes in Heaven?” Ochako held a fist up to her mouth, her eyes uncertain. “I’ve never played, have you two?” She looked over at Tenya and Izuku.

Izuku shook his head. “N-No, of course not!”

Tenya crossed his arms over his chest and closed his eyes. “Neither have I. This game is not appropriate for students our age, especially aspiring young heroes!”

“Aw, c’mon Iida! Lighten up a bit! Let loose!” Mina called from the lounge area. “It’ll be fun! Exciting! A way to get to know each other on a personal level!”

“A personal level you say…” Iida lightly touched his chin in thought. “A way to build even stronger bonds between each other, to gain more trust, and truly understand each other. Brilliant!” What. “Alright. I, as class representative, will allow you all to play this game!” WHAT.

Mina, Tooru, and Minoru cheered while the rest looked absolutely dumbfounded.

Iida-kun! Izuku thought, gaping. You just played into her hands!

“Right! We need a bottle. Yao-momo, could you please?” Mina clapped her hands together, smiling.

After a moment, Momo let her bewilderment fall and did as Mina asked, sighing. “Fine, fine. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to play.” She handed Mina the glass bottle.

“Yay!” Mina jumped up and placed the bottle down on its side on the table. She turned to the three still in the kitchen area. “C’mon you three! Let’s play!”

Izuku tensed. “Ah, I have- I mean- Cookies!” He stuttered and gestured vaguely to the bowl of cookie dough.

“Fine, but finish up and join us! Ochako, Iida, you two can come though, can’t you?”


Izuku returned to his baking as Ochako and Tenya made their way over. Is it really okay to be playing this game? Couldn’t this end up ruining our friendships depending on what happens? Ah, I really don’t think this is a good idea…

He shook his head and finished placing the small circles of dough on the cookie sheet. He slid it into the oven as his classmates figured out the first two players.

“I’ll go first since it was my idea,” Mina said and spun the bottle.

It spun for a minute before slowly stopping. Izuku looked back and saw everyone leaning toward it.



Mina jumped up. “Well, okay! Someone time us.” She grabbed Yuuga’s wrist and dragged him into the broom closet. “Wow, it’s kinda small in here,” was the last thing they all heard before the door was closed.

Momo held up her phone, showing the countdown. “I got it.”

Eijirou leaned back. “Yeah, well now what? There’s not a lot of stuff to do while we wait.”

Nobody really had an answer.

Izuku reluctantly came over and sat beside Tenya, murmuring, “How can you all be so relaxed about this?”

“Well you’re not entitled to doing anything ‘bad,’” Denki said, with air quotes around the word. “You could just chat the whole time you’re in there with someone, it doesn’t have to be anything, you know, sexual.”

“And why would you want it to be sexual?” Tenya added. “Doing something so intimate in a broom closet, unthinkable! Those types of things are meant only for when two people are at the height of their love and wish to show their feelings for one another in a different way!”

Izuku breathed out a slight laugh, closing his eyes. Well, that’s Iida-kun for you…

The seven minutes passed quickly with bits of small talk between the friend groups. Mina and Yuuga came out when Momo yelled for them that the seven minutes were up. Nothing seemed to have happened between the two, nor did either of them say, so it was let go.

The game went on for a few rounds with the next couples being Katsuki and Eijirou, Kyouka and Momo, Tsuyu and Fumikage, and lastly Tenya and Tooru. (In the middle of Katsuki and Eijirou’s turn, Izuku’s cookies were finished and distributed). By Kyouka and Momo’s turn, it had become a part of the game to explain what exactly had happened in the closet. So far, nothing too bad had happened. The worst of it was when it was revealed that Tsuyu had held hands with Fumikage, which was apparently just a way to help Fumikage control Dark Shadow because the closet was particularly dark. Some decided that was just a cover up and some believed them, but either way, the subject was dropped.

“All right, who’s the next victim,” Mina said as she tapped her chin and looked around at her classmates. “Mm… Midori!” Izuku jolted at his name. “How about you?”


“Yep, your turn now, no backing out!”

“Ah, but-“

“Might as well just do it, Midoriya, no use in arguing with her,” Eijirou helpfully encouraged.

Izuku gulped and shakily spun the bottle on the table. He closed his eyes, lowered his head, and hoped to God it didn’t land on a girl. He could handle being alone in a room with a boy for seven minutes, but a girl? No, his heart would give out before he could even get in the closet.

The sound of glass scraping against wood stopped and there was commentary on whoever it landed on. Commentary being giggling and ‘oooo’s. Izuku opened one eye, raised his head, then opened the other. His eyes slowly followed the top of the bottle to where it pointed diagonally from him. He felt his heart seize as he trailed his eyes up the person and onto their face. Uraraka…san?

