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Room 412

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“Are you sure the dorms aren’t back at the NYADA place?” Burt asked Kurt as he parallel parked his truck next to a shoe store.

“It’s New York, Dad. There are tons of schools here, they can’t all have dorms on campus,” Kurt said while staring up at the building through his passenger window. Right above ‘Deni’s Shoe Emporium’ were about seven more stories of brick building. His curious gaze transformed into an excited smile when his father shut off the engine.

“You ready kiddo?”

“Yeah,” Kurt replied, looking back towards his father. “I’ve been ready for the past four years.”

Burt let out a bittersweet laugh as Kurt pulled his door handle and jumped out of the vehicle. He watched as his son grabbed a couple of duffel bags from the back and slung them over his shoulders. Kurt noticed that Burt was still in the driver’s seat, watching him move about.

“Are you ready, Dad?”

Burt laughed lightly to himself as he finally unbuckled his seat and opened his door. “I don’t think I’ll ever be ready, Kurt.” Kurt frowned, watching Burt come around to his side of the car and grab some bags. “I’ll be fine, kid. I’ll come visit you, you’ll come visit me. It’s not like we’ll never see each other again,” Burt talked more for his sake than Kurt’s. “Now let’s go see this room of yours.”

They walked together through the door next to the entrance of the shoe store, coming to a hallway with a set of stairs and an old elevator. There was a sign on the elevator that read ‘Elevator is under repairs for the week. Will be running again on Saturday. We apologize for the inconvenience. –NYADA Housing Department’
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“At least we’ll get lots of exercise today,” Kurt breathed when they reached the fourth floor, two bulging duffel bags still slung over his back. “Alrighty…room 412…” Kurt hummed to himself as he walked down the hallway looking for his room, and squeaked a little when he found it. He fished the key out of his pocket and proceeded to open the door, knocking lightly while doing so.

Inside there was a dark haired boy sitting on the floor with a screwdriver and plank of wood in his hands, who immediately looked up at Kurt like a deer in headlights. There were tons of little pieces on the floor, next to a discarded box and instruction pamphlet.

“Are you Blaine Anderson?” Kurt asked before taking a moment to take in his incredibly handsome face and outrageously gorgeous eyes.

“The one and only!” Blaine beamed before putting down the objects in his hands and getting on his feet to shake Kurt’s hand. “Are you who I think you are?”

“Kurt…Hummel.” He couldn’t help but return Blaine’s overly excited smile.

“Nice to meet you, roomie.”

Burt came up behind Kurt, squeezing past him to walk into the room. “Looks like someone’s building something,” he observed before setting some bags on the ground.

“Oh, yeah, that would be me.” Blaine rubbed his neck embarrassingly as he looked at the mess on the floor. “I took a train to the IKEA in Brooklyn last night and bought a bookshelf, but I’m kind of failing miserably at putting it together.”

“Well I can probably help with that.” He stuck a hand out for Blaine to shake. “Hi, I’m Burt, Kurt’s father.”

Blaine reintroduced himself, explaining that he had arrived a day and a half ago. He was from West Virginia and had taken a plane up on Sunday afternoon. Kurt and his dad told Blaine that they were from Ohio and had just gotten into the city about an hour or two ago. Burt was planning to be on his way back to Lima by sunset.

“Well, since the elevator’s broken, can I offer you a deal, Mr. Hummel?”

Burt raised an eyebrow curiously.

“How about I help Kurt with all of his stuff, and you can help me with the shelf?”

“Are you saying that I’m too old to be climbing stairs all day?”

Kurt mentally cringed, lifting a hand to his forehead.

“Oh—Oh no that’s not what I’m saying at all! I…I just thought because of the elevators…a—and the bookshelf—“

“Calm down kid,” Burt laughed. “I am too old to be climbing stairs all day, at least when I have to drive home for another 11 hours. It sounds like a good idea.”
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“Sorry about my dad,” Kurt apologized as him and Blaine made their way down the four flights of stairs.

