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Title: Forget-me-not
Author: Wereleopard58
Rating: FRAO
Pairing: Ianto/? (not sure if I will do one)
Crossover: Torchwood/Dollhouse
Summary: How can Ianto manage without Lisa?
Disclaimer: I don't own anything to do with Torchwood or Dollhouse and I am not making any money from this, even though I wish I was.

Chapter One

Ianto curled up on his bed and cried. He couldn't sleep every time his eyes shut he saw them murder her. The woman that he loved, that he risked everything for. It wasn't fair, he did everything for them all he wanted was a way to make her whole. To make her his Lisa again, the woman he was going to marry and spend his life with.

It was ok for Gwen to break the rules, Jack saw her as the one with the heart and soul. What did the rest of them have then? Were they cold and unfeeling?

Ianto tried to ignore the fact that Jack used to stare at him, stripping his suit of with his eyes. The young Welshman knew that he had used flirting to get the job at Torchwood Three and he hated the fact that his body reacted to Jack. Jack's muscular body covering Ianto's suited one. Jack's deep blue eyes staring into his very soul.

At that point Ianto almost thought that Jack knew what he was doing and what he was planning. Then they darkened with desire. Ianto would go to bed and dream of Jack, of being with him. The next morning he would wake up full of guilt. How could he fantasise about another person, another man while Lisa was stuck in a living nightmare?

That had all changed now he couldn't be with them, not after this. There was only one way out of Torchwood and that was for Jack to retcon him. He didn't want to have a missing part of his life. He would have missing years of wondering what he had done. Ianto had seen other people that they had mind wiped. He could see how hard it was for them to carry on all of them not knowing if they had done something so horrific that they no longer wanted to remember.

Ianto needed to get out of here, to escape and when he was ready to decide what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. Life without Torchwood. He stood wiping the tears from his face, grabbed a bag and threw a few things in there. Ianto glanced out of the window knowing that one of them would be done their watching, waiting. They thought he wasn't in any fit state, but he knew how to sneak out of this building. He had done it numerous times for Torchwood so his neighbours wouldn't get suspicious.


Jack stared down into the hub, how could he have not seen this coming? Ianto was one of them; it was hard for him to wrap his mind about what the young man had done. He did understand why but it was the how that really got him worried.

Jack was here all the time apart from missions, how had Ianto managed to get Lisa in and all of the equipment? It was very well planned and that was exactly like Ianto.

He should have taken more notice, more care. Jack smiled when he thought of their first meeting Ianto looked hot in tight jeans but hotter in the suit. They flirted when Ianto first started and then it died away. Jack now knew the reason why, he was being used. He liked Ianto, a lot; he could easily fall for him. In a way he had already started to. The fantasies that crowded his mind in those long lonely hours with just the two of them. Gentle fingers skimming over his body, learning. Scared and nervous knowing that this was the first man Ianto had touched sexually.

Jack desperately wanted it to be him; he knew Ianto truly was attracted to him. He could see it when those blue eyes darkened with desire when they looked at each other. Just odd moments but he could feel it. Just like Jack knew that they would be good together, very good. Something he would remember in those long lonely years to come.

That was then this was now, what was he going to do with Ianto? He had to make some decisions. Ianto had done something reckless and dangerous to all of humanity could he, could the rest of the team ever trust him again.


Gwen sat and stared out of the window, it had been a strange day. She really liked Ianto but how could he do that to them, to Jack? She smiled at the thought of the gorgeous immortal. It was nice to know that he told her things that he never told anyone else. Did that mean something? Would anything happen between them?

She loved being at Torchwood, a hero out saving the world. They smile fell from her face. What was going to happen to Ianto? Would Jack ever trust him again?


Owen shook his head, that stupid tea boy how he could have done something so utterly stupid. He looked over at the side and his fiancée. If it had happened to her would he have done the same thing? Owen knew without a doubt that the answer would be yes.


Tosh wiped away her tears, her heart broke for Ianto. She always thought she was the lonely one but at least she went out on missions. Ianto truly was alone, especially now. What was Jack going to do with him? Tosh couldn't imagine a Torchwood without Ianto. She never realised everything he did for them and all they did was take it for granted. Was it too late to make a difference? She stared up at the window of his flat wishing that she could go up and comfort him.


The night had flown past, Ianto had managed to escape but he didn't know what to do now?

"Hello Ianto?" A woman said.

Ianto looked up at her and frowned. "Do I know you?"

She smiled though it never quite reached her eyes. "No, I have some friends in the government that know about you. I'm sorry for what happened to you, to Lisa?"

"Is there a point to this?" Ianto asked not in the mood for polite chatter.


Jack walked up and down hands in his pockets. He turned and stared at his team. "What do you mean he's gone? Gone where exactly?"

Blank looks stared at him.

"We don't know Jack." Gwen answered.

"I want him back, and I want him back now." He shouted at them. Jack realised once Ianto had vanished that he didn't want to live without that young man in his life. They would find him and he would, no matter how long it took, put a smile back on that handsome face. Maybe one day something could grow between them.


"Hello, Romeo. How are you feeling?" Topher asked

"Did I fall asleep?" A blue eyed man with a Welsh accent replied.

"For a little while." Topher smiled at him.

"Shall I go now?" He asked softly.

"If you like." Topher watched as the tall slender man walked off.


"Ianto where are you?" Jack whispered standing on the rooftop.