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I Know New York

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Patty came into the Firehouse, a tray of coffee cups in hand.

"CAFFEINE." She shouted in the entrance hall. Kevin looked up from his desk and waved at her, grinning.

"Hi Patty."

She waved back at him, trying to force a smile. What was the point of an assistant if the team ending up doing their own coffee runs.

"Where is everyone?" She asked. Usually the promise of Starbucks would be enough to tear even Holtzmann from her lair. Patty may have bought the coffee, but that didn't mean she'd go floor to floor delivering it. Especially not to Holtzmann's floor. She'd made that mistake once. She shuddered, never again.

Kevin didn't answer her question, instead put his headphones in. Patty rolled her eyes.

"Sometimes your pretty isn't enough." She muttered. Moving to the fireman's pole that went through the whole building, she shouted. "I'M NOT BRINGING IT UP TO YOU. EITHER GET IT NOW, OR DRINK IT COLD."


Patty scoffed. "And they better not come cryin to me when they get out of science land and ask for their cof..." She trailed off as she caught sight of the equipment locker. "fee." She crossed her arms and arched an eyebrow. Three of the suits, besides her, were missing. "Kevin." She said sweetly. "Were we robbed?"

"Huh?" Kevin pulled out his headphones. "Oh wait..." He frowned. "I was supposed to tell you something." He pulled out a notepad.

"Really?" Patty said, sarcastically. "And what might that be?"

Kevin smiled, oblivious to her mocking him.

"Ummm. The girls just got a call for a ghost of a girl." He squinted at his notes. "Down in between City hall and the courthouse.

Patty froze. "...where?"

"In between city hall and the courthouse." Kevin shrugged. "Didn't seem serious though."

"When did they leave?" Patty asked.

"What?" Kevin squinted up at her. She grabbed the front of his shirt and shook him. "Hey." He said.

"When did they leave?" She growled. "Tell me you stupidly attractive ken doll."

"5 minutes ago." Kevin said. Patty dropped him and ran out of the firehouse. "You think I"m attractive?" He shouted after her.




"Here ghostie ghostie." Holtzmann said, walking down the street and looking behind he different cars. "Came out and play with Holtzie."

"What is this ghost anyway?" Erin asked.

"The person who called it in said it's a little girl." Abbie explained. "People have seen her, wearing rags and crying. When they ask what's wrong she disappears."

"Doesn't sound malevolent." Erin remarked. "I don't see why we had to leave Patty."

"Because apparently..." Abbie said. "This is the third time they've called us. The first time, Patty answered, came down here and don't do anything about the ghost. Then the second time they called she didn't send anyone." Abbie shook her head. "It's bad for business if ghostbusters don't bust ghosts."

Holtzmann frowned over at the courthouse steps. "Well hello." She grinned as a blue glowing light began on the steps. The light solidified into a little girl; thin, wearing rags with wide eyes and curly hair that was out in a messy 'fro. "Gotcha." Holtzmann said, powering up her proton pack.


An out of breath Patty jumped in front of the ghost, making Holtzmann pull back her gun. The girl disappeared.

"What the hell, Patty?" Abbie asked.

Patty put her hands on her knees and took three deep breaths. Straightening up, she shook her head. "You can't bust this ghost."

"Yes we can." Holtzmann said, waving around her proton blaster. "I didn't make these for fun...I mean I did, but...they have an actual practical use, so bonus."

"That's not..." Patty broke off and shook her head. "Do you have any idea where you're standing?"

The other three ghostbusters looked at each other in confusion.

"In front of the courthouse..." Abbie said slowly.

"But what are you standing on." Patty said.

She was met with three identical blank looks.

"Don't you know anything about this city's history?" Patty asked, throwing her hands up. "This was the old African American burial ground. Slaves weren't allowed to be buried in Trinity Church cemetery so they had a separate one." She paused. "In the 16 and 17 hundreds New York had the second largest slave population in the country, after Charleston. There's a couple of thousand people buried here." She paused as the blue glow began again. "They found the bodies when they were digging to build Foley Square. There's a memorial and a monument, but most people don't know." She stopped as the little girl materialized and looked up at her, as if she were listening. Patty looked back at the team. "She's here because she doesn't want people to forget what happened."

Around them more blue glows began. People of all ages wearing similar clothes to the young girl, their faces grave, stood silently, looking at the team. Patty swallowed before saying. "Some ghosts you shouldn't bust."










Image of a map of the African burial ground in old New York:



Image of marker from the current monument:

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Current monument:

Image result for african burial ground new york