Just kill him now.

Ochako looked equally perturbed as she was pulled out of her seat since she wasn’t giving any indication she was going to get up. Mina pulled her to the door, giggling about how Ochako was going to do great and that she was going to ‘knock him dead.’ Ochako could literally feel her soul leaving her body, if anyone was going to be knocked dead, it would be her. Mina turned Ochako around to face her, with her back to the open closet. “Seriously, Ochako, it’ll be fine. Have fun!” Mina then pushed her into the room.

She stumbled back and almost gained her footing, before tripping on a broom and hitting the farthest wall with her back. She tsked in pain as she heard Izuku protesting from outside.




“Oh for the love of- no takesies backsies!” Mina huffed, put her hands on Izuku’s back, and shoved him into the room, slamming the door closed. Izuku stumbled forward, almost gained his footing back, then tripped on the same broom, and surged forward.

Izuku wondered at the back of his mind if this had all been planned, down to the part where he had accidentally pinned Ochako up against the wall, caging her in with his hands. He even wondered if they knew his knee would end up between Ochako’s legs and that both of them would get so blinded and intoxicated by each other’s smells that they would actually stay there for a good minute or two, weak-kneed and dumbstruck.

“D-Deku…kun?” Ochako’s voice was a bit muffled by Izuku’s collarbone, but he was close enough to be able to hear even the quietest sound from her.

“Y-Yeah, Uraraka-san?” Did he sound breathless? He probably did. It wouldn’t be impossible, considering he was breathless.

“Could you? Um… Could we?” Could we what? He glanced down at her and felt his breath catch in his throat when seeing her flushed, embarrassed face pressed into his shirt. She seemed to be trying to hide or something. His heart skipped and picked up speed until he was sure Ochako could feel it. Agh, this was bad. Out of all the other players, why did the bottle have to land on Ochako of all people?

He managed to push himself away from her quickly, but he then ended up tripping over that same god damn broom and thunked his back against the door. Ochako’s hand went for him as he did, then fell back to her side. From outside the closet, he heard some of his friends—friends more like backstabbers—‘ooo’ and one said something about the two of them getting feisty. His face burned brighter than it already was, and he would’ve called out to them that that wasn’t what happened if his heart weren’t lodged tight in his throat.

Izuku felt unusually cold despite his flamed face and he vaguely wondered if he would warm up again if he went back over to her. Of course he couldn’t do that now, unless he give Ochako the wrong idea. Still though, he wondered if he had anything to lose.

Ochako also seemed disappointed somehow. She was clutching the same hand she had reached out to him with close to her chest now and looked kind of guilty.

Their breathing was the only sound in the room. Izuku knew his was particularly loud because of his rapidly beating heart and he would’ve thought that it was the same for Ochako, since hers was equally loud, but that was absurd. Why would she be so nervous right now? She never showed any inclination of being shy ever, and there was only that one time at the mall that she showed any nervousness towards him.

“D-Deku-kun?” He was jolted out of his thoughts by her shaking voice and he looked at her.


“Why’d you…?” She wasn’t looking at him.

“I-I just-“ Ochako took a hesitant step forward, then another. “U-Um, I… I couldn’t…” She stepped over the fallen broom and continued making her way over to him, slowly. He pressed himself as far into the door as he could.

“Couldn’t what?” She asked. She still wasn’t looking at him.

“Couldn’t… C-Couldn’t, um…” She was a step away now.


“H-Handle it,” he choked out. “Th-The closeness.”



Ochako continued forward until she was pressed against Izuku’s chest, ignoring what he’d just said about her proximity. He sucked in a breath and tensed. She lightly placed a hand over his heart and finally looked up at him, grinning. “You’re… really nervous, huh?”

Izuku could only nod, eyes locked onto Ochako’s.

“M-Me too,” she said, licking her lips, and suddenly Izuku was looking at them, unable to tear his eyes away. He swallowed thickly and blinked. Was she closer now? He couldn’t tell. “I-Is it wrong for me to… want to…?”

Izuku’s eyes felt heavy so he closed them. “Want to what?” He whispered, but he had a strange inkling as to what she meant. It was weird, really, why would she want to do that sort of thing with him? He was just an awkward ball of nerves who could barely talk to her without stuttering.

“Just- my heart- I just.” She bit her lip and felt her eyes closing too. “Can I?”

He was nodding and suddenly they were kissing. One of Izuku’s arms latched around her waist and his other hand was on the back of her head. She had an arm around his neck and a hand tangled in his hair and this time, her leg was between his in a surprising twist.