“Don’t apologize,” Blaine smiled, “he seems like an awesome guy. I like him.”

“Yeah he’s pretty great.”

It was about three-o-clock in the afternoon, and the sun was high in the sky when they were back outside. The city was still very hot and very alive, with the sun’s beams shining off the roofs of cars and busses, and the echoes of horns in the air.

“So what are you at NYADA for?” Blaine asked as him and Kurt walked back into the building with boxes in hand.

“Musical theatre mostly,” he replied. “But I think I’m going to minor in costume design. What about you?”

“The same actually, except I’m going to minor in piano studies.”

Kurt smiled to himself, imagining Blaine with his head lowered at a piano bench, and his hands moving incredibly fast over the keys.

“I used to play too, but I’m definitely not good enough to take it here. How long have you been playing?”

“Since I was five,” Blaine responded.

“Did your parents force it on you?”

“At first, yes,” Blaine laughed. “But I learned to love it on my own.”

“That’s like my Dad and I with cars. I would always be forced to sit in his car shop after school, and for the longest time I refused to even go near a pair of oily overalls.”

“You know how to fix cars?” Blaine inquired, looking behind at Kurt skeptically.

“I do, well, to an extent. Why?”

Blaine smiled as he kept walking up the stairs “I would have never guessed.” Kurt mentally patted himself on the back for breaking the stereotype, assuming that Blaine was assuming that he was gay. Which he had no qualms with, considering he’d been quite enjoying the view of Blaine’s ass going up the stairs for the past minute or so.
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Eventually all of Kurt’s stuff had been loaded out of the truck, with the help of his new roommate. Burt finished Blaine’s bookshelf and bought them all pizza before he headed out. At around 7 PM, Kurt walked back into his new dorm, doing his best to wipe his eyes with his arm.

“Are you okay?” Blaine asked from where he was sitting on his bed, typing something out on his laptop.

“Yeah, yeah…I just…” Kurt sniffed and plopped himself down on his exposed mattress. “I’m gonna miss ‘em.”

Walking back into the building after watching his father pull away had been a very surreal moment for Kurt. When he couldn’t see Burt’s car anymore, he wrapped his arms around himself and looked around at the streets. The people who were walking around looked so independent and headstrong. There seemed to be so much going on, even while there was a beautiful sunset to be seen in the horizon. He had finally made it to New York City, but he never thought it would make him feel so small. Kurt was on his own, and he had tried to not cry too much in front of his dad but now that he was gone he couldn’t help it anymore. He choked out a sob into his hand as he made his way back into the building and up the stairs, and stood outside his dorm room for a good five minutes trying to compose himself.

“You’ll be okay,” Blaine assured while closing his laptop. “The city is really overwhelming to me too, especially since you weren’t here before I was.”

Kurt looked up at Blaine from behind his knees.

“I um,” Blaine breathed out a laugh. “I cried myself to sleep last night, if that makes you feel any better.”




“Does that make you feel better?” he asked.

Kurt smiled. “Well it makes me feel a lot less stupid.”

“It gets a lot better, you know. Or at least I feel a lot better now that you’re here. It’s a lot less, you know…lonely…and frightening.”

“Glad I can help,” Kurt declared softly, meeting Blaine’s eyes for a moment in silence. “I—I’m going to start unpacking, if that’s alright with you.”

“Yeah, yeah that’s fine. I think I’m going to go take a shower myself.”
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A couple of weeks flew by very smoothly for Kurt and for Blaine. During the first few days they got along very well, and were barely ever in the dorm for the sake of exploring the city. When classes started up they both found that they were almost never in the dorm at the same time. Kurt would come in from a morning ballet class right when Blaine was leaving for a theatre history lecture and when Blaine would come back from a private piano lesson, Kurt was going out to a sewing class.

One night after a very long yoga class with Rachel, Kurt walked out of his dorm to go to the showers at the end of the hall. He was exhausted, and as soon as he entered the bathrooms he dropped his shower caddy by the sink and leaned against it. He half-smiled politely at a girl washing her face at the other side of the bathroom.

