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Marie and Marcus Moreau need to be stopped

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"Pensez-vous que Johnny serait énervé?" questioned an African American girl, she looked no more than 16-17 years of age.

She had brown eyes that sparkled and shined with curiosity and moved to sit on a bar island, and played with her long kinky hair that was dyed a pastel purple; she was wearing a pastel Lolita outfit and held a black kitten in her arms.

The person she was talking with was the same by skin and had a bandage on his cheek and brown eyes that were dark with intellect.

"Non, Marie, il ne sera pas en colère parce qu'il ne saura même pas ce que nous disons." he said with his voice soft and soothing.

"Je ne veux pas avoir des ennuis avec lui Marcus!" she shouted

Aisha then walked in, Johnny's shirt and her underwear the only things on at the moment.

"What's up with all this noise?" the famous pop star questioned as she went to grab coffee.

"Nothing that interesting." Marcus stated his voice deep and intimidating.

"Just talking about what to get for Burr." Marie stated smiling and holding up said black kitten who was purring loudly.

Aisha chuckled and shook her head,

"You two are playing something aren't you." she whisper loud enough for the two of them to hear.

"Oui!" they stated together

That's when they heard the door to Johnny's room open roughly, and a muffled voice saying something in Korean.

"Johnny's up." Marie mumbled as Burr hopped off her lap and onto the stool.

Johnny walked out with his only his boxers and yawned scratching his chest, Aisha moved to give him his coffee and kissed his cheek before heading back up the stairs to get dressed.

"Morning Fucker." Marcus said with a songish tone

"Why are you two chucklefucks so giddy for." Johnny demanded sipping his coffee.

"Donc, nous lui apporter ce soir, puis nous leur dire?" questioned Marie as she looked to Marcus, and smiled widely.

"Not this fucking French toast speak again." Johnny groaned and laid his head on the counter, trying to figure out what they were planing.

It went on for an hour before Aisha left with Marie to drop her off at school and Shaundi and Pierce showed up. Pierce had his hand on Shaundi's waist the entire time they talked about the mission.

"Still don't understand why we didn't just kill KillBane." Shaundi stated as she leaned on the counter and looked at the map in front of her.

"Because if we did then we wouldn't be doing so well in both cocaine and illegal steroid sells, babe." Pierce reminded and kissed her cheek before digging in the fridge for a beer.

"Do we know if it'll actually work, I mean that bank would be loaded with cops; and then let's not forget that swat would be on us like bats of hell." Johnny stated looking to Marcus.

" Mon ami," Marcus started "It'll be fine, Maire and Kenzie planned it all out; the guards'll be out for a while."

Johnny turned towards the Boss, and looked at him quizzically through his sunglasses. He knew there was something up the bosses sleeve and he wasn't gonna let it slip; so Johnny just groaned and left the kitchen to go punch something.

"Should've known it might have something to do with you." Shaundi stated as she stole a sip of Pierce's beer.

Marcus smiled, a Cheshire like grin.

"What can I say, I'm dirty French bastard."

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Johnny sat in the passenger seat, keeping close watch on the streets around them.

Oleg sat on the back of the purple Bulldog jeep with Shaundi and Pierce ready to fight if needed, behind them where Marie and another saints member in a pastel purple and yellow solar.

"Why the fuck is her car that color?" Johnny muttered mainly to himself not expecting an answer.

"Because," Marcus began "she likes pastels; and I promised her if she passed her history test that I'd let her pick the car's colors."

"She sticks out like a sore thumb, we'd get caught if someone sees us get in her car." Johnny stated as Shaundi called the distance from the bank, 20 meters he thinks it was.

"That's cause we aren't going in her car." Marcus stated smiling deviously.

"So what you got a back up ride, Kenzie right?" Johnny questioned as the building came into view

"Something like that." Marcus enthused as they pulled up close enough not to be spotted on the outdoor security cams."

Marcus pressed the ear piece and waited a second before speaking, "Alright Kenzie shut off the cameras and front door alarms, Marie start the fire squad."

After a few seconds Marie's car and another saints vehicle sped past them and slammed into the doors of the building; of course some guards came to check out the loud crashing noise and immediately fell to the floor.

"Let's start this shit!" Marcus proclaimed as he ran in, the others following behind him to ensure his crazy ass doesn't get killed.

Marie, now dressed a pastel long sleeve purple turtle neck with black shorts and combat boots, was waiting for them. She looked a bit bored, and muttered something about how she needed a better fight.

They walked around the building shooting guards who tried to stop them, and all innocents that were there; and of course they had some of the other members robbing the people and the tellers.

As they continued through, looking for the for the safe where the larger bills were kept; after 49 minutes of running they found it. Of course they stuffed their bags to the brim, and that's when they heard Kenzie's voice crackle to life through the ear pieces.