He quickly discovered that neither of them were that great of kissers, but their lack of experience seemed to be overshadowed by their burst of enthusiasm and passion. This caused him to throw caution to the wind and with a sudden boost of confidence, he dragged his tongue against her lips. She made a noise but complied and then his tongue was in her mouth and it was touching hers and oh god-

Izuku could hardly form a coherent thought. All that was running through his head had a similar message that could be deciphered as: I’m kissing Uraraka I’m kissing Uraraka I’m kissing Uraraka I’m

It was a strange feeling, really, to realize you were making out with your best friend in a broom closet because of some silly party game. It made his insides feel weightless and he himself a little excited. It was a similar feeling to when he was training during Heroics, a fluttering nervousness in his stomach, except the fluttering was more like beating wings and the nervousness was more of a gut wrenching anxiety. He wondered if it was because they were not twenty feet away from all of their friends, all who probably assumed both of them were just sitting in silence, barely able to even look at each other. He wondered if it was because they weren’t a couple, they were just two friends playing a game that somehow turned into something more. He wondered if it was because this could be considered a little bit wrong.

Either way, it was exhilarating.

Still pressed against the door, Izuku leaned closer, somehow managing to assume command. He heard her whisper his name when he retreated for a bit of air, which caused him to dive right back in despite the need for oxygen. He kept her closely pressed against him and she seemed to be trying to push him back against the door again. Maybe for better comfort, maybe to establish dominance, who knew? Izuku didn’t really care for concrete reasoning anymore, all he knew was that he wasn’t going down without a fight.

Izuku seriously contemplated if he was allowed to drift lower onto her neck or bite her lip. The first would probably be okay now, considering how both he and Ochako were basically drunk on each other, but what about after? Neck-kissing wasn’t really that bad compared to other things he could do right now if he had the mindset of a villain, but he wasn’t sure on Ochako’s opinion on these types of things. Would she be mad at him if he did? Would she like it? Would his heart even be able to handle it if she allowed him?

He decided the former would put both him and Ochako through cardiac arrest and went with the second on impulse, without even considering the consequences. It was received with a surprised noise and a tighter pull on his hair. He assumed that meant he’d done something right and did it again.

By this time, the two had completely lost track of time. Had they been there minutes, hours? Unabashedly, both hoped that they had been forgotten and that they’re friends had all gone to bed or something (the realization would probably catch up to them later, and they would suddenly turn into red-faced messes and be unable to face anyone for a few hours, but that was just Izuku’s hypothesis).

From outside both of them could hear some sort of ringing, like an alarm, but it was too quiet to be one of Yuuei’s emergency bells, so the two teens thought nothing of it. They were too late to remember that Momo had set an alarm to signify the end of their seven minutes in heaven.

A moment later, Izuku was suddenly falling back, and because of his hold on Ochako, he took her with him. Their lips disconnected as they let out a small cry and landed on the floor with Izuku on his back and Ochako above him.

Mina looked down at them in surprise and the rest of the class that had turned to see what the commotion looked similarly stunned. Their eyes drifted from their strange hold on each other to their clouded eyes to their swollen lips. Mina, being the closest one, saw that Ochako had a line of saliva down her chin.


It took a few moments to get out of their kiss-dazed haze, but once they did, Izuku and Ochako realized that they’d just been caught making out by all of their friends. In an attempt to fix their situation, the first thing out of both of their mouths was: “I-IT ISN’T WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE.”

Denki snickered. “So you two weren’t just in there sucking face in there?”



“Just what?”

They got quiet and everyone laughed (well everyone except Shouto and Fumikage, but they smiled so it still counts).

“And what’s with that strange way you’re holding each other? Looks like a hard core make out session if I’ve ever seen one.”

Immediately the two of them released their hold on each other and Ochako rolled off of Izuku. They stumbled to their feet, both of them figuring out that they were still incredibly weak-kneed after that whole… ordeal.

Mina placed a hand on Ochako’s shoulder. “See! It was fine!”

“M-Mina-chan, please!”

Mina giggled.

The three of them walked back to the couches where Izuku and Ochako sat on opposite sides of Tenya, both with clenched fists and covered eyes, as Tenya lectured them about how that sort of thing was reserved for people in committed relationships and not for two friends in a cramped broom closet.

Izuku had at least three people pat him on the back and the girls said to Ochako that if Izuku had forced it on her or touched her in a way she didn’t like that they would personally see that he got what he deserved. Neither gave more than one-worded responses to these and the game continued on.

“Alright, how about Todoroki goes next?”


By the end, everyone had had at least one turn. It was nearing midnight when they all decided to disperse back to their rooms with dazed good nights and worn out promises to do the same tomorrow.

Most everybody fell asleep immediately upon hitting their pillows, with a few still lingering awake for another half hour. Either way, everyone was out of it.

And if Mina happened to hear the elevator opening and closing, well, she would let it go for Ochako’s sake.