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The True Dark Lord

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Harry was running with two infants in his arms entering the forest trying to disappear. He was being chased and he was starting to lose steam. These two boys were their only hope. Their only ray for a better future. He couldn't abandon his son and his best friend's son even if it was the right thing to do. Harry was going to protect them as best he could.

The moon was out tonight and Harry was rushing between the trees trying to make the least amount of noise looking for the safe place he set up for the babies. He was so scared because he didn't know what would happen after. Would he survive? Would he be captured? Would he be obliviated and left to rot in the middle of a forest? At the moment he did not care. He did not care that he could lose his life as long as the two lives he holds makes it through to the next day.

He came to a sudden stand still as he came face to face with a werewolf he was all too familiar with. Harry teared up as he lifted his wand, casted a strong binding spell and left Remus on the ground growling at him throatily. He hated the man that was the Dark Lord. How could he do this to them? What did they ever do to him? All Harry could do was ask questions that will never be answered so he continued to run.

As he ran Harry thought about Draco and Regulus smiling at him sadly as they stood there watching as he left with their son and friend's son. He thought of them as he ran towards the barrier located in the mother tree of the Forbidden Forest. He thought of his friends that once were as his body hit the barrier and was gone.

A Deamon shall always take care of a child if left on their doorstep. They were very keen on the fact that Deamon children should be raised in a loving family if they cannot be raised by its birth parents, which is why Sindrell wasn't all so surprised to find two babies laying in front of his door step in the Deamon world. He looked down studying the two for any sign of injury, sickness, or sign of abuse but there was none. When he picked them up he found a thick letter on the bottom that read:


Sirius Draconis Potter

Hugo Ronald Weasley

Assuming that was their names Sindrell picked up the letter carried them into his house and gave them to his wife as he opened the letter to read it. He needed to understand the circumstances these children left to figure out what he needed to do next. With a sigh he sat down on his desk opened the letter and began to read.

Remus awoke the next day naked on the ground of the Forbidden Forest. He groaned as his muscles ached from the lack of movement all night. As he got up he came face to face with a very sad looking Harry leaning on the tree trunk with his clothes all torn up and was covered in blood. His blood ran cold as he thought it was he who did that to his cub. Remus couldn't take it as he just began to ball waking the exhausted Harry.


"Remus," Harry croaked.

"Harry...I'm so sorry," Remus cried.

"This isn't my blood nor were you the one to mess up my robes," Harry whispered.

"Then what?" Remus sniffed.

"I had to go to the Deamon world-"

"You should never go there Harry! Unless you are asking for a death wish!"

"Remus it was the only way they could be safe. Over there they consider me a noble and only a foolish common deamon seemed angered by such a notion and attacked me

while I held the babies so I killed him."


"Yes my son along with Ron's son. I left them with a very good friend of my mother's in the past that I think would do well in raising the two if we cannot come back to get them."

"Who is this man?"

"Lord Sindrell Lucifer Deity the Lord King Deamon of the Kingdom of Deomonica."