"Guys you don't have enough time to be celebrating here, the cops are on their way and you need to get out of there FAST!" Kenzie nearly shouted.

They went as quick as possible, Marie and Oleg rounded up the other saints members and ran them back to the cars. Johnny could sense that there wasn't enough time for them to head down the stairs like Marie and the others.

"Alright boss, what trick do you have up your sleeve now?" Shaundi questioned looking to Marcus, who was paying her no mind when a helicopter flew into view.

Marcus shot out the window glass, and jumped into the chopper, he then turned and shouted for the last three Saints to do the same. Johnny jumped second, then Shaundi, and the final person of course was Pierce.

Down below Marie's car was speeding with now three Saint cars, one of which held Oleg, surrounding her with the cops right on their asses. This led to a shoot out from the land and the sky, and the while Johnny had this feeling he should look to the pilot's seat; and to his shock there was no one in the seat.

"Marcus, where the fuck is the pilot?" Johnny asked quizzically turning to the man in question.

Marcus smirked and replied with "Il est mon emo mignon petit ami, et vous le rencontrer ce soir."

Johnny groaned and yelled at Marcus about his French toast speak, eventually they escaped the cops and made it back to the pent house.

"Comrades I do believe a celebration is in order." Oleg stated with a smile on his face.

"I agree Oleg, will you be bringing Natasha to this celebration?" Marie asked and giggled when Oleg's face went a light shade of red, as he attempted to stutter out a reply.

**6 hours later**

The party was full swing, Marie was outside with Kenzie kissing and talking as they sat on one of the many outdoor love seats. Aisha was dancing with, more like on, Johnny; while Oleg sat with a dark skinned woman with a pierced nose and lip, short curled dark purple hair who was whispering in his ear and giggling at his reactions.

Marcus was in his room, fixing his hair and took a deep breath as his lover can behind him and kissed his neck.

"Babe," Marcus chuckled "I'm trying to make sure everyone meets you tonight, not later in the morning."

"Aw~," the voice rang out "but I was hoping for some fun."

"Later," Marcus replied taking their hand and leading them to the stairs "After the party, I promise you."

Once at the stairs Marcus let go of his lover's hand and told them to wait, as he walked down the stairs and stopped midway. Clearing his throat he prepared himself for his speech and looked to the DJ who stopped the music on queue.

"Everyone," he called out, people then turned to him and walked into the penthouse "Tonight we celebrate a heist done, almost flawlessly; thanks to the help of my little sister, Marie and her girlfriend, Kenzie." He stopped as everyone cheered as Kenzie pulled Marie close and kissed her roughly.

He started up again "But, the escape of me and the others would not have been possible without my bratty angel."

Marcus moved down the stairs a little as a figure in a black dress with light blue skulls stepped down enough for everyone to see their face. A collective gasp rang through the crowd.

"You've gotta be shitting me!" Johnny and Kenzie shouted in unison as they realized who it was.

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There the figure stood next to Marcus, whom was kissing his cheek, and stood infront of an entirely shocked crowd.

"Marcus you're joking right." Kenzie stated, she sounded on edge in that moment.

"Of course, he's my boyfriend Kenzie...why is that such a promblem." He replied, only to have Kenzie screech almost at the top of her lungs.

"Because he's Matt 'Fucking' Miller, the one that nearly killed me and your friends on more than one occasion!" Johnny called out, only for Marcus to chuckle.

"Well he had make it all believable." He state so matter-o-factly to the crowd.

Johnny and Kenzie had almost matching quizzical looks on their faces, as did most of the crowd that were practically ready to throw Marcus into a shark tank.

"Because if I didn't play my part as a Syndicate member, they would've figured out the Deckers were actually part of the Saints." Matt stated finally speaking up before anyone could claim that it was possible.

Marie was now holding back Kenzie, who looked like she was going to stab Marcus with whatever was in her pocket; Johnny was almost at the point of throwing a knife at Marcus, which was foiled by Natasha (the girl who came with Oleg) tackling him to the floor the second she saw him move.


Matt, in fear,moved closer to Marcus' side and buried his face into the older male's neck, this of course set Marcus off. His friend and best bud were frightening his sweet little angel, and just before he could shout at everyone to get out of his penthouse, a Saints' voice rang out with one question.

"When the fuck were these nerds ever apart of the Saints?"


Marcus looked at Matt, whom gazed up to him slightly, and sighed they needed to know; it would make things easier on everyone to know the whole story.


/Five Years Ago/

Marcus was walking through Steelwater as usual, staking out what shops were ripe for the picking. He wasn't paying much attention to his surroundings so it was no surprise that he managed to bump into someone as hard as he did.