“Long day?” a familiar voice said behind Kurt, startling him. He looked up in the mirror just in time to see Blaine wrapping a towel around his warm, wet body. Casual as ever.

“Yeah,” Kurt half whispered in response. “Rachel kept insisting that my crane pose was off center and that just snowballed into a bigger argument.”

“Rachel, the one I met yesterday?”

“The very same.” Blaine walked up to the sink next to him, and Kurt took off his shirt, trying his best to not stare at his body.

“She seemed like a sweetheart when I met her.”

“You have no idea.” Kurt sighed and grabbed his blue shower caddy and towel.

“Taking a shower?”


“Hmm…” Blaine grabbed his own things and headed out of the bathroom. “Shame you didn’t get here earlier. We could have taken one together.”

Kurt’s eyes went wide as he watched Blaine exit. His jaw dropped and he mouthed an 'oh my god’ to himself before turning to the other girl at the sink.

“Did that just happen?”

The girl nodded at him and immediately burst into a fit of giggles, leaning over into the sink.
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“So where were you last night?” Kurt inquired while stirring his coffee. He and Blaine were having ‘roomie bonding time’ (as Blaine had so eloquently called it) at a coffee shop right near campus.

Blaine chuckled and tipped his head back. “Last night is a long story.”

“I’m all ears.”

“If you insist.” He took a sip of his mug of coffee. “Yesterday I was in the piano lab, hashing out a Debussy piece for an assessment next week, when suddenly I see this really cute guy a couple of pianos over. You could tell he was a beginner. He was staring intently at one of those ‘Teach Yourself Piano’ books and he kept fumbling over scales. So I went up to him, offered him a bit of help, a few beginner tips, and then the next thing I know we’re flirting. And then he invites me out for drinks…”

Kurt raised his eyebrows. “Ooo, drinks. Sophisticated.”

“Right? Turns out the guy is a senior! The last time I got asked out back home was to hang out at the mall. Welcome to college!”

“So let me guess how this goes,” Kurt proposed.

Blaine raised an eyebrow in anticipation. Kurt tried to ignore how charmingly sexy it made him look.

“Twenty-two year old takes you to a bar, twenty-two year old gets you drunk, twenty-two year old takes you back to his swanky apartment…”

“Swanky,” Blaine repeated.

“By the looks of the way you walked in this morning, twenty-two year old took away the big ‘V’…”

Blaine laughed a genuine laugh, his eyes crinkling in the most adorable way. “The big ‘V’ was taken a long time ago, Kurt.”

Kurt’s eyebrows shot up “Ohh so you’re…okay…”

“I didn’t—like lose my virginity when I was eleven, no. It was a couple of years ago, but it feels like ages.”

“Because you’ve had so much since then?”

“More like because I’ve changed so much since then.”

“Is there some sort of gel-free Blaine Anderson past that I’m missing out on?” Kurt teased with a smile as he leaned forward on the table.

“Oh yes, horrible, horrible days dusted with frizz,” Blaine cringed, smiling when Kurt laughed. “So what about you?”

“What about me?”

“Whatever happened to your ‘V’?”

Kurt sighed and gently tapped his fingers against the glass of his mug. “I have still managed to hold my ‘V’ dear.”

Blaine almost chokes on his coffee.

You’re a virgin?

“Why, is that so hard to believe?”

He looked at Kurt incredulously. “Kurt, have you seen you? You’re like…god, Kurt.”

“I mean it’s not like I’ve never fooled around before. I’ve just never, you know, done the deed.”

Kurt watched Blaine as he leaned back in his seat and squinted his eyes a little, like he was studying him. “Would you like to lose it?” Blaine asked lowly.

“I’m very open to the possibility, with the right person.”

Blaine simply continued to look at him with a knowing smile.

“What are you going to do, start looking for someone I should lose my virginity to?”

“Why not?” He replied, his smile widening.

“You’re ridiculous.”