He looked and saw some kid, who had med. length black hair; usual emo kid make up, and was wearing a black and white shirt with some  skinny jeans. The kid's face looked tomato red and shiny, when Marcus looked behind the kid there were some Brotherhood members right not too far behind him.


The kid looked back and got up quickly, Marcus got; grabbed the kid's wrist and bolted. Even though he could get in a fight with those guys just fine, but he didn't want to drag this boy into anymore danger than he already was.


"What the fuck did you do to have four Brotherhood gang members chasing after you?" Marcus said as he continued to drag the emo brat out the situation.


"I don't need to tell you shit, just keeping running 'til yiou get to the next alley and head straight down it." the kid replied with a somewhat thick british accent.


Marcus was confused and did as he was told to do, he looked back and saw they were still following; he was starting to worry for this kid until they hit a dead end. They were fucked, as he realized his gun was missing and that he must of dropped it somewhere as they were escaping.


"Alright we're done playing your fucking mind games kid, so either put out or pay up!" one of the brotherhood boy demanded.


The kid in question swung his hips a little, and mumbled something under his breath; this caught the four gang members' attention and that's when they began to get closer to the kid.


"What'd you say punk?" the larger on of the four questioned gritting his teeth, so hard Marcus was sure they were gonna break.


"I said," the boy was a little louder now, and he had fire burning in those blue eyes"I would rather be shot, rather than give myself to you chuckle fuck!"


Just as one of the memebers went to grab him, the emo pulled out Marcus .40 calibur hand gun and fired....then another and more until three were on the ground dead, and the other bleeding from the dick.


"Told you guys I wasn't one to be fucked with, oh and thanks for your gun Marcus."  the teen cooly muttered as he tossed the gun back to the older male.


"Who the fuck are you kid," Marcus questioned in amazement "and where are your parents?"

"Firstly my name's Matthew Denis Miller, and you don't need to fucking know." was all he replied with and walked off leaving Marcus in the alley way.


/Present Time/


"And about a year later we made a deal and things went on from there." Marcus sighs as he gets out the last part.

 Johnny looked as though he'd rather take a bullet in his left nut, than think that his only friend had left out that information to him.

Matt held to Marcus' arm a little tighter, he looks at the crowd with not a single clue on what to say.

"Look I know you're all pissed, but he couldn't tell you because it would've endangered all of us." the young emo huffed as he tried to calm himself.

Johnny was getting really fucking pissed, and was pretty close to punching the hell out of Marcus after the party was over.

Kenzie was close to either brutalizing the two men on the stairs, and/or jumping off the balcony.

This is why Marcus isn't allowed to surprise anyone, because they always suck in too many ways.

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   Marie was curled to Kenzie's chest, sleeping soundly as the red head had her arm wrapped around her love.

   A peaceful silent night, as the two girls cuddled into one another happy in the warmth of their skins touching.

"Oh god Marcus yes~!"

   Kenzie's eyes snapped open, sitting up quickly waking Marie from her slumber.  Alarm shown in the young women's faces as they each grabbed their melee weapons (a pastel orange  ax for Marie and a bloody nailed baseball bat for Kenzie) as they ran out of the younger female's room.

   As they carefully walked through the hall, a dark figure was walking around in their general area.  Panicking Kenzie swung the bat at the figure screaming, the figure ducked as the bat came towards them.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing, you firey cunt!"

"Johnny, what the fuck are doing out here?" Kenzie whisper-shouted as she stood up straight.

    The three silently argued with one another, Johnny calling Kenzie a computer whore and her calling him a small dicked bastard, the sounds of a bed slamming against the wall could be heard much farther down the hall.

    Marie was the first to run towards Marcus' room; kicking the door down only for Johnny, who was right behind her, to run back to his room as she saw the sight.


    Matt riding Marcus, screaming his partner's name. Marie looked ready to vomit and Johnny just left the vicinity of the room as Matt practically hopped off of Marcus covering himself with the sheets.

"Oh fuck, heya guys what's up...I,um didn't hear you come in." Marcus began trying to hide his junk.


 "Marcus, vous perverti dégoûtant cul, essayez de garder votre bite dans votre pantalon jusqu'à lever le soleil!" Marie was now suddenly shouting at Marcus as he began to hold his hands up in a defensive manner.

 Kinzie just walked back to her girlfriend's room, because this could wait 'till morning.

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Okay so I must start with an apology, as I haven’t updated this or my other story as often as I wanted/hoped.

This is mostly do to the fact I’ve been job hunting, and haven’t had the motivation to right anything.

that doesn’t mean I won’t try to continue them, however I mostly will be setting up the stories on Google docs so that way I can actually make sure everything is cleanly written.

So please forgive me for not updating much.